A dream of mine, years ago, was to move out into the wilderness in Hawaii and live off the land. Sure there would be necessities I’d need to buy from a store, I’m not Bear Grylls. Before I had a family though I thought I could make a run at something like in the video below.

I’m not sure if this is a put-on, or if this guy is really living this way full-time. If so, it’s an amazing way to live and I’m all for it.

If you moved to Hawaii – would you be trying to duplicate this? Some people I get email from, are looking for exactly this type of thing. You know there are many people living in the desert of Nevada and Arizona. It’s the ultimate minimalist lifestyle. There is an allure in it for many of us that are sick to the gills of life in the United States.

Would you consider moving to Hawaii and living like this? Why or why not?

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