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Hawaii News and Market Update as of 8/5/22
Maui News & Market Update
Big Island News & Market Update
What’s Maui’s Feral Cat Population?
What’s the median rent for a 2bd in Honolulu?
Any update on Red Hill water problems?
What’s the most important thing to know about living in Hawaii?
Milolii is officially Hawaii’s 2nd subsistence fishing area
How does Hawaii’s humidity affect electronics?
Is Puna District for You?
How does Hawaii’s weather affect pianos?
Would new construction control for mold?
Maui new construciton 4bd single family home
Kona Vista – 3/2.5 bath $1.299M
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Show Transcript

all right all right aloha kakahiaka everyone good to see you all i’m peter k and today is uh august 5th 2022 it is
nine o’clock hawaii time and you are on the aloha friday hawaii real estate show
and we got that this is so much it’s just so fun it’s so cool i’m here with my good friends uh today with us we have
uh heidi dollinger who is visiting us who is uh in maui and we have dylan o’naka who’s on the big on our friend
scott scott startsman from oahu is on a trip today so he could not make it uh
scott you will be missed for sure uh you know it’s so funny y’all uh it was just wonderful i got to tell you
it’s so fun to kind of see everybody let me get this right over here everybody’s on who who jumped on uh saying hello to
us first we’re warming up our mics this is the pre-game show if you’re watching this on a recorded basis you could
scroll forward about five minutes or so but then you would miss out on the fun you’d miss out on the fact that kev uh
kev was up first uh who’s waiting with me kev god bless you uh he was hanging out
there for actually 45 minutes ago is great it’s hilarious love it uh joan uh auntie jonas with us joan uh welcome
joan is an alumni of the islander ohana joan great to have you aloha everyone looking forward to another great show so
am i so am i i hope we get hope we could deliver joan hope we could deliver uh kev uh jim uh uncle jim uh aloha
kakahiaka i think the uh the voice translation got went a little bit haywire there uncle jim but i know what
you’re trying to say uh aloha everyone aloha friday uh christopher chris longley is with us happy aloha friday
happy to you chris thanks for being with us uh and uncle jim uh glad that you’re here all right uh let’s warm up the mics
a little bit uh dylan uh warm up that mike how’s it going what’s the shirt what’s the background how’s it how’s it hanging
i gotta turn on the mic first there we go how’s that how’s that sound yeah sounds great right on yeah i got my red spoon around today i broke this one out
it’s been it’s been a while so uh just a classic hawaii shirt so you gotta always have one of those in your in your closet
i got a few so breaking it out just a beautiful day over here in kona it’s been you know perfect like always pretty
much i mean you go anywhere else in the world i was on a trip last week and although it was beautiful and the weather was great and it still sometimes
can be chilly in the summer and i can’t imagine that so yeah just grateful and blessed beautiful day over here
well your beautiful days along with candace candace caswell welcome candace uh who’s having a beautiful day in
malala if i got that right malala oregon beautiful day here in oregon you know oregon has a very special place in my
heart because we went there to witness the full solar eclipse and that was
amazing had a great time uh pat mckenna is here with us although from june about
one month ago care to make any kind of an announcement patrick fill us in on what you’re what you’re kind of saying
over there i’ll let you be the one to to put that out there and uh uh auntie judy is back with us uh judy welcome aloha
everyone judy how great to have you back judy is also an alumni of the honor ohana michelle cook is with us aloha
from makaha valley all right nice background there michelle that looks like the eddie i call the thing if i’m not that duke honda mocha statue bob if
i’m not mistaken it looks like that’s behind you heidi warm up the microphone what’s the coffee how’s maui what’s
happening well aloha everybody good morning um i’m
drinking the very very best kind of coffee today and that’s the kind of coffee that somebo
someone you love goes and gets for you when you’re still sleeping and
i feel very very blessed i don’t even know what kind it is but i was just so thrilled there was coffee waiting for me
when i woke up this morning it it doesn’t matter what kind of coffee it is heidi it doesn’t matter it’s the
it’s the pre-made with love kind of coffee that’s the best kind of coffee at all yeah excellent you’re uh
give everybody up to speed you’re you’re engaged to be married uh what’s the what’s the date heidi what’s the date
february 2nd 2023 so that’s just very 2nd 2023 wow
wow it’s coming right along i want to hear about all i i we’re looking forward to kind of hearing about that uh as as
it comes as it comes up to us uh and patrick is filling us in the condo building that scott showed two weeks ago
was where we closed on july 15th very excited you know i’m sorry that scott’s
not here but uh scott if you’re gonna be watching we are celebrating today everybody congrat uh patrick uh who is
moving to oahu he closed on july 15. congratulations patrick that’s totally
awesome that has got to be there is nothing nothing beats getting a one-way ticket
to hawaii man that’s the best ticket you could ever possibly get is the one-way ticket to hawaii uh barbara barbara
welcome back uh hello from i no no i’m gonna blow that pronunciation uh cordeline uh idaho uh
20 miles east of spokane hope i got that right uh please correct me if you can uh barbara welcome uh kenaya kanaya welcome
back hinaya kanaya is a one of the original uh alumni of the islander ohana
aloha from earth’s core aloha from earthcore checking in from austin what’s the temperature out there kanaya uh i’m
sure it’s hot tom tom is back tom it’s been away it’s been a few weeks you’ve been away uh welcome back tom good to good to have you tommy everyone is from
the uk uh if i’m not mistaken tom uh and mark is back aloha everyone mark you
still got the best avatar man the uh the south park avatar it’s just the best mark whitehill is back with us on also
on an alumni of the islander ohana as is auntie joyce auntie joyce uh good morning all i know it’s aloha friday
hawaii real estate show when i see auntie joyce because you have been a rock of the show and i thank you for
that uh so much uh people like you and jim and joan jackie jackie is also with
us excellent aloha from kapolei jackie is also an alumni of the honor hunt jackie we’re so glad that you’re you’re you’re here with us uh excellent
everybody well okay let’s get let’s get this party started here let’s get i got some news uh news wound up and let’s
kind of get into that so the so the first one uh the first one gang is uh that there’s a uh there’s a
story here that the that that the rent is too damn high and uh
you know i know if you all remember uh this you said it the rent is too damn
yeah it’s the thing same here in in hawaii too the rent is too damn high looks like um honolulu is now the
third most expensive place to rent in the country according to new data from
an online firm only napa and silicon valley in hawaii in california hawaii
only napa and silicon valley and california have higher rents median rent for the two bedroom you all
want to take a guess why don’t you all take a guess i want you to throw this in the comment uh what’s the uh the trivia question is
what is the median rent for a two bedroom condo in honolulu median half is
a a half or more half or less what’s the median rent for a two two-bedroom unit in honolulu throw that in the in the
comments and uh let’s see who uh who comes in uh and uh don excellent don don
is with us uh don email don pop that question back i think i got it ready for you uh pop that question that you that
you sent us we’re glad that you’re you’re here uh excellent and uh uh so we gotta oh okay the the bids are all
coming in so while those bids are coming in i’m gonna kind of go on with the news here thurston lava tube dylan did you
know that thurston lava tube has closed uh thurston lava tube is a
major has been for ages a major tourist attraction on the big island it’s a
giant lava tube that you walk through it’s lit and it makes it kind of easy to walk and it’s humongous uh i remember
you know going with my daughters on field trips of course we went there as visitors etc etc that thing is closed uh
until further notice uh there is uh detected a slight movement in a crack in the tube ceiling so they’re they’re
playing it safe uh that’s a good thing be curious dylan if you have any kind of uh details on that you want to share uh
and if you’re if you’re in if you’re visiting on oahu it’s byotp
bring your own toilet paper that’s right because uh uh hulu officials have warned that they may some bathrooms uh may be
out of toilet paper apparently you know i i can’t i don’t have the details folks all i know is what that
what’s been reported uh cities departs departments of parks and recreation uh have been saying that there’s a shortage
in industrial toilet paper rolls i don’t know if it’s due to the pandemic i don’t know if it’s due to the shortage or
inflation or due to some person in the office who forgot to place the order don’t know but byotp be aware of that
the japanese japanese are coming japanese business now we’ve told you folks a long time ago that the uh that is going to be just a
matter of time before the japanese visitors return looks like they have started in fact in kona if i’m not mistaken the kona airport welcomed its
first japan airlines flight on august 2nd uh so there it is beginning now what’s
going to be the effect uh god only knows but certainly a japanese buyers can now
come back into the real estate market so i would think that uh if anything there may be an effect on real estate we’re
gonna have to find out it’s probably too early and finally our favorite uh my one of my favorite one of my favorite
islands uh maui is counting cats here’s another trivia question for you so the maui society plans to implement an
island-wide community cat count this month to better understand and manage
the cat population how many cats were stated that have been counted so far in maui that’s the trivia
question how many cats in maui give me the cat count in maui all right uh
that’s it for today let’s get back to our friends over here why don’t we why don’t we start let’s go counterclockwise
let’s go with uh heidi let’s do this let’s go right to left on my screen here right to left heidi then
dylan uh for the update so heidi what what’s going on in maui uh maui market
update maui real estate update uh i think if i’m not mistaken don might be uh don
is interested if i’m not mistaken i could be wrong about that but what’s the market like in maui or what news do you
have for us in melbourne heidi well i love your news updates peter as
far as i know we have plenty of toilet paper over here so if you’re looking for that just skip a wahoo come straight
tomorrow there you go um and yeah the cat thing is interesting
too i was out walking by the beach in front of one of the resorts and they have these
little cat houses and next to one of the little cat houses was a business card and i thought
this cat has a business card i have to go check this out and there’s actually a non-for-profit
called christie’s catitude and they have this network of people that volunteer
and keep track of cats in different areas and make sure they’re neutered and spayed and
healthy and anyway pretty pretty fascinating but
i’m sure you want to hear about the real estate market i do have some statistics our july statistics are out
um so i’ll break it up into single family and then condominium
so for single family homes year-to-date our pending under contract sales are
down 28.9 new listings are down 12
median prices are up 18.7 and this is year to date 2021 versus year to date
2022 um for condominiums pending under contract are
down 38.2 percent new listings are down
11.6 and median prices are up 19.7
and that’s for condominiums on maui comparing 2021 to 2022 um year to date
um for all properties on maui inventory is down but just 2.7
and this is just compared to last year um so basically i mean we’re really moving
from a time 2021 was really a time of real estate mania i mean record breaking a high
number of sales and we’re kind of adjusting into a more strong but good market but without some
of that mania so it is a little bit better time for buyers um than it has
been and of course the more negative economic news i mean the better
for buyers in a way because it it changes people’s outlook
um the as far as the boots on the ground you know my perspective of being a realtor
is last year at this time almost all my transactions were delayed i mean
sometimes 60 days was not even enough to close a transaction because there was
such a high volume of business happening lenders appraisers title and escrow i mean
almost every transaction i had was delayed a week or two just completely out of
out of anybody’s control this year right now i have multiple transactions that are
closing early i mean closing a couple weeks early people are saying well everything’s done
shall we just close so i’ve had a few transactions closing early i mean it’s
just because the volume’s down a little bit and people are caught up so
anyway that’s my two cents thanks heidi i you know that well i mean
you mentioned i think it’s it’s quite telling right you said that the volume was down something like 28 or some some
some kind of a number like that and that you know that 28 percent makes the difference between waiting for three weeks for a transaction to close and and
having it close close early uh so uh uh great great insight thanks uh excellent heidi we’re gonna go to dylan and you
know before we go to dylan i just wanted to just give the shout out to don dunn yes dan thanks don i pulled up your
email so don meet dylan dylan me don dylan is don is looking for uh he said
uh honoka uh stuff on the big island uh honoka and kohala area so don dillon’s the man he’s
our big island uh expert uh and uh dylan wants you kind of and i’ll connect the two to you together of course but uh
dylan give us the update what’s going on on the big island what about the thirst and lava tube could you believe it the thirst and lava tube is closed i was
like shocked when i read about that yeah it seems like with the
volcanoes national park there’s always attractions opening and closing because obviously it’s on a live volcano so
there’s always things shifting around and moving around so hopefully it’s not forever it is one of my favorite attractions there in the park i mean
especially for kids it’s mind-blowing you walk down these stairs into this humongous cave that has a you know 20 foot high ceilings and the lights are
there and it’s it’s it’s almost like going you know to another planet or back in time or something like that so it’s a really cool experience so hopefully they
can get that figured out and stabilize and then they can reopen it so we’ll see but on the real estate side um you know i talked
about this briefly last show was the we were on track to to
close a really low number of properties on the big island and now that the month of july has
fully passed and we look back at the numbers um it’s definitely the case with the the number of sales that are
happening are way down and if we look at the single family home market and just compare it to last month and then last
year so on the total on the whole big island there was 181 uh homes that sold last year there was
or last month there was 253 and then last year there was 261 so
compared to last year we’re down like 30 in terms of the the number of homes that are selling and for
many months previous you know when we would have a drop in the number of units we were attributing that to the low
inventory right there just wasn’t anything to buy anymore and that’s no longer the case we are back uh up to
about 2 000 properties for sale across the whole island which we were down to like 13 1400 uh for many many months
there in 20 in 2021 so inventory is rising and then certain certain markets like on in the kona market where i’m at
there was only 26 homes that sold in the month of july last month there was 44 last year there was 58 so we’re talking
about a 50 drop like half the number of homes that sold last year uh sold this
july so there’s definitely a huge pullback from the the buyer demand that we’ve been seeing
you know we’re seeing lots of really great homes go on the market at a fair price and then we’re just not getting any offers or we might get one three or
four weeks into it um so we’re still you know property is still moving it’s still a good time to to be a seller you just
have to be reasonable on price and we’re back to a normal kind of market where
you get to negotiate a little bit on price you get to do your inspections you know you don’t have to put an appraisal waiver in so i’ve been just saying over
and over again i think there’s a window here so my prediction is i think there’s probably a five or six month window i
think when the election happens you know depending on what happens with the election the stock market may come back
and the economy may turn around and things will start moving forward again so i think there’s a window of
opportunity especially on the buyers side where you can get in and get a pretty good deal get a very reasonable
terms for a property and have some opportunity to shop it’s funny i just got a one of our listings we got a uh request
to see it tomorrow a couple days ago you know so they people aren’t trying to get in like that very next day like they like they’re scheduling their showings
three or four days out which i haven’t had happen in in like two years right i mean it’s like as soon as you want to see something you better go that minute
or it’s gonna be off the market and then they just rescheduled for wednesday next week so there’s like no urgency right they’re like ah can’t make it this
weekend maybe they want to go to the beach or whatever and they’re going to reschedule for wednesday next week so um very interesting times um
it is a it is a welcome break you know i talked to all of my my partners in the industry and the lending industry and the escrow industry and it’s definitely
everybody’s feeling the slowdown but they almost you know it’s all about mindset right a lot of them feel like
it’s a blessing because it was so bananas for so long that going back to just normal levels of
business is probably a welcome um a welcome new season
interesting so i’m catching from both you uh i i wish scott was here i’m sure he would concur uh it seemed that sort
of things are not the the crazy the crazy time is sort of coming to a close the crazy time is
coming to a close and it’s become more of a somewhat of a stable piece although again that doesn’t uh as you as we had
countless graphs earlier and the numbers are showing it we’re not do do not expect a a market crash on the prices
that’s not how do you mention prices are up 18 over last year dylan yeah and and
if you look at just the data on its face right there’s a clear measure of what a buyer is in a seller’s market is and and
and although buyers are in a position right now to have a better opportunity to buy it’s definitely not a buyer’s
market we’re still very low you know one or two months of inventory you need to get to like six months of inventory before it’s a stable market a balanced
market and then above six months it becomes a buyer’s market so we’re still in a very low inventory environment
compared to the to the past but just because of the apprehension i think in the in the buyer demand right
now there’s an opportunity to get in and shop around take your time be deliberate and get a pretty good deal
and if you’re seeing price reductions that’s one thing you know people are saying i’ve seen all kinds of price reductions
if you look at those and you really dive deep and analyze it it’s it’s more
due to the fact that those properties were grossly overpriced to begin with right so the stuff that’s selling is
still selling at pretty much what it’s worth and it’s probably if you’ve compared it to what it was worth a year ago it’s going to be it’s going to be
significantly higher but if you price your property 20 over what it was worth and it didn’t sell now you got to come back down 10 you know 15 and finally get
to where it is you’re gonna see those price reductions in the market it doesn’t necessarily mean prices are falling it just means that they were
they were inflated to begin with and you know sellers are still in that kind of mindset from six months ago that they
can do that and you just really can’t anymore all right those though the the days of the insane prices are over and those
that have the insane prices are coming back to earth so again i i all indications are that no sort of
not crazy the the banana period has come to an has come to to a close hey don had
a quick question for you what’s the is there what’s the median or average price do you have any kind of stats on that on
the big one i don’t like to use that because it’s so different in every market you know i mean median price in kona is a million
bucks but then median price in in hilo is 450 right so i mean if you if you do median price across the whole island
it’s like it’s like 575 or something but that’s it really varies depending on which market you’re looking it’s not
going to give you a good answer no yeah it’s different it’s not a good measure i mean you really got to zero in on where you’re looking and again that’s what we
can help with right is if you have a specific area you’re looking and we can kind of get and even in like the rural
areas it’s a hard measure because you have you know little tiny shacks on on rural land
that may sell for 300 000 you know or less but then you have you know nice homes on a bigger piece of property that’ll sell for a million so when you
use an average it really depends on what exactly you’re looking for to figure out what the best value is don if you want
to pop in and give us an idea that which well don had mentioned in his email honoka and kohala do you have a sense of
just that’s one of those really really diverse markets where you have you know
really low end stuff that is affordable and then you have multi-million dollar ranches and and and estates in those
same areas so the the the meeting is kind of irrelevant in terms of you really got to look at what what you’re
what specifically are you looking for you got to get on in the details yeah asking for an average is not going to give you the answer yeah he gets it got
it kona is high yes and you know um uh uh thanks thanks judy judy put in a plug
for it for dylan judy who’s worked with dylan as well uh hey don you’ll be so happy if you decide to work with dylan
thank you judy god bless you my number one cheerleader that’s it man you guys are the best i don’t know by her and
auntie john and yours is family right they’re co-chairs of the fan club i
think there you go okay yeah yeah actually uh excellent and don has don has friends there excellent great hey so
let’s uh let let’s follow through here on the uh i know you’re all dying to know uh what the uh what the what the
cat population you know it’s kind of interesting gang you’re all way off on the cats so uh we had uh
we had auntie jones said uh uh 900. uh jeff had 10 000.
uh let’s see don put in a 5500 let’s see who else that’s i think that that was
that was the range okay you ready for this gang i was kind of shocked heidi do you have a number just just a wild guess
how many feral cats on on on maui wild number
i have no idea i would i would say like a quarter million a quarter million okay
all right there you go okay [Laughter]
uh 40 40 000 40 000 cats 40 000 cats does that number strike you gang uh our
audience does that number strike you as a high number or is is that uh is that a low number what what do you think about
that on the cats 40 000 cats so far has been the count and on the uh let’s
follow up here on the rent the rent question we had we had a couple with a few there were a little bit let’s say
michelle at 2200 uh jackie at 28 auntie joyce 2500 uh
ti 3000 not sure what that means uh patrick23 uh judy at two
don 32 uh oh look look at that we got it it should be more specific 27.50
there you go 27 in the uh jonah 3700 um okay so there you go so those are the uh
that was the range i believe i caught everybody on the rent yeah so the the answer to the uh the rent question
is 2500. 2500 is the median price for a
two-bedroom unit renting for a two-bedroom unit on a median price means
half of the units are going for less than 2500 half of the units are going for more than 2500 so that’s what we got
all right uh let me catch up on some other comments here that we had some folks uh kind of share with us uh uh
looks like andre was uh slept on pine needles uh softest bed you slept on i hope you enjoyed it andre uh i i can’t
can’t say i i i’d want to have that uh jackie we have experienced that at ala moana
jackie what’s that uh i’m a little bit kind of my context a little bit off what was that that you experienced at uh at
ala moana uh i’d like to know ben’s got an interesting question why is no one asking about news about new red
hill water problems well ben you just did you just did uh so listen i there is
there is a story that there was a trace uh there was a trace amount of fuel uh found in a well
uh on oahu it was a it’s it’s an early story so i didn’t want to report on it
yet until there was some more kind of concrete news so it’s not really that’s why i didn’t talk about i saw the story
um there is some trace it’s caused for alarm uh but before we get too alarmed i
kind of want to find out more a little bit more about it it was a trace amount of fuel found in a test well not an
actual not in anyone’s water supply not like it’s coming off someone’s foster or something but they test a trace amount
found in a test well on oahu look it’s a big issue i live on oahu we all want to know about that
and i will i will find out more and when i do i will let you know but ben thank you for asking you did ask and that’s
what the show is all about ask your questions now in fact gang um if you got if you got a question pop it
in now you all are here uh the live ones get the priority i get a bunch of slides lined up and some topics for us to talk
about but your questions matter more than anyone’s uh anyone who sent them in advance uh if they’re not here so the
folks that are here are the ones so let’s get back into our our show here uh auntie joyce cats if they’re taking the
time to come probably a million positive things as people are working yes people are working and well i guess you’re a little bit over uh it was uh 40 40 000
not not quite um but uh we we got that going okay what else here um yeah adam
was right up there with dylan at 750 000 so uh so there you have it um uh don i’d
have friends in uh i have friends and nah nah alehu we fed cats daily one house probably 20 a day you know it
seems to me that the more you pay cash the more cats that you get so that’s that’s the kind of one on that and now you pay over 2 800 for a two bedroom
santa cruz yeah it’s primer on california prices um and that’s it auntie joan isn’t it uh
the cats even cats are smart enough to want to live in hawaii exactly why if i was a cat i you know this is the only
place i’d i’d want to live will you touch on tiny house the situation thought it would be the folks of today’s show yes so did i jim so did i
unfortunately our tiny house guy is not here uh wasn’t able to make it and so i had to take down all the tiny house
information kind of redo the whole show uh this unfortunately will not be a a show about tiny house sorry about that
jim i hope that this appointment is not too much all right uh let’s move on over here gang first of all if you if you did
get here uh if you got here via the newsletter then you’re on the newsletter but if you didn’t get here from the newsletter if
you didn’t get some links uh they gave you the links to the show and access this you want to get on that newsletter just go to the
website you’ll have a pop-up pop in your email address you’ll get on the newsletter uh where we will let you know about future live shows we have photos
new videos new content all kinds of stuff it’s the way to kind of get in with with what is going on all right uh
so once again pop in your questions so we can take them uh we’re gonna move on so i thought about so so today’s
question i thought about when was this be kind of a fun uh fun uh discussion to have uh i think it’s one that we could
uh uh also there’s a there’s a fair amount of you uh islander ohana alumni that are living in hawaii right now uh
jackie and joan come to mind there’s i’m sure others also um i forgot your name i’m sorry the one
from makaha is also here so here’s the question that i’d like to kind of uh hear from dylan and from heidi and from
all of you is what is if if someone is thinking about
living in hawaii uh they’re on the mainland now they’re thinking about they’re talking about it they’re thinking about it
what would you say for those of you that live here for those of you that live uh auntie jones uh
auntie joyce uh all of that live here what would you say is the most important
thing that you need to know about living in hawaii that’s the question what’s the
most important thing that they need to know about living in hawaii let’s go uh let’s start with heidi and then we’ll go
with dylan and then i’m gonna grab all your comments and we’ll kind of see what everybody says i’m looking i’m looking around all this is about so uh heidi why
don’t you get started heidi what would you say if you know you have friends friends family that that say hey you
know i’m thinking about you know thinking about living in moving them to hawaii what’s your like okay this is one
thing you need to know what what do you tell them heidi i think it’s the
cultural mindset and this idea of practicing aloha and being conscientious
of other people and respectful it’s just it’s so important in the culture
um someone that moves from the mainland to hawaii i mean being loud and pushy and
aggressive it really doesn’t get people anywhere i mean there’s a different way
um just that i’ve noticed um to
kind of fit in and deal with people i mean it also accomplished things but um it’s kind of an attitude and a style
and i mean it’s it’s really about having respect for all people um and then this idea of aloha
and love and respect excellent yeah that’s a that’s a that’s
a really big thing it it a culture is the big piece dylan uh born and raised
here lived on the mainland for a little while then came back a long story to tell what’s what’s what do you tell
people i i totally agree with heidi um but i’ll give a different answer i think
just having the perspective that living in hawaii doesn’t mean you’re on vacation in hawaii every day i just had a had a good friend take his daughter to
um visit uh new york to think about going to college right and
and he thought she would she would hate it because it’s big city and you know it’s new york versus versus honolulu and
but she but she loved it and i and i said well what did you guys do you know during the trip and he was like well we
shopped and we went out at these nice restaurants and we went to all these shows and did all this stuff and i’m like of course she loved it because she
was on vacation right it’s very different when you’re on vacation than when you actually live somewhere and you
actually have to live and work and grind and go shopping and and so i think people sometimes have
a distorted mindset like they’ve been here before and they spent two weeks going to the beach and going out to nice
restaurants and just relaxing and having a good time and that’s also that’s available to you all the time it’s one
of the great things about being here but you also have to actually live and work and do do stuff other than being on
vacation that’s unsustainable unless you’re wealthy enough to do that but i think that’s the main thing is coming in
with the right mindset of you know you’re actually living here and you know what heidi said is is so important that
um you know i always always say you know don’t come here with the expectation of making it like where you came from
there’s a reason why you came here right it’s because you wanted something different and um there’s nothing that that doesn’t fit in quicker here than
people who you know say well back where i came from it’s like this or you know back you know the way
we do it where i came from it’s like nobody cares and and that’s you know the wrong attitude and that’s um
usually when you hear people talk like that you know they’ll be gone in 12 months or so so it’s it’s all about accepting and i’ve
said this before right there’s so many great things of why about hawaii but it’s not perfect and there’s things that will annoy you that you won’t like and
that we all have our gripes with but you gotta take those with the good right you gotta take the bad with the good and and
focus on the good i think that’s a really that’s a great perspective and i’m glad that you you shared that about the it you know it’s
not a vic it’s not the video the hawaii that you experienced in the vacation is not the hawaii that you’re going to be experienced if you if you live here and
that’s uh that’s very well well said in fact we have something in the island or the the islander ohana program that we
go through it’s called the on vacation and and there’s a whole program that we kind of talk about uh on on vacation and
i want to thank i thank uh judy thanks judy so much you’re such a gem if you’re interested in learning
everything hawaii from an islander who has lived there for years joined the islander ohana it’s the best thank you judy uh i’m gonna i’m gonna pop a link
we have uh i’m working on some uh i’m there’s a link i just pop in in the
description that talks about the program in detail i’m working on an additional part of the program uh we’re going to be
releasing going to have a cohort coming up uh sometime soon i’m working on it right now i’m not exactly sure when i’m
going to launch the next cohort but we are going to do it and it’s going to have some more stuff to it so yeah you know you know to to add on first of all
i completely agree uh with with everything that the two of you said of course i think the culture is i mean so
coming from from the mainland uh heidi both heidi and i uh you know if you come from the mainland for sure it’s a it’s a
big uh huge cultural change uh to dylan’s point is you know yeah you’re gonna have there’s a reason why you
moved here all these are kind of uh cultural angles so if i had to add on to that i would
say one of the important things that you you have to uh know
is you’re gonna have to completely give up your western value system uh that that basically you know the the
western value system is really it’s i mean there is a western value system here we still value capitalism to
a degree we still work on the american dollar et cetera et cetera but the value system is radically different radically
different um and and that is that is a big thing that you have to know the in short i say
you have to turn hawaiian uh my my favorite story on this is uh one of my favorite movies is
dances with wolves and i think it’s like a dances with wolves story it’s so kevin costner comes in right he’s this army
ring he’s he’s an army uh of an army guy comes in and you know you
all know the story and at the end of the story he becomes indian right he completely embraces he can no longer he no longer speaks english he speaks
indian he speaks whatever the the indian language is at the end that’s kind of what you have to do you have to kind of
become you have to turn engine you have to turn hawaiian uh to really make it work in in hawaii uh uncle jim’s got a
quick answer very expensive yeah that you have to know that too there there’s no doubt about that very expensive uh uh
but even those with the just because you’ve got the money uh it won’t work if you don’t um
if you don’t do what anti-choice says which is you need to embrace the traditions people culture and respect of
others yeah exactly uh what what we’ve all been uh what we’ve all been been kind of saying here patrick says i tell
everyone that living in hawaii is very different than visiting as a tourist that’s exactly what dylan said they need to do their research and maybe try a
short-term rental that’s part of what we talk about actually in the uh islander ohana on vacation and detroit lived in
new york city for 23 years dylan is right it’s a totally different perspective yeah that’s that is that is
exactly it um uh let’s see and uh uh let’s see don’s got a friend who moved to the bahamas
state a year because she felt like it was the usa in the 1950s and could not maintain that
see now yeah it depends kind of what 1950s it depends what night what kind of 1950s we’re talking about right if we’re
talking about 1950s automobiles yeah no thank you i have no idea to drive in a
1950 anything uh but i can feel nostalgic about the 1950s as a time period heather people
love to talk and get to know you which is which which is what i’m all about people are much more friendly kind and
respectful and a larger percentage of your income will be spent on housing great points heather those are little
secrets that you get to learn right heather’s also an alumni of the honor ohana little secrets about about the
friendly and heather i would say that the reason why you are able to say that
that people are friendly is because you’re friendly first that’s why people are friendly to you
hawaii is a place that reflects who you are mark another island ohana member
joining was the best decision joining the honor hunter group was the best decision we made in our move here worth
every penny thanks mark i’m that just that’s what it’s all about man that’s that’s what it is all about uh oh
thank you don lakota lakota was the lakota was the language uh that uh kevin
costner uh was uh speaking about all right uh let’s see we got a question over here that came in from
jen i saw on the news yesterday that milolii on the big on has officially become hawaii’s second community-based
substance substance substance fishing area any idea on what that means
for the community is this a conservation a conversation effort i think it’d be a conservation effort uh welcome back jen
uh cool cool view of stonehenge behind you there dylan uh can you give us an update on milolii
what’s what’s uh uh anything you want to share about that you know i probably should know the specifics about this i know that’s
something that they were working on i don’t know what the details are the thing about fishing in hawaii is you know it’s an
another unique thing about hawaii and i just realized i didn’t realize it but i i am
thankful for after going to alaska where you know every time we stopped and we wanted a fish we had to like fill out a bunch of paperwork and pay 15 bucks for
a fishing license and in hawaii interestingly enough you know there’s there’s no um there’s no requirements like that
whether you’re here you’re from here or not and that’s that’s really rooted in the in the culture of of native gathering rights and
so in in places like milolii which is a which is a traditional fishing village in the
south part of the island i’ve sold a lot of property there some of the best fishing grounds are right off because it’s a very deep you know right off
shore it gets very deep quickly and you can get um deep sea fish like ahi and ono and mahimahi right off the shoreline
there um there’s i mean sustainability and and
the ability for people and residents and even non-residents to fish is something that’s really protected here and there’s
again going back to the culture of sustainability you know most people understand that you just don’t over you don’t overfish and you’re respectful you
know whatever you take you eat that’s that’s a very um very foundational value here but um yeah
i don’t know i don’t know exactly what the specifics of this community basis you know sustainable fishing area is but
um melanie is one of the one of the best fishing grounds on ireland my my father-in-law basically raised his
family catching kitchen fishing those fishing grounds um for 30 years so
and though there was i think it seemed you know i i don’t know the story but my my general guess is that it just kind of
made it official sort of legally official what milolii has always been right milolii has always been a fishing
uh sub substance uh kind of place it’s it’s a it’s like i think if it’s it’s the last traditional fishing village if
i’m not mistaken uh in hawaii if i’m not mistaken it’s very isolated right i mean i think it’s a great place uh friends
it’s funny because people ask you know do you like milolii should i buy my property there and i always tell them you need to go down there and spend you
know spend the week and see if you like it because it’s very isolated it’s it’s 15 minutes off the highway down a windy
road it’s in you know right on a old lava field um but you can get a great house there for you know under 500 000
and you’re literally a short walk to the water you can get oceanfront property there for under a million bucks you know so um it’s very unique very cool place
and it’s funny because i got several clients that have vacation rentals there and they do really well i
mean they’re booked like year-round when you have a vacation rental there because there is a market for that right there’s people who want to be in an area like
that versus a fancy resort or high-end neighborhood and stuff like that so yeah nice place
to visit wouldn’t want to live there but would love to kind of have a vacation there right if you get the ultimate getaway right yeah yeah very true
excellent yeah thanks for the question uh terrific let’s see uh don has a question here let me pull this oh yeah
here we go uh so don says hey can you talk humidity and how it can affect possessions i have a photographer friend
who puts gear in a special cabinet and a friend in ocean view that said humidity kept attacking his car speakers dylan
you just posted a video if i’m not mistaken on your own youtube channel that talked about that circled back on the topic we’ve had
here earlier which is you know why you don’t want to kind of live near the ocean um so let’s let’s you you’ve got that but
uh humidity uh i know about humidity i i don’t humidity per se because hawaii is
not a why is that a human kind of a place but i think there’s a lot of moisture like there’s i know we had some
friends dylan that lived um in some of the wetter areas on the big on and they dealt with mold like all the
time uh you want to speed that up a little bit here how about let’s talk it to heidi first heidi uh
anything that you know about sort of the wet areas like if in in hana or you know oceanfront areas you know what should
what should don know and or people know about that uh as it relates to electronics or sensitive equipment et
cetera anything you want to share about that yeah i mean great question and something
to be aware of there’s all these different microclimates on maui and there are some areas of maui
especially in areas of haiku out in hana where it is it rains a lot it’s a very
jungle type environment and mold is definitely an issue there if you
have leather i mean it’s gonna mold um
everything molds out there i mean it’s just something that you um have to be aware of and i guess learn
to live with or figure out how to live with it and you can see when you’re driving by in some areas there’ll be an old car
that was just an abandoned car out in the woods completely covered and mold and overtaken by mold
obviously you know this is something that’s been there for years but um that was pretty fascinating to me um
because i had never seen something like that before and then living near the ocean in
general know that i mean things rust faster i mean appliances
any metal you have outside grills ac units um
all are gonna have more wear and tear quicker just from the exposure to the
salt air all the time yeah excellent dylan what’s that what’s the i know in similar
conditions of course on depending on the weather is kind of similar they’re similar wet and dry places uh what do you tell people to kind of look out for
on the big island you know me personally i’ve never had an issue i mean i live in kona so it’s not
super wet but it’s it’s definitely bomb it rains enough or you don’t ever need irrigation or anything like that but
definitely on the east side of the island it rains a lot and there’s people who you know do dehumidifiers in their closets and in the rooms that they want
to keep things drying but humidity i’ve never heard of being an issue especially with like car speakers that seems that’s
an interesting take i don’t know how it would affect car speakers but um yeah if you have really sensitive electronic
equipment i mean people you know will take special precautions like putting them in a cabinet with a dehumidifier or
something like that but it’s not something that’s like widespread that everybody does i mean it’s very i think very specialized people who have
specialized equipment or valuable you know unique electronics or something do that but you know the vast majority of us
don’t do anything special i think i think i think the thing that’s important is keeping your windows open right a lot of
people move here from the you know from the mainland and think you have your windows closed all the time but like we literally have windows that have never
ever been closed they’re like stuck open because because you don’t ever close and that keeps airflow uh moving in and out
of the house and i think that really helps you know with mold issues and stuff is making sure you do have the ability for the air to move through your
home yeah i think i think there’s a huge i think a huge part of it is is as heidi
said is the micro climates you know where where are you actually hanging um you know we we live uh
i think i i’d say about a five minute walk away from from the ocean uh about a five minute walk and
you know i’ve got i’ve had electronics you know i’m in the tech business uh you know my whole life i’ve never had
anything uh never seen anything kind of strangely uh a decaying faster or slower
than i normally think it would uh us two dylan we have our windows open as much as we possibly can uh unless i’m doing
like the show right now where i got my windows closed and the ac is on but um we got to win however i i do know
friends that lived on the north shore for example where uh the waves break much bigger like here i’m i’m five
minutes away from a beach but the beach is not like a a turbulent surf heavy where there’s a sea mist in the air all
the time on the north shore for example where you got big waves hitting there’s almost always a sea mist in the air uh
you drive your car it’ll be covered with like a salt water in in no time that’s a different story so it really depends
down really really depends on where exactly you’re going right dylan if you’re in some really wet place
uh you’re going to have you’re going to have moisture issues never a humidity in terms of of a climactic humidity hawaii
does not have a humidity issue the trade winds are always kind of blowing so you don’t get that so uh
hope that answers your your question don uh let’s see i think we got we got a few other ones over here that that are worth
uh i got a few other questions over here that are pop that i need to to get in uh let’s see uh uh joan jones uh heidi and
dylan covered everything i was going to say uh peter really prepares you for this in the islander ohana you might
have to prepare to downsize but it’s worth it that’s yeah i tell people you know get rid of it i mean dylan’s got a
good point too is that you know or or have the 20-foot container or and stuff at all ron says be comfortable living on
a hot log in a salvage yard you know you know ron uh maybe it depends i that’s a that’s a
little that’s that’s a little bit on the dramatic side i i suppose uh but uh uh
there you go don says i watched a video from a couple in the puna district we talked about the 10 things you can’t
have in hawaii not a district for me that was lava flow they did discuss
crime factors you know there’s nothing like having a video from someone who lives there they’re going to give you the the direct sort of micro perspective
i once lived in the puna district as well uh and i’m no longer living in the puna district it wasn’t right for me but
there are a lot of people who swear dylan there’s gotta be a bunch of people who swear by the puna district right oh
it’s the fastest growing area on the island so you know people vote with their feet right and so i mean there’s more people moving there than anywhere
else and there there you go there you go uh the uh daryl hey daryl welcome back
daryl long time no see buddy daryl is an alumni of the islander ohana related to
humidity any clients with pianos who are able to keep them i’ve been told to
ensure that you have an internal cover over the strings but not sure about elevation if that wanes as you get
higher any piano knowledge i do i’ve had clients in the past that you know had a grand piano or a really high-end piano
and they always had it in a climate-controlled room so they would have a room in their house that would have ac and and control the humidity and
stuff but so i think yeah in that sense that’s something you probably would want to prepare for
uh all right get that uh get that piano kind of squared away adair hope that answers your your question ah the
speakers don says it rots the foam surrounds so you know though you know the foam
foam and rubber from speakers you know that naturally decays anyway um you know i had some speakers for like 20 years
and they were like completely gone i had to replace them but i there may be some uh there may be there could be certainly
here don look here’s the bottom line if you live close to the ocean really close and there’s like sea spray kind of in
the air and churn it’s going to kill everything it’s going to get rid it’s going to rust through everything it’s going to decay rubber it’s going to
decay metal and they’re going to kill your electronics dylan what was the biggest thing that you mentioned in your video about the don’t live near near the
ocean well it was it was electronics it was um maintenance of everything and then and
then insurance is a big one right if you need if you’re in a tsunami inundation zone then then you’re gonna need flood
insurance which is considerably more expensive and and and so here’s my life hack with vehicles in in hawaii is don’t
ever own one over five years old that’s my that’s my life hack is to be you run into maintenance issues you know beyond
five years and so it’s like i’ve always just tried to just never have a car that’s over five years old so then you
don’t worry about the phone the phone decaying or any of that stuff you’re breaking my heart man you’re
breaking my heart you like old cars i don’t like old cars well i don’t like old but i mean i’ve got a i got an
incredible awesome classic car the one i do all the videos with and uh i’m gonna i have resolved to i am
that is gonna be the last car i’m going to have i am not going to get i’m going to keep that car forever and uh you’re
breaking my heart i’m the kind of person that i do zero mechanics i don’t even change my own oil so like i got no interest in having to do vehicle
maintenance at any level so oh neither do i don’t get me wrong i don’t want to do video i’m not going to do vehicle
maintenance i just found the car that’s perfect for me that i love and i i want to keep it forever that’s all hey heidi can you uh
share anything about that what do you about seabury hall or school on maui for uh dan
yeah siberia hall it’s a private school of country i mean it’s considered one of
the best schools on maui and yeah a lot of people try to go there i wasn’t sure what the
specific question was but but yeah that’s it’s a great private school
there you go uh great private school and thanks don uh jeff says hey wouldn’t a new property built and design new
construction control for mold no no the laws of physics uh physics and
biology building science has improved greatly in the past years yes it certainly has but there are certain things that mold angle matter uh
uh ain’t gonna matter about mold that you’re still gonna kind of catch there may be some materials that are better but i don’t frankly uh jeff my
experience has been is that the old homes in hawaii were built with better with more better materials than the new
homes are one classic example is uh the home that we live in uh was built with
redwood and redwood is termite resistant you build a new home with new materials with all that pine termites ripped right
through it the old homes from the 50s they’re still standing uh because they were built with uh built in and built in
the old days um so yeah yeah again that’s it not but the salt in the air so maybe not humidity
but salt in the air herd first appliances don’t last as long as on the mainland again if you’re in a salty air
not not all places are saltier like where dylan lives he lives up in the mountains uh in the kona area it’s mild
there’s not a lot of wind flying around he’s not going to catch the salt there i’m five minutes i’m a five minute walk
from the ocean but where we the part of the ocean where we’re near is not really churny however if you live for example
on the windward side where the all the air is blowing onshore from the ocean and there’s a lot of churn going on that
salt there is everywhere you know when i go i take my car and i go to makapuu you all know that right i’m when i a lot of
days some days when the surf is up i come back and there’s like there’s like a salt spray all over the whole car i
gotta wash it down other days it’s not so that’s the that is the issue uh jackie says i keep my windows open all
the time exactly right trade winds are my friends i work at the university of white and we have electronic equipment
that is over 10 years old and still working fine thank you jackie this is what i love about the network here you
all can contribute and it makes this a very engaging thank you jackie jackie works in the i.t department
electronics is the is their thing and it’s you know there’s some old stuff there old mainframes et cetera they’ve
been there for for they’ve been for for a while uh don’s got a 30 year old truck and cars 20. yeah the
old time guys you could you can have those there’s a few a drive electric yeah he’s got he’s got a model three
he’s got a model three right dylan um yeah i’m gonna replace it after three years
model three model three for for sale three years from today uh auntie joyce loves my 2013 mercedes but it keeps it
it helps keeping in mind you know a lot there’s a lot of people have you know covered garages clothes clothes garages
do you know jimi hendrix heidi do you know jimi hendrix played there in 1970. i think that was before heidi’s time if
i’m not mistaken but heidi are you aware that jimi hendrix played in maui in 1970 that’s a little trivial question right there i do i i think that was in rainbow
park and i’ve been by that place i i was not there in 1970 but
yeah no that is super cool yeah yeah very super cool all right all right gang let’s uh let’s transition on
great questions if i i try i think i tried to catch everybody if i missed anyone’s questions make sure you let me
know uh let’s let’s move on to diamonds and deals we’ve got our favorite properties that uh dylan and heidi and
if scott if he was here have picked out for you that that we’d like to kind of share and talk about so let’s get down to our first one here
uh where okay here we go this is uh upcountry maui looks like new construction uh hopefully mold proof
construction uh new construction up country maui uh tell us all about it it looks that’s an
amazing living room space kitchen something yeah so this is
something rare which is new construction on maui this is a project um
a little approximately 200 homes there are single family
four bedroom homes they you have an option to add an ohana which would be a separate
dwelling a separate cottage and they’ve immediately sold out the first phase
there are some homes available in the second phase right now deliveries around 2023
to 2024 so it’s some time out but this is one of those projects that’s
pretty much going to sell word of mouth you won’t see it advertised a lot because there is
just such demand for this type of product so um you’re hearing about it here on aloha
friday if you’re interested um let me know and i can give you instructions on how to get on the
registration list what i’ve seen recently the prices are around
1.3 to 1.7 and i mean this is new construction single family home with the
view you’re close to the airport close to beaches i mean it’s a really
really great location um on maui upcountry
i love that that uh i’m so glad you included that picture with the with the view i mean could you
imagine you know can you imagine heidi having your cup of coffee made by someone who loves you and waking up in
the morning and looking out that view as you sip that coffee and look at that ocean those mountain and ocean views uh
in a modern house and sure is you know dylan as a guy that gets rid of his his cars after five years what about the
house yeah you know you gotta you gotta keep that house up up to date man uh new homes are nice about that
house houses are less maintenance than a car so yeah yeah cars are a bit more mechanical
and and if you’re not into doing home construction if you’re not into doing a car maintenance or bringing in into the
shop uh it’s a it’s nice to have a new one every five years that’s for sure excellent all
right uh let’s move on to the next one let’s let’s let’s see what dylan’s got for us dylan what is this is a two
bedroom two and a half bath kona vistas yeah is one of the
it was it was uh it’s still a high-end neighborhood but it was like the really high-end neighborhood 20 years ago it was like
the first like high-end neighborhood and so there’s been new ones built since then but beautiful area just south of
kailua kona you know five minutes from the beach um this is a nice large 2000 square foot home
upgraded just beautiful neighborhood beautiful area you know i just think this would have sold six months ago in a
day and you know this is one of those opportunities where you can get in for you know 1.2 1.3 million and have a very
nice home in a very nice neighborhood very good location um and just great opportunity so
this and there’s a lot like this now i mean you know it’s looking on the market i’m like man that one if you’re in that like one to one five
range there’s so much good stuff on the market right now it’s still pretty tight you know below 800 000 because that price point is is uh is always in high
demand but yeah if you’re if you’re on you know a million a million and a half there’s a really a lot of nice selection right now
yeah and well look and then that mill de mille and half that’s almost that’s in heidi’s range too uh heidi was like 1.3
to 1.7 uh you know brand new construction on maui which you know kind of tough to beat rare rare new
construction anywhere is really hard because and funny with the market dynamics right
i mean we talked about you know a few months ago you know maybe four or five months ago how there was some stuff like like 700 to a million there was there
was inventory and then there was there was inventory like above one six one seven you know there was stuff in the two million dollar range but there
wasn’t a lot of stuff in that low one millions range and now it’s kind of shifted where that’s kind of where the bulk of the inventory is at right now so
um always funny how the market does that yeah it it yeah interesting dynamics you
know it’s always uh that’s why markets are you know markets are what they are they’re they’re rather unpredictable
animals and you just kind of have to follow them and kind of flow with them and know what that situation is and my take on that right the analysis on that
is when you’re in this type of economy if you’re a two million dollar buyer you’re probably still going to spend the
money because if you have two million to spend i mean you know the economy matters but you know you’re you probably have more wealth than than um
then it’s going to stop you from buying in that range and the sub 1 million buyer is always going to be here right i
mean the regular family the normal person i mean that’s the price range that seven eight hundred thousand dollar buyer is always going to be here but it
seems like that one to you know one six one seven buyer is that you know they’ve done well but they’re a little bit more
apprehensive right now because of what’s going on in the economy they’re not sure you know maybe they’re they’re waiting to sell and then buy here you know it’s
a different demographic it’s a specific demographic that buys in that range and we’re seeing that i think that’s the the
buyer that is that is the most apprehensive city on the fence right now so again it’s your opportunity
there is a window there is a window you know and who knows what that would affect the japanese buyers if any are
going to have but there’s got to be some bottled up demand from those japanese folks that were always buying property
and now they they haven’t been able to buy property for two years so there’s gonna be some now and maybe it’s just gonna be affected on oahu i don’t know
uh but there’s gonna be something there but speaking of markets and prices uh looks like we’re gonna get into a
bidding war uh dylan put that put that model 3 on ebay because auntie joyce says hey can chris and i get to the top
of your wait list to take one of those three-year-old cars off your hands but uh not so not so fast auntie joyce
because kev is right there joyce we’re going to be competing for his used car so i could see a a bananas a banana’s
bidding war for uh dylan dylan nonaka’s gently used cars elon’s not gonna let you have it he
wants all his cars back after three years to turn him into self-driving taxis right so oh yeah that’s that so
so it is your is your model three on a on a lease or deal yeah it’s a it’s a it’s a lease yeah that’s that’s the best
thing i’ve discovered in life is leases so great tax benefits and you don’t you definitely don’t have to keep the car
longer for than three years so for for hey look i would record i too would recommend a lease for a guy that wants
to keep his cars for no longer than three to f whatever three to five years or whatever absolutely uh excellent i’m more of a long-term guy for some reason
i just don’t know what it is i just i keep my cars for as long as i can you know my my rule of thumb is it’s got to
have a hundred thousand miles on it before i’ll i’ll sell it you know 100 000 10 years 10 years or 100 000 miles uh
which is unfortunate because i it has limited you know i’ve only had like you know three cars in my in my life three
or four cars and that that’s been about it uh wish i wish it would have more all right i think that i think we got everyone’s
questions i think we’re all set i think we’re gonna kind of roll into our uh our our closing thoughts uh try to kind of
get uh this kind of a fun part where we kind of share our our closes on it so why don’t
we start with uh start with you’re doing what is it and what does how does it why is it important to you
well this one i think kind of i think of i think of this show i think of this community in this ohana when you
know what and and just for context so everybody knows you know i do a call at five a.m every morning with my team and
we just we just do motivational stuff you know positive thought motivational quote so i see a lot of these every day
and it’s just something i really like and some sometimes someone something will hit me and i’ll be like i gotta use this on the the friday show and then i
just think about this community when you’re here to learn you know you’re here to learn like you’re gonna live forever but you gotta live like you’re gonna die tomorrow and that’s kind of
what we’re doing right is we’re learning about what how we wanna live and uh i just think it’s a great uh a great perspective in
in life is learn like you need knowledge forever but you gotta live like you’re gonna die tomorrow don’t take any days
for granted that’s an excellent balance between uh uh what i call long-term
long-term and short-term thinking and you got to have both you got to have long-term thinking so the learning and
you got to have short-term thinking which is you have to enjoy the day right um because i’m sure we’re all old enough
where we’ve had friends who have passed friends that we’ve known that are younger than us who have passed and uh
we’re sad to see them go and it makes it reminds us that yeah make it count make
it count uh heidi what’s your what’s your closing thought for today
my closing thought this is actually a tom petty quote you belong somewhere
where you feel free and there’s a couple things you can do in
hawaii that you couldn’t do on the mainland where i was i lived previously
hitchhiking and riding in the back of a pickup truck down the road just sitting in the back of a pickup
truck you can’t do those things in illinois but you can do those in hawaii so um you belong somewhere you feel free
uh no no no that’s a good one heidi i haven’t i would have never thought that uh i didn’t know the laws but uh you
know you you had mentioned that you grew up in rural illinois i didn’t think that pickup truck riding in the back of a
pickup truck would be something that you uh would not have experienced in rural illinois so that that’s a that’s a good
one that is a good one uh in the back of a pickup truck all right gang so mine uh my my my usual thing my
my favorite book proverbs i read uh highly recommend uh whether you’re religious or not is irrelevant the
wisdom in the book of proverbs is unbelievable uh proverbs is great there’s there’s a there’s a chapter in
proverbs for every day of the month so it’s easy just open up and there’s like bible apps open up read proverbs for
whatever day of the month it is and you’ll guarantee it’s going to blow you away uh mine for today is 22
those who are generous are blessed for they share their bread with the poor you know and you know it’s kind of a weird
thing these days because uh we’ve all got these these homeless situations and it makes us feel awkward uh it’s it’s
actually a horrible situation that we have to kind of deal with horrible in terms of these people on the street who really really need help and they’re
clearly not getting help and they’re forced to to live in in sad conditions uh um but
uh to be generous i think that the the main thing here is to be generous uh sharing
sharing with the poor is of course a big part of it but generosity i believe is the key that’s my key takeaway here when
you’re generous what it what what does generosity really do generosity is your
way of saying that there is abundance right that’s what it means to me to be
generous sharing means that there’s plenty abundance means you have abundance through your life abundance
flows flows to you flows from you and that’s what it’s all about all right uh
we got some uh some uh some additional uh some additional closing thoughts here from virginia you belong somewhere you
feel free that’s it you belong to somewhere you feel free that’s that must be the quote right uh kev kev’s happy uh
tell tell scott he’s gotta tell scotty’s gotta earn his way back love y’all thanks for the videos hey man uh you’re
all about that that’s what it’s all about here and the best dreams happen when you’re awake love that
love that love that love that uh kev’s got a closing thought of the cure for
anything of salt water sweat tears or the sea excellent this is great all right all right don uh uh we’ll connect
with you uh we’ll connect you with dylan uh let’s say goodbye everybody let’s start with heidi and then dylan and then
we’ll wrap it up say goodbye aloha everybody have a great weekend thanks for joining us
have them also have an awesome weekend good seeing you guys yeah have a fantastic weekend wherever
you live uh that’s where you are have a great one aloha