Almost Every Week, People Get their Necks Broken At This Beach

Follow the 2 rules I give you in this video and you will save yourself from a broken neck no matter what Hawaiian beach you visit!

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just about every week
people literally break their necks
just hanging out and the beach in Hawaii
if you could believe that yeah right by
Water’s Edge people break their necks
I’m going to give you some really simple
advice that will keep you safe
and that’ll keep your neck from getting
broken and if you don’t watch out you’re
going to be another statistic just like
all those other folks that
get their Nets broken every week and you
know unfortunately most of those
injuries could have been avoided
Aloha I’m Peter K and I moved to Hawaii
in the 80s when I was 21 years old and
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you want to break your neck easy
go to Sandy Beach on Oahu it’s called
Sandy’s the locals call it Sandy’s just
go to Sandy’s and watch or go in if you
don’t want to break your neck listen in
Sandy Beach on Oahu is beautiful
and you know one mistake
that visitors make and it’s
understandable is you see a beautiful
beach and you don’t necessarily equate
Beauty with Danger
Sandy’s is dangerous and it’s beautiful
what also makes Sandy’s dangerous is
that it’s accessible and people think
hey if it’s accessible it must be safe
right wrong just because it’s accessible
just because it’s beautiful does not
mean it’s safe you look at Sandy’s looks
like fun right you see kids playing
around see people splashing laughing and
you’re thinking hey
kids could do it I could do it right
wrong more people break their necks at
Sandy’s than any other Beach on Oahu but
what applies at Sandy’s it’s not just
Sandy’s it’s a lot of other beaches so
the the rules what I’m going to teach
you here applies everywhere in fact I
remember this never forget this
I was sitting at Sandy’s one day and I’m
watching see this older guy
he goes in the water and I can tell
right away this guy does not know what
he’s doing but he thinks it’s fun and as
he’s going in the water he keeps looking
back every so often waving hi to his
wife hi honey look at me I’m going in
the water
going in the water looking around waving
at his wife going along look around and
all of a sudden Wham
this wave comes knocks the guy
completely on his butt and the
lifeguards are running in to save him
now I didn’t stay there to follow I
don’t think it was severe where he broke
his neck but this is what happens see
what you don’t know when you see kids
playing in the water
is you don’t realize that they grew up
in this water they know this water you
know better than you know the inside of
your house these kids have gotten
tumbled around and beat up around they
know what it’s like
you don’t so here’s what ends up
people walk in the water they think it’s
fun they think it’s a wave pool they
walk in they get enough to their waist
and before they know it a wave comes
and the wave doesn’t just hit them the
wave comes Picks Them Up
and knocks them down in the sand on
their head and you know uh when you hit
that sand like that
it’s not like a nice soft Sandy Bottom
it feels like concrete and that’s why
if you drive by Sandy’s more times than
there is an ambulance in the parking lot
either because they just got called or
they’re there waiting because they know
they’re going to get the call hey are
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what should you do
to avoid breaking your neck in the water
well I got a video about you know the
the two most important things you could
do to keep from drowning really quick
what you want to do watch that video to
go into details you want to wait outside
you want to talk to the Lifeguard Don’t
go in the water right away talk to a
lifeguard but watch that video that goes
into more details okay
what you want to be looking for is you
if you see a lot of people on bodyboards
or surfboards the water is too rough do
not go in I mean unless you know what
this water is unless you’ve bodyboarded
unless you’ve body surfed unless you’ve
been in this water before if you go to a
beach and you see a bunch of kids on
surfboards that’s a warning sign
now you’ve already talked to the
Lifeguard so you should know what’s
going on but that’s a warning sign if
you see kids on surfboards that tells
you the water is going to be rough and
most people are not accustomed for the
kind of rough water that Hawaii has
if you’ve not been in this rough water
it will scare the crap out of you so
bottom line is this unless you regularly
go into water like this unless you’re
really familiar with water like this
make sure you talk to the Lifeguard
before you go in no matter how nice you
think the water is don’t go swimming in
the water if there’s no lifeguard if
there’s no lifeguard
go to a beef that has lifeguards you’re
on here you’re here on vacation you
don’t need to do the adventure thing
because the people that do the adventure
things get killed and just go enjoy the
you want to ruin a vacation
end up in the hospital that’ll ruin your
vacation and for what not worth it
there’s so much to enjoy there are so
many beaches talk to the lifeguards
they’ll tell you if it’s safe you can go
in the water place and enjoy don’t do
the adventure thing don’t get yourself
killed all right you got a question for
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I’m Peter K and I have been safely
enjoying the water in Hawaii since the
80s and I am living the dream I’m living
a dream and so can you aloha