One hour of content from people that grew up next to Mauna Loa Volcano!

One of our guests included a videographer who has been shooting the volcanos for over 40 years. 

Highlights of the show included – click to watch:

Index of every key topic – click to watch

Show Start
Guest intros
Lava flow pictures from Mick
Lava Family Fun photos!
Latest Update
Homes by Ivory
Born next to the lava flow
Did the ’35 ordinance drop have an effect?
Does lava flow like water
Speeding to Saddle Road
Will Saddle Road be overrun?
Discussion: Saddle Road
Don’t worry about it!
Waikoloa threatened?
What regions and how fast?
South Kona overrun in hours!
Maunaloa eruptions come in twos
a second eruption could be worse
Duration of current eruption?
Fantasy volcano pick?
1984 flow 280 days
Growing up with volcanos – what’s it like?
Playing tourist with lava flows
What’s special about this flow?
Seeing stars and lava
aʻa vs pahoehoe flows
Planning on visitng?
Mick and Tropical Visions Video
Video from Helicopters – what’s it like?
Ivory – Top Producer!
Air quality affected?
Closing and Aloha