There’s a blowhole on the west side of the island of Maui that occasionally has a big wave break over the top of the lava flow holding it back from the blowhole area. Usually it just breaks over a little bit, getting everyone pleasantly wet.

Occasionally it breaks BIG and scares the wits out of everyone. Pity you if you’re standing on the TOP of that lava flow as the big one hits… I saw a guy get whacked with a wave once – he fell down and held on – but got all cut up.

I usually reserve my amazement over Hawaii photography – but this Patrick Smith has some amazing photos of some of the Hawaiian islands. If you browse through his Flickr photos of Hawaii be sure to check out this one too:

Smooth stone beach near Hana, Maui

I’ve been to this beach – it’s beyond beautiful – one of the tops in Hawaii out of what I’ve experienced.

I’ll say it again… if you can go to Hawaii – ever in your life, you MUST go to Hawaii. It is amazing beyond words.


Peter Kay