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This show was on the Friday after Thanksgiving and the focus was to talk about what we are thankful for.

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Start 11/24/23
The Lineup
Intro-Dylan Nonaka
Navy plane in the Bay
Kilauea Restless Again
Maui Rental Conflict Coming?
Amazing Hindu Temple on Kauai
Maui Not-So-Strong Funding?
Big Island Market Update 11/24/23
What are you most thankful for?
Dylan’s Great Aunt
Paul lived in Hawaii in the 60s
Peter’s walk to the ocean for a swim
Linda on Dylan’s Team
Sue’s True Love of 35 years
Dylan’s time with his son
Peter’s time with his daughters
Peter’s family member in remission
Peter is just a baby!
Joan is finally living in Hawaii
1 of a kind Big Island 3bd 2ba 1acre $399k
Closing Motivational Thoughts
Attidude of Gratitude
Positive thinking hocus pocus?
Being thankful as a remedy for depression
No more Black Friday Shopping
Write the Story of Your Own Life
Barbara physically active at 90
What would a maximum life be like?
How to find your superpower
Access to great thinkers

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