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This episode featured a special segment, “Home Buyer’s Survival Guide in Today’s White-Hot Market” that you don’t want to miss!

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June 25 Show Start
Visitor News as of 6/25/21
Buying a home in Hawaii – a survival guide in today’s market
Wait for Hawaii’s housing market to cool down?
The cost of waiting in today’s housing market
Purchasing power vs. interest rates
Strategies to buy despite today’s white-hot market
Buying a home is not an Amazon button
Story of how a family beat 10 offers to get their home on the Big Island
You don’t have to be the highest bidder to win – Oahu success story
Why relationships matter in the buying process
Being strategic in creating the best offer
Should you wait for the market to cool?
Effect of rising interest rates on overall payments
Overview Ewa Beach and Koa Ridge on Oahu
How will rising interest rates affect home prices?
When was the last time Hawaii’s housing market went down?
Will Maui have a surcharge for visitors?
Does volcano activity on Big Island affect housing prices?
Townhomes in $500-$600k range available?
Effect of recessions on housing prices
We don’t care about more taxes in Hawaii
Why there is pressure to increase taxes on visitors
Proof that Hawaii’s visitor industry is underpriced
How backlogged are settlements/escrows in Hawaii

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