Sorry about my lack of a timely response on helping those of you that wrote in to inquire about moving to Hawaii – and that asked questions. I will try to respond to them over the next couple of days here as posts at this blog, so we can help more people at the same time.

I must have about 6 emails from readers thinking about making the move to the Hawaiian islands. This site is getting a lot of visitors from people that are ready to up and move! As a matter of fact, we have also made the decision to do the same thing. It’s contagious – watching everyone moving to Hawaii and then asking ourselves over and over – are we going to move too?

We are.

The goal is that, within two years, we’ll move back to Hawaii to live. I think it is a better place for our daughter to grow up, it is a very tough call, but I think living in Hawaii is the clear winner.

Which island we’ll end up moving to – has not been decided. The three possibilities are: Big Island, Oahu, and Maui – not in any particular order of preference. Kauai has a remote chance, but I think for the entire family’s happiness we’ll have to choose one of the other islands. Kauai is spectacular, but rather isolated… rather weak on infrastructure. It’s more like a great place to relax for a week, a month, than it is a place to live for 25 years. We’ll be making the move with the thought that a decades long stay in the islands – hopefully one island – is the goal.

So, stay tuned – I’ll be posting emails (anonymously) and responding to reader’s questions in the next few days (weeks?). I hope days – depends on my schedule here.