If you’ve wondered what it costs to move to Hawaii, there’s finally a tool that will give you an instant answer without the hassle of having to be contacted by someone for “more information”.

Fill out the form below (if you’re on mobile it might be easier to open the form in a new browser here) and you’ll get an answer in under a minute.

After researching the market it seemed that every “moving estimate form” was really just a lead generator for moving companies that forced me to talk to a salesperson and while that’s not bad in and of itself, sometimes you just want a number and don’t really feel like talking to someone.

Being the software inventor guy that I am, since I couldn’t find a tool like this for Hawaii, I just decided to build one myself.  Try it!

This new method gives you an answer in less than a minute straight to your inbox.  You don’t need to call anyone nor will anyone call you.  Whether you’re totally serious about moving to Hawaii or are just curious as to what it will take, try out the new tool.  Feel free to use it as often as you want to get different estimates and let me know what you think!