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Show Start 9/16/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 9/16/22
What is blocking this moon shot?
Will lack of new housing drive prices up on Oahu?
What island is blocking the moon?
Oahu home owners tax exemption announcement
New condo towers development availability
Island blocking the moon is revealed!
Are homeowner tax exemptions filed every year?
Is Makaha Valley Towers good for retirement?
Advice: always pick community first, then home
Has West Oahu outgrown its traffic capacity?
Can you get homeowners tax exemption while under construction?
Is the condo market mirroring single family homes?
We take so much of the modern world for granted
Why the Islander Ohana has so much value for the newly transplanted
Waikiki Condo 1bd $725k
Peter makes Alexa play Hawaiian Music
The Magic Hawaiian Word for Local Discounts
Why Peter created a course on pronouncing Hawaiian words correctly
Thoughts on living in Molokai?
Why it’s so important to correctly pronounce Hawaiian words
Closing motivational thoughts

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Show Transcript

to Joan who’s uh first in line over here Joan welcome uh let’s let’s get uh our
our friends here we got uh so we got a special show today it’s gonna be just a Scott and Peter show because Dylan is
out serving our country today he’s out on um uh a military service and uh Heidi
called last minute uh she called and said that she was nothing well at all so Heidi’s off the hook and we will we will
miss them both uh so it’s just gonna be Scott Knight it’s Scott and I and right now Joan who was the first one in line
she get she she takes the cake for for today and then uh Jim hey Jim welcome welcome back buddy uh Aloha Friday uh
beautiful day in New York City 74 and sunny sounds like Hawaii weather Jim sounds like Hawaii weather it’s
absolutely perfect um and uh Joyce auntie Joyce is back with us welcome welcome auntie Joyce
it’s great to see you great day when I get to spend time with you all we feel the same thanks for making it great for
being here I really appreciate that Michelle Michelle Biz back hey Michelle welcome back Aloha from Makaha hope
you’re enjoying uh your day at and uh in Makaha speaking of beautiful Scotland as
we warm up right well everybody I want to introduce you all to if you uh Scott startsman who’s uh are who represents
the uh of Oahu uh Dylan nonaka and Heidi dullinger are usually here Dylan is from
the big island and Heidi is from Maui but as I mentioned earlier they’re not here today but Scott’s with us it’s going to be an Oahu Centric show so
Scott how’s it going buddy uh that’s great this has been an amazing
week I got my Plumeria Aloha shirt on for this special Friday with just you and I and a lot of air time so looking
good yeah unfortunately for everyone they’re going to see my face a little more than than normal but um yeah I mean
this week was incredible I sent you I sent you that video of us uh body
surfing my buddies in town body surfing at makapu and the surf was pretty good and as you know you don’t really go out
on bigger surf body surfing without fins and of course I got out there without fins so it was a little bit of a getting
tossed around but man it was it was awesome it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get in the water like that
and and my the rest of my day was just super easy after I did that you know it’s kind of funny because I I
got that uh that that picture that that video that you sent and uh I think it
was I think it was on the Monday I think it was uh and uh you know my my mockable days are Wednesday so I was thinking
about you I went out on Wednesday and had just a great time there there is just no better way at least for me to to
there’s no better way to start your morning man it’s just it’s the best thing in the world and and on the
weekdays as you know there’s nobody there if you go early especially you know it’s like you’re out of the water I’m the only guy in the water and just
one that’s what was amazing was when we pulled we went early we we got there right before sunrise and when we pulled
up there was like two other cars in the parking lot and there was no one else on the beach it was just us and we were the only ones in the water so you can you
have you have the pick of the litter at that point it was amazing it’s the best it is the best and speaking of the best
we have some of the best people who are with this auntie Joyce’s 68 70 in San Francisco okay that’s I think that’s
like typical for San Francisco right um hope you’re in enjoying a great day in San Francisco auntie Joyce Corey’s
back Corey love the love the Cadillac logo buddy uh Aloha with the shades um welcome back Cory good to see you um
Mike vanderwalt good day from New Zealand awesome and Mike great that
you’re here welcome from New Zealand I have family in New Zealand so uh we hail to uh to New Zealand great and uh Judy
is back with us Judy Weber uh Aloha guys hey Judy great to see you thanks for joining us I’m looking forward to
Today’s show of uh it’s gonna be interesting uh Patrick uh mainland’s East Coast a rally North Carolina hey
welcome back Patrick uh Mr last show uh traveling lost track of the weeks changed job timing conflict good to be
back and joining this time hey Patrick we are glad super glad that you’re here live with us you can also go to the you
know if you’re on the newsletter I send out the uh What I Call On Demand uh if you feel like like catching up and I
even break it out with little chapters so you can kind of close in on the on the place where you want to go to uh and
uh Auntie Joy says I think the view of two oh is a dream you are just two I think the view of the two of user dream
think that you are you are too kind especially to the older to the older gentleman uh I don’t know what’s what
what side I’m appearing on but that thank you and Anthony Josh you’re you’re too kind you’re Scott’s the handsome one
uh but it’s it’s uh but I will take it thank you uh and uh yeah yeah exactly uh
Kia Ora uh very good I uh I have family in the uh in New Zealand and also in the
in the Cook Islands where where it would be Kia Orana so a great to uh great to have that little bit of uh Maori uh uh
language with us uh thanks Mike great to great I’m really glad that you’re here um and uh uh Vern Vern says how’s it
from the Great Smoky Mountains hey how’s it buddy how is the Great Smoky Mountains uh Scott isn’t that kind of
your your neck of the woods uh Smokey moans you’re from North Carolina right isn’t that in that yeah so so I went to
Appalachian State and if you’re familiar with the Appalachian State not only beat Michigan in Michigan and football like
many years ago one of the biggest they were in one double A at the time but just last weekend they beat Texas A M so
college game day for ESPN is actually going to be this weekend at Appalachian State in Boone North Carolina so I grew
up in Charlotte and went to school at Appalachian State up in the mountains of North Carolina
so yeah right around that area awesome awesome and uh Mark Mark is back with us
Mark is an alumni of The Islander Ohana as is Joan uh Mark great to have you
here buddy uh we had a great uh we had a great Islander Ohana uh conference a
couple weeks ago and it was just really had a fantastic interaction with with uh with everybody uh you’re welcome Patrick
you’re welcome Jason’s Jason is back and you go there you go Scott there great game uh Appalachia state so awesome uh
terrific and uh and uh I this this must be code I I don’t know what what Aggie
means but uh it must be some sort of a code word yeah Texas her husband went to Texas A M so uh uh uh okay okay got it
we will it’s just between us uh can I no one knows it’s just it’s it’s just
between us uh thank you thank you uh thank you Joan for the for the for the compliment it is it is sincerely
appreciates Presley uh when you’re when you’re up in in in these years um and uh Kevin is also hey there you go
south what Scott what you’re you’re like bringing up the East Coast are are East Coast friends over here uh uh Kevin’s
from South Carolina so awesome yeah we got the southern contingent going I’ll tell you I’ll tell you man you got this
other Contigo going it’s great Heather is back with hey Heather Aloha welcome back Heather uh Heather is an alumni of
The Islander Ohana and recently made the move to Oahu uh great to see you Heather glad you’re here with us all right I
think that takes care of everybody let’s get into some news and I I um uh because it’s it’s a a sort of a Scott and Peter
exclusive I kind of uh centered it uh uh many ways around uh uh oahu-based news
oh Jessica’s back with hey Jessica uh good to see you I’m glad you’re back back glad to good to see you again all
right so we’ve got a couple things I want to kind of clue you in on first of all is if you’re if you want if you’re a hotel
if you’re in the hotel industry or a hotel worker or want to be a hotel worker or you’re a nurse and this is
this is the this is the time there is a huge shortage uh the best quote there’s
uh there was a story in in the news that the hotel workers there are at least 500 workers short and one of the leaders in
the industry uh his comment was uh he says um they are hiring anyone who shows
up we want you and we need you he said so there you go um and as far as nurses go I don’t know
what nurses are are earning on the mainland if anyone knows please throw me some comments I’d like to know but uh uh
Hawaii’s hospitals have a huge uh nursing shortage and uh it’s getting even worse because the schools uh are
are have to turn away students due to a lack of nursing college teachers so
that’s a big problem uh the number I saw was that starting pay starting period for nurses 105k starting so uh seems
like a pretty big number to me for a starting uh starting salary so I thought that was kind of kind of interesting um you know we’ve been tracking the uh
the Red Hill story uh you all know about that one right so we’ve been tracking the Red Hill story this is the
um quick uh refresh everyone’s memory there was a there is a fuel tank on Oahu that uh unfortunate a um a jet fuel tank
on Oahu that unfortunately sits above an aquifer uh it leaked and there is there were some kinds there was some
contamination in the water water supply so they’ve been ruled to a d fuel to
pull all of the fuel tanks away from Red Hill the good news is uh on that defueling is it’s going to be happening
sooner rather than later so that’s a good thing it looks like it’s going to be complete by July of 2024 so we’re all
kind of happy about that that’s kind of a good thing I know Scott’s got some numbers he’s going to want to share with you today but I caught some interesting
things it looks like the housing situation on Oahu is going to be worse before it gets better a couple stories
I’ve been seeing less new housing there’s some concerns now that the interest rate is is throwing things off
and some developers are now kind of rethinking whether they want to kind of do those projects that they had
originally planned and then the um the department of planning and permitting uh which is really you know like the key I
don’t want to say bottleneck but a key point you must take uh before you do any kind of serious development they’re in
trouble too uh they’ve had their main Direct left resigned after a very short tenure
and there’s a shortage there so things are backing up they’re in bad shape so I think things are going to get worse
before they get better in terms of housing Supply therefore prices and probably uh on Oahu and then finally if
that was enough damn it coffee is going to be more expensive too so uh Heidi we are thinking of you hope you’re doing
well uh everybody who just joined us Heidi’s out sick today she’s not feeling well and Dylan is out serving our our
country uh in his military service but anyway the coffee price looks like um a
crop yields are down uh 30 to 40 percent a combination of a coffee leaf rust and
bugs there’s basically been some bug issues and they’ve been kind of boring through the coffee uh the weather’s been less than optimal there’s a little bit
of a drought conditions on the big island I believe and so those things have kind of come together um if you’re into the uh Kona coffee
thing it’s um it’s gonna be more expensive so um so fill me in on what
you on and uh and see anti-joice has got a comment here on the nurse let’s kind of switch over to here and and she says
the uh uh rent to traveling nurse is hard to find them hard to find affordable rentals some of the doctors
teachers yeah uh so auntie Joyce rents to travel the nurses uh travel nurse will be kind of a you know if I was a
nurse and you if you you you’re a good nurse and you’re making good money and you want to travel that that’s kind of a
cool way to kind of see see the world there um I’m going to Scott before we we go to you I want to give everybody I I thought
about our little um uh uh or what you call our question for
the Ohana and I want to all I want you all to to look at this so this is really interesting so take a look at this picture I posted this actually on the
Facebook page so look at that Moon there so this is a a quote real photo uh it’s
on Oahu it look that uh that tower on the left is the kamuki fire station and
you notice the moon the lower left hand part of the Moon there’s something that’s sort of interfering with the
image there’s something in front of the Moon over there something in front of the moon right so so the question for
the take a guess everybody take a guess What’s blocking the moon what’s that’s
the question for the Ohana throw your throw your guesses in the comments I’m going to go back to that photo so you can take a look at it again uh no that’s
not the photo I was thinking about this is the photo thing so take a good look at that photo what is blocking the moon
What’s blocking the moon at left it’s that you notice how like the the lower left hand part of the Moon is like
chopped off something like chopped off that lower part of the moon so so think about that put your guesses
in Jessica is is she saying that’s the Christmas tree okay Judy says Vlog okay keep keep your guesses coming keep
guesses coming uh while Scott does does his part and uh uh we’ll go from there Scott it’s your turn uh give us the
update there’s a couple things I know that you want to cover about Oahu news updates Market is this is going to be a
somewhat of an Oahu Centric show um depending on what you folks ask us so go ahead Scott
yeah no I mean the the lack of new housing component I I actually talked
about this um what like two months ago I think and it’s a common sense kind of thing when you look at economics as as
interest rates go up obviously there’s going to be less borrowers in the market they can afford less
and the cost now for developers to borrow to purchase those materials their
revolving line of credit goes up the cost of to build has gone up 20 from
last year so it cost the developers more they need to charge more to make their profits and the borrowers can afford
less so you’re going to end up seeing less Builders building at this point which is a problem because we’ve already
had a shortage of housing for of new start housing or whatnot for the last
couple years since the downturn and we’re trying to play catch-up and now we’re going to have this disincentive
for the developers to add more so we’re we’re not in improving we’re not in uh
the problem’s getting worse it’s not going to get better right so I mean I’m not surprised that came up and then add
on top of it DPP where the director just left it the article came out the other people uh
sorry DPP is Department of planning and and permitting that’s the the story I was talking about go ahead Scott yeah I
mean that the article said there’s over 8 000 permits backlogged in the system either waiting for to get to you know
through the approval process or being reviewed and that’s just an insane amount so on top of it myself where we
were as investors when I was pulling the investors the last couple weeks and I started talking to the professionals
that I work with the team that I surround myself with we looked at this scenario and we’ve actually gone away
now from the new construction concept because uh you know my people will need a return
and if their return is just sitting in land for a year or more waiting for permitting there is no return there and
it doesn’t make sense there’s a problem in the system so now you got people even smaller developers such as myself that
will not go in that to add new housing inventory now we got a real problem right
that’s a problem I mean it’s gonna really it’s uh yeah so uh it’s going to be interesting I’m I am curious though
because there does at the same time seem to be a Slowdown of interest rates going up
um you know it’s kind of driving I I don’t know and we’ve been seeing that that sort of small slide so I don’t know
if that’s if that’s going to offset this but it’s you know I’m not sure well it is and and what’s interesting is you
know and I was talking about before how there’s fewer people bringing their homes on the market because they have a
three percent interest rate on their current home and they look to go sell and buy the house next door and now
they’re gonna have to get into a six percent interest rate and they look at the cost difference on what their interest rate will be if they go to
purchase and they go hey I’m going to stay in place now I’m not going to bring my house on the market so we’re not bringing inventory on the
market for for resale either so you have this little bit of a double whammy in fact this past month we actually lost
inventory on the single family home side there’s less active homes this this month than there were last month
um so yeah it it this could end up causing a bit of a a problem from the
marketplace it actually would end up doing is because the Market’s slowing down from the buy side it’s going to end
up just the there won’t be much of a pullback it’s just gonna kind of you’re going to go sideways right kind of like
go yeah yeah go go sideways on it hey I wanted to give everyone a quick update you guys have been kind of I’ve been
throwing the uh the guesses up on the screen over there so um so let’s have a
little bit of fun so we’re getting a little bit we’re getting a little bit closer because the there was a couple of guesses here so for example a Judy guest
Vlog and then uh clouds uh trees uh uh ring Eclipse uh Mauna Kea hint okay hint
um uh Jessica uh is in another Island um uh it’s UFOs uh mountains uh uh uh
Heather is another Hill in the back of it or a clot okay so I’ll give you all a a hint we’re kind of honing it it is
another Island it is another round so let me show that that picture it’s a really cool picture actually uh
so that that thing on the on the lower left hand part of the moon is another Island so now the question is which
island is it take a guess what’s the island there’s an island there is an island and then could be Oahu that I uh
but there’s another Island that is blocking the bottom left-hand part of the Moon uh take a guess as to as to
what the island is all right gang keep keep guessing keep bringing the guesses um yeah it’s gonna be interesting Scott
is there anything you had a bunch of stuff you want to to talk about as far as a walk is this is a pretty good time
to bring that up well a couple of announcements the for Oahu the home the home tax exemption for real property
taxes that deadline is the end of this month so if you bought this year and you’re an owner occupant you want to
file that by September 30th so you can get your discount on your um property taxes for next year
um so that’s one thing to be aware of and kind of keep an eye out on but um yeah I mean there’s there’s a couple of
new condo development towers that are going to be coming online line for sale and then there were three that just
announced they’re doing affordable housing sales right now so and those don’t make it to the MLS those those I
worked with a lot of the developers on on that side of things to be able to bring people you know different opportunities other than just what you
see online so um just kind of for people to be aware that more of an announcement than
anything cool excellent um okay so so gang look um
there’s a uh we’re going to be again it’s going to be some somewhat of an Oahu Centric show I
got some slides I got pulled up that came in that were Oahu related questions that we’re going to hit with uh with
Scott um if this if you’ve got questions this is the time to get them in uh because uh
we’ve got we’re here for you a couple of great guesses uh Jessica Molokai and uh
Joan Lanai which is a good one um side question from Kay I want to
acknowledge Kay uh Aloha just moved to Kauai Monday from Colorado congratulations you made it do you have
a real estate expert for Kauai of course we do um okay uh get into the comments on the
comments I’ve got a right but you’re on YouTube in the YouTube uh comment section there’s a there’s a form click
on that link uh pop it in or reply back to me if you get the newsletter if you’re not a newsletter make sure that
that you get that reply back and I’ll connect you in through Dylan’s Network we have some really awesome people on
Kauai uh and you’ll be of course part of the Ohana so just let us know about that
and we will be happy to connect you and Heather guesses a kawaii so
so here’s what’s cool side this was what was really cool about this um um uh this this this picture was that
the person who took it was such a geek that they also went and told us gave us
the the the the the the geography behind it and it the answer is Molokai and you
could see that line that that person who posted this gave us the line of sight that gray bar going across uh and the
point the the Red Dot on the left hand side the pinpoint on the left hand side is the that kamuki fire station view so
this is the line of sight view of the moonshot so you’re catching it’s clipping it’s clipping the tops the
Peaks of Molokai so the answer is where it is coming from and I thought
that was just such a cool thing a great uh I thought there was a just the coolest photo of all because not only is
it a cool photo I’ve never I’ve actually never seen that I mean that is is an amazing shot of the moon it’s a cool
shot of the Moon and stuff but I’ve never seen that lore part and to think that that lower part is just a clip of
the island of Molokai so uh you know Hawaii is an amazing place and we we all
uh no matter how long you’ve lived here whether you were born here or whether you moved here and whether you moved here 40 years ago or or two weeks ago
this place is just an amazing magical place and you get stuff like that that gives you the the amazing amazing magic
so uh so that’s that so uh so okay yeah uh absolutely uh make sure just reply
back and pop on the form uh great keep your questions coming because that’s what we want to cover so we got one from
uh Cara Mia Cara Mia says do we have to do we just have to submit the exemption
once or every year so Scott this is in regards to the homeowner’s tax exception if I uh can you repeat what this is all
about Scott yeah so for for homeowners tax exemption for your real property taxes on Oahu if you’re an owner
occupant you can file for an exemption uh to get a reduction in your property home uh and your property taxes and you
only have to file it once and the deadline would be September 30th once it’s in place it will take place every
year you don’t have to refile it and that reduction in the property tax rate
would would occur going forward but the deadline for next year’s property taxes
is the 30th and if you’re above a million dollars once you get above that the property tax
rate gets significantly higher if you’re non-owner occupant um so you definitely want to get that in
although it could it could be a pretty huge savings
oh you’re muted thank you Scott uh yeah so great uh
great answer and uh if you’ve got some tax issues make sure you you take care of that thanks God for that that great advice and auntie auntie George loves
the view yeah really isn’t that great it’s just like the coolest is one one of the coolest things I had uh seen so uh
it was it was really interesting so cool um hey gang so if you uh if if as I
mentioned earlier if you if you’ve not uh if you’ve gotten here because you’ve been invited from the newsletter then
you’re on the newsletter if you found this great welcome uh make sure you do get on that newsletter so you’ll get
notifications of future episodes we do the show every other week get to a formal pop-up uh
pop in your your email address and join us all right uh let’s move on and uh see
what else that we got over here the um Scott was that the the summary of the things that you wanted to to share okay
okay good um so so given that Scott what is what
is your take what do you you know give us your best shot as far as what you
think where you think we’re we’re standing let’s say let’s say for the next year next 12 months what’s do you
what’s the general Trend I mean is is it gonna kind of sort of go horizontal because you’ve got the you’ve got the
the decreased supply due to all these restrictions right so there’s not going to be kind of new housing but then
there’s also kind of me perhaps a reduced demand so it seems that there’s going to be a horizontal piece anything
you want to share where do you see it going yeah I mean you hit the nail on the head I see us kind of going sideways
and interest rates going up because the the inflation numbers just came out the other day fed’s going to raise raise the
you know the FED funding rate again right which they’ve talked about doing so um we’re off 25 in number of sales for
both single family homes and condos from the same time last year and that number is increasing but like I said the active
listings right now we have five fewer active listings right now than we did last month so like you said it’s just
they’re basically just kind of canceling each other out and um in doing so
there’s still competition the bid UPS we’ve got 50 percent of the homes are still being bit up over the asking price
now people aren’t just going to be generous and give somebody more money than what they’re asking for unless there’s competition so in doing so
um the inventory is still very tight so we’re just going to kind of go sideways
decelerate go sideways and and um but prices are up for single family homes
year to date 12 so uh 12 12
over last year yeah year to date so where last year was 20 holy moly because
last year was 20 over the previous year yeah I figured we’d be about this range year to date and for next year we’ll
probably be about five percent price appreciation so it’s a it’s this slow deceleration the slow kind of getting
back to normalization and the two things you know interest rates going up are are going to reduce the number of sales and
those interest rates that is great low interest traits are going to keep sellers in place and they’re going to prevent Builders from bringing a lot of
inventory on and it’s just going to kind of negate each other to this slow this slowdown in fact I look at our our
closed sales this month yes they’re down 25 percent I I had to go back to 2012. that we’re back to 2012
sales numbers we’re actually this this month our numbers of sales are below
what they were in 2019-2018 just for this month but if you look year to date we’re going to end up having the second
highest number of sales the only only year that was more was last year so it’s
this this slow deceleration that’s going to take it a year to two years to to normalize to kind of ring itself out
yeah well look as we’ve been and this is this is somewhat consistent with the things that we’ve been saying right everyone’s been uh uh there’s you know
there’s always a potential Doom and Gloom scenario but that we’ve we’ve consistently said that that’s probably not going to be the case again we can’t
predict the future but um we’ve it’s probably not going to be with kids and that seems to be supported by at least what we’re seeing so far
look could change tomorrow uh but uh but but it certainly is is good uh auntie
Joyce uh chimes in uh yeah Phil the uh we filed being first person on the big out huge savings yes then typically
there’s a there’s a pretty and and I think that trend is going to increase uh we’re going to have a a a larger uh
difference between uh uh owner occupied land and other you know rental uh
vacation rental second home all that kind of stuff that’s the trend I’m seeing I’m seeing that Statewide as all those all the news stories that that
we’ve seen um across the board all right great okay so um we’re going to move on again pop
in your questions make sure that that we we get your stuff covered we may end up having a short show today there’s no
need we’re not going to purposely keep it to an hour um I I could only handle me talking for
first for for so long and so uh make sure that if you folks got it you you get your questions in but let’s let’s
take a let’s let’s use this time uh Scott to to handle some um some questions that we had a while
ago uh about uh that are Oahu Centric so here’s here’s one uh that we got from
Dean from Taiwan uh he says how safe is Makaha Valley towers for a senior
retired couples to buy and live at where we are U.S citizens so uh Macau has a
beautiful beautiful part of the island uh you know in in uh how would you
respond to uh to Dean by the way folks is there is there anyone any of you looking to retire on Oahu what have you
consider or what have you kind of if you looked around share with us what you found throw it in in the comments or
otherwise uh frankly if you’re uh let’s get let’s go Statewide if you’re looking for retirement if you have retired if
you’re in the retirement things what what areas have you found that are of Interest I’d love to get some feedback and and I’d like to share it with
everybody else so pop it in Scott what’s your what’s your take on on Dean’s uh Dean’s question
yeah I mean I I always tell tell people you you live in the community and you
buy the house that that is in that Community the Community Choice comes first if you don’t like the community
you’re not going to be happy with where you are and and that’s probably the main thing with that you know Leeward Coast
Makaha areas is to get out into that community and see see if you like it see
if it’s acceptable part I’ve spent a lot of time up there I used to go up there and stay at Makaha Beach Cabanas right
on the ocean and it was just I’d spend the weekend I’d be so relaxed when I came back it was just an amazing
experience and I’d go to the grocery stores and I would go to the checkout line and the lady would say hey how you
doing today I’m like good how are you and we’d engage in conversation and that’s you don’t get that in in urban
core Honolulu as much because everyone’s much more you know faster paced moving we got we got to get from A to B we’re
dealing with traffic more so that Leeward Coast is more that country setting which is the same kind
of feeling or sense that you get on the outer Islands um so there’s a to me there’s a little
more semblance of community and and and friendliness because the pace of Life out there is slower but there are
drawbacks that’s there’s some socio-economic components um that come come with that area it’s a
much more local area so does that fit fit free as well as far as Makaha Valley
Towers it’s a great building love that building there’s Makaha Valley Towers which is the only Tower that’s in that
area and you look out across the valley and the golf course to the ocean it’s beautiful uh Macabre Valley Plantation
would be the other one which is a gated townhouse Community within there so those those two
would be totally safe and then the question is is does does the community fit for you
excellent you know and it was so cool Scott thanks Scott that that’s a that is a great uh a summary of of makaha’s and
is I think it’s really helpful that you had a personal experience that you had to share what I’m kind of stoked about is that Michelle cook is like yeah hey
boom great I’ve got to you I’ve got two units there so thanks Michelle I’m so glad that you’re here today this is like
perfect so everybody Michelle’s there there you go she’s got two units they’re beautiful and safeguated community and
and and and agrees uh the locals are super friendly great Community horrible traffic now that that is a really good
yeah if you’ve got a commute in oh my God just forget it commute in meaning if
you have to come from makahan and say you have a job if you have a job in what we call Town downtown Honolulu if you
have to commute in that would just be you would not want to you would not want to be living through that you would not
want to be like yeah heaven forbid there’s a wreck because you might as well just at that if it closes off the road turn around go home and just call
it a day call in sick if I was in the military and I was working at like Scofield I’d seriously consider living
along that Coastal area because you can take that Mountain Pass Road through and then you have your Beach Community
lifestyle and it’s not that hard to get there yeah or hopefully in that these days if
you if you can be a remote worker where you don’t have to to commute anywhere then you’re in really good good good shape
um you know uh Heather is agreeing with you best advice Scott that totally worked for me thanks to you so thank you
uh excellent Heather uh to look for the right Community First Look for the community first then focus on the homes
within the community also finding temporary housing while looking thank you heather for for chiming in go ahead
Scott yeah I mean Heather’s a perfect example you know we saw some homes that
we liked in a different area and we went and checked it out and after a couple of days we we did a right turn and and
focused you know more in the community that she’s going to end up being in and it was it’s a matter of getting here you
can do all your research online that you want and you can formulate your opinions and then when you land and you touch and
feel those opinions are going to change whether they change drastically or reinforce what you were thinking but
they will change some and and it’s when you get here and you look and feel or touch and feel and you get out in the
community that you really are able to formulate what’s important to you at that time yeah great advice and you know because
of all of our discussions and all the things that we’ve learned I put together an entire series on the YouTube channel about picking the right place and
district is a huge thing and um you know we had a uh we had an Islander Ohana
alumni discussion as I mentioned earlier a few weeks ago and one of the one of our alums uh she uh she bought a home in
Maui and uh she was just saying that they just got lucky because they didn’t go through this sort of intensive process right they didn’t go through
this intensive process that kind of Heather went through with you to find the right place and all that kind of stuff and uh she said look you know I
would if I had to do it again I would definitely be really clear as the district that we’re going to watch because we got super super lucky uh but
that was the that was the big the big takeaway pick the Community First that’s great advice Scott go ahead blind
squirrels find acorns every once in a while even even a broken clock is is correct
twice twice a day right uh I guess the old style clocks Judy says I’ve wondered if the west side is outgrowing their one
road out Judy they outgrew that yeah a decades ago that that was outgrown a long time ago
um and I you know I wonder if if it’s not that way now Scott by Design I then again there’s all kinds of issues why
that road can’t be expanded but uh I I would think if if I was living out there I may want I may I may want there to be
a terrible Road up because then you know it’s gonna it’s gonna limit you know kind of who wants them to move out here and give me my my little on clip I don’t
know if that’s true I’m just guessing speculating uh Jeff says hey if you buy to demo and build new do you get to
claim tax exemption first year prior to project completion great question Jeff
yeah so if you’re if you’re living in it prior to demo then you can file it
um but you’re gonna go through DPP and then you know what do you do while during that demo stage that’s and before
the new build is you get your certificate of occupancy there’s a little bit of Gap there you know does
the tax office talk to the Department of planner Department probably not are you supposed to change it if you move yep
um but you may not have to excellent thanks uh and you know a mark
is uh Mark is chiming in a mark an alumni of The Islander Ohana did all that Scott helped us there it is man
look gang you know um I’m just making finished Mark’s comment first uh Scott
helped us find the right Community Mililani is perfect for us and working remotely here works well for me and
actually I don’t know if this was by Design or not Scott and Mark but um uh
Mililani is uh Network wise is very close to a major Network Hub uh the the
big uh the cable provider uh spectrum is headquartered in Mililani
and they got a big data center in Mililani so Mark I think Mililani is one of the actually that area has got some
of the highest connectivity now I think you know your mileage will vary based on your building and things that nature but
you know Mark I’m I’m kind of curious how your Net Connection there has been I’m sure it’s got to be good because you’re a remote worker but that’s
another benefit of that area um but you know I I kind of wanted to say gang now you saw two comments from
Heather and uh one from Heather one from Mark and and Jessica’s here too and I know that that Jessica gush is about uh
Scott Scott’s the man and then this I’ve known Scott for I think we’re going on 20 years now Scott Cole at least close
to it uh and I was really glad that things worked out when we kind of had these crazy ideas that kind of do the
show every other week that that you were that you’ve been a part of it and it’s been really fun Uh Kevin Kevin’s going
to be there in December we’ll have to check it out Kevin get uh if you’re on the newsletter uh get a reply get on the list I could connect you with Scott and
uh you know you can see this is the right the right way to do it and in the we’ve got a couple of things too number
one is I’ve got a couple of videos I posted on the YouTube channel about finding the right place in the district and all those kinds of things that you
have to think about and consider we also have a course in The Islander Ohana we’re going to be opening up the the
next cohort I’m going to I’m doing some some uh some uh additions on the content
a class in fact I just created a class on how to pronounce Hawaiian Words which was really really fun to do
um but um in The Islander Ohana we have Scott and Dylan and Heidi and we put together a whole course uh stuff that
they uh tell people uh directly when they work with them but we put together a whole course for The Islander Ohana to
kind of go through the home buying process so Kevin there’s lots of resources and and it’s all here
um by the way you all are throwing in questions and that’s exactly what I needed you guys to do today so really
appreciate that it makes the show fun and interesting um and engaging so I appreciate that
keep them coming so um we got one from Carmi again uh and is the condo Market
mirroring single family homes Scott how does how how would you answer that
um it is mirror in single-family homes we are we’re off 25 in sales for single-family homes as well but there’s
very little inventory the inventory is building a little more on um quickly on the condo side but we’re
still way off I mean I talked about this a couple of shows ago um there were like 2400 condos actively
available for sale in 2019 and we had a we had a six percent price appreciation and we’re at like 1100 right now so we
got a long ways to go it’s it’s the same thing on the condo side that’s happening on the single family home side it’s this
slow move to normalization all right all right great uh hope that
answers your question karamia um uh Mark replies back any connection have gone down maybe once briefly otherwise it’s
pretty good and fast that’s that’s the key um so you you pick the right area man that that is the right spot you know
there was an interesting comment that we had on on Mark’s uh Mark to to your comment um you know we had an interesting
observation uh from one of The Islander Ohana alums uh who said like you know there’s a lot of things uh
infrastructure wise that you might take for granted if you’re coming from the mainland especially if you’re coming
from a Mainland City a lot of things should take for granted electricity uh
water sewage uh Power uh net connections all those things right and it’s not
necessarily ubiquitous it’s not necessarily every single you know every place is the same around here it’s not
the same even even things that you know what kind of surprises me Scott is things again that we take for granted
but um radio reception radio reception is spotty and given like for example
um you know we we live in a valley and as soon as like we go to where our our house is Boom there’s no you know the
radio goes all static as you’re you’re deep in the mountains and it it doesn’t work um so um it’s kind of cool so uh so so
Kevin uh watch over the videos good glad glad you’re on it make sure you’re on the newsletter get into the videos do a
search you’ll you’ll find the um uh the the videos that I’ve got on on on real estate here Jessica
I took her I took curbside recycling for granted
right it’s these all these things right that we it it’s really and you know it’s really an amazing world right if you
think about it right we we take for granted the fact the the the simple fact
that if we turn on the light switch the lights will go on and we don’t think about the millions of things that had to
be well coordinated perfectly and maintained consistently for that simple act to work we take it for granted like
curbs like curbside recycling um and Judy thank you Judy you are a
blessing people if you’re not a member of the Eleanor Ohana and you are interested in moving to Hawaii you need to join I can’t believe how much I’ve
learned and how it has confirmed Hawaii for our family plus it’s fun and you meet people thank you Judy thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank you um so I I mean just to piggyback on that
you know I’ve been doing corporate relocation and individual relocation for 17 years I helped build that department
and the biggest the biggest challenge for people moving it’s not finding the home and finding the community here it’s
uprooting your life where you are and that support system and coming here and and that’s a big part of what I help
doing is that move management it’s trying to re help you relocate you and
your family and get you integrated into the community and that’s exactly why you
and I are working together is what you’re providing helps bridge that and
helps make that transition for people much easier yeah thanks God it it’s really it’s it’s
really become kind of one of these sort of dream come true dream come true things for me and I’ve been really I’ve
there’s been you know I really didn’t you know it’s like you know starting up a new company you’re starting up a new
thing you kind of don’t know which way it’s gonna go and I didn’t know how this was gonna fly so it’s sort of like I’ve
been uh uh holding on to the dragon by the tail but it’s been it’s been it’s been it’s been a great thing uh Kev you
you got it buddy oh uh Heather here’s another thing we don’t take we’re gonna SiriusXM does not work in Hawaii miss
that Abyss uh missed out a bit but also love listening to Hawaiian music stations yeah Heather you know what I
you know I would have never known because I I came to Hawaii before we came to Hawaii when we lived in Grass
Shacks before we we had satellite radio I think I don’t think their Series XM was in in 1984 if I’m not mistaken but
anyway I never knew because you know never got it but but you know Heather these days you know with with Spotify
and you know all those other services there’s there’s plenty of there’s is plenty of stuff but the Hawaiian music
you can’t go wrong and that also gives you a good bit of the local flavor too to catch into the local radio stations right
um which I don’t listen to anymore either but but uh I I I’m a pure internet guy great excellent gang I
think I caught everybody’s questions on this so thank you you’ve all been fantastic why don’t we do this why don’t we kind of uh let’s flip into our uh
let’s get into diamonds and Deals uh and and talk about some stuff now today we only got we only got one feature which
is Oahu which is great so we have some more time to talk about and I think I may have a little story about this one go ahead Scott what’s this what do you
got to show us here you familiar with this I think I am go ahead okay yeah so
Diamond Head Vista is one of my favorite condo buildings in Waikiki because you’re on the edge of Waikiki if you
want to get if you want access to everything that Waikiki has to offer it’s right at your fingertips it’s out
your door you could actually even walk down to the beach right right down to where the Duke statue is but you’re on
the edge so you can get out easily and you have this large open space right
Beyond you the school is right next door so you may have a little bit of noise from the kids and you know during the
daytime but there’s no one around in the late afternoon or evening and look at that view that’s the view from the Lanai
and this is just a mid-level unit I mean this we’re talking 14th floor on this one
um renovated one bedroom one bath for 725 000 you look out towards the Gold Coast you have Diamond Head in the
foreground if you look at the the picture on the lower left that’s the Lanai it’s 135 square foot on Ice in
plenty of space in it and that one you can see part of Waikiki from there so you got these sweeping views with you
know unobstructed with a lot of greenery and Diamond Head in the urban core which you don’t usually get and then if you
want to get out you want to get out away from the hustle and bustle Waikiki you’re basically two turns in 30 seconds
and you’re you’re to you’re on kapahula Avenue getting out of uh getting out of Waikiki but renovated unit
635 square feet 725 000. love this building it’s great that
is a great I well so my my little story is that I when uh when I was in my uh mid-20s I lived not in that building but
I lived in the building kind of right behind it which is Gardens which was like to me like the
best place in the world for a young 20-something to to to be hanging out in but I had that same view right out my
window right so so gang if you could imagine right you know being in your 20s you you kind of been in Hawaii now for
maybe a year or two I forget yeah I was in like Hawaii for two years on like that and to wake up every morning and to look at that and see that incredible
view of Diamond Head I remember looking at some um rainbows over Diamond Head and thinking to myself man I am in
heaven but that is exactly for those reasons Scott that is a fantastic property and I had a friend that uh I
had a friend that lived in in that property and the views are stunning it’s the greenery everything that you said is
exactly right exactly right you get no big buildings around you so you get this open view that you you wouldn’t expect
in the urban area right you yeah you’re right on the edge so you see like you
said it’s that that green shot you got the school in front of you you’ve got you know you’ve got all of kapiolani
Park and then Diamond Head and then you see a little bit of Waikiki to your right a little bit of an ocean a little sliver of an ocean view
um uh yeah it was a great thing the only thing I will have to say the only thing that the uh the old the butt the the the
only the only but on that property and this is the one thing that you never know until like you live there right is
the fire stations also kind of right down the street so every time the fire station gets called up and you you know
you’re hearing the fire station go off so you you hear a lot of that but you kind of get used to like like anything else so you know nothing’s perfect but
that was the one thing that also sticks out in in my head Let’s see we got a couple of questions that have popped in over here first of all a comment from
from JD it’s at Alexa will play Hawaiian music there you go Alexa play Hawaiian music there you go uh excellent uh do
you ever highlight properties on what is going on on Kauai during this show you know okay not too much because we rarely
rarely do we get Kauai uh uh inquiries yours is one of the Franklin one of the
first one the wrestle not too often but stay in touch with us and let us know look if if
okay if you’re gonna come if you’re gonna show up at a show we’ll have something for you how’s that we will do
something for Kay uh let me know get on the newsletter give me a reply back we will plan around a quiet thing by the
way hey look uh it gang it’s it’s not just not just Kate what about the rest of you would you all like to see we’ve
been kind of wrestling with this for a while now right and we’ve you know we we’re thumbing how many people should we have on the show three four is just
right if we have a if we add Kauai that’ll be five it’s gonna make it you know longer run anyway let us know are
you interested on a kawaii show on a regular basis or at least kind of have a kawaii special let us know because maybe
what we’ll do is we’ll have a kawaii special if you want it but you gotta want it if you don’t want it I’m not gonna do it
um Jeff asked the question I was going to ask Scott is that what’s the uh homeowners association or what are the
maintenance fees for that unit yeah there’s 685 dollars a month which the unit no so older buildings are 85
cents to a dollar a square foot newer built new construction buildings are a dollar North dollar 35 a square foot so
it’s right in line with that dollar square foot range okay so a dollar square foot that that’s a that’s actually a really good um rule
of thumb uh I think that building’s got it’s got like basic amenities right it’s got a pool pool yeah lilio Kalani
Gardens definitely has a I mean you got the tennis court that those grounds where you were I was there’s that’s an
amazing building too oh man that was that man that was there was a thing about uh Lily or Kalani Gardens it was I
built the the if it was I don’t know if it was a rumor or a hearsay or whatever but it it was apparently started to be
well the story was that it was supposed to be a hotel resort but they something ran into the permitting and they had to
convert it into condo buildings because the the units were kind of small but man we had great grounds heading pool
jacuzzi charcoal pits huge party room it was it was amazing to be there in my 20s
was like it was incredible so Jeff hope that answers your your your question um uh Joan uh secondly I wholeheartedly
second what Judy said I have no family I’m the senior member in the Ohana cohort and moved here by myself I have
met wonderful people in the Ohana Court that’s the part that was the most most unexpected great thing that came out of
it John right was that I really didn’t know where it was all going to fly but really the the big value of The Islander
Ohana is you’ve got a group of people that have gone through the same courses the same knowledge the same
understanding the same values and the same purpose and then all kind of it makes for a great great connection thank
you thank you thank you John thank you appreciate it uh Andrew says hey before we installed solar was a shock in
getting electric bills they had something else you don’t take for granted the price of electricity where it’s the highest in the nation by far uh
I’m driving my host nuts turning off lights here all the time uh Power isn’t
expensive here but I’m trained for Hawaii I guess you’re referring to San Francisco yeah it’s like electricity is expensive and it’s really jumped up a
lot apparently um 20 plus and it’s going to go up even more so it is a
it it is the thing uh Judy says Peter you just made Alexa play
a song from Moana that’s funny that’s so so if we’re gonna
do that we could do uh we could also do a um okay Google okay Google play Hawaiian
music we could do that or um hey Siri play Hawaiian music there we go so I’m
gonna screw up I’m gonna scrub your your series and your iPhones and your thing right there there was a funny there was a really hilarious South Park episode
about that uh and couldn’t make it stuck couldn’t make us not because I was laughing too hard they’re exactly right
right uh what’s the word and how do you pronounce it for the discount you can sometimes get if you live in Hawaii okay
now you you the the key to the discount is the the the the the code is you have
to pronounce it correctly it’s called a comma Aina discount but you but the key to getting the comma Aina discount is
you have to be a comma Aina and to be a comma Aina means you know how to pronounce Hawaiian which is exactly why
I created this course on how to correctly pronounce Hawaiian words because gang nothing says I’m a Mainland
howly then when you speak when you pronounce Hawaiian words like a Mainland
holy uh and and that is a big thing so pronouncing Hawaiian words is a really really really big deal that’s for sure
um having the ID helps too Heavenly ID helps uh you’ll you’ll
probably get the idea but if you really want to get like the real come on discount you want to get the kaimana treatment you got to say comma I know
correctly because that tells you that you’re a comma that that says come on uh Jeremy says love a special or occasional
visit from Kauai I’m assuming uh and Jessica said we should do a kawaii special where the whole Ohana flies over
enough for a live studio audience now you’re talking Jessica now you’re talking now you’re talking go to some
quiet Resort do the whole thing now you’re talking now you’re talking that’s a great idea uh uh Babs bab says is it
fee simple or leasehold great question Scott yeah it’s definitely fee simple yep definitely fee simple yeah yeah for
that price for for sure excellent excellent excellent uh Kelly is with us Kelly is also on alumni of the Eleanor
Hana that’s one of the good things about living off grid yes uh what what you’re saying with the good things living off
greatest you’re you’re not as susceptible to the rising rates of electricity that is correct uh
so that is correct Kelly and I’m glad that you’ve done it Kelly is quite the Pioneer there she’s living off grid on
the big on and and Kelly was your story that I was alluding to when I said there’s a lot of things you take for granted
um and so thank you for sharing that when we got together a couple weeks ago Mark says thanks Peter I got over the
rainbow hey anytime I can help uh so I I guess the
word would be hey Alexa play Israel kamaka Viva Ole there you go so try that one there
um which also is a way that you have to pronounce the words correctly so how do you pronounce how do you pronounce Israel kamakavioli and Joy says now I
have Hawaiian music player hey you know I think we’re going to do that every time that’s gonna be a a new feature tell everybody to turn on their you know
get their Alexis get their Alexa’s and their iPhones and uh except that’s that’s a funny one gang that is a funny
one all right I think we got everybody all squared away um again last chance because we’re gonna I think we’re gonna move into we’re
gonna move into in into closing thoughts over here I think it’s that time it’s gonna be a little bit of a short show not too much shorter but a few minutes
shorter uh just to show you that we respect your time we’re not just gonna fill it because we’re just filling it
we’re going to fill it with your questions your answers and and Kanaya it is
this is fun I think we’re gonna I think this is gonna be a new feature it’s gonna be turn on turn on your turn on
your your Alexa that can I get is that a Lexus or is it Siri or is it Google was
it seriously there it’s cool all right excellent X and you
know that’s what we’re gonna do thank you all this is great we are gonna do a Hawaiian music of the week and I will I
will pick them out and I will program your alexas and your Googles uh to to to to do it Molokai any thoughts you know
Molokai is amazing but Molokai is definitely look Molokai is is an incredibly amazing
Island but it is absolutely definitely one of the sort of inner circle kind of places I I wouldn’t even venture to I
wouldn’t even think about like a housing in Kauai um visiting is one thing uh
living there Big Time comma Aina you better be into because it is a absolutely very very
tight-knit super close here if you get invited to stay over in someone’s house
on Molokai then you might be able to live there but if you don’t get invited by some Auntie Uncle who kind of not to
say literal anti uncle but someone who you respected was Auntie Uncle who invite you to stay in their house for a weekend well like that’s not the right
place uh long story Alexa all right excellent hey uh thank you thank you thank you
thank you uh kanakamoli the pronunciation is so on point great show Peter and Scott Aloha from Molokai thank
you thank you thank you I you know it’s it it’s it’s important to
pronounce it first of all the language is a beautiful language it’s a beautiful language but pronouncing the words
correctly is a very and and you know this uh uh kanakamali I I forgot I I I
forgot your your name from the the previous show but I I know who you are um
uh when you when you say the word correctly and quote on point uh with the
right uh enunciations the right uh um uh diacritical marks Etc uh when you do
that correctly you’re saying in a very very very significant way that you care
enough about the culture you care enough about the values you care enough about the people to learn how to pronounce the
words correctly and nothing says it stronger than that nothing says it stronger and vice versa and the other
way around uh if if you butcher it if you butcher it it’s uh It also says a
lot and JD Reynolds loves it and uh uh and and that’s that’s why yes excellent
all right let’s let’s get to these are these closing thoughts Scott why don’t you uh warm us up with with what you’ve
got today uh one more that’s Heidi’s I think
yeah if your ship doesn’t come in swim out to it you know we all we all hold our own destiny in our own
hands and it’s you know you you gotta grab make your own opportunities is essentially what it is and that’s that’s
how I saw this one that is I’ve never I’ve never heard that one before I’ve never heard that is a
that is a good one if your ship doesn’t come in swim out to it make it happen
that is an excellent excellent excellent quotes guy well done I like that uh auntie Joyce says you’re both great a
tree today and easy on the eyes Mahalo stay safe and God bless thank you and endurance that you you made my day you
made my day uh let’s uh let’s let’s tune in to of course I’m going to give you my my Proverbs uh as usual I hope you all
come to uh I hope y’all have come to expect that now uh Proverbs says a
generous person will be enriched and one who gives water will get water and you
know and there’s so many different ways that I know that you’ve all heard these in one way should perform the the common
phrase that I I I’ve heard is givers are gainers right givers are gainers uh one
a generous person will be enriched and one who gives water will get water and it’s all about is that sense of giving
and I think I think the metaphysical part of that that that why this is why we believe that this is true and why
this is why we all feel this way about this this this attitude is I think the idea of when you when you give certainly
from your heart um you give with generosity given with generosity means you also believe that
there is abundance and when you live that way that’s the way your life conducts itself your life conducts
itself as if it as abundance is true and when abundance is true you become a part
of that and that’s that’s why I think that this is true uh it’s one of my favorites I love Proverbs and uh and and
and that’s that uh and though Anthony Jones uh Jones got one uh Auntie Joan a
leaps of Faith put us in astounding new places great line great line you know
and I again if you got some quick ones same under before we we say goodbye if you got your favorite uh uh your
favorite motivating thoughts make sure you pop them in the comments I’d love to I love to pop them in and they are
coming JD uh JD says uh never a problem only solutions indeed indeed indeed you
know this is this show is becoming a lot more fun getting it and really because of you folks it’s really I if you’ve you
folks have really taught me how to be more interactive and I think that makes this this so much more fun than so much
more than just gotten me talking uh it’s been it’s been a great friend all right gang I think we’re all gonna we’re gonna say goodbye Scott you say goodbye and
then I’ll I’ll close it up yeah Aloha everybody have a good weekend have a great weekend folks uh if you’re
as lucky as Scott and I to go into the body surf makapu in the morning uh do it otherwise do what you love to do enjoy
your week and enjoy your life you’ll take care Aloha