Is it your desire in life – one of your top goals in life – to live in Hawaii?

I wrote, “What is the Point of Life?” – a short ebook, a while back. So far it has been downloaded over 31,000 times, according to stats. I can believe it because I get a ton of email about it and lots of comments on the “What is the Point of Life?” article I did originally – which inspired me to write the whole book.

For some people – the entire point of life is “Living in Hawaii“. I am getting about a dozen emails from people each week asking me various questions about living in and moving to the Hawaiian islands. It probably isn’t an exaggeration to say there are MILLIONS of people that would move to Hawaii if they had the means, or, not knowing they already have the means – would move if they had the inspiration and faith it would work out for them.

In trying to find another location that compares on any level – and I cannot. I’m left with no other option. Hawaii is incomparable. Where else could be better to live than Hawaii? I guess I’ll ask myself questions, and answer myself below. ;)

Where else but Hawaii has such amazing weather?

Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, Guam. Caribbean? Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and other places I’ve been in Asia – are usually too hot. Hawaii gets “too hot” for a short time during summer, but overall it’s perfect temps during day and night.

Would I want to live in any of those places?

I could. I have. I am now living in southeast Asia. Ideally though, I cannot think of another location to live in with weather better than the Hawaiian islands. Can you?

Where else has the magnificent ocean like Hawaii does?

It isn’t just the Pacific ocean that I think is so cool. I’ve seen the pacific Ocean from various places – and guess what? It’s different in Hawaii. There are more clear places to snorkel and dive in the islands. There are more perfect beaches with great sand, with just enough trees, with just the right amount of wind, with just the right temperature of water – in Hawaii. I can’t think of anywhere in the world where the ocean compares. There are beaches that are very shallow… there are beaches that quickly drop off to a couple hundred meters in depth – great for fishing or diving. The beaches are generally safe. I’ve never felt unsafe at a beach. Oahu beaches are crowded – but overall there aren’t too many people on any of the other islands – swimming and snorkeling.

Where else but Hawaii is the ocean so magnificent?

Where else but Hawaii has everything a human being could want?

If we look at the perfect weather paragraph above… Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji – these are not places that strike me as having everything I could want. The latest iPhone? Not sure when they’d get that. The latest iPad, Lenovo ThinkPad, and all the supermarket food I’m accustomed to – I’m not sure they’d have all that. Hawaii has the feel of home (mainland USA) in this respect. I can count on having access to nearly everything I ever grew up with – if I want it – in Hawaii.

Where else but Hawaii has such amazing locations, attractions, and things to see and do?

Hawaii has so many things to do that my head spins thinking about them. There are thousands of things to do when you live in the islands, and I cannot think of another place that has the diversity of activities that the islands have.

A few of my favorite places and things to do on Oahu:

  • see Makapu’u Beach, bodyboard, and sleep on the beach
  • see Bellows Air Force Station for barbeque, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, camping, and eating huli-huli chicken box lunch
  • climb one of 20 different mountain peak paths
  • snorkel at Hanauma, and 20 other spots around the island
  • fish off the cliffs near Makapu’u, Sandy Beach
  • eat all kine grindz at Ala Moana Mall
  • run along the Ala Wai Canal at night and smell the frangipani blossoming
  • ride the mountain bike around Kapiolani Park, Diamondhead, and out toward the beaches

As I said in my book, Moving to Hawaii 2012 – is living in paradise for YOU? I feel like living in Hawaii is like a lucid dream. I feel more awake… ¬†more alive than I have ever felt – when I’m in the islands. Here in Thailand I feel almost like I’m living under a baseball cap. In Hawaii I feel like it’s literally paradise and that I’m lucky to be there. Lucky to be alive. Do you have any idea what it’s like to go from living in western Pennsylvania straight to the island of Oahu, Hawaii to live for 4 years? It’s beyond words. It literally transformed my life. I had no idea before that move that I would consider living in Hawaii as one of the absolute ultimate points to a well played life. I returned and loved it even more. I’m considering returning again and loving it even more. Ha!

Life is short. I just spoke with my 73 year old friend from the U.K. We exercise together a lot. He’s fit beyond belief. He mentioned he’ll be getting an eye operation for his glaucoma shortly, then he just realized he has another hernia – the old one was fixed a couple years ago. He’ll need that operated on. He has arthritis that interferes with exercise. For him, living in Thailand is the ultimate, and he’s doing it. He’s been doing it for 14 years.

For me, I think living in Thailand is good… good enough. Great, when compared to most other places in the world.

When I compare Thailand to Hawaii though – I sort of of come to a draw. Not really, but I don’t want to tell myself flat-out that living in Hawaii is better because then I’ll be forced to move back to the islands. It’s sort of like the white elephant standing in the room here. If I ignore it – nobody else is saying anything either.

Is life in Hawaii so important that you could call it one of the points of this life?