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All About Maui 7/29/22
Intro to Liza Pierce – Maui book author
When is the best time to visit Maui?
How is the golfing in Maui?
Are Maui houses staying on the market longer now?
What handdicapped accesible things can you do on Maui?
Where should you stay in Maui?
Where is the best place to shop in Maui?
What don’t I already know about Maui?
Favorite beach in Maui?
Best places to eat in Maui?
Maui 2021 and Beyond Book Promo
Why is Maui the Best Island For You?

Show Transcript

all right well aloha kakahiaka everyone today is july 29th 2022. we’re a little
we’re starting a little bit early over here to kind of warm up everything and get everything kind of uh flying we are
we are talking about maui everything you everything you want to know about maui
but we’re afraid to ask and i’ve got uh some i’ve got some great friends there that i’ve i’m that are with me to to
kind of talk about this uh we’ve got uh heidi dollinger now many of you will recognize of course heidi she’s with us
every other week to talk about real estate and we have our special guest here uh lisa pierce who is uh lisa
pierce is uh is a as with us she’s a um she’s an author she wrote these books
and i’ve known lisa online uh for a while as a fellow blogger so uh let’s let’s give a first welcome to uh lisa
lisa welcome unmute yourself and say hello to everybody that’s right i have to a mute
hello aloha everyone thank you for joining us this is exciting thank you peter for inviting and hi hi b
yeah we’re we’re uh we’re really happy to have you here and normally what we do uh lisa this period we kind of warm this
thing up here with uh uh talking about our favorite coffee well heidi talks about her coffee now
the guys talk about their low history it’s high talks about a crop so heidi give us a shout out warm up the microphone and tell us what caught
what’s your coffee of the day today well i walked to my favorite coffee shop
which is badass it’s just about a block away from where i live so i i think it’s important to get outside
every morning and go on a walk and do something before i start my day and it’s just i mean one of the joys of living on
maui is to be able to do that and walk outside and see the ocean and the sunshine so i’m
i’m grateful to be here yeah that makes uh that makes two of us
grateful to be here you know so i so caught so uh um uh so heidi does her coffee and and the
walk in the morning what’s what’s your morning ritual lisa okay so i’m more of a tea person a tea
person so i love getting chicky i make it at home but when i go outside i go to
akamai coffee and again you know that’s um local business taking care of our local
entrepreneurs just supporting them so yeah i got my coffee i got my coffee awesome actually
heidi are you familiar with you being the coffee kind of sort of of the group are you familiar with with akamai coffee
yes it’s very good um i think they have one in kihei and that’s the one i’ve been to and it’s excellent
yeah excellent well you know hey i want to give a uh a shout out to uh to one of my uh one of my uh oldest uh uh viewers
on the living in hawaii youtube channel uh lauren so lawrence webdev uh we see you there buddy uh uh
how’s it going i hope you hope you’re well and welcome back uh look if you’re if you’re with us on the channel feel
free to give us a shout out and say hello we’d like to recognize you and and welcome you to uh to what are what we’re
doing over here all right let’s uh let’s move on we got it’s about nine o’clock i think it’s the right time to get started here let’s um
first hey listen if you’re if you’re visiting us from uh from if you did not get here through the newsletter from
livinginhawaii.com make sure you get on that newsletter just go to livinginhawaii.com a a thing will pop up uh and you could
put in your email address and get on the newsletter that’s how you get that’s how you got the invites that’s how you kind of showed up and oh we have we have judy
judy webb hey welcome back judy judy is a an alumni of the islander ohana and
judy it’s great to have you here uh it’s it’s totally awesome and uh so yeah so let’s get let’s get started so we’re
here to talk about so what was cool about this is that uh liz lisa do you go do you go by lisa or liz
where do you what do you normally lisa okay so i’m sorry
oh yeah lisa and you know what sometimes they hear me with the s and i answer to both lisa or liza
well what what do you use how do you how do you refer to your lisa so at least yeah absolutely uh so so
lisa had a uh she wrote this book a while ago and uh and i thought hey this is kind of really cool here’s someone
who’s written a book which is more than i could ever probably do uh and it’s a book about maui and i figured you know
why not you know let’s have uh let’s do a show and talk about some key things about maui and since uh since heidi is a
of course our our maui regular uh every other week i thought it’d be kind of fun so this is what it’s all about and we’re
here to talk about maui and we have megan hey megan awesome uh megan uh uh welcome megan i’m so glad
that you’re here megan is a megan is an alumni of the islander ohana and megan moved to maui megan i’d love to kind of
hear how it’s been uh you’re coming up on kind of close to a year there is if i’m not mistaken uh i’d love to hear she’s
from northwest maui uh and uh patrick is patrick is with us great patrick good to have you back patrick do you have an
announcement that you’d like to make by the way i’m curious about that uh great to have you back uh here patrick with us
and uh we also have auntie joyce auntie joyce it’s never no such thing as late right this is not a formal meeting
so it’s aloha time it’s it’s hawaiian time you get to kind of you get here when you get here right that’s the way it always works so we’re glad to have
you here rawhide is here uh uh yes she said she said lisa exactly uh thanks for
all hi glad to have you with us all right excellent all right so listen so i got a bunch of slides so here’s the rule and
you all know the rule here uh uh rule per per se the uh the rule and the rule
is uh if you got questions pop em in now you’re the one that are here you’re here with us live your questions come prior i
have a priority i’ve got a bunch of questions lined up we got a bunch of slides we’ve got a bunch of things that we’re going to talk about but what you
folks want to know about maui is what matters most it’s everything you want to know about mommy but we’re afraid to ask right right rawhide exactly okay good so
uh so let’s let’s do this let’s let’s start this let’s start this party off over here um
so so this is you know a lot of these things uh track uh a lot of the the the
topics uh that you’ve got in your book now hold on a quick second uh lisa let’s just talk about that book just for a
quick sec before we go on because this is the the the the book that you’ve got over here is like drove a lot of the the
chapters really really quick you’ve got what you’ve got maui now and beyond is the book that you’ve written and what
you’re in you’re you’re writing another one this maui vacation planners and journals is that what’s going on
um actually the maui now and beyond is a sequel of the original this is the original
book maui 2021 and beyond and so you can see there’s a year 2021 and i added a
lot of the um kovid restrictions the requirements for covid and everything i
thought at that time it’s needed that we have a book a travel book that outlined all those requirements
and so now that we’re up we’ve opened up and no more requirements i’m doing a second edition and that’s what you see
now we now maui now and beyond out there and then i thought well some people are
really not into books they like watching video like they watch our live stream and then you know they learn
from the video so i thought why not make a travel journal vacation planner and
journal and those who don’t want to read the book and just want to watch a video can just write down their notes on the
journal so that’s how excited that’s that’s a great idea excellent that’s okay good so now we know that now we
know the the genesis and i you know i i thought that you did a really good job uh uh as i as i read the the maui uh the
original book the maui 2012 and beyond i thought the the chapters were well organized and in fact i figured it’d be
a great way to kind of throw some some topics up here uh on on the show and and bring them so let’s get to our first one
over here so the first uh first topic that we got here is best time to visit maui so i’d like to hear from uh let’s
let’s go in reverse now let let’s go to heidi and then to you lisa uh when if if
you were gonna if you know heidi when you when your family and your friends ask you hey when’s the best time to visit maui uh of course any time to
hawaii is a fantastic time we all know that anytime is a great time but hobby heidi what would be your favorite time
to if you were gonna if you were gonna kind of plan a trip for yourself so to speak when would be the best time that
you would want to visit maui well it’s always a great time to visit maui
the most popular time i think is january february march um and
that’s the best time to come if you want to see the whales because the humpback whales are here
especially over the coast of west maui so that’s a fantastic time to come in the winter
but if you want to come during a time that’s maybe a little less busy but also
quite beautiful um end of august september october
may are also great times to come i mean there’s never a total off season but it might be
um you know a little less busy then and the water is calm in the summer in general i
mean unless we have a some kind of storm in the ocean but um and also you can go parasailing in
the summer and you can’t do that during whale season so there you go you can’t go that’s right
you can’t go parasailing uh in the wrong season for sure thanks heidi hey so before we get to you lisa i want to hear
from you i’m going to give a quick uh a response thanks megan for responding so it’s been 14 months now okay time flies
when you’re living their dream doesn’t it isn’t that that’s what it is right we pinch ourselves every day we’re so
grateful to be here and for the islander ohana for making this dream come true for us you know megan uh you’re very
welcome i wish it was great having you on our cohort was it was fabulous uh and so with a great line and great uh it’s
ama i can’t believe it’s been 14 months i remember you know us talking through the thing and you were you guys were all
excited about it uh so ben uh see ben put a question about golf we’re going to get to your golf question in just a sec
so lisa what’s what’s your advice uh you know in uh that you go into more detail in your book of course what’s the best
what would you say is the best time to come to maui yeah well i like how you asked heidi when you said what’s the best time for
you heidi if you’re going to come because that’s actually the key answer in my book is the best time is really
what’s the best time for you so i outline in the book the different pros and cons of each um season
and like what heidi said um there’s that low the we call it in tourism industry
the low season of tourists wherein um it’s more quiet less people the september you know october
in addition it’s um less expensive hotels travel you know expenses so that
can be for someone who’s looking to travel on a budget for me if you’re gonna ask me i love
christmas there’s so much fun activities on maui and christmas time so i’d come on this
um in december and then like what heidi said i’ll see the whales too
well that’s you know nah nah i never i never kind of thought about hearing from a christmas i like christmas perspective
that’s really that’s that that is something new i can see the whales the whales make a lot of sense right uh from heist perspective or you know if you’re
surfing et cetera it depends on what what you want to uh if you want the north shore the big surf on the north shore or the small stuff on the south
shore that’s interesting it’s a great response uh ben’s asking how’s the golf uh let’s let’s let’s talk about golf and
actually well megan’s already kind of popped excellent megan popped the answer here ben the golf is amazing my
husband’s home course of the plantation which is every golfer’s dream you can’t beat the local rates either uh so so
let’s let’s let’s hit it from the golf perspective uh so lisa is there anything what would you say to uh to ben about
the golf in hawaii it’s excellent so we have there are two
areas you know when you talk about mobile you always talk about are you on the south side or the west side so the
plantation and kapalua golf course are excellent on the west side on the south side where i live
there’s the wailea golf course there’s you know what they call blue course and you know you just if you you just
google walea golf course you’ll see how amazing it is so golf is excellent here on maui in my opinion even though i
don’t play golf i have a lot of friends to play golf yeah i’m not a golfer myself but but the views are amazing heidi all right heidi
i i we never talked about this earlier do you are you a golfer or what’s what’s what’s your golf advice
for ben well i am not a golfer um and i’m not
qualified to give any kind of golf advice but i have been on quite a few of the golf
courses and the views are spectacular um
on west maui i mean there’s the plantation course the bay course and kapalua um there’s also the kanapali
golf course um it seems like a golfer’s dream here i mean there and there’s more golf courses
to try so um plus the weather is great um i think the the golfing challenge is some days
can be pretty windy um so i i hear about that sometimes from golfers out there yeah you know i i i’m
not a golfer myself i’m a surfer i uh you know just tried it once when i was young and never got into it but it’s
it’s amazing you know ben i’ve heard from a lot of friends and family who have golf it’s just well you could just
kind of see it yourself just drive by the golf courses and the views are just absolutely stunning there is nothing
like it out there uh which is which is you know that’s that’s my two cents on the golf uh chris uh chris is back chris
longley hey christopher welcome back great to have you back happy aloha friday peter heidi uh lisa mahalo for
doing this show and all your bi-weekly show peter yeah you know what uh chris it’s it’s my it’s my pleasure and
it’s it’s my love so i am i am living the dream this is part of what uh what what the whole fun is and doing all of
these things uh and uh chris is a mini golf there you go um mini golf is fun you know the mini golf
there was a there’s a actually a beautiful mini golf course uh on oahu on the windward side and you got the the
backdrop uh which which is really really cool uh paul hey paul welcome paul is a
long time uh long time subscriber to the youtube channel paul good to see you buddy uh disc golf is a lot more fun
that would be interesting i wonder if if anyone’s got any uh disc uh dis discourses uh auntie joyce says kapalua
has great views from the golf course as i remember yeah that is the whole thing right it is all about uh it’s all about
the amazing views i think those those giant those incredible backdrops are just the mountains to me it’s like
well mountain and ocean right i mean but uh there’s something about a mountain view that’s just uh uh unbelievable uh
hey paul yeah you got it buddy uh you got it absolutely um let’s see we got a question here from max says it seems
like houses are staying on the market longer at least on maui even recently
priced houses that’s interesting you know there’s been a a market change heidi you want to kind of hit that one you’re you’re there you’re our real
estate person over here what’s uh what’s your sense has there been any change our house is staying a little bit longer on
on the market in maui especially now there’s been another interest rate boost uh you want to give uh
max 317 a uh a quick update on that yeah
i mean there’s definitely been a real estate market shift especially compared to three or four months ago um i mean
with interest rates the economy there are less buyers in the market right now and things are slowing down a
little bit we still have very low inventory so the prices are
remaining quite strong um and i mean you might see something
staying on the market a little bit longer which means a little bit more
opportunity for buyers um but i mean i wouldn’t expect any big discounts at
this point i mean our overall inventory is still pretty very low um compared to historic
levels so so a little bit of movement but still it’s still a pretty uh a relatively uh
tight market all right hey let’s move on we’re going to take a a a question that was pre uh that was submitted earlier uh and uh
this was this is kind of fun here so this is from heather uh heather sent this from long beach california heather
if you are with us give us a shout out if you’re not yet a great question anyway uh and she says look i’m taking a
trip to maui with friends and family in september what are some handicap accessible activities we can do my
friend uses a roller walker thanks so why don’t we take this lisa why don’t you kind of start us out with this one
what would you how would you respond to heather’s question where would you go for you know if you have a handicap accessible or roller walkers kind of
what would you recommend for heather okay well um usually i ask oh where are you staying
south side or west side but um one thing that came to my mind is luau
you know how when people come to visit maui luau is really a fun thing to do
and my tip or advice is to call ahead of time make the reservation early and you
have to tell them that we have a friend that’s coming with us who’s using a roller walker so they don’t sit you on
the you know ground sitting they will make sure that you’re taken care of so that’s the nice thing about here is you
know if you just call ahead of time and let them know that restaurants are very accommodating
so you can try a lot of restaurants you know and um that will be a fun thing to do
and also you can go on a cruise um one tip is to go through the harbor
when you’re choosing some um kind of sail trip going on like trilogy maybe
instead of going out because some of the cruises are going out from the ocean you
know on the shore and you don’t want that because that would be hard for your friend but if you’re going to harbor they’re accommodating they will find a
way where when she can walk in there carefully and safely so those two are some of the you know
top things that i suggest but there are some more so i think you know even with the roller walker you’ll have a lot of
things to do on maui excellent uh thanks for the i’m going to get heidi before we we get to you for a second i want to give a quick a quick
response to shelly paul i thought this was living in maui yes it is about living in maui is also living in hawaii
if you’re living in maui you are living in hawaii but yes shelley this is a maui focus show we have our uh our expert
author who’s with us uh lisa and we have uh our expert maui a real estate uh uh
contact here which is a heidi dollinger so this is all about maui you are in the right place shelley paul if you have a
question about maui popping in because we are talking about maui uncle jim is back with us aloha
everyone big welcome to your guest yes uh it’s lisa pierce who’s with us and we are really stoked to to have her with us
uh max responded uh thanks uh lisa for the great comments on on the roller uh max uh says uh canapoli beach and
whalers village are great for people with ada needs i think it was i think that the simple idea that that you gave
lisa was like hey yeah just call ahead and uh the luau is a great one that’s an excellent idea heidi how do you respond
what’s uh what’s your advice uh for heather who’s uh who wants to have some you know roller walkers ada compliant
that that kind of thing what would you tell uh heather well a friend of mine visited maui
recently with her mom and they actually her mom doesn’t normally use a
wheelchair but they rented a wheelchair there’s places that you can rent them and they said it was great because they
were able to take her all around lahaina and shopping and
go farther distances and faster and that worked out great for them um as far as things to do i think there
are some accessible paths i mean i would actually have to
i would probably recommend checking this again before you go but over at eow valley and maybe lisa
um knows about this too um and also just going on
one of the really fun things to do on maui is going on driving adventures like driving
up to the north side kakaloa driving to hana i mean there’s lots you can see from a vehicle too so maybe going on
some kind of driving tour and i mean going up to haleakala um
a lot of the adventure is really driving and looking out the window so those
would be fun things to do with somebody that’s not super super mobile
you know that’s actually a really good idea about uh the drive i
did you know i mean not i’ve never thought about this this context to begin so it’s a little bit of of a of a new
thought to me but yeah driving is a great thing you can do uh and have a kind of a wonderful time beautiful views
the road to hana is uh is is an amazing is is an amazing piece so uh excellent
excellent excellent um let’s see let’s uh let’s move on over here let’s get our our next topic that we have and uh the
next topic is best place to stay in maui and so this is another kind of a topic
why don’t we uh heidi we you spoke last so why don’t we go with uh lisa lisa pierce what’s what uh what’s the what’s
the summary of uh of the best place to stay in maui okay the best place to stay is in
accordance to what kind of vacation you want to have on maui okay so here’s what
i mean um if you’re a first time visitor on maui and you want to explore
a lot of things um like in the resort i would suggest stay
on the west side ka’anapali lahaina um even kapalua
they you know some people will say it’s a touristy side of maui
but it’s still so beautiful you know it’s so but it’s very very convenient
so that’s you know the the west side kind of pali lahaina but if you want a more quiet you know laid back
i usually suggest go on the south side kihei wailea
and there’s still a lot of things to do they’re still you know they’re both beautiful but it’s not as crowded in my opinion as
on the kanapali side excellent uh so that’s a great contrast between the west side and the south side
of maui heidi what’s what’s your advice i’d be curious heidi about what’s your favorite hotel if you’re going to stay
like somewhere hold i’d like to know but whatever else that that you want to share heidi in addition that i just want to know what you’re just off hand what
hotel would you stay at as well oh wow um i mean this is such a hard
question to even think about answering because there are so many unique and wonderful
places to stay and there’s a lot of vacation rentals on maui that are privately owned
condominiums and homes and and different resorts so
um it takes some exploring but i mean like lisa said think about what is important to you
like do you want to walk outside and jump in the ocean and be right there are you looking to be
in a quieter community i mean there there are just some amazing
amazing places to stay i would probably stay in a vacation rental personally rather than
a hotel or resort if i was planning my own trip um
i just want to add one thing about south maui and kihei i mean there are some areas where it’s quieter
but there’s also this one area called the triangle where all the bars are and i would say that’s not a quiet area
[Music] um yeah so if you’re looking for something quiet don’t stay around there but
um yeah even for my own family i mean i can’t say that there’s one
there’s one best place to stay on maui because i just i’m aware of so many
so yeah you know it’s kind of funny i uh i’ve had my well you know maui maui holds a very very special place in my
heart because it is the first place where i touched down my very very first experience in hawaii was maui uh and so
a lot of um a lot of very very fond memories of that very first visit was it was transformational changed my life
completely uh and uh but uh late in later years i remember uh we stayed if i’m not mistaken we stayed at the grand
wailea where i i’m more of the resort i’m more of the resort kind of guy i’m more of the you know the vacation rental
is kind of cool i could definitely see vacations makes a lot of sense but you know like when when our family goes on
vacation i want to be at a resort where i can just kind of hang out and kind of not have to go anywhere not have to do anything just kind of enjoy the things
so we we really enjoyed uh the grand wide layout but there’s of course lots of uh there’s there’s amazing places to
stay and the whole khan apology area is really amazing it is it is the waikiki sort of
of maui for sure but you got it that beach is is an amazing beach and it’s just incredible certainly at various
times of the year all right good hey gang have you got any more questions pop them in the chat we’d like to hear about
them uh we’re gonna but that notwithstanding we are gonna we’re gonna move on uh to the next oh i wanna give a
quick uh i put this earlier on on the screen but uh uh shout out to uh to auntie judy here judy uh heidi you’re
right the international gardens at the base of the eow valley are gorgeous and would be perfect for ada france great
thank you judy thank you for that thank you for that that confirmation uh this is the great part about the the ohana
here everyone uh chimes in and feel free folks to chime in and give us your best advice if you’ve had the experience on
maui and what have you seen uh with you phil this is part of what the whole uh the whole network is all about all right
let’s go to the next one here uh the next one here is uh shopping uh okay so and this is really cool because this is
where i really feel i’m in the company of experts here because guys are clueless on shopping we don’t care about
shopping we just oh we just wanna you know a guy guys just want to you know all we want to do is we we just kind of
want to we want to go in uh we want to go in get what we want and get out of there as
fast as possible guys aren’t shoppers but but women are much better shoppers than than men are uh why don’t we have
uh lisa why don’t you kind of start us off where where would you say is is the best uh the best shopping on maui
i am a big fan of farmers market and swap me and farmers market you’re supporting the
locals but you also get all this fresh fruit and vegetable that you probably don’t have in the state where you’re
from or the country where you’re from so go find in my book actually in my book
i listed a lot of the different farmers market you can find on maui and their features
and where you can find them so um yeah so farmers market is the place um to get a lot of fresh produce
um for shopping like clothes and souvenirs and accessories
every saturday there’s a swap meet in kahului but also there’s a great one up country
which is very famous they’ve been there for a long time up country farmers market and they have a lot of
different things too and then not to forget of course the lahaina area
it’s just the experience of the whole lahaina shopping going to different stores art you know not just clothing
art and um souvenirs um lahaina front street it’s a place to go
and um if you want a little bit more eclectic paella and makawa they have a lot of
boutiques that um you will enjoy going around there
excellent excellent boy that’s that’s a great overview i’m sure people are going to really you know um for the folks that
just joined us uh lisa what is the name what is the title of your book if i was to go find it on amazon what would i
search for on amazon it is maui 2021 and beyond
maui 20 uh maui 2021 and beyond excellent yeah good so if you folks want want the uh uh the the the the details
there you go the details about that and and look and and auntie joyce agrees nailed it lisa i’m a big fan of
supporting local vendors yeah exactly exactly uh max who said guys are clues
about shopping i did i’m the guy i i said old town lahaina has amazing shops and and art galleries yeah i’m sure it
does thanks thanks max i’m the guy that said it i’m i’m the guilty party uh heidi what’s uh what’s what’s your
advice uh uh on on shopping where do you go or what what advice do you have in addition of what lisa has already shared
for us well i think lisa shared some amazing advice and i totally agree the upcountry
farmers market is a great farmers market to visit um and i did want to add art galleries
if you like shopping for art lahaina it’s an amazing spot to shop for art
there’s a lot of galleries all together you can just walk down the street um and
see a lot of amazing things um on sundays in lahaina there’s also a
it’s called the maui gift and craft fair it’s an outdoor market a lot of local artists there
and personally i do i love going to the little shops in makawao and paella um
just they have great jewelry shops and local art and little boutiques um and that’s kind of
fun the the main shopping malls um there’s two kind of main upscale shopping malls
and that would be whalers village in kanapali and then shops at wailea in wailea and that’s
those are great shopping spots as well awesome thanks thanks honey for that uh
let’s see we got a we have a chime in here from rawhide rawhide says i remember dining at a nice restaurant in
lahaina that was just above an excellent luau the food was good and the view was great yeah that is the cool thing about
lahaina right you you can get i remember ages ago when we stayed i we we went to
a restaurant and it had it was one of those restaurants that was like right near the water or overlooking the water or whatever and it was just it was just
wonderful it’s a great part it’s i love uh restaurants with with ocean views are are tough to beat anywhere but certainly
in in hawaii great excellent okay let’s see we’re halfway through good we’re doing good uh we’re doing good on time
we’re gonna uh we’re gonna keep it to under an hour so if you have any questions you want to kind of send those questions in uh now uh so we can kind of
get them on the show uh and uh uh paul uh paul glad i gla i’m glad i gave you a a good uh a good chuckle there buddy uh
all about it um so okay so let’s move on so here’s another uh question that we got uh now this one was kind of funny uh
shelley if if you’re if you’re here are you uh is that you shelly paul um so so
so shelly uh uh shelly from ontario uh ontario canada said i’m canadian what
do i need to know about living in maui that i don’t already know uh so
so so i would i would probably here’s what i would probably say this it’s it was you know that’s a genuine question i
think it was a joke i thought it was funny i thought i’d add it on and so um so this is like a really good
off-the-wall one uh you know what what do you need what do you need to know that you don’t already know well that’s a really really
good one so so let’s let’s do this so um uh so heidi
what would you what would you say is is something about maui
that almost guaranteed uh shelley doesn’t know what would you what
would you say some some little hidden something is it’s a tough one right because we don’t know what which shelly
shelley you could very well know everything it’s certainly possible that that that you know everything but so what would you say uh heidi that you
know what doesn’t shelly know almost guaranteed well
i certainly don’t know everything about maui so
um i i mean i i’m not really sure about that question what in
particular um i’ve lived on maui for over eight years and i’m still learning
things every day um and discovering new places and
that’s one of the things i love about it i mean once you’ve been to maui a few times i mean you probably hit
some of the top tourist spots top beaches but i mean there are so many cool hikes to
go on here um i certainly have not been on all of them there are a ton of
beaches i mean besides the main beaches that um you probably hear about so
there’s always new things to discover i mean that’s that’s what i love about it so what do you what do you think would
be so give me like a maui from your again is it from your perspective uh heidi from your
perspective was like a maui secret like a thing a little known thing that people won’t know and we have to give the we
don’t have to give the geolocation and and the exact gps coordinates of where to get there but what would you kind of
say is is a uh is a a secret as far as your concern heidi
well some of the i i was actually learning this um
we have a friend who is a tour guide who has his own tour company
takes people on private tours to road to hana and during coved we were lucky enough to go
on one of his tours and what i learned was there are flowers out in the woods
that you can just pick and rub in your hands and use them for
shampoo there’s this shampoo flower i thought there you go
that was really cool um and just learning about all the plants and
trees and flowers i mean really really fascinating that you know
thank you honey that is an excellent one so hey so for those of you that are with
us right now did you know that there are flowers i’d like to i’ll be curious if you folks knew that did you know
that there’s flowers you can pick and and put rub them on your hair like
shampoo that would be an amazing question i love that absolutely love it uh gang i’d like to know is is that you
did you know i’d like to know if you knew that that’d be really cool quick shout out first to make and thank you megan that’s so kind of you to do that
the links don’t work there’s a security thing kind of built into the system where people can’t post links but megan said tried the amazon link but not sure
that worked just ordered lisa’s book there you go say lisa excellent right uh looking forward to reading it countertop
and sales are here so have to run hey megan i’m so glad that that you you joined us uh it was it was completely
awesome uh that that you were here so terrific so heidi c um the uh uh there
you go paul paul didn’t know uh and paul paul lived in hawaii for quite some time if i’m not mistaken right paul and chris
longley no clue until now there you go see and uncle jim no either nope not me good to know mahalo heidi so there you
go i you know that’s a really cool thing i uh that’s an excellent excellent uh uh piece of of information there um
auntie joe said hey shelly you need to know it’s a lot warmer in in maui than
canada and winter yeah you know you know auntie joyce i think she i think she knows that i think shelley knows that i think i i do think shelly shelley knows
that um so hey um uh lisa what’s what’s your what would you say is a like a a secret thing that
that people probably that shelly probably doesn’t know about maui what would you say that that is
okay first i’m curious if shelly is visiting or living here on maui there was somebody who asked you know and said
i thought this is about living on maui so maybe some of our uh viewers are you know waiting for us
to talk about living on maui not just visiting so my answer is gonna be for
both visitors and living here on maui and the secret is or one thing that
maybe some of the new ones here on maui new arrivals or newcomers don’t know is
that you will always be a guest here on maui that’s general in hawaii too
so if you’re not native then you’re a guest and then we have to respect um
the natives but the great thing about it and here’s the tip that you might not know is find
a native hawaiian to be friends with and then you will know a lot more things
that you don’t know about maui or hawaii that even i can’t tell you
and so that’s my experience when i came here is you know it’s just having friends that are native hawaiians
they have so much wisdom that they can share with you so you know whether visiting or living here
that’s my tip excellent excellent excellent and and i do think it’s shelley shelley paul is
the one because she she says i do meaning that she did know about the flowers and shampoo that’s pretty cool
shelly so that you you very well may know everything it’s certainly possible it’s very possible visited for years and
up to three to six months at a time uh and she’s uh thanks you for that thank you for that so yes excellent that’s a
really good tip uh and auntie joy swear was kidding shelley a kid i can’t but that’s what we get to
have fun here right that’s what this part of you know we we have to have a good time it’s all it’s all part of it uh and that’s actually so here okay so
here’s a here’s something that i’ll throw it out as a trivia question maybe i might now i may not have the exact
wording but there’s this place in maui uh it’s a it’s in to me it’s like one of
the most beautiful places i could i remember it 40 years ago like was yesterday one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been to to this day and
uh there’s a there’s a sign outside of this place and i don’t know if the sign is still there but it was there when i was there this was 1983.
uh and uh there’s a sign outside of this place and it says if you’re looking for paradise you have found it it is here
so trivia question shelly do you know where that place is so here’s what i know shelley write to
you do you know where that place is there’s a sign outside says if you found if you if you’ve looked for paradise or
if you found paradise if you look for paradise it is here where is that place
and we’ll come back to that later we’ll come in later and see if i’m curious if heidi knows that or if lisa knows that
it’s probably a really popular place i just kind of found it as a stupid tourist uh at the time as i was driving around i had my wonderful adventure uh
but uh shelley i’d be curious if you know where that sign is all right let’s move on let’s get our next question so gang look if you got some questions pop
them in we’re having a good time uh we’ve got we have a little bit of a little bit of time to go uh
uh yeah the whole no no no that’s not it shelley there’s a specific spot there’s
a specific spot that has that sign right outside and it’s actually a very it’s a very historic spot in maui very very
historic spot in my and we’ll find out if if that sign is still there or if and
if lisa and if heidi still know what that is all right so uh so
see exactly i think i got you shelly i think i got you i think i got something that you didn’t know about but we’ll find out we’ll find out if it’s true
we’re not really sure okay so let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic of your favorite beach and maui now i’m going to start this off by saying the favorite
beach in melbourne is that place right there that you are looking at and that is big beach mckenna beach i absolutely
fell in love with maui at mckenna beach i was i think my first visit was for a
week i would go there every single day i was absolutely blown away now this is back in the this is back in the early
80s and so there’s a dirt road there was no development there at all i haven’t been there since so i’m sure it’s all i
saw hotels there and things like that but when i was there in the 80s there was nothing around there and it was a
long dirt road to have to get there that was in the middle of trees and you know as a as a guy coming from chicago uh and
going through that experience just to get there was an experience back then uh and i was absolutely blown away so
that’s my favorite beach in maui um heidi what’s your what’s your favorite beach in maui
i do love big beach but um another beach i really love is onaloa
beach or ironwood’s beach in kapalua it’s just a
gorgeous gorgeous spot um and the waters it’s not
great for swimming um it’s pretty good for surfing but it’s just it’s a gorgeous spot and there’s um
a walk part of the coastal trail that goes along that beach and it’s one of my favorite beaches
now it’s your why is it one of your favorite beaches
i i think different beaches have different temperaments i know this sounds strange but um
hey look each beach has its own vibe that’s for sure no doubt about it it’s um up in kapalua it’s just it’s a little
bit different it’s a little bit um windier more rocky cliffs but you
have this gorgeous white sand and you actually kind of walk down the stairs to get to the beach and
it just has a good feel to me um but i mean i love conopoli beach too conopoli
beach um is a little calmer has a little bit different energy um
i mean one of the beauties of one of the beautiful things about maui is i think visiting
a lot of different beaches i mean i i don’t just go to one beach all the time and then there’s
these little beaches by the by the side of the road that you can just pull over and and go to i mean some of
them you know might not even really have a name or anything you just are going to the beach
yeah absolutely well shelley likes secret beach okay well thanks shelley secret beach uh lisa what’s what’s your
favorite beach in maui can i say little beach
not really but i just want to throw that in because people are always talking about the little beach
there’s a secret but there’s a secret about little beach maybe shelley no shelley do you know the secret what’s
the secret about little beach anyway go ahead uh lisa what’s your favorite pizza for me i’m a big fan of keave kapoor
beach and it’s close to us so um you know i we’re there
maybe like two times a week you know just walk from our house to there it’s in between kihei and wailea
the sand is so soft excellent view of course you know every beach got their view but um it’s just a
really chill kind of beach you know like what you said every beach get different vibes i am not
a surfer i’m not an active uh person on the ocean
i’m more on walking on this shore and dipping my toes on the water but just
walking back and forth and i’m happy with that and so yeah so that’s my favorite
but you know there’s so much it depends on what you want to do on the beach right
yeah like you said well you know heidi heidi likes the beach in kapalu and it’s not so much of a swimming beach but it’s
it’s a it’s got a it’s got a very a special vibe i think i know what you’re talking about uh uh uh heidi and and
shelly okay so shelly’s got a drumming and clothing optional so yeah so so so lawrence lawrence who who keeps talking
about greece and about europe because lawrence is from europe uh lawrence yeah well you know we got kind of our that’s
like our version of the european nude beach so to speak a little beach is is that that still must be a thing it was
back then i remember you know it was kind of funny because i didn’t know about that right so i’m not you know i’m at this place called big beach it was
mckenna and there’s like like a mountain if you look actually if you can you could even see it in this shot right here there’s that
that little uh at the end of the beach there you can you can kind of cross over that that hump and you cross over that
that hump in the distance there and you’re at little beach i’m like wow okay this is yeah maui’s maui’s maui for me
man that’s the first thing i thought when i was going there but uh but anyway uh yeah paul says it’s
true every beach has its own charm depending on what you want to do that day yeah very very true a a beach for a
body surfer is a probably a really really really different kind than a beach for a for a walk or a beach for a
family or you know all kind and and not just that but the beaches change throughout the year right um you know
when i was uh when i was there at the time uh uh let’s see this was uh fall um
mckenna was pretty mild and uh but but i know just from the from the place that mckenna faces that that place can get
you know extraordinarily dangerous at the at the wrong time of the year so it really really it’s it really kind of
varies hey if you’re if you’re with us and if you’ve been to maui i’d like to know what your favorite beach in maui is
what’s your favorite beach if you’ve been to maui and you got a favorite beach pop in the comments uh we we’d love we’d love to hear about it all
right uh look good great let’s let’s move on so what we’re what we’re kind of almost doing is we’re loosely kind of
following the chapters in lisa’s book there’s a lot more details in there but of course we’re loosely following these
uh these chapters and lisa was very smart of you to come up with another book for people who would rather watch
youtube videos that was actually a pretty brilliant move what’s i’m just curious what’s in the other book that
you’re coming up with uh the the journal book what’s what’s gonna you know why would someone want to buy that upcoming
journal book just kind of curiosity yeah so it’s almost like a guided planner and
guided journal so there will be like questions to guide them on how to plan and then they can fill it out but
there’s not much detail in it it’s really the whoever bought the book will fill out all the details from what they have
watched on youtube and you know learn from other books it’s creating their own
vacation guide that’s a cool idea and then i added journal
i think it’s really good for people to journal their vacation because it’s you know maui memories and um it will stay
there forever and it’s something they can share with their family too
that’s a really cool idea you know you write out you you create a book that that’s based on the idea that people are going to watch a bunch of youtube videos
anyway uh that’s that’s kind of a cool thing that’s it’s neat i wonder you know here’s just i just you know pop this
this stream of consciousness popped in my head that’s all i can do put a bunch if you haven’t now is the
book published yet or are you in the middle of it’s still in the works okay so here’s my my two cents and i’d
be curious of what you all think about this idea if you so lisa’s got this book she’s writing it’s like a journal mostly
quote mostly empty where you can kind of do your planning and do your journaling what about in throughout the book you
put in a bunch of qr codes and the qr codes go directly to youtube videos that
people may want to watch boom excellent idea pop that one in pop
that one and hey maybe we’ll co-write some other book like that i like that idea i like it of course i like it i
thought of it right okay yeah it’s all about me it’s all about me all about me okay all
right let’s move on it’s not about me it’s about it’s about you guys because i i just went to i’ve just gone to maui a bunch of times it was the place where i
went to i fell in love with hawaii was maui that made me realize i’m moving here got off the plane
landed in the airport almost 40 years ago touched down got off at condo at um
not kind of probably uh jeez i forgot what whatever it is
no no no the the normal airport thank you thank you uh got off
ogg thank you ogg i i wonder okay so okay shelly what does ogg stand for
let’s see if she really knows that cause i don’t know that that would be something i don’t know why why they’re called ogg but it’s cup it’s it’s it’s
uh it’s it’s kahului kahului is the city but ogg is a symbol shelley why is that don’t
google it don’t google it that’s not fair that that would that would be cheating anyway got off the
plane you know landed on the landing on the tarmac got off the plane back then there was no uh you you walked on the
tarmac you walked down the dumping off it’s still the same way or not but i took one look i saw the mountains uh
towards kapalua i looked at the mountains over there and said i’m in heaven i’m moving here that was
it just like that bam and and uh and and the rest is the rest is up there yeah she leads the airport but what the why
are the quotes ogg they’re like like for example h and you know uh honolulu that’s obvious right but why is it ogg
what does ogg stand for right because like for example chicago chicago’s
airport o’hare airport is ord what’s ord for orders for orchard drive so see i
knew that um so anyway okay uh uh you too shelly shelley have you moved
to maui i’ll be curious shelley’s like the star of the show we should have had her on uh anyway have you moved to maui
i’d be curious all right uh let’s get to our next topic over here we gotta we got a few minutes left so again make sure
you get your questions in if you don’t know uh there’s something that you’d like to know about my are afraid to ask this is the place where you want to ask
it so uh let’s hit the best eats in maui uh heidi you’re you’re the coffee
connoisseur presumably you’re also the restaurant the restaurant visitor what’s what’s your what’s your favorite place
what’s your favorite place in mommy to go eat and why well my favorite restaurant on maui is
mama’s fish house in pahia and it’s it’s been one of the top restaurants on maui since
the late 70s which i think is quite impressive but the scenery the view the ambiance is just so
incredible um it’s definitely a special occasion place to go i mean it’s quite pricey but it’s
it’s worth it it’s unique and the food and service is excellent i love
it but there’s also a lot of other places to go that are much more affordable as well i mean some
of my local places i like to go are moku roots which is vegetarian and vegan
um miso fat sushi um the fish market and honokua they have
really fresh fish i mean you see them bringing the catch of the day in the front door and chopping it up and
serving it and compared to going to um
a like nice restaurant i mean it’s really it’s affordable i mean you’re basically
sitting on a you know little table and chairs out by the parking lot but the fish is amazing
i i’m uh i’m a i’m a big fan of of of dive i love dive restaurants right those
are those are my those are my are my my favorites one of my heidi for some reason when you brought that up i don’t
know why i thought but one of my favorite places is in honolulu i don’t know if it’s still there but cha hung
sut and cha cha hung sut is the bat is the back door of a noodle factory and so you’re
literally you’re it’s like a factory there it’s it’s it’s dirt it’s dirty it’s it’s loud it’s
junk but man the simon was absolutely unbelievable uh it was like really fun
fun going there i remember a long story which i’m gonna skip uh before we move on to uh to lisa to get
her favorite place to eat uh uh lauren says peter what year have you been for the first time in hawaii 1983
1983 before you were born lawrence before you were born uh and paul says
yeah it brings back memories when i got off the plane in hawaii my first thought was i am home yeah that’s that’s what i
felt that’s that’s what i felt it was i was like not so much i guess i didn’t think about the home
part was like okay i’m moving here this is it it is this is the greatest place shelley says no but would love to retire
there looking at six months vancouver island british columbia in six months maui renting at her friends you know
shelley you would be like many other canadians we call them snowbirds a lot of folks i know uh from canada they they
come out they they they stay for the coldest uh the coldest parts of the canadian winter and then they go back
and so that is a that is a well a well-known uh a well-known uh thing in hawaii the canadian stonebridge lisa
what’s your favorite restaurant where do you where’s your where’s your favorite place to go eat what’s what’s it for you
okay so um heidi mentioned mama’s fish house because of course we have to mention that it’s
expensive i would say that save money for that when you go there but try it because it’s excellent
and then um another good um next to the beach
restaurant is specifically on the beach which they had um
change management there’s a new management chef um isa is excellent and um yeah so that’s an
alternative if you cannot you know get the reservation at mama fish house and you want some
similar experience then pacifico on the beach try that um
what’s your favorite dive what’s your favorite dive restaurant i’m sorry what’s your favorite dive expensive but food trucks on maui
are great too i mean they are run and owned by gourmet you know by chef
that you get gourmet food when you order so there’s one pod there’s so many pods now here on
maui but there’s one pod in um across from costco gas station on maui
in kahalui and they have various food trucks there that are
excellent havens is one of them they have noodles and smash burger
time me up everyone knows about sign me up it’s um
owned by somebody who was a chef at mama’s fish house
so it’s like you’re having the food from mama’s fish house here on the food truck place ah tie me up as a mama’s fish
house chef all right there you go again um one more thing that i want to mention is
tin roof owned by the famous sheldon chef sheldon
and it’s also close to the airport it’s like what you were saying this place you don’t even have a seating place you just
go there there’s always like there’s always people wanting to buy the food but the food is excellent so you just go
order and then go to a place where you can eat them some you will see on the the sidewalk people are sitting and just
eating their food there because it’s so good but so tin roof and here’s another tip you know it’s
quite new chef um sheldon and his wife actually just
took over tiffany’s is this old restaurant local restaurant
here that old people or you know um what called veteran people here on maui
knows but now it’s you say the kupuna no
there you go and uh what do you call that the long time resident right
come on and now um they just announced or they just had this grand opening that chefs sheldon um
is now the chef or the owner of tiffany’s it’s in this in central and so that’s something that if you want
the place to sit down when you’re eating you know the food cooked by chef sheldon instead of just on the sidewalk then
that’s an alternative i haven’t been there but i’m looking forward to trying it
that sounds uh man those are some great some great tips over i still i’m still thinking about tying me up as the is the
is the mama’s fish house chef that was that was a great review of of of restaurants man thank you uh i hope
that’s in the i’m sure that’s in the book but if it’s not put the put the qr code to this segment that
we’re doing right now put that in your in your next book because people are going to want to know about that uh shelly paul likes a paella fish market
okay paella fish mark we’re getting some some nods on that all right excellent and uh uh paul paul says paul says peter
the mega million lottery is up to 1 billion tonight if i win i’ll be contact paul if if you win
i’m going to say a special prayer for you to win and if you do win i want a five percent i need a five percent cut
just five percent just a little just five percent five percent is on you know a little teeny tiny bit uh five percent
of a commission steve has come up with the answer so steve i’m curious did you know that or did you google it it doesn’t matter thanks for the answer i
didn’t know name for the the airport was named for jim hogg i’m going to
pronounce it hog maybe it’s hogue jim hogg and a hawaiian airlines pilot therefore the ogg excellent excellent
excellent never knew that i did not did not know that and uh paul i’m going to take that as a confirmation i’m going to
get my five percent if you win the billion so i i’m looking forward to that we are gonna we’re gonna pray to the
pray to the hawaiian lottery gods that’s what we’re gonna do uh we’re gonna pray to the hawaiian malaria gods and oh look
at that you even got a marriage proposal paul if you win let’s get married boom look at that right right
right here you know you know heidi we’ve been doing a show for like years now right no one’s ever made a proposal over
the show so that’s uh that is that is a first uh in part part of the part of of
the fun uh you guys are great uh excellent all right all right and look and he’s even agreed
so look at that there you go it’s we’re doing it we’re doing it and you
know and if it happens i want to have i’m work we’re going to have lisa be the one who’s going to tie the knot for the
two of you guys i was just going to say get married on maui please yeah get married on maui and so lisa you’ll have to do it you have to
get like registered as an official marriage marriage person get the get get the marriage license uh excellent but
this is this is so much fun you guys are black okay so so let’s do this we got um we just got five minutes we got five
minutes left um i think what i want to do is i kind of want to put the um uh
uh let’s let’s get some closing thoughts uh because we don’t have a lot of time there’s look there’s i i you know here’s
i’m gonna give you all the slides that that you’re gonna miss uh because we don’t have time and these are going to
be in the book you’re going to have to buy the book so what’s that book again lisa it’s maui 2021 and beyond
there you go maui 2021 and beyond that’s the book you want to get and so look uh we’re going to we we’re going to talk up
we we’re going to talk about the best sunset place in maui we’re going to talk about a maui safety tip we were going to
talk about uh the top cultural tip we were going to talk about the best haleakala tip we’re going to talk about
the best advice for the road to haina for the road to hana so we’re gonna have to skip all that because we don’t have
time so instead we’re just gonna jump right here to this and here’s the question i’ve got uh for for heidi and
for uh lisa lisa why don’t we start with you on this why uh maui there’s there’s
a famous of well-known local saying called maui maui no kaoi means maui is best
so i’d like to ask you lisa why do you think maui is best for you why do you
think maui is best for you well it’s a combination of the people
and the nature so if you have both of those together that are really kind of lifting me up
then that’s noka right so i love the beach i love sunsets
there’s just something magical about maui sunset that i love so much and then the people are so full of aloha
that you know this is just paradise for me and so that’s my nokao
that is your nokia all right sounds great and by the way uh uncle jim says peter ask her to come back so there you
go you got the gang so she she’s alright she’s already is popular excellent i could see why jim uh lisa it’s been
great to have you here with i’m so glad that i’m so glad that we did as we planned this like i think we talked about doing this like last year sometime
and one thing one then right i was in the middle of a project i couldn’t do it then you’re in the middle
of the project when you find this i’m so glad heidi why is maui no ka oy for you
well i visited all the islands and for me maui is kind of the right balance of
being quiet and laid back but still having plenty to do
living on maui is like living in a big small town i grew up in a small town so
i like that aspect of it but we also have amazing restaurants and
culture because of all the tourism but i i just love the culture of
practicing aloha and being conscientious and kind and that’s so
such a big part of the culture and i i just i i love that i mean it’s it’s a
sense of community i i feel peaceful here and of course i mean the nature is
beautiful like being close to nature is something very important to me and um i connect with that as well living
here think uh well said heidi you know i could totally see where you’re coming
from a small town where maui is like the perfect mix it’s like the small town version in hawaii but not too small it’s
just right kind of right in between over there and you know heidi you and i both share a shared pass we have we’re both from
the state of illinois uh i was from the city of chicago so for me molly was awesome but i needed a little
bit more of the city which is why i moved to oahu which has honolulu so to me i was like very comfortable it was a
great version of the city everyone’s got their own one reasons uh paul’s happy paul’s thanks guys it was fun and you’re
all invited to our wedding hey man can’t can’t wait to see it that would be amazing that would be amazing to kind of
see you know i think that i think i’m going
to close with it so okay i’m going to close with the question that i had earlier and it’s probably why i would say uh why i loved maui one of the
reasons why i fell in love with mommy so much remember i asked earlier i said hey what’s that place that has the sign that says if you’re looking for paradise you
have found this here that is the lindbergh estate is a it is a it is a place it is a secret little
and i know i don’t i don’t know if it’s still there or whatever but there’s a place called the lindbergh state if it’s still there or not is is is it there
i think so in hana right it’s in hana yeah uh so it heidi have you been to the lindbergh
estate i have not no okay all right yeah so hey well i’m glad you had fun shelley that
was that’s what it’s all about right we gotta have a good time over here and uh uh it’s been it’s been great so the
lindbergh estate is is just this idyllic it’s just incredible like a lush this lush uh a tropical
rain forest right near the water in hana and it’s it was just it looked like like
what you imagined paradise would be and to drive up and here’s this here’s this young kid you know i was 20 years old
and you know driving come from chicago first time i’ve ever been kind of anywhere really in my life other than
greece when i would go to greece in the summers with my uh my grandparents but here i am you know i’m in this place and
i drive there and it’s just this amazing beautiful lush and you read this sign and the sign says you know if you’re
looking for paradise you have found that it’s here like what you know and it was just an amazing
piece and so that’s what i would say uh was why maui is best for me auntie joyce we’re glad to have you here uh glad that
you were a part of it you guys all made this fun and uh shelley you you’re shelley was like the the offline star of
the show so thankfully for being a part of this right all right so look so we’re gonna say goodbye and why don’t we have uh heidi say goodbye first and then lisa
you say goodbye say goodbye to everybody we’re gonna end this folks you’re all fantastic bye everybody aloha have a great weekend
and bye it’s so much fun thank you for having me aloha it was great having her lisa we’ll do it again and uh you all
have a great one aloha
county water it’s got an old house on it that has been fully renovated beautifully renovated um just a amazing
deal and diamond and you know if you’re into developing into maybe a coffee farm or pasture land for horses or whatever i
mean just the the land is relatively flat um it’s been cleared in the past with some big
trees on it but mostly just grass um right now and you can re-clear it and make it super nice and grade it just a
super killer property so um i love it one that i’m i’m shocked it’s
been in the market for a weekend it hasn’t sold well that’s like you said you know that’s because the the the bananas the bananas have ripened right
so this yeah this is you know we don’t have we’re out of time that there’s we need to talk about the market and actually you know what we’re gonna do
gang so we’re gonna talk about this at the next okay so those of you that those of you that have made it through those
of you that are still here uh look i’m gonna on the next newsletter i’m gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna put a special
show from the next show in two weeks right we’re gonna talk about the market and kind of what’s going on so give us
your questions i’m gonna put it on the newsletter get a reply back pop it in the form you’re going to get all your questions in advance so i can make
slides and stuff like that so get ready because we’re going to talk we’re going to plan out and talk about kind of what’s going on with the market for the
next show uh but yeah dylan that’s that’s it the bananas have the bananas have
ripened the bananas the faucet has turned off the floss the the madness is coming to an end all
right let’s do our closing thoughts over here we got a couple minutes to go dylan what do you got here what what’s the
quote and why is it important to you so this is from actually jay shetty the keynote at the conference i was at this
past week and and he said being patient about the small things and patient about the big things i thought that was a really great perspective about
business and in life where the the small details are things that you shouldn’t compromise on and you have to be
impatient about it make sure you get them right but then the big the big long term goals you have to be patient about
those right those take a time to develop and and the small ones lead to the big ones and sometimes we as humans are you
know we we let the the details slide and then we get really disappointed when the big things don’t happen and we wonder
why and this is this is a good way to kind of think about it to make it happen so love it man that’s a good one hey uh
uncle ray so dylan has a head’s up for you uncle ray says dylan will be in down on your island next week of july ray of
course is a islander ohana alumni uh we’ll be looking at the windward side would like to talk with you or an agent
on that side ray reply back to me i’ll connect you with dylan if if not already there to make sure you do that and uh a
great day and you all stay safe you too auntie joyce uh let’s see scott uh let’s let’s get your closing thought here yes
yeah hey i’m i’m actually gonna change this so and going back to the happiness component here’s my quote ain’t none of
us getting out of here alive and you can’t take money to the grave
repeat that one more time that’s a classic uh ain’t none of us getting out of here alive and you can’t take the
money to the grave oh man that’s phenomenal uh well well said well said
thanks scott excellent put that one in bold thanks for next time hey uh norm mahalo from the great show looking
forward to next time norm and we will we will see you here buddy uh absolutely all right and mine of course i gotta do my my my prop my proverbs thing over
here uh let me get to see we can all read it all day long the wicked covet but the righteous give and do not hold
back and what that tells me right that tells me about it’s all about giving the righteous give and do not hold back it’s
really about giving givers are gainers and i didn’t plan it this way to talk about our financial piece but that’s the
way it kind of all flies together it’s all about you don’t covet stuff you give and you don’t hold back all right folks
uh that’s it for today uh hope you all had a great one let’s all say let’s let’s say goodbye uh let’s do a counter
clockwise dylan and then scott uh thank you auntie joan uh for the for the great comment call uh thought-provoking
thought-provoking piece everyone’s saying goodbye now go ahead dylan give us your goodbye and then scott you go next hello everybody have a good weekend
hello hi everyone thanks for joining us aloha folks so you all have a great one great comments really appreciate it uh
thanks for all the good stuff and we’ll see you in two weeks aloha