Can you retire in Hawaii and live on a modest budget?

Some studies put Hawaii as the most expensive place to live in the USA. How can you live here in retirement on a modest budget?  I review 5 different ways in this video.

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so you’ve put hawaii on your list of
places to retire is it the right place
for you in this video we’ll be talking
about five different ways
you could live the dream in this
beautiful place of hawaii yet do it
financially modestly
and the last of those reasons is the
most important one of course so you’re
going to want to hang out for that one
for sure but wait
peter hawaii is one of the most
expensive places in the world how can we
do this
yes it is
it is
but if you do it right
it could be a lot cheaper than you
think all right let’s do this
i’m peter k and i’ve been living the
dream in hawaii since the 80s now i
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hawaii so if that’s you this is your
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now this video is part of a longer
playlist i have about retiring in hawaii
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the description okay so on with the
of how you can live the dream in hawaii
you do it financially modestly
first you have to figure out if you’re a
spiritualist or a materialist now i went
into that in great detail in another
video you should pull that up the video
is called can you afford it and is it
worth it i go into great details with
that and that’ll really help you figure
this all out but in short
a spiritualist is a person that values
non-material things
a materialist of course is a person that
values material things so in short a
materialist values things that you can
touch right or see or smell
cars jewelry by the way could you
uh to live in a home like any of these
with this amazing backdrop of mountains
behind you i mean to wake up every
morning and to look at that
it’s like
you’re in heaven man you’re in heaven
and this is why
the most the simplest things the most
everyday things are like amazing
experiences like this little drive i’m
taking in this neighborhood this is in
southeast area of oahu
okay so just like this actually a great
example that was a spiritual value that
was an immaterial thing right there’s
nothing material about having that
amazing view a spiritualist likes things
getting together
beauty those are spiritual values so in
if you’re a materialist and again
there’s nothing wrong there’s not a
matter of right or wrong just you know
you are what you are right if you’re a
materialist hawaii is not going to be
right for you
because why the material things cost too
much but if you’re spiritualist hawaii
is a bargain because hawaii is full
of spiritual values full of beauty full
of all these amazing things
so that’s number
one number two
the way you live modestly is you enjoy
the weather one of the most important
things in life i guess from a spiritual
perspective is the weather it’s
something that
you live with every single day look at
this amazing view i mean it’s
this beautiful day today it’s february
and it’s just gorgeous right
so you get to enjoy the weather it
doesn’t cost you a penny and you’re
retired now right so guess what you get
to maximize and enjoy every day of
perfect weather and actually you don’t
even have to go outside to enjoy the
perfect weather you can just enjoy
beautiful weather in your home with all
the windows rolled down every day i mean
imagine a place
you never have to
roll your windows up
a place where
you never have to bundle up to go
a place where you don’t have to scrape
the ice off your car
to go for a drive
the place where you could drive a
and have the top down almost every
single time you go for a drive you’ll
never have to shovel snow
you’ll never have to walk on icy
need i go on it’s day after day of
doesn’t cost you a penny what’s that
worth for me personally
it’s priceless
just day after day
weather perfection
walking around in shorts and slippers
and t-shirts
can’t beat that number three
on how to live modestly enjoy nature
that doesn’t cost you anything either
now if you don’t love the outdoors
why is that right for you
because hawaii is more expensive there’s
no doubt about that but if you’re not
leverage that by enjoying the outdoors
what’s the point i mean you can move to
you can move to other states that whose
climate is mild
uh florida uh texas etc uh
you know
it’s way cheaper
and you know the outdoors there are nice
too but it’s not like hawaii and you
know cost you a lot less but if you love
the ocean
walking outside
walks on the beach
there’s just no better place on earth i
mean hawaii’s got the beauty
the ocean the mountains weather no
poisonous animals no rabies
no snakes and most of this stuff is
absolutely free for residents number
on how to live modestly in hawaii
needed if you like having stuff
hawaii’s not for you find a mainland
city with a mild climate where you can
have your four car garage the extra long
driveway to hold the mobile home the 4
000 square foot house with the home
and the pool table and the wet bar in
the basement and the pool and the
jacuzzi in the backyard and you could
have all that
for less than half the cost
of what a
house in hawaii would cost you that’s
nowhere near as big and doesn’t have
anywhere near as features but
if you are already living and enjoying
a minimalist lifestyle and for example
spend more money on the things that you
or the people that you’re with
instead of
stuff to
toys why could be right for you now yes
you will pay
probably twice as much
for the things in hawaii that you’ll
have to buy on the mainland like
groceries for example or housing but
since you’re living this minimalist
you’re not going to spend that much more
it’s not going to matter that much
and because hawaii’s got the spiritual
part down
life is much more fulfilling now right
along with that
guess what no winter expenses you know
going through a winter
costs money we don’t have one here
here’s a quick list of things
you know that you kind of take for
granted you don’t realize it but here’s
a bunch of things that won’t cost you a
penny in hawaii heating
hawaii homes don’t have heaters
some might have a fireplace up in the
mountains but no one’s got a heater home
a lot of the homes here are single wall
construction because the weather is so
mild snow blowers ain’t got them
not one
even heavy jackets not ones
boots sweaters things you don’t need
sweaters and other stuff like that you
need bore shorts t-shirts and a
flip-flop or rubber slippers and that’s
about it the list goes on long underwear
don’t need it
snow tires don’t need it look at this
look at this view folks
look at this ocean view we’re kind of
high up over here it’s like crazy
man look
what’s this worth
now i’m going to pay a pretty penny for
these homes
but man wake up every morning and look
at this even food
because you eat more
in colder climates all right let’s talk
about the big if i promised you number
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right the big if
that makes all of this possible
if you can pay
cash for the house if you can pay cash
for the housing which is the biggest
expense that you’re going to have when
you’re coming here then you can actually
live here relatively modestly so if your
hawaii home is paid for the only ongoing
housing expense you’ll have is property
especially on oahu our property taxes
are some of the lowest in the country
it’s three and a half cents per every
thousand dollars of assessed value
people shake their head when when they
see what our property tax bill is per
year for owner occupant i’m going to go
all of the
uh a home buying considerations you have
to do when you’re buying a home in
hawaii in another video but simply if
you buy it right
meaning it’s all cash you just might be
able to live
modestly in hawaii perhaps more modestly
than you’re living right now depending
on where you live so can you live
modestly in hawaii one of the most
expensive places to live in the u.s yes
if you’re a spiritualist if you value
spiritual things and you really don’t
care about material things and you pay
cash for your house you could do these
same things in some other place in the
u.s and live even cheaper
it won’t be hawaii and you wouldn’t be
living on the most beautiful place in
the earth
with the most beautiful weather there is
and the most beautiful people on earth
is it worth it
for some people
absolutely yes
for me
been living here since the 80s
for you
well i hope this helps you figure that
out for some
no way
where do you fall leave a description in
the comments i’d like you to get your
feedback what do you think will it fit
for you will it work for you
let me
now we got some other videos in this
playlist that we’re going to talk about
retirement we talk about picking the
right district we talk about the right
kind of house we talk about how to
qualify for a mortgage if you’re going
to get one
about family so stay tuned all right
got a question for me in the description
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and i’ll catch you later i’m peter k
and i am living the spiritualist dream
come true in the most beautiful place on
i hope you will too