Can You Survive The Isolation In Hawaii?

Hawaii is the most remote location on the planet.  If you decide to move here, you will be isolated from your friends and family. Most people are unprepared for what this really involves and most don’t survive it.

In this video, I go over 3 key things to consider which will help you figure out if you can in fact get through this challenge.  Please let me know in the comments if this helped you!

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Hawaii is the most isolated place on Earth. People don’t realize that we are literally in the middle of nowhere. There’s like a 2 000 mile radius of nothing around Hawaii. Even if you come here with a partner, unless you’re prepared, you’re going to feel very alone and you’re going to be very isolated. Will you survive this isolation? Most people don’t. So in this video, I’ve actually got a little bit of a test that you’re going to be able to take. I’m going to give you three key things. There’s more, but we’re just going to get down to three key things that’ll help you figure out if you will survive the isolation that you will inevitably hit in Hawaii or not Aloha I’m Peter K., and I’ve been living in Hawaii since the 80s. I moved here when I was 21 all by myself, and I’ve been here ever since. This channel is for anyone that dreams of living in Hawaii and wants to live this amazing dream, so if that’s you, this is your channel. Click on the link in the description and click on the Subscribe button click on the notification by click on something and join me so let’s get on with this test so test question number one can you survive the loss of family now that may sound severe but it’s basically true when you move to Hawaii your family’s not coming with you and despite what they might tell you oh yeah we’re going to come and visit you because it’s great you live in a wagon they ain’t coming they ain’t coming they may come for one vacation maybe one and I talked about this in another video about family so you should check that video out and make them for one visit but that’s gonna be it yeah we got FaceTime you know we got that kind of stuff yeah it’s okay but in a replacement there’s no way There’s no way that FaceTime will replace a family gathering at Thanksgiving, for example. That’s what you’re going to miss out on. You’re going to miss these big family gatherings, big or small You’re going to miss these family gatherings, and we take those for granted, and the other part of it is that you’re going to the mainland. Well, that’s possible, but it ain’t cheap. You’re looking at thousands of dollars essentially just to get to the mainland, so on these trips, you’ve basically got to be prepared for a lot less. Basically, your traditional family life that you are enjoying on the mainland is over. Test number two: can you keep long distance friendships? You’ve got a lot of friendships on the mainland, and presumably you’re not going to want to give them up. Can you maintain a long distance relationship? It’s not easy what you need to be able to do essentially is to have regular calls on a schedule because if you don’t have regular calls on a schedule eventually they’re going to slowly fade away and you will not be talking to your friends on the mainland you know yeah you’re going to be interacting with your friends on Facebook and posting a like and posting a post and whatever yeah you’ll have that but that’s nothing like maintaining a relationship yeah the best you’re going to have is your closest friends look at this great by the way just I’m in this beautiful neighborhood sorry I gotta stop because this is a beautiful neighborhood that I’m in the middle of great turns great drives nice and green man you can’t beat this you can’t beat this all right so your friends right only your closest friends are gonna stick with you on a regular schedule and if you stay on a regular call schedule then you will still be in each other’s lives you will have those great conversations deals deep conversation are then how’s things great how are you great I’m great. How are you great I’m great, you know you’re going to have to have that regular schedule, so really only your closest friends that you can keep on a schedule you’ll be able to maintain, which means most of your friends are going to go away. Most of your Mainland friends are going away I got a Weekly Newsletter that comes out every week. Great stuff! I got content, we got photos, and you also get free invitations to the live broadcast. We have live broadcasts every other week, and the newsletter is your entry to get into those live broadcasts in addition to these videos. So I hope you’ll subscribe. Click on the link in the description and kick in. Always unsubscribe Okay, we talked about how you’re going You know your family’s going to be gone for the most part You’re going to lose most of your friends for the most part, so you’ve got to make new friends, right? So the question is, can you build new networks? This is not an easy thing. You know, where do you build your networks? Well, you build them at work, but these days a lot of people are working remotely. If you’re planning on living in Hawaii as a remote worker, you’re not going to build anything for remote work. You’re going to keep whatever network you’ve got, but that’s not going to help church is a great place if you go to church if you’re a church goer can’t go wrong with church networks I would recommend that highly the other one for the more secular types if you’re not a church goer volunteer organizations are a great place to make new friends but at the end of the day you know you got to ask yourself if you’re good at building new networks because you’re going to have to build a new network because you cannot live here by yourself you know are you are you an introvert are you an extrovert well here’s all you can tell by the way I don’t know if you know this but here’s where you can tell if you’re an introvert or an extrovert an introvert is exhausted after a social event extroverts get energized by social events so ask yourself when you have us when you go to like a social event like a big family gathering when it’s over and you’re back home are you like I’m beat I’m tired or are you like man I’m pumped right now because that will tell you whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, and if you’re an introvert, it’s going to be that much more difficult for you to grow the network because it’s exhaustive and you do need to have social events. You do need to do that Oh, by the way, so I’ve just turned into another beautiful neighborhood. This is the neighborhood of Manoa on the island of Oahu, and it’s another like everything else in Hawaii. Man, it’s totally beautiful. I mean, these trees are like amazing. Manoa Valley is very green, very rich, and has a lot of rainfall, so it’s a beautiful place. Like, check out this house straight ahead, which is traditionally the home of the president of the University of Hawaii Look at Stan. I know how well you can see it on camera, but take a look at that thing. It’s on a mound. It’s big. It’s huge. You know, it’s millions of dollars of value there. It’s totally cool. I don’t know if the president lives there today. But that is traditionally the University of Hawaii president’s house. Okay, so we talked about the three things: can you do without the family? Can you keep the long-distance relationships? Can you build the network Share your thoughts in the comments. I would really be curious. I’d like to know where you see strengths and weaknesses, and I would really like to know how this video has sort of helped shape your thinking in one way or another. That would be really valuable to me. You’ve got a question. I’ve got a form Link in the description. Click on the form. Enter your question. Make sure you give me your name and where you’re from so I can give you credit if I use your question on the next video Aloha I’m Peter K., and I am living the dream. I’m living in the most beautiful place on Earth. I’m driving through Manoa Valley. I’m driving through the pres by the president’s house. I’m driving in the most beautiful place on a beautiful day. It’s a dream come true. I hope you’ll make it. In the description, you will find a form link where you can click to access the form. Once you are on the form, kindly enter your question along with your name and location. This will allow me to credit you in the next video if I choose to use your question. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey through Manoa Valley, passing by the president’s house, in what I consider to be the most breathtaking place on Earth. It truly feels like a dream come true, and I hope you’ll make it to the form and submit your question. It would be great to hear from you and include your contribution in the next video. I hope you’ll make it to this stunning location and experience the beauty for yourself. Don’t forget to fill out the form in the description with your question and details so that I can give you credit in my next video. Mahalo!