What Gives You The Edge When Buying Hawaii Real Estate?

At one of our live broadcasts, we talked about what makes the difference in getting your offer accepted and it’s not what you might think.

This short clip came from our Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show which goes live every other Friday on our Hawaii Real Estate YouTube channel or our Living in Hawaii Facebook page

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Show Transcript:

the i mean here’s the here’s
the thing that that that comes
the common theme between both you guys
uh is that
relationships matter they matter a lot
in this industry uh this industry it’s
it’s it’s rather complicated from you
know from the the entire uh buying
process is rather complicated and
there’s a lot of moving parts and that
means there’s a lot of different people
involved and so there’s there’s trust
there’s networking there’s who i prefer
to work with it’s you know who’s gonna
make the the right kind of offer that
makes sense and do we know each other do
we trust something because you know
we’re going to go that you know closing
escrow is a you know fraught with
problems and who who am i going to go
down this this path with that matters um
and strategy matters right i mean that’s
one thing that we have to
always look at is is
really look at all of our options
because sometimes uh as a buyer you know
you say i’ll just put 20 down and
um finance the rest when if you have 50
percent down maybe or even if you have
all cash right maybe that’s not
your original plan but you can always
re-file a house in six months or you
could pull cash out you know in a home
equity line or maybe you have other
properties otherwise you have a home
equity line so as a buyer that’s one of
the things you want to have a discussion
with your agent about is you know what
is your total financial situation and
how can you put yourself in the best
position possible to write the strongest
offer because as scott was saying it’s
not always about price sometimes it’s
about terms right because i get this is
a listing agent all the time i get the
hundred thousand dollars over asking
price with two percent down that’s a
joke like you know if the appraisal
comes in low you’re showing me you have
no cash like you know what i’m gonna
we’re not gonna look at that because
you’re just taking a shot in the dark as
a buyer so those are the kind of things
where if you get another offer where
they got 50 down the terms are really
good maybe they’re waving some
contingencies for the for the seller you
know we’re going to look more seriously
at that offer then we’re going to look
at this offer where clearly they have no
they have no money and they’re trying to
just have the highest price and win
which a smart listing agent is going to
look at that and have a lot of suspicion
so it’s not always about price you don’t
necessarily always have to go crazy over
asking price if you’re in a position to
write a really strong well put together