I posted this poll under the /forum section a while back to see what kind of response I’d get. At times I really want a Living in Hawaii forum, and at times I don’t at all. Forums are a lot of work and I think it can be overwhelming. Hopefully we’ll not have thousands and thousands of users joining anytime soon – and I’ll be able to ramp up gradually if it slowly takes off.

Here are the results of the poll question, “Would you use a forum at Aim for Awesome (.com)?”

Yes – 18 votes
Yes, if there were interesting topics – 11 votes
No – no votes.

So today the AimforAwesome.com “Living in Hawaii Forum” is live. I honestly don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing as a moderator. Feel free to write me with advice or to tell me something is in error and I’ll do my best to set it straight.

As a starting point the topic of the forum will be “Living in Hawaii”. It will include everything related to that… I hope to eventually have some participation from locals and visitors, and those that plan to move to Hawaii.

It’s awful lonely in the forum right now – few people, and that will likely continue for a while. Tell friends to join!