Your Offer to Buy Doesn’t Have to Be the Highest Bid to Win

Our Oahu Expert Scott Startsman tells us the story of how an offer that was not the highest price was able to win the day. If you see today’s market as challenging, this story will give you an important insight.

This short clip came from our Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show which goes live every other Friday on our Hawaii Real Estate YouTube channel or our Living in Hawaii Facebook page

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Show Transcript:

writing just two offers one the first
one got rejected the second one um we
went in
lower down so we’re six grand over
which is it’s like one percent over the
list price um and let’s see we’re
less down smaller appraisal clause and
we weren’t the highest price and we got
into first position on it we were only
competing on three with three other
people um
so i mean and we got in because
more or less the other two buyers that’s
the question how did you get that’s the
question i want you know what what what
makes you think that you got you know
what do you believe that got you on
yeah for one i went with them um i had
worked with the with the listing agent
on a deal probably about six six months
ago he knows my professionalism he
understands client care
um you know how i educate people and so
when we’re making an offer it’s a it’s a
solid offer it’s a good decision for the
buyer um
so the relationship came into play there
that one of the buyers that came in
higher hadn’t even met their agent yet
they were trying to find their agent
offering a higher price
he had six sellers and they wanted it
sold they wanted someone solid and he
had worked with the lender that i worked
with a lot as well and knew we were both
solid reputation had worked with us
before so they took us at 15 grand lower
than than the highest offer smaller
appraisal clause smaller down payment
so we got that one in escrow and i got
one in the escrow in waikiki the same
way at 2 000 over asking when we were um
somebody was 15
uh 12 grand above us on the offer price
on that so it’s
and we are only competing with three
offers on that too so it’s not
completely bonkers all over we’re going
to tell you there’s great stories but
there’s there’s plenty of opportunities
to to get in and get in at fair value
and feel like you got you got something
of value