Composer R. Van Deurzen from The Netherlands has released his new album “Tale of Dreams”, an orchestral soundtrack album with influences from Celtic and medieval music. The enchanting sound of violins, harps, flutes, oboes and clarinets combined with the often poetical piano passages create an album of 55+ minutes worth of music coming straight from a time of fantasy, myths, knights, mountains and dragons.

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“Tale of Dreams” draws inspiration from Nordic cultures, due to the composer’s background in Scandinavia and involvement in scoring soundtracks. Van Deurzen’s style on this album resembles a mixture of 
ethereal, melodic orchestrations and blends it seamlessly with a more contemporary New Age piano approach, evoking feelings of wonder and unpredictability as if one were to take a walk in a magical forest. Other songs built up into heroic passages, soaring strings with epic horns and massive percussion. Apart from the common orchestral & Celtic instrumentation, less traditional instruments are also used like the Cimbalom, Armenian Duduk, Gregorian chant and abstract electro-acoustic sound-sculpturing, the latter combined with orchestral textures being successful in exploring a much darker tone and atmosphere during certain compositions on the album.

“Tale of Dreams” may inspire fans of both orchestral fantasy soundtracks and Celtic music. While it being a suitable score to listen to when reading literature it can also serve as a musical backdrop for gaming and is available to be licensed for use in film, TV & documentary works.

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“Imaginations” is Van Deurzen’s previous album. “Imaginations” is a New Age album full of soothing piano melodies, musical exploration and relaxation. Despite it being a much more piano-driven album than “Tale of Dreams”, many influences from other genres can be heard on “Imaginations”, jazz, classical and Nordic folk-music in particular. The album musically translates Van Deurzen’s journey immigrating to the Scandinavian country of Sweden, the transition and observation from a foreign perspective into a country full of misty forests & frosty lakes in the midst of snowy winters. “Imaginations” aims to communicate the staggering Nordic beauty that can be experienced in this far northern area of the world in images of the imagination.