Islander Ohana Members: Join Us Saturday!

We’re having an Islander Ohana Members-Only “Talk Story” conference on Saturday 12/2 as we do every other month and all members are invited to attend. We hope you can make it!

Not A Member? You Can Be!

Learn all about our Islander Ohana and then get on the registration list and we’ll notify you when our next cohort opens up. This is the group you want to be a part of to live in Hawaii in the best possible way.

Details Are In Your Inbox

As this is a Members-only event, the attendance details have been sent to you via email. If for whatever reason you didn’t get them please contact me asap by replying to any email you’ve received from us or you can use this form as well.

Talk Story: Share, Learn, and Stay Connected

“Talk Story” is a local Hawaii figure of speech that describes getting together and talking about whatever comes up. You’ll hear people say things like “Let’s get together and talk story”, or “Yeah we was talking story last night”. There’s even a Hawaiian Song “Let’s Talk Story” that got pretty popular a while back.

How Talk Story Can Be A Lifelong Benefit For You

Those of us that made the move to Hawaii are on the start of a lifelong journey of transformation. I’ve been here for 40 years now and am still figuring things out!

My goal is that Talk Story helps us all learn and share about this transformation – our big ah-ha moments, the flashes of insights, and the deepening understanding of what it really means to culturally integrate with this incredible Hawaiian lifestyle.

Talk Story will be around for as long as we want to learn and share this wisdom. The islanders that made the move help each other grow and learn, and the islanders that are going to make the move get priceless insights on this journey.

What We Talk About Depends On You, Like:

  • For those that made the move: any insights on living here you want to share?
  • Adventures, stories, challenges & wins about your journey so far.
  • Share with us an update on your Hawaii plans.
  • Questions (whether you live here or planning to) you’d like to ask other Islander Ohana for their experience.
  • Share your wisdom with others in our Islander Ohana.

Send In Your Discussion Topics Now

In the invite email you received, there’s a link to a form to submit your topics for discussion. Send it in!