Tips For 1st Time Hawaii Home Buyers?

Cindy asked us this question during the live show from Facebook:

Do you have tips for 1st time buyers?

This started a discussion were each of our experts gave their advice and I think you’ll really like what came of it.

This short clip came from our Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show which goes live every other Friday on our Hawaii Real Estate YouTube channel or our Living in Hawaii Facebook page

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Show Transcript:

do one thing really quick so here’s what
i want to try here so so cindy um i love
the last name cindy believe i just love
that last name okay so uh she asked a
tips for first-time buyers so let’s do
this we could i’m sure there’s like we
could talk about this for like hours so
here’s what i want to do i want you all
to think of one thing the most important
tip that you would give to a first-time
buyer if you could only say one thing
and give it out quick because we got we
got two minutes over here left
so heidi you heidi you’re gonna go first
um dylan you’re gonna go second and then
scott we’re gonna pray and you’re gonna
go last so heidi what’s the one thing
you would say for a first-time buyer
tip um
i would say
um definitely get pre-approved before
you start
looking for homes um get connected with
a great lender
just make sure you have your financing
in order because that way when you start
shopping you’ll just have a realistic um
understanding of what all the costs are
and what you’re comfortable okay
great great gotta thank you get
pre-approved okay dylan what’s your one
tip on top of that one my one big tip is
your mindset think about
your first time home is gonna be your
first time home not your last home not
your dream home right so a lot of people
have expectations of buying this amazing
great home that when it’s their first
home and a lot of times real estate like
everything else your first job is never
your last job your first home is
in 99 of the time a stepping stone to
your second third fourth home or fifth
home which may be your dream home in the
future so
go into it with that mindset understand
you may have to put some sweat equity
into it but don’t disappoint don’t have
get your mindset right sorry to catch
you up and i’m gonna connect to cut you
guys on time scott
give us the quick one
what’s your tip yeah dylan mine but um
no it’s
there is a nervousness
and and but if you keep in mind you are
setting your financial foundation up to
much greater success forward where you
can use that property get you to the
next stepping stone so when you have the
kids you’ll it’s easier to get a single
family that you need when only grows and
things like that
okay that got a little broken up so i’ll
paraphrase i believe what scott’s saying
is that see that first home as a
stepping stone home and plan and set
yourself up for how you might go further
because this won’t be your last home
it’s just your first home