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The must-watch from this show is why Hawaii is a bad place for criminals.

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August 6 Show Start
New and Updates as of 8/6/21
How bad are the brush fires on the Big Island?
News from Maui 8/6/21
Oahu News Update 8/6/21
How much does loan pre-approval matter?
Why it’s important to get a Hawaii lender for your mortgage
Oahu real Estate Market Update 8/6/21
Big Island Real Estate Market Update 8/6/21
Why some people don’t want to sell their homes in Hawaii
Maui real estate market update 8/6/21
Is Ainamalu Resort Area a good buy?
What’s the best way to get a feel for the Big Island?
Whare are the safest, more crime-free areas in Hawaii?
Why the Hawaii is a bad place for criminals
What will Big Island land buying market be like in 2 years?
Lahaina Maui 4bd 2.5bath house
Oahu 2bd 1ba home
Kona 3bd 3ba
Kauai $15M 11k sq ft with 22 car garage
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