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Hawaii News and Market Update as of 6/10/22
Big Island News & Market Update
Maui News & Market Update
Oahu News & Market Update
How a short term vacation loophole could be changing the real estate landscape
How blockchain can be used to share real estate ownership
Are there any jobs in medical coding in healthcare on Oahu?
What is the average monthly cost of pest service maintenance?
Funny Story of Getting Overrun by Thousands of Cockroaches
Are there vagrancy laws where people have to show residency to stay in Hawaii?
What is stater of electric vehicle adoption? Do condos allow for adding charging stations?
Are tiny fire ants killing off other pests?
Oahu condo 2/1 for $440k
Kona vacation rental condo 1/1 $425k
Maui Estate on 4 Acres $3.5M
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Show Transcript

all right aloha kakahiaka everybody on today june 10th 2022 it’s kamehameha day
and i want to welcome you all to the aloha friday hawaii real estate show if you’re listening to this on a pre-recorded basis uh you want you may
want to go back uh i’ll go forward about five minutes uh because we’re gonna have the pre-game show here where we warm up
our microphones and get everything going and then we say hello to our friends who are with us and we got a bunch of people who have jumped on already jim is back
jim where were you uncle jim is back aloha jim uh good to see you again buddy it’s it’s been a while and auntie joyce
is of course with us uh another another wonderful day in the neighborhood with all of you well you’re the one you’re the one that makes
it awesome auntie choice if you weren’t here you and people like you we wouldn’t be doing it and chris is back chris longley
welcome back chris you know can i start to take some kind of credit for getting people to say aloha kakahiaka i i’m
gonna i’m gonna take a little bit of credit on that one just a little bit anyway let’s say hello let’s warm up our mic let’s go counter clockwise let’s go
scott heidi and then dylan uh scott what’s going on man we’re missing the where’s the where’s the amazing
background the coconut trees are missing yeah i thought about superimposing it in the back but they they just don’t sway
the same so yeah i’m coming to you from a new location i’d mention it last show so
this is actually the back house on on one of the the last development project that i did and i bought my business partner out so i’m
keeping it more for long term and i moved into the back so i could kind of tweak it out and so i’m
still getting settled in i’m hoping this isn’t going to be the the final resting spot hopefully i can find something
outside but um but i got my i found this and kind of sorting through
everything and getting getting situated i found this this is a nanny goose aloha shirt
and it’s interesting when um you know nanny goose that they’re kind of considered what i would i think it’s
kind of a rare bird and whatnot but um when i bought the lot on volcano in the big island right on the golf course i
was going to develop it i was out there playing golf one day and i walked on the neighbors property because mine was pretty overgrown
and there were probably 20 i think i counted 28 nanny goose on that property at one time i was i was
blown away at the number of nana goose all in one spot at one time was pretty cool that’s a great what a great story behind
you know how many times do you get to wear an aloha shirt that tells a story of an actual uh experience that you had
that’s really cool scott we got some more friends cory cory senior is back with us welcome back corey good to see you uh richard pence i
hope i pronounced that correctly uh richard aloha from queens new york city welcome and uh chris chris as you i can
take all the credit all right cool i i will i will i will take not for starting for just kind of revitalizing it heidi
what’s going on heidi what’s the coffee what’s the day how’s maui oh it’s great to be back it’s a gorgeous
day on maui um i’m sitting inside though um so you don’t hear the wind in the
background but um super excited to get outside after the show
the coffee i’ve really been loving lately it’s called maui xxx and it’s
kind of poly estate coffee and a mix with the dark roast and it’s just
i think what i like about it it’s it’s really low acidity so it’s it’s easy easy drinking but it’s still super super
flavorful and it kind of tastes like chocolate a little bit but it’s it’s not flavored
um so that’s that’s been my favorite coffee this week yeah i wish there was a way honey that
we could trade coffee beans because it would be fun to kind of give a different to give like you know heidi’s
perspective on the bean and peter’s perspective on the bean that would be that would be kind of fun uh neil is
joining us neil welcome uh neil is a member of the islander ohana and currently going through our cohort weeks
we have a we have a cohort conference tomorrow that i’m looking forward to going to have some good topics to discuss uh and uh michelle cook is from
makaha valley welcome michelle we are glad to have you here with us and i hope you enjoy uh the stuff that we got to
present and patrick is back aloha from germany welcome uh patrick is i think so so um
uh there’s god the guy rich is it richard who’s the guy there’s a person who joins us from the
uk uh and i’m sure he’s gonna be on soon and patrick is you’re a little bit further out there so it’s it’s kind of
cool uh dwayne is back welcome back dwayne excellent the whole ohana is coming back right um patrick is back
patrick’s from the big apple today i was gonna say big island no big apple today while on a business trip beautiful day
in manhattan but i’m sure not as beautiful there is imperative you know patrick beauty is everywhere we’re going
to give everyone the credit there is beauty in everywhere in the world uh but hawaii’s more beautiful than
manhattan let’s go to dylan what’s going on how’s the big on give us a mic check
i think it’s thomas from the uk right if i remember correctly yes yeah i think you’re i believe you are correct thomas
yes good and then this coffee discussion just made me spark the you know business id you know how there’s like bourbon clubs and wine clubs or they’ll ship you
you know monthly uh a different type of bourbon or whatever i wonder if there is something out there for coffee there must be right berries
yeah get that started you know maybe we can get like one of those coffee people that are like looking at the show they
could sponsor and kind of send us the coffee of the week and that would be kind of cool i would i would enjoy that
i would plug that anyway dylan what’s going on on the big island uh just a beautiful day over here it was rainy and ugly the last couple of days
but nice sun’s out and i got a photo shoot after this so that’s that’s a good thing um kids are off from school right so kids
are home the roads are pretty clear in the morning so that’s nice and it’s good to be back i was on oahu last week and
too much concrete for me over there so it’s good to be back on the big island a little too much but always enjoy a meal with peter k at zippy’s so
that’s that makes it worse bakery bakery oh no wait wait we went to the league of bakery but the line was too damn long
yeah that’s going to zippy’s right next door thank you that’s correct
we have a few more friends who are uh joining us uh patrick is moving to oahu in september working with scott awesome
awesome awesome sauce terrific uh glad that scott was a part of that helping you make that happen uh colleen colleen
gordon from also from new york welcome colleen great to see you good first i believe you’re a first time certainly
first time commenter as far as my memory goes bernard welcome back buddy bernard ung is back welcome aloha from new
jersey uh bernard has been working with scott that’s totally awesome good to see you guys and uh and paul the uh
paul paul lucas disagree the only beautiful thing about new york city is the sign saying you are leaving city
limits okay well you know a beauty is in the eye of the beholder i i think central
park’s a pretty cool place i’ve been there for a long time mark whitehill mark is back hey mark welcome buddy mark is an alumni of the eyeliner ohana mark
didn’t you guys celebrate your one year your one year anniversary in hawaii i believe so would you comment back on
this so we know um great coffee club idea always marketing and he’s the i’m telling you man dylan’s dylan’s the idea
entrepreneur guy i’m sponsored by living in hawaii you know auntie joyce us living in hawaii would that’s a really
good idea we want to get you know we want to get a coffee sponsor sponsor us so that i can sponsor them that’d be that’d be that’d be amazing i’d love to
do that uh i can’t pronounce that but barbara welcome uh welcome back barbara i
believe you’re back i believe that name looks familiar to me welcome barbara uh welcome back oh gosh it’s 902. saying
hello to everybody and getting all excited this is great everyone’s back with us it’s great to all see you let’s get let’s get started here we’re going to flip into some news
uh let’s let’s see here what we got okay so a couple things to kind of share uh today is kamehameha day for those that
don’t know uh today we uh well i believe kamehameha day is actually tomorrow uh but today it is celebrated with a state
holiday so whoever observes state holidays are closed today big cool fun parade it was i think it was
discontinued for kovitt for a couple of years this is the first year it’s going to be back if you if you if you are in
the islands uh and you have not gone to a kamehameha day parade uh i would
definitely say it is a must do it’s a most cultural event it’s lots of flowers and horses and
marches it’s really really fun uh so that’s kind of neat and uh oh yeah mark yeah okay one year one year june 2nd
still happy best thing we ever did glad yeah glad you did it buddy i’m sure um so yeah so that was that so the other
thing uh the other kind of news is about market cooling there’s a bunch of articles so i’m going to want to hear from scott and from uh heidi and from
dylan about market cooling it’s a bunch of articles uh for example let’s see there’s a couple things here uh now not
that the market’s crashing on you but it’s cooling so uh prices are still higher than last year but i guess
they’re not as much higher as they would have been if the curve was continuing so it’d be kind of interesting to hear
about that and um if you’ve been with us for uh the past few shows you know we’ve been talking about this uh vacation
short-term vacation rental new law that’s gone into effect on the island of oahu which made the minimum uh
short-term vacation rental to be 90 days uh and that’s been somewhat controversial but now there’s a lawsuit
that’s coming up about that uh the people who are suing are saying that is uh it is uh it has taken away
their their property rights so therefore it is unconstitutional it’s not following due process i don’t know if you know anything about that i’d like to
hear what you got to say about that and there was another article and i think i kind of wanted to bring it up because i think it’s it’s it’s uh it really tells
the story of hawaii the articles that were 48th out of 50 in economic activity it had a variety of measurements
according to uh economic health uh innovation potential and activity and we’re like at the bottom of the barrel
for pretty much all of those things and gang that’s because we love hawaii but hawaii is not the place not the
place you go for economic activity it’s a lifestyle it’s a qualitative life it’s not a quantitative life that’s the way i
kind of say it and uh there’s some stories there about uh no covet mandates so far there’s there’s all kinds of
stories going on about covet rates up and down and up and down but it looks like we’re going to stay clear so so so
far so good uh about what’s going on and i think that’s the basic news let’s zoom in here a little bit again and show you the the weather of course is going to be
perfect as we’re going in the summer now the weather just becomes like some amazing and everything it’s getting beautiful days uh despite some bad days
on kona so that’s that for today let’s say hello to a few more friends who have kind of chimed in with us over here uh
so norm is back welcome back norm aloha we’re watching we’re back on the big island okay and so norm uh hanging out
on the big island also a member of the eleanor hannah hope to see you this saturday we’ve got a really cool discussion that’s coming up on this
saturday’s uh uh event with the islander conference and auntie joyce highly recommends the
kamehameha day break excellent all right great so let’s do this let’s kind of go clockwise now dylan and then heidi and
then scott um give us uh there’s a little bit of cooling if you want to comment on that at all mark uh you we talked about that a little bit uh
i believe then the last time that you were here but give us any updates any news newsworthy stuff on the big on
that’s kind of happening that you want to share anything about the market go ahead dylan yeah it’s definitely changing there’s
definitely a shift going on i don’t know if it’s cool in or what’s going on but you know there’s more homes on the market than there has been in a very
very long time there’s 522 homes in the market big island we haven’t been above 500 in in a while and we crept up the
1657 active listings so that number has been like under 1600 for a long time and
you know got all the way down to 1300 at one point so things are things are shifting um you know we’re still seeing very aggressive
pricing on seller behalfs and and buyers are becoming more cautious with the higher interest rates their buying power
has gone down so it’s some interesting stuff going on in the market um but
for the most part still strong i mean you know it’s going to be a very very long time until we get back to normal
levels of inventory like 3 000 properties on the market you know are still like 50 where it normally is so
you know going forward but we’ll see but uh i’m not seeing any any type of you know dramatic downward shift it’s more
of a cooling off is probably the best the best way to put a plateau potentially so
yeah that’s the that’s the sense i got from at least the articles where it’s cooling off the curve is starting to
kind of bend a little bit it’s not it’s not quite so so steep heidi what’s uh anything else dylan that you want to
share big on news anything that’s a short story good thank you heidi what’s going on maui give us the
update give us some interesting news give us whatever you want to share sure well real estate wise i mean the
market is definitely shifting a little bit um shifting towards a more balanced
market which is actually a good thing um and it’s good for buyers it’s still a very robust market but the
rate of appreciation has slowed down um the kind of
real intense frenzy has slowed down a little bit um
but i mean it’s still it’s still very strong like the the big difference between this year and last year at this
time is the number of properties closing is a lot less the number of properties going under contract is a lot less
um but i mean overall i i think it’s going to be a good thing i mean we’re seeing
more price reductions if sellers have overshot their pricing prices but we’re
not really seeing any signs and prices going down and the amount of properties on the market
is still very very low i mean compared to any historic levels so
anyway that’s where we are right now so same same kind of thing on your end yeah thanks thanks honey scott what’s going
on what’s up what’s going on with the wall what’s going on with you what’s going on with the market yeah i mean this is a time where i take
start to take a a long look and a deep look at a lot of different areas because
the market is shifting a little bit and what does that mean and what’s coming down the pipe um the funny thing is is oahu just had
this month two we we had record price record price appreciation or record prices for
single-family home and condos so the market’s still going up don’t don’t think that it’s coming down
but we are starting to moderate i got a new word for you today instead of decelerate which is still a good word
moderate is what we’re starting to do on the single family home side not on the condo side so we’ve had four months of fewer sales
than last year fewer sales by how much five percent it’s not it’s not earth shattering by
any means the monthly inventory remaining is slightly moved up so dylan
mentioned 500 and something active homes on the big island well we’ve got 527
where we were at like 400 a couple of months ago so we’re we’re nowhere near to being able to give buyers any kind of
advantage where it’s still a seller’s market and it’s going to continue to be but we’re going to start to decelerate
and one of the things that’s really important for people understand is we can look at market stats and you can
start to see the the price appreciate the rate of price appreciation slowing down but there’s a hidden cost that
people don’t don’t see that don’t show up in the market stats and that’s what interest rates are doing and where i
mentioned it last time we’re in an inflationary period so as interest rates go up you don’t see it on the market stats where you will see it is its
effect in that appreciation rate it will start to it will start to sit on that sort of start
to decelerate that uh the rate of appreciation but we’ve also been appreciating it 20 per year which is not
sustainable so yeah we’re gonna start to normalize but it may take two years i expect us to have double digit price
appreciation in single family homes this year next year single digit price appreciation so by no means are we going
in the opposite direction and if interest rates keep going it’s going to cost the consumer more the interesting
thing is that is the condo side um we have we’re up 13 in price on
condos now we’re up 13 in number of sales so that shift like i was talking about is moving to the condo
side um and there’s 30 percent less listings available for condos now than there were
a year ago so the shift is happening in that direction and it’s gonna
condos are gonna still be hot here so that’s kind of the the summary here deceleration on the home home front
we’ve we’ve had a hell of a run and it’s gonna shift now to the more affordable condo option
interesting so yeah uh what i’m hearing you say is that a couple of things that’s uh what you moderate it’s an interesting
word here it’s moderating the market um and uh so it’s not as sky high as it is
but uh the that because of interest rates etc is that the
it’s going to shift to buying is going to be the the active is going to shift into the condo market because that’s kind of where where the lower prices are
so it’s going to be various kind of things to see how that all flies thanks great observation everyone um hey folks
uh listen we’ve got um uh we’re gonna we got a bunch of slides got a bunch of like pre-canned questions
that you’ve already submitted through the form but those of you that are here get the priority the live the live
audience gets priority if you got any questions pop them in the comments now so we could kind of throw them up there and have a discussion about them uh make
sure you let us know what that is uh let’s we’re gonna we’re gonna move on so hey listen if you uh how did you get
here did you get here through my newsletter the newsletter has the invites and the links to the facebook and the youtube channels if you didn’t
get here through the newsletter it means you’re not on the newsletter get on it living in go over there a
single you know a dialog box will pop up pop in your email address so that you get the invites we have the show every
other week and of course we have all kinds of other content uh i’m going through a series right now on youtube
about the retirement home i excerpted with some great discussions with the team here uh last time about retiring in
hawaii i put that all together into a video series that’s what’s going on now and of course articles and things that nature all right all right gang so uh no
questions going on here right now let’s let’s get into this this has been a topic that i’ve had for a long time in the queue and heidi kept reminding me to
kind of bring it up and i’m going to bring it up now so i think it’s kind of irrelevant so uh scott this is this kind of ties into uh
into the the vacation rental uh laws that are going on on oahu
it also goes into there’s a lot of uh laws moving in maui to control or limit
vacation rentals i know there’s all kinds of stuff kind of happening in on the big on as well there’s a lot of movement going on with vacation rentals
and regulations and increasing taxes and things of that nature it’s been all over the place covet started all that
so there’s this new thing and i kind of want to get your folks uh a take on this uh which is this
there’s this idea called co-ownership i don’t know precisely what is but my understanding about it is is that it’s
not like a time it’s like a time share but it’s not it’s like you have a a a
legal structure where several people own a home so you co-own a home instead of
one person owning that home several people own that home it’s like timeshare but it’s not it’s not timeshare and uh
there’s a concern here that first was brought up on maui that this may this co-ownership may skip
short-term vacation rental laws because you’re an owner you’re not a uh you’re not a vacationer you’re an owner uh but
your your slice of this house may be less than 30 days um and apparently there are these uh co-ownership these
co-owned homes are coming up in luxury neighborhoods and of course uh luxury neighborhoods you know they were
people who bought these homes and luxury neighborhoods bought them because they wanted a luxury home in a big
private gated community they didn’t want to be near a visitor destination they didn’t want to be near a a resort place
but now what’s happening is that some of these co-owned homes these co-ownership homes
are becoming like vacation rentals so they’re becoming like resorts so there’s all kinds of touristy things and people
don’t like that so that’s the background that’s the setup uh why don’t we go to heidi first and then scott and then
dylan uh if you caught anything about this this co-ownership thing do you see this going
anywhere is there kind of some potential problems that you see how do you what’s your take on this
well i i see picasso is shared ownership of luxury homes and i i kind of see it
as an outgrowth just in general of the sharing economy and i can see how this
can be very attractive for people that are looking to own that five million dollar house but only want to
spend one million um co-ownership of homes and properties i mean that’s been going on for a long
time but i think what’s different about picasso is um they’re one company that’s managing
it and organizing it and marketing it this way which makes it a little bit different
and there’s there’s concerns on a couple different sides i mean
their entree into the maui market comes at a very politically sensitive
time when prices of housing is very high i mean the county would like to increase
affordable housing and also if you watched our show about property
taxes i mean property tax structure on maui is designed to
tax the highest rates to timeshare and short-term rentals and we have very low
tax rates um for full-time residents and other types of properties so like with the
picasso model they’d probably be they’d be paying less property tax than maybe
a short-term rental or timeshare so that could perhaps be issue but the
other issue is for as peter mentioned it’s for the people actually living in these communities that
they don’t want people constantly coming and going um [Music]
and for new owners thinking of buying in the community and existing owners in a community if there’s an hoa they’re
trying to change their bylaws and figure out how to prevent this kind of thing i mean my opinion is
if picasso tried to do this in an area that allowed vacation rentals they’d be met
maybe more welcome than in a residential condominium area
um so i don’t know i i could go on about this um but
well i think it’s gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna give dylan the cue to talk about his one of his favorite topics of unintended consequences so we
may see one of those but scott watch what’s the it’s been going on heidi mentioned has been going on for a while this
co-ownership idea what’s do you have have anything might this be something that’s going to kind of erupt on oahu
especially with this 90-day short-term vacation rental thing what’s your take uh i
i’m not that impressed with it i mean it’s it’s it’s fractional ownership is effectively what
it was when called 10 12 years ago never took off and there’s a whole host of
reasons so what picasso’s doing is there they will you can have a maximum of eight owners
owning the property and they put it into this into an llc so you own a portion of that llc whether you own one eighth or
you purchase two portions of it so then you’re dividing up the usage time basically by that and picasso can manage
it and you can set dates that you come and visit it’s not going to skirt the short-term vacation rental laws because
if you go these are homeowners that own it so that’s not a short-term vacation rental if you own it right so forget
that um they would have to put it on you know advertise it in some kind of way for it to be become a short-term vacation
rental and then city and county will come down on them at that point the and i know there’s been a concern for
you know people buying up inventory well hey if you get five or if you get eight people buying one home
rather than eight people buying eight homes guess what they’re leaving inventory for other people so hey have
at it yeah you’re you’re streaming you’re shrinking the buyer pool the the biggest thing
the biggest reason i don’t see this taken off and it hasn’t before first of all it’s an llc so
financing components for it get to be complex they’re not easy you’re one one
eighth owner let’s call it and then okay you know does everybody agree you have
to vote on things as a as a group do you really want to do that right uh hey i don’t like the decor it’s looking a
little run down let’s change it now you got to get eight people to all agree and then if you want to go and
sell it okay now you’ve got a real challenge on your hand because now you’re putting it on the market yes it
looks attractive on the price but somebody knows they’re buying this thing a portion of this thing usage time to
come in with a group of people and i looked online there is one fractional in hawaii kai right now that’s on the
market for 400 and some thousand it’s a condo where condo market right now days
on market is average is 10 days this thing’s been on the market over 200 days so what’s your buyer demand for something
like that looks pretty it looks pretty low and you know funny what you said that scott because
uh paul had popped this on the comments right before you uh tongue-in-cheek of course luckily co-owners would probably
always get along always agreeing on renovations always want to look all at the same time so that’s a really good point so interesting i don’t see it
taking off because of the complexity of something like that especially when you don’t know each other and your eight
owners having to to navigate through something every one of my llc’s that i put together for the developments and i
have people come in and give me money my llc says i control everything nobody has
a say and there’s a reason for it because i need that thing to go smooth and i need to be the decision maker
so you can’t have you can’t have eight deciders uh could you imagine that scott if you had if you had to deal with eight oh my god
it’s it’s a pain as it is uh hey i just want to kind of give a quick uh a shout to uh colleen and to norm and and now to
andre i got your questions we’ll be popping them up shortly i want to get through this this topic here with uh uh
dylan uh what’s your give me your unintended consequence or whatever whatever comes to your mind about this
this topic dylan well the first thing i’d like to you know context-wise mention is
this is not a new concept especially in hawaii in hawaii we have a term called hui right it means like group and that’s
been a business kind of strategy a land ownership strategy for a long time and it’s people
coming together into a group and doing something together so it’s not necessarily a foreign idea it’s
definitely a new and innovative idea and let’s not forget who’s behind this right spencer
ranscroft is the founder of picasa and he was the um ceo of zillow for many many years and an
executive at zillow for many many years and so these aren’t stupid people right i mean these people know the real estate
market they’re disruptors in the real estate market um they’re very smart people involved in this and so
they but that’s not that’s not to say that everything zillow and you know these these different disruptors have done has
been successful i mean they failed many times too you always forget about the failures and you see the successes but
it’s i somewhat disagree i think there is buyer demand for it i i’ve been in
contact with many people who are we they haven’t started on that big island yet but they’re asking me about it and saying do you know when this is coming
something we’re interested in because there are people who want uh you know a five million dollar vacation home for a million dollars and
they’re they’re doing that anyway right they’re coming here and doing airbnbs for a month or two and and paying for
you know a month or two of ownership to use a property and they see the value and having some equity in it long term
and having more control so i think definitely there’s you know it’s it’s interesting times to come but
in the like kylie said the the sharing economy that we’re in right people are okay with
sharing cars and um sharing rooms in their homes i mean it’s it’s maybe a
cultural thing with the younger generations where this becomes more of a it’s more efficient right it’s more
efficient to own a part of something and get to benefit from the its maximum value when
you’re not going to use it all the time i mean i think about that all the time like how much wasted money we have in clothes and things that we have around
our house that we use once a month twice you know once every other month i mean there’s tons and tons of those examples
and one of the unintended consequences here right is these people that live in these luxury neighborhoods
if you try and put in ccnr’s and rules that limit who can come and go and how many people you can have what does that
mean for your own house right can you can you not have friends over every month now can you not rent it out to you
you let your kids stay there in the guest home different times of the year you’re going to create a war when you
create rules you create a war amongst the rules and um you know it’s one of those attitudes where you know i have my
house and i want anything to change i want to do i want to be able to do whatever i want to do at my house but i don’t want you to be able to do whatever you want to do at your house and so
we’re going to try and implement rules and i can just see that turning into an enormous mess because you know
you just imagine how that goes so it’s going to kind of see where this where this goes this is i think as as heidi
said it it is a it isn’t i believe a a reflection of the sort of the sharing economy uh scott’s points are also good
too i mean and and the numbers speak for themselves uh 200 days on the market versus versus 10 uh that that that tells
you something but yet these these people are are you know they’re zillow exec so they’re not stupid they they know the
market so and and think about you know it’s just another vehicle there’s been real estate investment trusts for many
many years that’s a that’s been a real estate investment vehicle and tool for many many years which is just basically people putting money into a trust that
buys real estate and lets it appreciate or buys commercial property and draws dividends off of it so it’s just another
foray into that you know it’s the next step in those types of ideas yeah yeah and i don’t know peter if you remember
we talked about this years ago maybe three years ago when kind of blockchain became a big thing because and i you
know everybody says i had this idea before it became a thing right but i literally like i had this idea about there was a big piece of property like a
200 piece acre piece of property i remember and i had a bunch of friends and we were like man we need to figure
out a vehicle where we can all put in 50 grand and buy this thing because we’re not going to use the 200 acres up in the
mountain every day you know we could we could come up with an agreement and you do a drawing for who uses it on what weekends and what long weekends and you
could figure this thing out where you have access to hunting land and places to ride your horses and your four-wheeler and you know we could all
be basically a large branch owner but not have to own the entire ranch or the entire ownership of the ranch because
it’s not affordable to most folks that would be interested in that so anyway i think it’s you know it’s a very interesting idea i’d like to see it more
for things like vehicles like that like buying beach property or you know stuff to preserve that that families local
families can have that you know they wouldn’t normally be able to afford but could have access to and be able to preserve into the long term thank you
dylan for reminding me about that that that was a very fun time i met so gang with the discussion i went down a deep
rabbit hole i had documents written off but all kinds of stuff yeah you know so i i i didn’t go quite down
well because i went down the technical rabbit hole uh right because i was my when dylan mentioned that i thought oh
man you know you could create a use blockchain technology the the technology that powers bitcoin for example bitcoin
and ethereum uh you could create a a blockchain where people could buy a piece of that property
for like you know a hundred dollars buy a hundred dollars worth you wouldn’t have to put in half a million dollars worth or a big number you could put in a
teeny tiny number and still own you know one one thousand you know one one millionth of the property uh but anyway
that was uh and if you and if you think about it that could be an uh awesome vehicle for
preservation of of you know important property uh community gardens because we always rely on the government
to go and like buy open space and stuff and and you know we want the government to spend the money but what if there’s you know a thousand citizens that want
to get together and spend a couple couple thousand dollars and and buy a piece of property to do a you know
community benefit program or something like that or buy it for the humane society right to to um have a have a
facility on i mean there’s lots of ideas where you could come up with stuff that would be beneficial and you don’t have to rely on on the county who’s going to
buy it and then neglect it and you know it’s going to become an eyesore right you want you want you want to add to that yeah i mean they’re doing that on
the big island with um where you can you can pay it’s like a certain amount of money and you can buy basically you’re
buying a koa tree and they’re planting it on you know lands to try to basically replenish the coil tree um
and do it in a sustainable way i know they’re doing that already the one the one way i see this place be
this concept being able to take legs is the fact that who’s behind it big money reputation so there’s a comfort factor
that a bigger company gets involved in this and and you can have some of that safety
that some of the complexities to this that would not be as appealing where you
can’t control everything you have to have some kind of say with other people they could come in and bring
the size and scale of that kind of company to smooth out some of that and then i could
see it definitely taking having some legs gang you’re all you’re all watching the
genesis of another startup idea right before your eyes we’re we’re coming up with something hey so i got a question
for you all so um for uh what do you what do you folks think if there was a way for you to spend a small
amount of money uh and you know let’s say a hundred dollar minimum and uh with the hundred dollars you would actually
own a piece of property so scott it’s not quite like buying a koa tree because you can’t turn around and sell that koa
tree later so you would actually buy a piece of land and let’s say it’s preservation land or whatever for a
hundred dollars and that would be you would get some kind of a title that you could then later sell that if it ever appreciated it you know obviously would
appreciate that 110 or 120 but it would be a piece of property that you would own is that something that you would
with that does that what does that make you think about that go ahead scott it’s called the cohort compound the cohort
compound the cohort compound love it oh yeah the islander ohana cohort compound
oh man okay wow all right you’re you’re seeing it all right we we had a couple questions that
i want to cover great topic thank you all for for participating i think it’s a great discussion as usual hope you’re all enjoying these as much as i am so
let’s kind of hit colleen’s uh question are there any medical coding uh any jobs in medical coding in healthcare
available on oahu well colleen here’s what i got for you i’ve got a link i’m going to pop in the comments for you
right now uh i’ve actually got i partnered with ziprecruiter and on the website if you go to living in hawaii i
put the link it’s going to pop in the description it’s going to pop in the comments in the section in a second go to that do that search and that’s the
best way to kind of find uh do that job search and you’ll find if there’s if there’s jobs available of that kind
typically speaking though that’s i i’m gonna i know what you mean by medical coding but you know typically speaking
a high skilled high skilled high value jobs are typically
easier to get in hawaii than other types of jobs however
getting a job in hawaii is a whole other animal we’ve made some videos on that and i’ve actually got a article on the website how to get a job in hawaii scott
gave us a great story a long time ago about his experience in getting his first job uh and
one of the hotels i remember that scott have not forgotten about it uh and norm is saying after staying on a
farm in papaya coal we found out how important a pest service is any idea of
average cost of monthly service yeah dude well papaya cole you’re that’s a that is a a very wet area lots of
pests hope you had your you hope you had some enjoyable times over there dylan any sense do you you have any
sense of kind of what what a sort of a pest service maintenance thing might cost on the big island it’s not
expensive i mean 50 to 100 bucks a month 200 bucks yeah or you can buy like there’s like those home defense bottles
at home depot and you can spread them around the edge of your property what i tell people is unfortunately you’re
gonna have to get over it because there’s bugs in hawaii you know yeah good yeah there’s nothing you can do
about it i don’t care what you do but i mean you can change your house and literally next week there’s going to be answer cocker which is back hanging out
so yeah that’s it man so you know norm is doing that norm is doing his own vacation the simulation of living in
hawaii so norma i hope that’s insightful the only way to avoid it is you got to be you know like above the fifth floor
on a condominium complex if your high-rise condominium complex a lot of times you can avoid avoid bugs do a
degree but you’re still going to get the flying ones yeah scattered good things we don’t have any bad bugs none of them you know i mean other than like centipedes i mean that bites you i mean
there’s really not that many that are harmful so you know i i did put a i i i long time ago we had a discussion about
this and i actually made a video about it on the channel it’s got five bug i got five bug stories uh our favorite bookstores of scott getting bit by
centipede and dylan you chasing after one uh in in your bedroom and uh me with a big cockroach just scott how
do you folks want to add anything to norm’s question about a maintenance fee about a 50 200 bucks a month i mean at our condo association a lot of
times they’ll huey up with it they come quarterly and it’s twenty dollars uh if you if you jump in with
that i have it for the front house at 195 a quarter a lot of times it’s quarterly but um
yeah i will tell you if you’re in a condo and you choose not to and the rest of the building does guess where all
those uh guess where all those bugs are gonna run when you don’t you don’t participate oh man you just reminded me of my of my
bachelor condo cockroach story which i’m gonna say for a moment heidi anything you want to add to this uh this this topic
most condominiums on maui that i’m aware of have some kind of quarterly pest control and
if you have a house here you definitely want to have some kind of pest control um i don’t mind seeing bugs as long as
they’re dead which is usually after the pest control and
i would just recommend you know don’t leave any food in your car either and i won’t elaborate on that story
well i’m going to elaborate on the store because i got to share this because just popping out of my head so this was i was
i had just moved to hawaii i was in my early 20s a bachelor living in a condo studio
and you know this is back when i was you know young and stupid uh you know bad bad habits and um what i did was i uh
i didn’t clean up after myself i had a messy condo and i didn’t kind of do my dishes my would let dishes in the sink
for a while and you know roaches started kind of showing up and i didn’t do any pest control so i let that continue and
this went on for you know this one after for for several months and uh you know there came a time when i had there were
you know you would turn you know you would come in and you come home at night and i turned the lights on and roaches
would be running everywhere and it got to a point where it’s like it was like okay i got to do something about this so there’s a small studio so
i got one of those uh uh those these uh bug killer things where it’s a it’s a can it’s it’s it’s like a grenade you
kind of turn the can on and it kind of keeps kind of spouting out so i i bought like four of those cans put it on you
know got out of the condo came back you know six hours and i had a i had a shopping i had i
came back there was 100 i mean no not hundreds thousands thousands of roaches uh that
were all over the place i scooped it up it was a shopping bag full of cockroaches a shopping bag full of
cockroaches and that was when i learned why local folks are very clean while you always wash those dishes as
heidi said clean up after yourself don’t leave food anywhere not in the car right heidi don’t leave food in the car don’t
leave food in the don’t leave food kind of hanging out always wash the stuff because you’re gonna have bugs
everywhere uh so i don’t know if anyone wants to kind of jump in and share another bug story all right let’s let’s
move on over here um uh yeah right uh uh let’s say let’s see so let’s see who we
got over here who’s who’s next let me kind of get pardon me for a minute i’m gonna get back i want to get these in order uh
uh uh andre understands are there vagrancy laws when when they’re quote their share of staying in the property
is expired but they don’t have to evacuate the state because they can prove residency with identification you
know andre this is america uh we don’t have to prove uh uh we there are there is vagrancy laws per se but there’s no
law that says you have to leave the state if you can’t show that you have an address the united states of america you
can move to any state you want you don’t have to have permission and you don’t have to kind of show any sort of
any sort of proof of anything you just kind of hang out now it’s a problem but there’s nothing that says you have to leave the state if you can’t prove
that you have a residency um and uh auntie joyce not in my
neighborhood thinking this is well this is this vacation rental stuff right some people don’t some people don’t some people don’t want it uh there’s all
kinds of issues about that this vacation rental controversy is going to brought that all up but there is a ton of not in
my neighborhood or nimby not in my not in my backyard a lot of that going on in
in hawaii uh let’s hit uh bernard what’s the current state of electric vehicle
adoption is it a big pain to set up and pay for setting up your own or hoa covered charge points in condo parking
garages are the hoa rules strict on this i think there’s only one public tesla
supercharger on oahu interesting question bernard i it’d be kind of fun to get some stats i do
believe i i could be wrong in this but i believe that hawaii has the the largest per capita of electric vehicles in the
country and for good reason because of the sunshine a lot of there’s a a lot of
the sort of the that the teslarati um has you know solar panels on their homes
and they charge their cars uh condo wise hoas uh scott why don’t you comment on that what’s that what’s the story with
sort of hoas and condos and how that all works yeah on the older condos you got to be
you you kind of got to get into the condo docks and and sometimes we got to talk to people so on the older building sometimes they’re not
equipped for it or set set up for it the how they have their electrical running from when they were built is
is not um conducive forward or they haven’t upgraded to the point to where they can
easily run it but um it’s case-by-case basis in on the older buildings the newer buildings
they’re all setting up for it and typically what they’re doing they’ll either have some charging
stations or quite a bit of them in the buildings or and or you can pay the cost to run it to your
parking stall and once it’s there then you have the the electric charging station but the
newer buildings in the 2000s to present are significantly easier and within the
house rules and things they usually have uh guidelines for what what’s allowed
and how to go about it wow that you know thanks scott for uh shedding the light on that uh
that’s gonna be that would be a quite a feature if you could run power to your stall that would
be amazing there’s a ton already like that really really and you know along with that um
there is a uh i know one of the cars for sure uh there’s a new electric car from
hyundai the gv60 uh i saw the the promos on it i haven’t seen it mentioned but
regardless there’s features coming out now where cars can charge wirelessly so you’ll be able to put a just a pad and
you just drive up to the pad in your stall and your car starts chasing so dylan you don’t even have to take
dylan’s got to test the model three you want to you want there’s nothing even the plug in just drive up uh
which is going to be amazing uh heidi what what’s the status with a condos uh
what’s your what’s your understanding of condos maui electric cars etc well we’re definitely seeing more and
more electric vehicles out here on maui and i have seen some condominiums even
older condominiums where individual owners have been allowed to set up a charging
station for their parking stall um so i know that happens i mean as far as the
cost and timing of doing that that would be something to look into by a case-by-case basis um i mean there’s
also quite a few places publicly where you can go over to a resort area or beach parking and charge your car
um and a lot of the newer homes are being set up for electric vehicles as well so i mean i see that trend
continuing that’s a really good point you know uh bernard uh one thing uh although there’s
uh there may only be one tesla supercharger station uh there was a law that was uh made
years ago in fact the guy that would that kind of drove it as a good friend of mine but there’s a law that that states that
you know any parking lot that has x amount of stalls now i don’t know if this is oahu or statewide but certainly
on oahu any parking lot that has x for every x amount of stalls there has to be an
electric charging station so they’re not tesla supercharger stations but there’s charging stations almost at every every
mall every anything that’s got a big parking lot it’s got a couple of charging stations and i don’t know what the law is these days on the um
the airport airport parking used to be free for electric vehicles that was causing problems because all they’ll
still is it’s the best that’s the best part is there’s a big role of electric vehicle stalls at our airport so and
mark for free so dylan what’s uh so so fill us in on on the big island scene you got a tesla model three fill us in
on the electric vehicle scene on the big island so the big island our charging infrastructure is not very good um there
are a few public charging stations like target and there’s some up by the resorts but for the most part most of the people
that i know that that have an electric vehicle charge it at home that’s that’s what i did that had a charging um
station installed at my house it was like 500 bucks for the electrician to come in and do it and it’s very it’s
sufficient i mean you get 30 to 35 miles an hour when you plug into it so you just plug it in when you come home and
you always have a full charge the next morning and you really only charge you know two or three times a week maximum if it depends on how much i’m
driving but my friends on oahu that have teslas and electric vehicles there’s enough
even if their condo complex doesn’t have a charging station or you can you can’t put one in it’s just a lifestyle change
where you go to a grocery store that does have a shop uh charging station and
you plug in while you grocery shop or you know you go out to dinner and they just say that you know it’s they can
make it work it’s just you have to build that into your schedule where you may have to spend a few hours um outside of
your home charging your car you know depending on where you go so it’s totally doable there’s tons of electric
vehicles out here and um for me it’s like i i did it on purely echo i got one for
purely economical reasons because i didn’t like paying for gas and now i feel smarter than ever you know i got it in 2020 and now i feel like a genius
because people about gas i have no idea what the gas prices i could care less so
you know isn’t it isn’t it great though those those those wonderful uh genius moves where we get to look back on what
you did and if it makes you feel like a genius today it’s like yeah did the right thing with that one yeah
yeah it’s kind of interesting to kind of see what’s gonna i’m curious dylan how i think to be on more than any other place
um oahu you could get away with not having a car maui you can’t get away with mommy you gotta have a car big one
for sure you’ve got to have a car big allen i would say for sure you well you don’t have a truck deal well
you may have like i do yeah i have a truck also yeah that’s what i that used to be my daily driver you know the the
hemi dodge which doesn’t make any sense when it comes to gas mileage
so i do have to fill that up like once a month you know or whatever you know that’s our beach car we take rubbish at a rubbish dump you know what i mean but
yeah but it doesn’t hurt that bad when you’re doing it once you know once very once in a while well i’m going to be what i was going to say is i mean can we
instantly kind of see how the electric transition is going to happen on the big on as electric trucks come on the market
right because now you’ve got the uh the ford f-150 which has gotten all electric the tesla is going to have their
electric so they’re saying cyber truck by the end of the year should be coming out of the year so that’s going to be really
interesting how how the culture is going to be taken up so bernard that was i hope that answered your question that was a nice in-depth conversation let me
get through these real quick and then we’ll kind of switch to our uh uh switch to our diamonds and deals uh auntie joyce says i’m in land is king right
anthony joyce can spend 100 bucks and jump in why not right uh norm sounds like a way to help more hawaiians be able to own the land on their island
that’s we’re talking about this crazy idea that we came up with having some kind of a way to spend a hundred bucks and own
some piece of land over here right how would that be different from a reit the way it would be different from a now
i think mark is talking about an earlier discussion about the reit it these these homes these fractional homes are like
reits but i believe reits are more like investment vehicles you really don’t you can buy in on or you don’t use the
property you don’t use the property it’s just like having a mutual fund so it’s different in in that sense although this
this i this idea that that we had uh you know about putting in 10 bucks and a hundred bucks and being able to kind of
to invest it would be similar to a reit it would be similar um let’s see what else we got over here uh
and andre uh navy water problems for real uh it’s it’s a it’s a different kind of a problem andre we have some
previous shows you can look at the archive it’s it’s about a water flow uh uh of
polluted water tanks it’s a little bit different not not quite that uh let’s see here we go uh uh so uh norm says
yeah ready for the bugs but not for the tiny fire ants yeah yep welcome to the welcome to the club
man welcome to the club this is this is purely my uh my theory but i believe that if you have fire ants you have less
other bugs because i think they kill the bugs i’ve seen places that have fire ant problems you don’t see other ants you
don’t see cockroaches and i think it’s because those ants attack the other everything else you know the bugs pokey
frogs too there’s a lot less cookie frogs in your fire ants this just my observation
there’s always a benefit i can always see a bright side you know mother nature right you can’t you know nature is so incredibly complex we think
it’s we think you know uh but we don’t really kind of think about the whole way through there’s all kinds of consequences right unintended
consequences uh jackie’s is with us aloha from beautiful kapolei uh jackie is an alumni of the island rohana and
has the best background scott actually her background’s better than yours she has an amazing uh she lives on on the
golf course and the background is like it’s like stunning uh when when she joins us uh
uh alex uh called there’s a there’s a company called arrived homes interesting i’d like to know more about that uh
instant going to kind of hear about that so let’s see jackie says i do quarterly it’s about 50 a quart okay so there’s
the bug there’s the bug price uh quarterly 50 a quarter initial startup fee with them too store everything containers wash dishes wash dishes right
jackie i was too stupid to learn that i had to learn that one the hard way also i agree if you’re only one not doing
pest control your apartment place is the one that they will come to yes yes yes yes yes yes
auntie joyce uh the the california condo a large charge station our condo but the catch was that uh the power company
wanted ten thousand dollars to install probably could not get your money back in time yeah that’s that is for for for
sure uh and uh auntie uh joan is with us uh joan is the alumni of the eleanor
ohana happy kamehameha day welcome joyce uh welcome joan it’s great to see you
excellent all right uh let’s see i think that’s about it for this time let’s so gang love your questions pop them in uh
great discussions bernard as you can see that we got some great experts here to uh to help us out with it let’s do this
let’s move on to uh let’s do our diamonds and deals we got some properties that i’ve asked my friends to put forward uh their favorites either
diamonds or deals or sometimes it’s both uh let’s see what we let’s see what what’s cooking for us though we have a
makiki condo scott listed for 440k what is it yeah two bedroom uh two bedroom one bath
high floor as you can see you got nice views looking right out on on some of the construction going out in the in
kakaako but you got some greenery some trees and stuff in front of you and open park space so you don’t really have any
big buildings around so you get really great views and sunsets kind of all year round but this one’s 440 000
right in makiki which is going to be in the honolulu metro core but on the mauka side of the h1 freeway or mountain side
so right behind it actually gets to be a lot more residential so you have some streets you can walk it’s close to
punahou but yeah it’s a great unit as you can see in the upper right corner the um
there’s the the kitchen living room looking out to the view and you have a it’s 770 square feet with a thousand i
mean a 100 square foot lanai so you got a decent sized lanai right off the front that you can utilize as well
scott this seems like a deal do i say dare i say bargain yeah it seems like it seems like a deal it’s
uh pretty good nicely you said it’s a two bedroom condo two bedroom one bath yeah two bedroom one bath gang bee
simple with park simple two bedroom one bath with parking there you go uh and uh uncle ray is with
us uh good to see you again ray uncle ray says aloha well good to see you ray welcome back um excellent all right
thanks scott for that one that’s uh that’s that’s a deal all right uh what’s up next we got a one bedroom this you know again with so i i have to
comment with what’s so what’s so funny is we don’t we don’t plan this out they don’t select them out in advance but
there’s some fun synchronicities almost every single show has some interesting synchronicities between the properties
that are that are being shown uh so let’s see here uh so dylan’s dylan’s got a one bedroom one bath kona balikai
dillon what is it yeah this is a vacation rentable condo right on it’s actually this condo is not
on the water it’s on a back building so that’s that’s what the complex looks like it’s in front of the one of the best surf spots we have banyans here on
the big island but nicely renovated condo granite countertops one of the lowest priced
fee simple condos in kona and you can you can get the vacation rental permit so it will produce income for you so
just thought this is a this is a deal right now here in kona is a good move-in ready uh turn key and it’s turn key also
so you don’t have to furnish it or bring it just bring your suitcase if you want to live in it wow i bet you could do the back of the
napkin spreadsheet on this one pretty quickly you said it’s a vacation rent it’s a legal vacation rental
it’s right on the water and low hoa is under under 500 i believe like five you know four minutes so not bad yeah so you
got low hoas it’s it’s on the water i mean the unit itself doesn’t face the water but it’s right there the property
is right there which makes it ideal and it’s a vacation rental um would need a wouldn’t need a whole uh
would need a whole lot of math to figure out to make this profitable excellent love it love it very cool i’m interested
i kid i kid i can’t good and good price we’ve sold you know we sold them right in this price range
real recently so comps wise i mean they’re not they’re not being crazy on price yeah yeah well you know a dry site
says that that will sell in a few hours now dry so i think he’s talking about scott’s unit but this one too man uh and uh mark seems to feel the same well this
r went fast yeah thanks mark i’m glad you enjoyed it and uh jackie says scott what’s the hoa on the oahu one
you’re muted yeah sorry about that it’s uh it it’s eight eight fifty so eight fifty
yeah jackie i’m sorry go ahead scott okay okay uh jackie you know who to call
uh give us a give us a buzz uh you know uh you could email uh reply back to me or i’ll connect you with scott get that
one in there that’s a it’s a great place great location although jackie you’re living in kapolei so you’re gonna well
you’re gonna go backwards so it won’t be that bad you’re gonna go against traffic jackie so uh it won’t be that bad if you
have to communal so it’s still gonna still gonna suck okay um let’s see what’s up what’s up next here let’s
let’s look at our our maui our maui property here uh what do we got wait wait wrong one not we got one oops
oh you know what heidi i think i think he came in late and not late but came in after i started the slideshow
give me a sec over here oh technical details give me a sec everybody so let me kind of flip over to heidi’s property
uh oh here we go give me a sec because we want to show that so there’s always a little bit of
synchronicity and then we always get like one a breakout one over here like heidi’s all right here we go 71 door of
you want to buy this just for the name itself alone i want to live on door of faith road that’s the that’s the road i
want to live on door of faith road uh hi kumami wow 3.5 million heidi
what is this so this is a little bit different than the condos we just looked at yeah
uh four acres here uh there is a main home which is four bedrooms and that includes an attached
ohana downstairs um there’s three bali style bungalows and you can see
a picture on the right side there of one of the bedrooms and then there’s two pool suites and a big pool
and gathering area so really secluded
wonderful retreat you can invite a whole bunch of friends and 3.5 million on the
north shore of maui it’s a one of a kind property and it’s also being offered turnkey furnished
move-in ready uh i i think dry site said it right wow
wow that it that that is that is an amazing property as we cover up scott’s face on saying dry side wow that that is
uh all right so so this is home plus three bungalows plus two pool suites and a pool gathering area on four ocean
front acres my god that is that is remarkable all right gang so here what do you what do you what do you take do
you take the uh the two-bedroom condo on oahu for 440 do you take the one-bedroom
uh vacation rental kind of suite on the water on the big on or do you go for the
70 i just love that name 71 door of faith wrote in haiku mai for 3.5 million
which which one is a gang what do you want all right great i think we wrapped up
everybody uh i think we wrapped up everybody’s questions and everyone’s comments so why don’t we kind of do this
let’s move into our let’s move over here uh dry side dry side says big on condo well
you know dry side that’s that’s a you know that it’s uh it’s something to be said about that that’s that’s for
darn sure that’s for darn sure uh uh auntie joyce lots of buggies in maui but i take it just for the pulls and pulls
in the view man that’s me that yeah you know that place in haiku haiku’s it looks kind of lush so lush lush means
bugs jim jim wants the oahu condo gym hurry up man uh for the win that’s right
absolutely awesome all right gang so look we’re going to wrap this up let’s kind of get into our uh our our our closing our
clothing closing thoughts over here uh let’s see what we got over here is where we kind of i’ve asked everyone to kind
of kind of close it out good today is kamehameha again uh well we are wrecking we are uh uh
recognizing kamehameha day it’s actually tomorrow but we have a state holiday for today so again we’re going to recognize
that and uh let’s see what we got here dylan set us up with this one
yeah this is the serenity prayer it’s not something that you know most people know about but something that i learned from my mom early in life and has
brought me a lot of peace throughout my life and just with everything going on i shared this with my team this week because there’s a lot of stuff going on you know
just in the economy in the market in life and i think it’s a good one to help just
bring things into perspective and focus on so it’s grant me the serenity except the things i cannot change just the
strength to change the things i can and wisdom to know the difference so real simple but when stuff’s going crazy it’s good to
rely back on it you know it’s always good to it’s always good to come back on these these i i wonder how old the
surrounding prayer goes that would be kind of fun to kind of do some some research on that i love those uh those
are some some classic ones yeah well said dylan well said it and and especially in crazy times you know i i
have to riff on this just for a minute with you dylan you know a lot of times uh uh people will i i have a couple of
good friends who will you know call me say man did you see such insights this story about da da da da and all this
kind of stuff and that i and they get all upset about it and and my my my question is well
are you paid to take care of this issue and they’ll say nope not pays it
ain’t your problem ain’t your problem ain’t your problem uh or when or when people complain about
stuff and i said are you willing to go and work towards fixing it or put some money towards fixing it nope then stop complaining about it then stop
complaining about it exactly right correct correct uh norm you are you are
very welcome uh you are very welcome uh and jim jim halverson will a dry area
like hawaii kai be a problem with bugs too well different kinds of bugs you can’t get away from bugs in a white period you can’t get away from it but
lush areas wet areas have more bugs dry areas have less bugs different kinds of
bugs still going to have bugs still going to have cockroaches still going to have geckos can’t get away from bugs
that’s for that’s for darn sure right scott’s nodding okay uh what’s next scott you’re up
uh experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and then the lesson later
um you know and i was thinking about this and actually this is more of a shout out to the the the three of us on here i mean we all
have significant experience in this industry and i was i happened to see a couple of people post about having taken a course
and gotten an online designation for the realtor status and for me you know i i thought about it i’m like
why do i not do that i i don’t go down that path to getting the designations and i sure as heck don’t post about it
and the reality for me was i you cannot replace what you’re either reading in a
book or learning in a classroom with the actual experience of going through things and for the three of us that are
on here why we’re part of the reason we’re on here is because we’ve been through so much we and we can share it with you but hey we’ve gone through the
heart you know the the experiences and we’ve been we’ve figured out the lessons so we know how to figure them out before they
become a problem i i usually know when i’m putting buyer and seller together i know where the issues are
going to happen before they are and i cut i i clear them up or cut them off before we get there so you can’t you
can’t replace experience no you cannot that is that is so so well
said uh it’s those uh those experiences it’s a great line though like all right she gives it
that’s first and less than later exactly that’s why everything you’ve got is lessons and gifts right there was
another line i got on that same thing anything you get in life it’s either a lesson or a gift that’s all it is and uh
thank you auntie joyce for for doing the uh the the internet research for us serenity prayer by theologian uh
neighbor again i hacked that one 1932 33 first used and served in 1943. love that
did not know that that’s awesome thank you auntie joyce for doing that research this is what i love about kind of having a group of people right because because
people can kind of go and pop stuff on this is like great sort of social networking life which is really fun thank you so much auntie joyce for
looking that up i really appreciate that uh heidi what’s your uh what’s your thought for today
the most difficult thing is the decision to act the rest is merely tenacity
um this is a quote by amelia earhart and what this means to me is
sometimes you can spend a lot of energy just trying to make a decision but once you make a decision there’s a
momentum and you can just keep going and not that it’s going to be easy but
i i mean it’s just making that decision to act that puts things in motion and then
it’s just reassuring that you know once you’ve accomplished that it’s just about
keeping going but i actually have another closing thought about bugs um
go ahead okay go ahead honey give us give us the bug thought so there’s no bugs in my house there’s
no bugs in my car just because you live in hawaii you don’t have to live with bugs
um they are outside there are cockroaches flying around outside in the bushes and i mean that’s why you do have
the pest control but um you don’t have to think you know there’s going to be bugs crawling around your
house if you live here i just wanted to clear that up yeah well well said they’re uh they’re
uh you i i would agree if you if you follow the steps right you know we’ve you know you get the bug maintenance you
get the bug maintenance folks that come out and you know spray the yard or whatever or you do it yourself like dylan was saying
keep your dishes washed do not do not leave you know follow trust me scott you
talk about less lessons that was uh that was that was one heck
of a test um so yeah you know clean up all your clean clean your food and do that and
you’re gonna be it’s not that bad but there will be bugs they’re outside there oh there will be bugs there they’re outside and if you live in a
jungle a jungle area you’re going to have a lot of them uh auntie joyce thank you for your your
beautiful comment happy kamehameha day to all mahal to each of you for the joy you bring me you know we’re so happy that it’s it’s mutual it’s it’s it’s
mutual it’s it’s what makes this it’s like everybody kind of showing up we’re all having a good time right all right i’m going to close with with mine over
here of course you know it’s going to be proverbs hey how old are proverbs can anyone want to google that one how when was the book of proverbs written i’d
like to know that um here’s one for me all the days of the poor are hard but a cheerful heart has a
continual feast and what that means to me is that it’s really the cheerful heart that is
the source of of wealth you could be you could be poor or you could be rich but a cheerful heart is a continual
feast that’s where it’s all about it’s all about being happy and to me that actually ties back into the the economic
lesson for hawaii yeah we’re 48th in in the in the country uh 50th in the country for economic on some economic
scale and let’s just give it the benefit that say it’s true but at the same time we’re also the happiest place uh not
disneyland we’re the happiest place where the ones that there’s a there’s a certain joy that you get here and you can’t buy that and that’s what hawaii is
all about all right well uh great folks great show again thank you all for you all making it great uh dylan
and heidi and scott and everyone in the ohana who’s been a part of this jim is going to see us in two weeks jim glad to
have you back buddy we’ll see in two weeks let’s say bye let’s say by clockwise dylan then heidi than scott
say goodbye have a good weekend everybody hello aloha
hello hi everybody all right folks see y’all later have a great one see you in two weeks have a great kamehameha day holiday weekend