I found a great article about a couple from the UK that met in Malaysia and spent the next few years running around Asia, becoming certified dive-instructors and creating a company.

Traveling the World and Working Online

It’s still possible to take complete control of your life, whether you life in Hawaii or Cambodia… You’ll make sacrifices. You’ll eat soup some days.

For me to live in Asia after I decided teaching wasn’t for me my wife and lived off $300 USD for a year. We ate a lot of soup. We lived in a villa that was $50/mth for a few months, then $100.

I hate to hear people say they can’t do what I did. I hate to hear in their voice the disappointment in themselves when we’re talking and they say I’m lucky for having internet skills to pay the bills while I live anywhere in the world as they think back to the job they think they’re tied to for life.

Lucky? I spent thousands of hours over the last decade to get to where I am now. It was a passion. Overall it was fun.

Likewise, this couple were following their passion just for the sheer enjoyment of it – and it became something that supported them. Darren Rowse did this. Yaro Starak did this. Steve Pavlina did this. Jeremy at Shoemoney.com did this.

There is a, or was a filipina woman on Oahu that was making and selling Hawaiian quilts for a living. When she first started she was making barely enough to eat from. Now she employs a group of people to make the quilts and last time I checked she was selling $5,000+ USD of quilts on Ebay. Who knows how much she sold elsewhere. She just did what she liked to do – make quilts.

What do you like to do?

Follow what you like – if there’s no passion to what you’re doing – you’ll stagnate… the point of life is to figure out what the point is… part of it is doing what you like… chase your passions, don’t die in a dead-end job working for “the man” and watching 7 hours of television per day or looking forward to your next beer or bowl.

Please don’t.