This was an email that just came in from Amy. She wants to fly her Great Dane dog to Hawaii and isn’t confident about shipping it in a large jet airliner’s cargo compartment (and who is?). She came up with a work-around that involves finding a few other pet owners to share a private charter plane to Hawaii – so the pets can fly in the same passenger cabin. Good idea, right?

If you know someone flying to Hawaii in May or June that has pets and might consider going in on the private plane share – write me here quickly so I can pass it on to Amy.

* * *
Hi Vern,

My name is Amy and I was wondering if you might have any info that could be helpful to me. I actually wrote you last year about moving to Kauai and my husband and I have been working very hard to make that dream a reality. We’ve paid off our debit and built a nice cushion in our savings account. We’re planning on making the move this May or June. Here’s where I could use some help, we have a Great Dane that will be making the move with us (don’t worry, he’s already met all Hawaii quarantine requirements). We hate the thought of shipping him cargo and have been looking into sharing a private charter plane with other people moving to the islands with their pets. We plan on leaving from Southern California – LA or San Diego. Although I thought this would be a long shot I’ve actually found three other people willing to share a plane. My questions for you are, do you know of any other people who may be interested in sharing a charter with us (one or two more people could really help us cut costs) and do you know of any charter companies that are pet friendly? I really appreciate any help you could offer. I also want to thank you for your website. It’s always a place of great information. I’m sure I’ll be emailing you for more info as the moving date gets closer.


P.S. I love your book too.

* * *

Great idea Amy. I’m not sure we’ll be able to find anyone else to go – but worth a try. Do you have any idea of the costs of the flight and how much it would be for someone and their pet to join right now?

I don’t know any private charters flying to Hawaii. However, I know a helicopter pilot living in San Diego that used to live in Hawaii – so he might know how to find other charters. I’ll ask him.

Best of luck to you on your trip. Hope you fill the plane.


Peter Kay

This exchange happened a little while ago, but you can be sure it happens a couple times a week somewhere online. Moving pets is a serious headache, but if you want to get it done you can always find a way to make it work. With enough money! Find others who are in the same situation and cut your costs when possible!