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The huge “medical” field or health field appears to be the best career field in Hawaii. Best meaning – lots of opportunity and a competitive salary to match Hawaii’s high cost of living.

At Craigslist.org there are 100 jobs listed in the field just over a 3 day span. I didn’t check to see which were duplicates – but, most weren’t.

Hawaii has an aging population… it’s a place where many from California, Michigan, and countries all over the world go to retire. The cost of medical care for elderly on an out-patient basis is very high. Often families will choose to hire their own in-house personal care aide to help their elderly parents to save some money and allow the flexibility of keeping the parents at home and not in a much too expensive seniors’ facility.

Recently someone left a comment on my “Want to Change Your Life? Move to Hawaii” post about doing medical transcription and earning $25 per hour. If your vocabulary is up to it you might try that as a career. Nearly all the jobs are for telecommuters so you can live in Hawaii and work with any number of medical facilities across the USA. I saw an online course that said it certified medical transcriptionists. Seems like a great thing to do!

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