Is living in Hawaii like being at a State Fair?

We got this comment from Kerrik of Roseville:

I talked to a friend who lived on the island of Maui for several months while helping to build a house for a client. I asked him if he would have liked to live there permanently and he said that it was too touristy. New groups of tourists arrived every day was kind of like being at a State fair.

This sparked a discussion with Heidi who has been living in Maui for a long time and Scott who has lived on Oahu near Waikiki for decades.

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i got a comment from carrick
who lives in roseville
he had a friend who lived on the island
of maui for several months while helping
to build a house for a client he asked
his friend if he would have liked to
live there permanently and he said no
now why why wouldn’t his friend live in
maui i mean why wouldn’t you want to
live in the most beautiful place on
earth that so many people
are you know doing everything they can
to move to he said it was too touristy
well what did he mean by that new groups
of tourists arrived every day it was
kind of like being at a state fair so is
this true
is hawaii indeed too touristy is living
here like living in a state fair
well i ask people who have been living
in maui for a long time and people
living on oahu for a long time let’s see
what they think
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so is living in maui like living at a
state fair well let’s ask heidi heidi’s
been living in maui for a very long time
i think that living in a touristy area
is not for everybody and there are
certainly areas on maui if you go to
whalers village in kanapali or front
street yes there’s going to be tourists
everywhere i mean those are tourist
areas that’s not like that on the entire
island and when somebody’s looking for a
place to live i mean if they’re going to
be living in a resort where there’s
vacation rentals all around them i mean
they’re going to be in a touristy area
if they don’t want to live in an area
like that
many places on the island
where you can live
that actually don’t allow vacation
rentals and are residential only or are
out in the country okay so maui’s got
its tourist areas but also areas where
the residents live and where tourists
don’t what about oahu let’s talk to
scott scott’s been living
on oahu for decades and he lives just
outside of waikiki he makes the point
that there’s a big difference between
resort areas and residential areas a
resort is a man-made product you know
you put a bunch of palm trees up you put
a hotel there yeah it’s designed
specifically for
transient accommodations and getting a
bunch of people in there for a week or
you know so and getting them out and
getting a new group in so
yeah you know your resort community is
going to be vastly different feeling
then now look i’ve lived on oahu since
the 80s and
really you know i’ve never gotten the
feel i’ve never gotten the feeling this
place is like a state fair one of the
reasons i explained
is because the tourists
actually on most of the islands are all
kind of gathered in one area like
waikiki you know waikiki is kind of
where all the tourists are kind of
crammed together right so it’s like one
place uh we got vacation rentals here
and there but it’s like it’s one place
and that could feel like a
certainly a
a waikiki kalakaua avenue at night
absolutely feels like a state fair but
that’s just that one place where it’s
it’s designed for that and i think to a
similar maui uh napali area is somewhat
like a tourism area lahaina etc so is
hawaii too touristy well
if you’re in our resort area they’re
designed for that
but residential area like this one here
absolutely not like scott says you know
take a drive through honokaa on the big
that’s been uh people’s homes for 50 60
70 years and and they go and work at the
resort so and uh
yeah that’s not going to feel very
touristy at all certainly won’t feel
state fairish in fact i would say if you
go to
on the big island
you’ll probably feel that you’ve been
transported into another world
i don’t like going to hilo every time i
go to hilo
on the big island it it feels
it feels pretty much the way it did when
i lived there which was in the 90s the
place is like frozen in time it’s kind
of cool so the final question
is hawaii like a state fair is hawaii
too touristy
yes if you’re in a resort area
no if you’re in a residential area
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gorgeous residential areas like this one
that we’re driving up right now aloha