A comprehensive guide to renting in Hawaii

We get a lot of questions about renting in Hawaii and in this video we took the following questions into account:

Kristy, Kansas City mo

How hard is it to get a place to rent without a job at first? I know we can’t get a loan until we have income.

John, Kansas

Rental housing, I am being transferred to Oahu for work. It is my wife and I and a small dog. Looking at mid November 2020 to arrive. Where should I start in terms of housing for rent. We are not ready to buy yet. I have notified our vet and researched the rules for bringing a dog but would like information on that as well. Thank you

Chrisrina, Ky

Where is rent the cheapest? Also has great beaches.

Maryann, Pennsylvania

What would be the approximate rental price for a small house on the big island? (nothing fancy)


I am hoping to relocate to Hawaii with my company… How difficult is it to rent a place and or how expensive is it

Christina, Indianapolis, Indiana

I want to eventually live there but right now my sons are starting their families and I don’t want to miss that. So I’m thinking of a property that I’ll be able to rent but visit a few times a year.

Angie, Culver City, California

Aloha~ In February, my family of 3 humans +2 small dogs will relocate to Oahu for about 5 months for my husband’s job, which will be based at Point Panic. This is a dream come true for us! However, finding a pet-friendly, short-term, furnished 2 bedroom rental for less than $6K a month (with all of the fees) is a nightmare. Over the last two weeks, I’ve scoured AirBnB, VRBO, Zillow, Trulia, Furnished Finder, and Facebook Marketplace – and I nearly fell for a real estate scam! The search is so time consuming. I’m growing anxious that we aren’t going to find a place, and we’ll have to leave the dogs on the mainland. So I have two questions for the experts:

1.) Apart from AirBnB / VRBO, is there any source you know about for finding furnished (pet friendly) month-to-month rentals?

2.) I know some of the developments in Kapolei are pet-friendly and allow short-term rentals. However, they are all unfurnished. Do you have any insight into the monthly cost of renting furniture to outfit a 2-bedroom condo? And recommendations for local companies?

Peera, Tucson, Arizona

I am a counselor and plan to move with dogs and children. Is it easier to rent or buy a house and what does the job market look like for therapists.


is it better to get a apartment and pay upfront the entire lease while I look for a job. Or, look to purchase a cheap condo?

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