The following is an email – slightly edited – that I received a short while back from someone wanting to move to Hawaii. I didn’t think she had a realistic chance for success. Sometimes the truth is hard to face. Hawaii can be an unforgiving place – money goes fast and dreams die faster in some cases.


Hello Peter Kay
I am a 42 years female, single mum of a beautiful 8 years old boy and living in the UK.

I am a a part time self employed Holistic Therapist and studying Live Coaching and a Reiki Healing Master Teacher and since I have been studying it, practicing and opening many doors of the Universe, I have been having this urge, call and truly desire of living in Hawaii.

Therefore for many days, months I have been doing my research for me and for my boy and about living and that’s when I saw your page, which I love, well put and straight to the point. I have been doing the research again today, I started at 9pm and it’s now 2.30am here now.

Is in that contest that I am contacting you and trying your helping hand on the matter of moving to Hawaii, for me professionally, as a single mother, for my boy, his education, how it is starting up a holistic practice, cost of living now, because what I only found was old articles and how’s things that concerns us parents, crime, drugs, etc.
He wants to be a computer lego (games) designer, what opportunities does he have?

But we both love the laid back life ( that’s what I am hoping for), the love feeling, the friendly way, the beaches, the clean air and nature and we both love Japanese food.

I am a budhist and I believe in Law of Attraction therefore I feel that Hawaii is the place for me forever but of course as a parent ( you are one, you know) I need to know, research, see all options, if is a good move overall. How much is going to cost me, since the UK life now is the way it is, very much struggling.

I looked at your reports on that and believe nothing is worse than in here right now ( besides Africa).

Well, is a step that needs to be carefully made, but very much wanted but I really don’t know anything about recent/modern Hawaii.

What I am asking you is if you give me an overall and extensive ( if you can) picture of the Living in Hawaii 2011, please.

I would appreciate it and very grateful.

Thank you very much

I look foward to hearing from you soon.


(name removed)


My response to her…

Hi Kim,

Thanks for writing…

I have a book at Amazon – it’s at Amazon in the UK too – called, “Moving to Hawaii – 2011” that you should get as soon as possible. It’s $5.

That book will give you the greatest insight as to what it’s actually like to move to Hawaii and live there.

Beyond that, Hawaii is not a great place to start a business. In anything. It is a VERY tough atmosphere to understand… the market there is different than any other I know. It’s not welcoming. Everything is so expensive…

We are living in Thailand, rather than Hawaii because of two reasons…

1. Expenses. Though I could make 60,000 usd in hawaii and pull another few thousand per month online, still that’s a big price to pay (working full time) to move back to the Hawaiian islands. Here in Thailand I can work online and be OK with income.

2. Education for our daughter. She’s only 2 yrs old, but, I am unsure about Hawaii education unless I can put her in Punahou or some other $1,200 per month private tuition school.

Would I suggest you go to Hawaii to start a business?


It’s a tough environment for a single mom there, that is for sure.

Please reassess when you have all the info you need about moving to and living in Hawaii – it can be a tough place too.

Sorry I can’t be more optimistic…


Peter Kay

[Photo credit – member, Rob-Dingwall]