What will Oahu Property Taxes Cost You?

We put together a quick summary of how you can estimate your property taxes on Oahu (aka Honolulu County). Keep in mind that this is just a rule of thumb and your actual tax bill will vary.

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uh but first let’s get the uh honolulu
county uh tax chart uh scott why don’t
you give this an explanation of what’s
going on over here
yeah so uh i’ll i’ll talk a little bit
about residential in general so we’re
three and a half cents per every
thousand dollars for assessed value if
you’re an owner occupant or primary
um so million dollar property is 3 500
for the year
which is very affordable if you’re
non-owner occupant meaning either second
home or you rent it out and that’s going
to be long-term obviously longer in 90
days now
then you’re up to a million dollars gets
taxed at four and a half cents for every
thousand dollars of assessed value it’s
just 4 500 for a million and then
anything above a million jumps to 10.5
so if you’re non-owner occupant and the
more expensive that property gets the
you know accelerated the property tax
rate increases significantly over a
million dollars because of the 10 and a
half cents otherwise
the the property taxes are really low
it’s when you get into hotel and resort
and stuff like that that the city and
county wants to get their hands into
tourism money effectively is what it is
and and for hotel and resort it’s

so it you know basically
quadruples right
um otherwise there are home tax
exemptions if you buy and you’re going
to own or occupy it you have to file a
form and there’s different home tax
basically a discount on that property
tax rate and it’s based on your age so
there’s a whole matrix for that most
people forget
when they close on the property you
can’t file it until you close most
people forget to file it after they
close so
then you don’t get the exemption