Here’s Why Sea Levels Are Rising in Hawaii

There is no question that sea levels have been and will continue to rise. Is this a cause for concern? This short video gives you an important insight that will help you understand what’s happening and help you achieve peace of mind.

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I think the only thing I want to bring
to everyone’s attention is this sort of
rising sea level thing rising sea levels
have been brought about you people talk
about this about climate change all the
time about rising sea levels I want to
show you all a graph uh and this graph
is rising sea levels and if you look at
this graph it’s pretty darn consistent
if you look at the at the at the years
1880 to two two to 2020 we’ve had rising
sea levels rising sea and if I tried to
find a graph and you f folks you you
folks can try to maybe Google and try to
find another one if you go to sea level
graphs going 10,000 years it’s that same
line sea levels have always been rising
always uh whether they’re due to climate
change or not the science I think well
I’ve yet to be convinced that they can
show that the graph is because of
something other than just sea levels are
rising that’s beside the point the issue
is that Hawaii and Hawaii is on a
volcanic island the Hawaiian Islands
have been shrinking since they were made
millions of years so the fact is that
the the sh shorelines have always been
sea levels have always been rising and
this issue with cs pools is going to be
a problem uh whether’s due to climate