Each year moneyrates.com looks at best and worst states in the USA to make a living based on some criteria:

  • average income
  • state tax rate
  • cost of living
  • unemployment rate

They use these to compute an adjusted average income amount.

Is living in Hawaii all it is cracked up to be?

The state isn’t doing so well. Hawaii ranks worst out of 50 states.

For the second year in a row Hawaii has the distinction of being worst place in the US to make a living.

They rate Hawaii as having the highest cost of living of any area in the USA too. Surprised?

Me neither.

That all said, if you can make $50-60,000 per year in Hawaii for you, or even you and your spouse – you’ll be OK. You won’t own a nice home, chances are, but you’ll be able to continue on living there.

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