Hawaii’s Quality of Life is Heaven for Some, and HELL for Others

Which camp will you fall into? It’s not obvious and it’s why I made this video. While there are many facets of Hawaii’s quality of life, I bring up what I believe are the top 3 elements you need to consider.

Take the Test At The End

After I review the 3 aspects of Hawaii’s quality of life, at the end I give you simple tests that will bypass your natural bias and give you an insight you won’t get anywhere else.

Is Hawaii’s Quality of Life Right for You? Find out!

Watch the video and let me know what you think!

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you know uh Hawaii
is without question in my mind the most
beautiful place on Earth yeah there you
go have a look at that it’s good surf
there a there’s an outside Reef uh but
know is the quality of life right for
you CU it’s not right for everybody
Hawaii is not for everybody despite the
beauty so in this video I’m going to
help you find out if Hawaii’s quality of
life is right for you cuz it ain’t right
for everyone and I’m going to give you a
simple test at the end of the video that
we can take together that’ll really give
you a good Insight so join
us Aloha I’m Peter K and I moved to
Hawaii in the mid 80s when I was 21
years old I moved here all by myself and
I’ve been here ever since I am living
the dream this channel is for people of
all ages that want to live in Hawaii and
live the dream so if that’s you this is
your channel hit the Subscribe hit the
notifications let’s find out if Hawaii’s
quality of life is right for you you
know it’s kind of funny I’ve said
Hawaii’s not for everyone and it’s not
it’s it’s kind of like a love hate thing
that’s what I’ve really noticed some
people man it’s heaven on Earth like me
heaven on Earth this is the greatest
place to live other people hate it hate
it hate it so I got a few points here to
go over with you to help you understand
of quality of life how that’s going to
affect you point number one the slow
Slow Pace
pace Hawaii everything takes longer in
Hawaii everything goes
slower and we love it that way whether
it’s the checkout line at the grocery
store you’re taking your time whether
it’s traffic nobody Beeps in Hawaii you
won’t hear Beeps in Hawaii like honking
the horn especially like the old New
York hold down the horn that you
irritate the person in front of you so
they’ll move absolutely not if you do
that in a while you’re going to get in
big trouble um a great Beach over there
man just awesome love looking at that
blue ocean taking our time enjoying the
ride enjoying the scenery enjoying the
view enjoying life that’s really what
Hawaii is all about it’s about enjoying
life and taking your time to smell the
roses to enjoy the place you know people
uh people have talked to me about
they’ve uh they’ve made new friends just
standing in line at the grocery store
Grand Opening and restaurant lines
wrapped around the block several times
for the grand opening people love it so
the slow pace here is a beautiful thing
but if slow Paces drive you crazy this
place is going to drive you insane
Kind & Friendly
two outgoing and friendliness is part of
the culture it is built in it is an
expectation that everyone has
essentially on everyone else you’re
expected to be friendly if you’re a
grumpy kind of person ain’t going to go
here you know another area where it
really kind of shows here is in uh
traffic if you put on your turn signal
say you’re in on the highway and you’re
merging into a lane or the or a
Boulevard and you’re merging into
another Lane and you got your signal on
people almost always will slow down to
let you in it is the rare rare exception
for people to kind of speed up and not
let you in people will almost always
slow down and letting you in that’s part
of the friendliness it’s part of what’s
built into the culture so this culture
of friendliness uh being outward uh
extending yourself helping others it’s
heaven on Earth for others it’s Hell on
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Healthy LIfestyle
third healthy lifestyle Hawaii really is
into a healthy lifestyle here on the
right hand side is alamana shopping
center the largest Open Air Shopping
Center uh in the country if not the
world Hawaii ranks at the top of almost
anywhere you see a list of healthy or
health ratings or health indexes Hawaii
is almost always at the top it’s the
healthiest place to live living and
looking healthy is a value in Hawaii
almost everyone here has an active
lifestyle why we live outside we live in
the outdoors we live in the greatest
most beautiful place there is so of
course you’re going to be active of
course you’re going to go out of course
you’re going to be walking running
hiking biking surfing swimming all those
elements kind of work to be this this
healthy lifestyle that’s really a big
part of Hawaii let’s take the test let’s
Laid Back?
talk about the slow pace Hawaii’s got a
slow pace right so when you’re on
vacation what are you like so you should
normally be on a slow case but for
example when you go to a restaurant and
you ordered your breakfast and the
breakfast takes a long time does it piss
you off or are you like chilling with it
if it’s pissing you off then you’re
really not you’re really not into the
slow pace when you’re on vacation do you
drive like a
maniac cuz if you’re on vacation and
you’re still driving like a maniac
you’re not a slow paced lifestyle kind
of a person think about that let’s talk
about the friendly
Lifestyle the friendly culture in Hawaii
again when you’re on vacation you’re
typically supposed to be nice right so
when you’re on vacation do you still run
to get in the front of the line do you
let people in in front of you
courteously in a way if you were to ask
people who don’t know you what they
think about you in other words not
family you know of course you think
you’re great right we all think are
great we all think we’re friendly we all
think we’re wonderful but Others May say
otherwise so if you were to get an
impartial view how would they
characterize you would they say you’re a
friendly outgoing kind person or would
they say you know you could use a little
bit of improvement in the nice uh in the
niceness Department something to think
about and then finally let’s talk about
the healthy lifestyle now I know when
you’re on vacation the last thing you
want to do is eat healthy right just
want to eat whatever you want to eat but
do you watch over that are you still
careful about that do you still try to
eat healthy even when you’re on vacation
that’s naturally who you are naturally
who you are what about activities do you
are you more or less active when you go
on vacation what are you naturally like
there’s a lot of people who do more
exercising when they’re on vacation what
about you so that’s a quick way to
answer those questions they should give
you a good Insight I’d be curious I
would really appreciate if you folks
would comment throw it in the comments
and let me know you know how did this
work for you this this format with that
little test if you have any other
questions I have a link in the
description that goes to a form fill the
form out give me your name uh so I can
give you credit for your question I’m
Peter K and I am living the dream man a
lot of people in Hawaii are not prepared
for the isolation that you you will get
hit with if you decide to move here I
got a video that’s showing on the screen
right now that will help you figure out
if the isolation Factor will be a big
deal for you or not check that video out
and let me know what you think