Oahu island is the most populated of the Hawaiian island chain, and the one on which most people choose to make a home – at least when they first arrive. Oahu has the things that people usually need – shopping, great places to eat, things to do, and some excellent natural spots as well. Oahu basically has it all.This will of course be my own idea of the best place to live on Oahu, and also will take into account my annual income and family situation, and all of the other hundred things that go into my decision to call the best place on the island of Oahu – the best. What is right for me – may not be right for you. Ok, did I qualify this post enough yet?

I like living on the edge of activity like shopping and nightlife, restaurants – but not in the middle of it. If I was single, I’d live in the middle of it in Waikiki – but, I have a wife and child, so I would rather live on the edge.

I think the best place to live on Oahu is a safe place to live. In general, Oahu is pretty safe. There are areas to avoid, and of course I avoid them when I can. Waikiki or the area around, is generally pretty safe. I’d choose to live close to Waikiki though. There are many people and help is just a shout away. Not that I’ve ever needed help before, but you know… the family and all.

Though I like living on the edge of activity like shopping and other things like that, I like to live close to where I can have physical activity. I like running at Ala Moana Beach Park. I like bodyboarding and surfing in Waikiki at WALLS and bodysurfing at Point Panic. I like running along the Ala Wai canal at night and then going around Kapiolani Park as well (see map). If you haven’t done it – go see what I’m talking about. Running toward Oahu’s famed Diamond Head Volcano at night with a full moon is a religious experience, minus the religion. Ahhhh, nice…

Sunset from Ala Moana Beach Park by Daniel Ramirez is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original.

So, where would I live as the best place on Oahu? See the green marker on the map below. See the swimmers’ icons for places to bodyboard and swim. See the paths laid out for where to run in Ala Moana and along the Ala Wai Canal.

I’d live at 400 Hobron Lane in one of the rentable condos. They are expensive, but then everything in a safe place and near the action on Oahu is rather expensive. I love it because it’s close to the beaches and good places to run. The traffic isn’t such a nightmare, and I love the rooftop pool and BBQ area. No, I don’t know anyone renting a place there now – I’ve lived there in the past and found it really comfortable. Here’s a link to a realtor advertising a place located in the building – I’m not recommending it – just showing you the inside of the building, and you’ll especially love the top of the building! 400 Hobron.

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