– we love them.

These guys just scour the net for the best fares to Hawaii and that’s the entire focus of their blog.

Here are some of the latest fares mentioned there:

Las Vegas Honolulu $222
Los Angeles Honolulu $222
Oakland Honolulu $227
Phoenix Honolulu $207
Portland Honolulu $172
Sacramento Honolulu $216
San Diego Honolulu $282
San Francisco Honolulu $227
San Jose Honolulu $227
Seattle Honolulu $194
Portland Maui $172
Seattle Maui $194
Las Vegas- Maui $222

Apparently Hawaiian Air is having a big sale. The prices look great… Portland to Maui for $172! That’s nice. Can get the same deal Portland to Honolulu.

If you live on the west coast of the USA – check out these fares at Hawaiian Air!