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Hawaii News and Market Update as of 5/27/22
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Approx rent for 1bd 1ba in Honolulu?
Buy Now & Rent, or Wait?
Why is Chinatown cheaper than Kakaako?
Why you don’t want to live on the ocean in Hawaii
Diamond Head Home Estate $5.2M
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Show Transcript

all right all right aloha kakahiak everyone today is may 27 2022 i’m peter k and you are in the aloha friday hawaii
real estate show welcome everyone uh we’re gonna we’re gonna warm up our thing here auntie joyce has kind of chopped in already hey there auntie joy
it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood it’s actually a gorgeous day today it’s been we’ve had some crazy
uh we’ve had some crazy weather not crazy weather but it’s just been gnarly not so much fun uh
trades gone weather but anyway we’re gonna warm up the microphones right now so we’re gonna have our pre-meeting chit chat if you are watching this on a
recorded basis you could probably fast forward about five minutes but then you miss out on all the fun as we warm up everything let’s get let’s uh here scott
you you are uh heidi is not with us for today gang she’s uh she’s got a a a company meeting that she has to attend
but scott since you pulled up the coffee cup you are the honorary not the honorary heidi today but you’re just
how’s it going scott let’s just start with it it’s going well but my my cup of coffee is probably a little more uh
simplified than heidi’s she’s she seems to have some specialized coffees but um i noticed you posted on your facebook
page the the waterman movie about duke cajano
yeah so i busted out my shirt today since we’re getting ready to get into the summer time this is kind of the old
school rinse spooner aloha shirt with it with all the old school surfboards on it and
you know summer swells are going to be coming into the south shore here so i figured perfect time for for posting it or wearing it today there you go man in
in honor of uh do and in fact do kahanamoku famously if i might if i may add dukahanamoku famously has a
that surf spot right outside your house over there uh publix is called it’s called publix you know that you know what the the story so the story the
legendary story is that dukahanamoku rode this wave from publix and it was like a big gigantic outside wave he
caught it and surfed it all the way into waikiki legendary whether it’s true or not i i don’t know but it’s go ahead
scott so that’s that’s actually my favorite spot and i’ll tell you when i first moved over here i’ll tell you a
funny story that’s a gnarly that’s a gnarly that place gets humongous when it’s big it’s not not only big but you
have the reef all the reef in the front right and you either paddle way out and around to go to not go through it but
you have to be careful when it’s not massive surf you have to get off pretty early or you’re
i call it the obstacle course it’s like you know traffic cones but if you fall it can be pretty dangerous well the
first time paddling out there right and i’m paddling right through everything i had no idea what i was doing
and this is after i moved to the big island so i’m just ready to go for some nice south shore surf and uh you know
some whitewash was coming in so i’m like ah and i was on a longboard so i rolled it over got underneath it and like
everything dried up underneath me and i felt my back get raked across the the coral i was like ah that’s not good
turned over kept going got out to the lineup sat up and this girl behind me goes oh god and i said i’m bleeding ardy
and she goes yep and i turned right back around and headed right back in and i did not want to chum in the water for everybody i was gonna say shark bait
shark bait for you and the rest of of the surface all right well i gotta fun chewed up my my skin story
but i want dylan i wanna hear from dylan first dylan how’s the microphone coming along what’s going on buddy what do you got today oh how’s this out it sounded
good today sounding great man sounded good so what do you got yeah i gotta got a busy day today my uh eight my son well my sons both had you
know big days one one uh ended fifth grade and he’s going to middle school the other one ended eighth grade going
into high school and so i have um about uh i think seven or eight uh teenagers outside of
the the room here waiting to go to the beach after we done with the show so oh my god we want to get right oh my god we
got to get that thing going man that that’s good you’re you’re your oldest is i can’t believe your oldest is going into high school yeah you remember when
he was first born right exactly exactly oh my god that’s crazy hey so we got some folks that we want to catch up on
over here that are that are saying hello over here first of all i want to give a shout out to uh angelos goudas aloha from chicago angel angelo’s a family
member angela good great to see you buddy he’s actually doing real estate in chicago and actually doing a pretty good job if
i if i may say so myself angela a family member hanging off from shaitaan awesome great to see angela let’s say hi to
everybody else who’s over here uh for auntie joyce has kind of kicked in first with the beautiful dana nearby and judy’s here judy is an alumni of the uh
islander ohana welcome judy good to see you again as always judy’s judy you’re amazing and so is joan jones
also an alumni uh who actually made a successful move to honolulu so uh joan
great to see you hope you’ve been enjoying the great weather that we’ve been having uh cory’s corey’s back coffee diary you know our coffee girl’s
out today coffee girl uh heidi is is out on a company meeting but she will be back on the next show tom is back from
from the uk tom welcome back buddy great to see you uh norm normie is going through the current cohort in the
islander ohana norm give us a quick update man house and norm’s hanging out on the big island and love and life man he’s posting some amazing pictures so
that’s been great i hope you’re enjoying that he’s not an amazing property over there uh richard fancy uh richard pence i hope
i pronounced that correctly aloha from queens new york first time i’m seeing your name uh welcome richard it is great
to have you here and uh wrapping up with patrick good old patton guts ben from germany yes uh awesome patrick what’s
what’s going on out there how are things in germany what’s the vibe like i’m curious kind of how the the ukraine vibe
is kind of going on right it’s gotta be a little bit kind of hairy all right i think uh let’s see it’s that magic moment it’s 901 we got up mike’s warmed
up so let’s get in uh let’s do a couple of quick updates oh we got a few more folks who jumped in over here we got uh
uh brenda welcome brenda brenda lerman hi scott from houston texas absolutely
the shout out from brenda scott scott thank you for bringing brendo with us uh to to join our show all right let’s kind
of move in we’re going to do some uh quick news updates i found a couple stories that you folks might have a little bit of an interest in let’s see
over here yeah here we go so um okay a quick update a couple things going on over here it’s actually been an
interestingly uh slow uh week uh but first of all uh don’t forget the mask i
don’t want to talk about covet counts because i think we’re pass covet but it is what it is don’t forget your mask you
know why uh there’s a couple of places that are reinstating uh indoor mass policy for example if you’re on the
island of oahu and you’re going to go to the honolulu aquarium the honolulu
aquarium has now have an indoor mask mandate there are some hints that it’s coming back everyone’s kind of freaking
out with the high case counts and so there’s some hints so if you’re going to be coming to hawaii for a vacation or visiting what have you
pack your masks pack your mess they may be coming i don’t know what’s going to happen but just be aware of it um and uh you know
surprise surprise folks uh rents are going up uh there is a uh you know interestingly enough i want to
hear from scott and dylan this when we get to this but the uh uh the median price of renting a place in hawaii has
climbed nearly 13 from 2019 to 2022 uh and so uh no
surprise their rents are going up i’m actually surprised i thought it was gonna be more they said it’s they’re saying it claimed um
climbed 13 but yet real estate has climbed 20 so that tells me that there’s going to be some more increases on rent
but no one should be surprised uh that rents are going up in honolulu uh they’re too bad honey is not here to
comment on this uh but there is a a growing access deer problem on maui so there’s uh access deers there they’re
basically being categorized as pests and so now they’re uh in fact they were blocking the runway uh at the airport
i’m wondering if the pilots had to wait for the deer to kind of go off on or or there’s no honk there’s no horn on the
aircraft i wonder how they got that off anyway uh but anyway uh they’re uh it looks like they’re um they’re gonna
allow uh more uh uh rounding up uh of of these deers to to control the population
and then finally there’s a uh for all of you who want that 600 acre ranch there is a 3 600 acre ranch going
for sale on hana maui this was like almost a heidi show but heidi is not here but it is what it is there’s a 3600
acre ranch for uh for going on maui so in case you ever wanted that 3600 acre ranch now is your chance uh look at the
weather of course it’s of course it’s perfect as always uh interestingly enough on on the weather end i want to
get some comments from the folks who have been who have been living here for the past i think the past week uh we had
a uh with an interesting part in in the weather right we had where the trade winds were gone for like mid the mid
part of last week or so i can’t remember exactly when but like it seemed like the mid part of last week the trades were
gone and it was like just it really gave you an idea of how vital the trade winds are to hawaii so
if you’re watching if you’ve been if you’re living in hawaii and you’re with us for today give us some feedback i want to hear your perspective on your
experience with what the weather was like without the trade winds right it was amazing all right uh i think we got
this here uh we got a couple folks who join us before we kind of get the the the updates aloha from patrick is hey
patrick welcome good to see you buddy uh aloha from the east coast of the mainland hope you’re all in paradise have been doing great yes well i
you know patrick you’re living in paradise you don’t have a lot of excuses right you can’t not be living great in
paradise and uh and we got back with us uh enormous our last day on the farm
then off to caloli point for another week it sounds like a dream vacation norm uh why don’t
we go clockwise dylan and then scott dylan give us the um uh give us some kind of either no
newsworthy stuff that’s been going on on the big on give us a market update kind of what’s changed what you’ve seen observing you know i’m seeing some
articles by the way you guys i’m seeing some articles that you know things seem to be slowing down uh
velocity-wise i don’t know if prices have been affected but things seem to be slowing down on the mainland on the inc the increase in interest rates and the
economy etc seems to be having an effect anyway dylan the big island update please sir
oh it does feel like it that the data hasn’t caught up yet i think with what’s going on in the market but i think the
the buyer um psyche is definitely having an effect and there’s an interesting dynamic in the
real estate market right where usually sellers are six months behind buyers in terms of when the mark their
their mindset shifts with the market and it seems like buyers are getting a little bit more cautious pulling back a
little bit sellers are still being aggressive on price and i think we’re entering a point where you’re gonna have a lot more
disagreement in terms of you know what the price should be and what the term should be and it’s going to take a
little while for sellers to catch up and understand that buyers are not willing to pay 10 over list price and waive
absolutely everything anymore because that’s already kind of shifting so we’ll see
from a listing standpoint we’re about to pop up above 600 active listings for the
first time in like six months so uh it looks like inventory is on the rise i mean it’s still 50 normal
uh times in terms of the number of properties that on the market any given time on the big island but um we’re seeing that upward trend start property
sit on the market a little bit longer um so yeah we’re in a i think we’re in a transitionary period right now i don’t
think there’s a crash coming necessarily but definitely an evening out of the rapid i think appreciation that we’ve
been seeing the last six twelve months you had mentioned i saw some of your videos over the past few weeks where you
had kind of touched on a crash nut and so and i would advise folks to take a look at your channel to get some more
information that um did you talk about that the other week that that that one stat about short-term resales why don’t
you go ahead and jump into that while you’re here this is a good yeah this is a good perspective for anybody who’s just
interested in the market or you know interested in the data that drives this stuff so so the people who keep predicting there’s like a you know
market crash coming an interesting indicator of data from the previous market crash
was there was a ton of short-term resales so normally there was about 80
000 and this is across the whole country right 80 000 per year you would have people that would resell their house
within a 12-month period that in the lead-up you know all 406 went up
to 400 or yeah 400 000. so i went up five times right people were speculating hard
on the real estate market and money was easy so you could speculate and buy several houses with easy money
and then resell it six months later for a 50 000 profit because the market was appreciating so quickly
so and that left a lot of people over leveraged you know market super inflated that really drove the bubble in 2006
2007 and this now we’re back down to you know around 100 120 000 so it’s not like down
to like 80 000 still higher than it was kind of previous but it’s nowhere near where it was in
um that lead up to the bubble the last time so just the interesting um you know difference in the in the
underlying data that doesn’t really get reported very often so there you don’t have those short-term speculators there
are people still you know buying foreclosures and flipping them and stuff but the people who are just buying selling the exact same house six months
later for a profit it’s and you know scott and i you know i ask a lot of my people in in across the country i mean how many of
these short-term speculators are you selling houses to and nobody’s doing that i haven’t sold the house to
somebody doing that um it is going to be interesting to kind of see uh how this is going to you know i
mean there’s a you know people are saying you know is there a bubble i clearly to me it’s not going to be a bubble like the
2008 bubble right but but bubbles almost by definition don’t repeat previous bubbles they’re
different kinds of bubbles right so we don’t know what the if there is going to be a bubble at all scott before we go do you for a quick second i want to say hi
to a bunch of folks who have joined us and uh uh so let me do this and i also have we also have a trivia question i
got some good feedback from our last show that you folks like like the the trivia so let me pop that
this one up and then you folks can think about it um you can put this together you can kind of throw this on the comments so
here’s the here’s the trivia question what is been the lowest uh the lowest
price over the last year in maui for either a there’s two two possibilities
you can you can comment on either one either the lowest price home for maui what do you think the lowest price home
of the last year has been or the lowest price condo two bedroom one bath condo
what is the lowest price two bedroom one bath condo or the lowest price for the home take a guess we’ll have a little
bit of fun throw it in in the chat and we’ll kind of announce the winner and we’ll also ask uh scott and dylan this
is this is like the honorary heidi who’s not here show i i didn’t plan it this way but that’s
somehow how it goes uh and i want to say hi to a few folks i want to kind of give a shout out to janice janice mele so
janice janice is a member of the honor ohana she’s going through the cohort going to see you this saturday janice
janice is also a realtor in chicago and she’s moving on to honolulu or to hawaii
uh janice you and angelo do you guys know each other uh angelo is a family member who’s also from chicago can be
kind of fun if there’s a connection there but uh he’s kind of hanging out over there right now but janice uh great to see you great that i’m really glad
that you’re here uh auntie joyce commenting on the trade winds uh whether your trade wins or not it’s a happy day you know we’re so spoiled right we’re so
spoiled that we have to pick on the days that our why our weather the weather in hawaii is so darn perfect that when it’s
anything less than total perfection you know we whining i whine and cry and complain about perfect 80 degree weather
michelle cook is is back aloha michelle cook of the sea again uh andrew uh the early crash might have
been caused by there’s a lot over there i’m that’s a that’s a long comment and i might right
now my add is not letting me read it so i’m gonna i’m gonna skip that one uh heather is here heather uh hello from
oregon coming to the neighborhood hunt and plant the beaches of course on oahu tomorrow oh that’s awesome uh going to
be i don’t want heather is also an alumni of the honor ohana and heather uh going to be hanging out with scott to
kind of find find the perfect place so i’m looking forward to that all right so judy takes a guess judy’s got 600 500k
lows in maui all right good uh uh tom says a condo of uh 90 000. uh uh colleen
aloha from new york we got a bunch of new folks over here i’m really glad you that you folks are here visiting with us
uh andre uh yeah way way too many comedians in our country uh possibly
possibly uh i can never laugh enough be honest with you uh jones says all my friends in colorado were sending me pics
of a foot of snow in their yards last week so a week without trade winds no big deal right what would you rather
have right uh complain about no no trade winds or a foot of snow i’ll i’ll take that i’ll take the no trade with any day
uh kelly hobby is back with us aloha from the big on kelly is also an alumni of eleanor hunter great to have you back
tom says single family home at 250. uh let’s see janice doesn’t know but then
that’s all right you know just uh thought you know you never know like everyone knows everybody in chicago even though it’s a gigantic town maui
guessing lowest home price probably one million okay good guess uh auntie joyce uh really coincidence yeah there you go uh
and then norm says guessing 600k for a home on maui all right those are our guesses uh scott your turn what’s going
on on oahu give us some news give us some updates what do you want to comment on uh yeah to piggyback off of dylan’s
comments about the previous market in 2006 i’ll never forget this conversation i had with um
we actually ended up being good friends and i ended up having to bail him out and help him on the sales side but he told
me he said i did it he goes yeah i just bought this condo no money down negative am loan
negative amortizing loan meaning what it means is you have your principal and interest payment
and you can make the interest payment and not the principal portion and the principal goes back into the loan so the
loan keeps getting bigger these are typically types of loans that you would see with developers short-term
debt that you you know get in you want the low carrying cost and then get out and he said yeah man i’m going to hold
it for a couple years and i’m gonna sell it for a big profit i said man your your risk load on that is pretty hefty
and hit sure enough the market turned on him and he ended up having to walk away from these units we didn’t see any of that in
this market there’s not a single person i worked with over the last two years that didn’t have a significant down
payment appraisal clause removal or cash um people had money in this market
and there was a lot of capital to go around and interest rates really low but we should expect
deceleration that’s what i call it i i don’t like the term slow down because whenever i if i say slow down people go
oh market crash that’s not where we’re headed you know as interest rates go up
that’s a cost factor that is increased you know if you buy tomorrow and the interest rate goes up more than it is
today that home is going to cost you more in a monthly payment so you can’t have appreciation and interest rates
both going up and it not affect that price appreciation component so we are
going to have deceleration i’m starting to see it a little bit in fact for the active
number of active homes on the market right now we’re at 508 we’re at 425 last
time i did the show so yeah we’re starting to get a little bit more inventory but in perspective in about normal
market we’re at 1600 to 2000 homes so by no means are we anywhere near
where buyers are gonna be like yeah i got a competitive advantage no sellers have all the advantage still and they’re
going to and and i i don’t my gut tells me six months of inventory
is a balanced market we’re at like 1.4 right now i don’t think we’re gonna get to six
which means yes we decelerate people aren’t going to pay 150 to 300
000 over asking which is some of what i was putting together during this time but you are not going to be in the
driver’s seat for negotiations at least not for the time being and the one component that would uh you know
significantly affect any price appreciate i i do expect double digit price appreciation this year over ten
percent price appreciation um i don’t the only the only thing that affects
that is if interest rates go nuts for some reason that it has to eat into the what has to give the price portion has
to give right but we are an inflationary period that means the cost that everything is going up
why would you think your house is going to be cheaper tomorrow than it is today it’s not that payment if you’re getting
a mortgage is going to be more expensive tomorrow i don’t care how you slice it or dice it and so you have to have that kind of
mindset and understanding people people focus on price a lot but you buy on a monthly mortgage payment so let’s look
at the whole perspective and where are we going and we’re going to be more you know if you’re an investor
your cash flows are going to get in fact affected here because to two things and you touched on it with
the rents uh price appreciation up 20 right but rent’s only up 13. that’s
because rents follow after price which also means if you’re an investor and you’re buying your cash flow position is
going to look bad when you’re analyzing it but guess what the rents next month or the following month after that will
be more and what is that performance going to do over the long run those where you got to make your projections so the market is shifting
508 single-family homes on the market i’m you know i’d love to see us get over a thousand
at minimum for for a little while here to just to give more normalcy i don’t it’s not a healthy market to be in that
little bit of inventory and buyers having to do that so but i will say and i said it last month condos are where
it’s at we lost more inventory on the condo side we’re at like 850
right so we have less condos on the market now because where are people shifting to the more affordable price
point interesting so basically what i’m hearing from from you guys is right now it’s like uh i’ve i forgot the the good
word that you use scott you need you can call it markets deceleration a deceleration i was going
to call it a slowdown but deceleration sounds better than slowing down but that both they both mean the same regardless
um slowing down but no no no kind of a a crash kind of a signal where we’re going
to have a severe drop and that’s an interesting observation too the interest rate i mean the we’re in an inflationary
period so you know that inflation is it you you kind of it’s kind of hard to kind of
bump that against lowering uh prices going down so that’s that’s going to be interesting we got a couple folks who join us over here uh uh jim is back
aloha from mesa arizona um uh colleen uh has a question uh what’s the approximate
monthly rent for a one bedroom one bath in or around honolulu looking to rent at the beginning not buy uh
scott you’re you’re the oahu expert i got my number but real quick what’s the quick answer for calling for a one
bedroom one bath around honolulu i believe on average it’s around 2100 somewhere right in that range and
two-bedroom around 24-2500 okay thanks i was going to say 2 000 and 2100 so so
there you go colleen for uh for budgeting purposes uh 2100. uh t has joined us t aloha t is good glad that
you are back here with us all right so let’s have um just for the fun of it let’s have dylan and scott i want you
guys guess on the uh maui either the condo or the home or both uh what do you think is the lowest price condo dylan
you go first what’s your what’s your lowest price guess for uh maui condo or maui home so i’m gonna have to qualify i
got to ask a qualifying question you’re talking fee simple or leasehold let’s say it was though let’s yeah that’s a good question so let’s assume
it’s fee simple let’s assume that i’m thinking 150 000. 150 okay for a
condo okay uh scott what what what’s your guess a condo or or holt and what’s your guess
uh condo225 home i’m gonna say 550. okay all right gang so the so the the
correct answer is um the correct answer is the home lowest price home and again these could be anomalous these could be
like junk kind of homes that are kind of all messed up it’s just statistically what’s the lowest home that was listed maui 615 000 is the lowest home condo
surprisingly two bedroom one bath 395k so the home 618 condo 395. who came
close popping up is this currently listed or it says over the last year or last year
the lowest sales price for a two bedroom uh over the last year lowest price for a 201 bath uh was 3.95 the cheapest uh uh
home was six eight six eighteen so there you go there’s your numbers uh pop it in
there who uh who who popped this in colleen gives her gifts her thanks you’re welcome colleen anytime and by
the way so look folks if you’re if you’re first of all i want to welcome you all so let’s do this let’s move on to our next little slide and i’ll kind
of put in my little picture okay so station uh station break identification over here look are you in how did you
get here did you get here just kind of you found us on facebook or you found us on youtube if you found us that way get
to living in uh there’ll be a pop-up for the newsletter subscription get yourself subscribed we send out
newsletters every week including invites to come back to the show so get on that uh pop yourself on so you’ll be in
include with with the gang uh so look gang here’s the way it’s gonna work we’re we’re going through our show we’ve
got a couple of questions that are queued up on some slides your questions come first if you’re watching right now pop a question in the comments uh and
we’ll deal with it just like we’ve dealt with colleen’s question for example uh and and others so if you got a question through in the comments otherwise we’re
gonna we’re gonna move on anything else you guys want to add before we we go forward to our our next slide our next
slide please all right so um here’s here’s a question that we get a lot and i think we’ve
touched on it over the over the course of time but i think it’s a it’s a good one it’s worthy too of discussion so so
the so the topic here is now buy now and rent so debra from germantown says we’re planning to move to the big island of
hawaii within two years should we buy now and rent out the house condo until we move there hint hint judy what do you
think of that one dylan what’s your what you’re taking that and then we’ll go to scott yeah absolutely not you should you
should buy as soon as possible um i just actually just one of my
clients and friends just dropped off my truck he was borrowing it and he bought he bought his house for 560 two years
ago and the house next door sold for nine almost almost a million like a 990 or something like that you know so
um if that’s not an illustration of what can happen in a couple of years uh and then it’s a dime a dozen right i
mean he’s not unique i mean that’s pretty much everybody i saw staff that in the last six months the cost to buy
with a two percent interest rate increase has gone up fifty percent like your cost to buy a house buy a home in
america has gone up fifty percent in the last six months with appreciation plus the interest rate increase wow so
yeah i mean we’ve but you know we’re a broken record we’ve been talking about this for for two years now i mean the cost of waiting to buy is significant
and so you know unless you’re an extreme pessimist and you really believe something terrible is gonna happen and
why would anybody want to believe that then you know maybe hedge your bets and wait but um anybody who’s waited and
it’s and it’s heartbreaking i have plenty of people who who have waited and are totally out of it they just just can’t do it anymore so
um yeah it’s um it’s definitely not gonna i would not recommend waiting yeah those
who have waited have really kind of missed out and there were a bunch of people who were waiting because they thought there was going to be a coveted crash and i thought thank you judy i i
kind of gave i gave you the lead and you took it thank you uh judy uh judy that’s exactly what we are
doing the rent covers the payment and the property manager call dylan
but that’s what judy did thank you judy uh is a great example that’s exactly what what the process was scott what’s what’s your uh what what do you want to
add to what dylan has already said yeah i mean i i talked about it just a few minutes ago and we’ve talked about
this it’s like it goes back to inflation right and we anticipate interest rates to continue to rise the historic average on
uh interest rates for the 30-year fixed mortgage is eight percent we’re at like five and a half right now we were just
at two and a half for 2.75 at the bottom of during that coveted time frame so
you know each scenario is different we can’t we can talk about the market we can’t really talk about that specific
scenario because there are some components that we should consider if you’re planning on holding it for two years okay
that’s you know there’s a little more risky time frame interest rates like we said are going to eat into the appreciation component so
you know will that appreciation be there if you were to exit in two years but this looks more like a long-term hold if you are in for the long term yes the
sooner you get in the better like i said we’re an inflationary period but building material costs cost more
your bananas your groceries your gas everything’s gone up and it’s gonna and it’s anticipated to continue to go up
which means your cost on your housing is going up so do you want to get in at the more affordable price point
you know today or wait and it’ll cost you more and at least over two years you can have
someone who’s either supplementing part of that mortgage or covering the whole thing depending on how much you’re bringing it
yeah and and uh there’s no question that rents are on their way out they’re definitely a trailing indicator and
we’ve had all this inflationary pressure there’s no question that that real that this is gonna just uh be just the
beginning so deborah thank you uh hopefully go ahead i just got an email from from my property manager buddy with all his
new new rental listings and the you know a decent three three bed two bath house in kona is four thousand
plus a month right and that’s you know an eight hundred thousand dollar mortgage payment pretty much so
to put that into perspective i mean you can you know you can buy a house for six seven eight you know nine hundred thousand and pretty much cover cover it
with rents um over the short term so yeah
it makes a lot of sense to lock in that mortgage payment lock in that price and then just have it covered with rents until you’re ready for it
i mean you know uh you know i think the folks who have done this you know like judy for example um and and others you
know you you if you’re able to if you’re able to do it um and you can put enough down to kind of give yourself either a
break even or a slight positive or whatever you’re you’re kind of set you’re sort of isolated you’re in the market no matter
what’s going to happen with the market you’re set and when you’re ready to finally make that move to hawaii you can kind of you know move right in and the
home is there as opposed to kind of waiting so yeah definitely and if you’re concerned about interest
rates right it’s possible interest rates go down in the future so you buy now you know a year from now like two years from now
you’re ready you’re ready to make the move and if interest rates go down a point or two or a point and a half or whatever just refinance and get that new
interest rate so yeah interest rates are are not forever either way so either way either way and if they go down you could
always refinance uh there’s been a lot of folks who have done that yeah excellent okay great all right uh let’s
let’s move on i got another one over here that we want to kind of hit so uh this one kind of
came in from uh for you scott but i think it’s a good i think it’s a good topic for us to kind of talk about
overall which is uh so here’s the question so the question is why is chinatown cheaper so uh so yuzo from
houston texas says why are condos in chinatown of honolulu less expansive by
about two to three hundred thousand compared to ala moana or kakaako and interesting enough for those who don’t
know you know chinatown is barely a mile away maybe two miles at
most it’s a mile or so away from kakaako or ala moana huge price difference and i
think there’s a there’s a big lesson here and i i want to kind of uh hear uh scott’s answer and then dylan’s answer
in a different of a different reason you’re right then you know why are things so so much cheaper in uh zone x
versus zone y so scott what why don’t you get us started why is chinatown so much cheaper in honolulu
yeah there’s uh i i kind of look at it as two reasons first of all what do we always say the old saying in um real
estate location location location and even though you’re just a mile away downtown honolulu is
predominantly a business district and you’re not anywhere near a beach
you know so from that standpoint i mean if you’re in kakaako not only is everything newer because you
have all these new towers coming up but you have a lot of the hip restaurants all the commercial space is newer so you
have all the newer restaurants going in in their restaurants and shops and then you have access to alamo on a beach park
which is you know a huge beach park swimming surfing you name it jogging past tennis courts the whole
nine yards so location is one thing chinatown doesn’t give you you know you’re getting
in your car to go to the park go to the beach and it’s also a business district so people a lot of it is not
there’s not a whole lot going on down after 5 pm down that side the other component is those buildings
are older they’re smaller the newer stuff that they’re building they’re building to today’s taste and they’re
they’re loaded with amenities i just did the presentation for the new tower that’s going to be coming up with
howard hughes so i got the information on that and you just can’t compare what they’re building
there versus what’s already existing in chinatown that’s older honolulu park place would be
the closest that’s probably i think it’s 20 20 years old it does have its own
bowling alley in the in the building but it doesn’t compare to those um unit size
unit-wise and amenities don’t compare to what they’re putting in kakaako
yeah so just some pretty simple basics about real estate dylan uh you know same kind of question in a different way you
know why is you know why is it so much cheaper in puna than it is you know in in hilo same kind of question what how
what’s your general how do you kind of how do you coach folks i guess here’s the question for you dylan how do you coach folks who come to you with these
like well why is this you know i’m on zillow i’m on zillow and and these things that
kind of look like they’re like right next to each other this one’s like way cheaper why is this one way cheaper than this one over here
oh that’s exactly where i was going to go with it you know all of these online sources for information like zillow and
redfin and and you know they value property put a value on the property based off of a computer algorithm that
that soaks in data from surrounding areas and the big island is a perfect example of why that doesn’t work because
especially in kona you have if you look kind of on the the the higher elevation above kailua
kona the halolaw area you have really old neighborhoods that have been there for 50 years and have
you know small single wall construction homes on them right next to gated communities one acre lots multi-million
dollar homes you know they’ve just built down the down the hill they have like strips of land that they’ll subdivide
and so these communities are all kind of mixed in together so geographically they’re all within a mile or two of each
other and they look like they could be comps but they’re very different types of properties very different types of communities and so
it really is all about location even sub-location right so not just a area of the island or a town of the island it’s
like what exact street are you on what exact subdivision are you in and that has a real big effect on on prices and
there’s all kinds of other things like land is very um diverse in terms of price because you
may have a subdivision where land doesn’t sell because the ccnrs require such an expensive house to be built that
nobody’s going to buy in there because they got to spend 2 million to buy a house and people can’t understand why is the land so cheap in there but so
expensive in this one well you know you’re all in cost over here could be three million dollars where you’re all in cost over here could it be a million
but the lot is twice as much as this lot right so it’s it’s it’s complicated but you re that’s why you need to have you
know an expert advisor that knows the area and can explain that stuff to you because sellers do the same thing to us
you know sellers say well the house right over there sold for whatever and it’s like well but you don’t live in that neighborhood
that’s a different street you know your your uh your next door neighbor has a car graveyard and a fighting chicken
farm you know like it’s not the same neighborhood so and you don’t want to be right next door
to a fighting chicken farm if you can help it this guy’s anything that you want to head on to that
uh no just just one thing it’s funny you know everybody does their research online which is great and they do a ton of it
and they get this idea in their mind when they want to when they go to come over here of what they want what they’re going to do
and i always tell people just just wait relax until you get over here and touch and
feel and start to see what everything is and that’s where that’s where i come into play i can i can navigate things
some every single person has preconceived notions in their mind of what it’s going to be like and what’s important to them
and when they get here and we go out that 100 it changes whether it’s a little or we
have to do a an about face and turn right so do all the research but come come talk
to us that’s what the planning is i mean we’re advisors and then when you get here we’re able to explain the little
nuances and then you can touch and feel it so even if you don’t buy at that time you go away you go back and when you see
things online it it gives you a vastly different idea in your mind we can always show you
shiny objects anywhere in the island that you like but do you want to live there
yeah you know i think what what comes to mind when uh hearing you guys talk about these things and gang this is this is
exactly why you want to work with someone who’s been doing this you know dylan was born and raised on the big unscott’s been here for for 20 years
this is why you kind of want to work with people who kind of have been around the block and know what they’re doing what comes to mind the analogy for me
that comes to mind is it’s like the difference between looking at a map
of a trail and actually walking on the trail right there’s a real big difference right
because you you could look at the map you could see the elevation you could see the location
you can look it around but that is a completely different experience from being on the trail yourself it’s a
radical difference and and that’s that’s kind of where uh where where the big pieces um all right uh let’s let’s
funny story i experienced this in san diego recently i went to a little conference there and and um i went to the gym early in the
morning like like six six in the morning so still kind of dark and the gym was like three blocks down and two blocks across
so you know city this is in the gaslamp district of san diego super nice the place always stay a nice swanky hotel
and you know restaurants it’s super cool area to be in and so i could have walked three blocks
down and two blocks across or i could walk two blocks across and three blocks down and so i did the two across and
three down and when i made the turn to go down there was like a huge homeless encampment like both sides of the street
just full of tents and it’s dark still i’m thinking i’m gonna get i’m gonna get attacked and so
i’m like i’m like walking in the street you know like trying to stay away from it i thought there was just a few and then as i got deeper in i was looking at
i couldn’t see well like it was like it was like a full city block full so anyway so i think when i get back i tell some people about this and
they say yeah there’s a there’s a the church there that does you know feeding the homeless and takes care of them so they all congregate around
this property and of course real estate comes to mind right i’m thinking like man if you own the condo just two blocks
that way your real estate values be very different than if you own the condo along that that street and and you know
those little micro things can have a huge effect on your real estate values and you’re really really like one you
know a hundred yards away like you’re one city block away from from uh
just a huge homeless encampment versus like a nice very upscale swanky area of san diego so
yeah no that’s a that’s a great point and look i’m gonna i’m gonna do a shout out to uh uh our my family member angela
who’s who’s here and and janice miller who’s here both from chicago you know the story right you could be
you know i’m i never forget this we’re now this is a long time ago but i was the mainland the mainland what is the
mainland wrong side of the tracks [Laughter] [Applause]
i remember here just to kind of add to that i remember driving down lasalle street this is a
near downtown chicago now this is 40 years ago so driving down lasalle street and you literally you look on the right
hand side and really nice high upscale you know you name it
literally look over the left and it looks like a war torn zone with buildings crumbling i’m not kidding you
know buildings crumbling bricks on the ground you know buildings in half condition i’m like man literally just
you’re driving down you look left you see crumbling buildings war zone you look on the right high-end uh stuff and
and uh and that’s easy you know you got lucky in chicago you could have drifted into an area and gotten shot so it’s
it’s a it’s radically different and that’s this is why you want to kind of work with people who know what they’re doing uh let’s catch up and see yeah see
janice right you know it exactly that’s that’s exactly right that is what is going on over there is why you want to
work with somebody who knows what they’re doing uh norm norm says that’s the that’s the idea i think he’s trying
to say norm maybe you got that one here now we’re trying different neighborhoods to get a much better feel for where it
works for us yes exactly norm uh and norma if you haven’t reached out to dylan of course you want to make sure that you do that uh to get the to get
the the right to look around yeah we have been in touch excellent excellent you’re you are with the man uh excellent
both of you uh norm is also the man norm’s got norms living the dream man he was posting those pictures norma’s like
even i was getting jealous um and is judy’s right you can’t this is the stuff you you know
zillow doesn’t tell you that right um and and you and you’re not gonna see again
it’s the it’s the virtual versus the actual and you’re not going to see it on google street view either right google street view is not going to give you
that experience you gotta there’s there’s a big difference between again between uh seeing the map and walking
the map um and and that’s that’s that’s that um and uh kenya canada where we are we are
waiting for you girl we’re waiting for you i know that that’s going to make it open for two bathrooms uh it is here for
you and i’m looking for uh where when i’m looking forward to the day when you’re going to be here um
let’s see uh i don’t know if i caught this or not heather she said uh i know if i heather i don’t know if i put your comment on
before now i can’t recall but heather says yeah totally plan on making the move now and refinancing later when if rates come down can’t wait any longer
yeah heather heather’s been watching i’ve just been watching those prices kind of jump up it’s like yeah you you got you got to make the move got to make
the move auntie joyce everyone’s dream is to have an oceanfront home yes i was one of them until dylan gave me a
perspective of probably why i wouldn’t like an oceanfront in the long term yeah so dylan here let’s just talk about
that because everyone loves oceanfront homes we all dream you know i dream of i dream of being on the beach for sure
dylan what’s what’s what what’s your advice to uh what was your advice to joyce why wouldn’t you want an
oceanfront home in hawaii salt air destroys everything
and i and okay and and i and i’m thinking okay here comes the climate change argument no so go ahead and salt
here oh yeah i mean you can debate climate change you can’t debate the fact that there’s gonna be waves hitting the rocks
in front of your house creating salt in the air constantly and so it basically coats your house right your windows will
always be dirty it gets into your appliances it kills all your electronics this kind of leaves a film on everything
um so it’s a constant maintenance effort to live oceanfront and that’s
aside from it’s a lot hotter um amazingly some people think it’s too noisy right when you get large surf
that’s crashing against the rocks i mean some people think it’s it’s relaxing some people think it’s too noisy um so
there’s just a lot of factors but the biggest thing is anybody who’s lived oceanfront you know just understands that the the salty air it destroys all
your window fixtures um you know sliding doors i mean anything that has metal on
it it just disintegrates that stuff in a very short amount of time so yeah that that’s uh that that and that
is a great point in addition so so jackie jackie is also a uh islander ohana alumni erosion too you have to be
careful that yeah well we had that go ahead and on the big island that’s a good another price thing right is is the
condos that are on the ocean a lot of times of higher maintenance fees because obviously their maintenance upkeep is going to be much more expensive than if
they’re just one street back from the ocean where they don’t have those same um maintenance costs so they can greatly
affect your cost of living too on over the long run for your hoa fees yeah you know i want to go back to you
guys because i’ve got a fun story of a friend i i forgot all about the uh the the the whole rust and and uh
maintenance part that which is like the the big one uh jackie’s comment uh your erosion you have to be careful look we
had the big story you know about a couple months ago about the house on the north shore that fell into the water right these are homes that were like
sort of built right on the edge and there’s sand and of course sand is always moving no matter what uh sand has
been moving around the island since the beginning of time uh whether or not it’s climate change related is irrelevant it
it’s always moving um so yeah indeed and oh hey so uh so it’s cool janice has been a great convo with
scott awesome glad uh glad you folks are are connected and angela kind of chimes in yeah exactly right about the whole
thing about neighborhoods you know so the fun part about on the erosion part i never forget this it was like a thing out of out of the time machine
so there was this um back in the day uh when i used to go to the north shore a lot like every weekend
there was um there was a van uh that was parked in a um in a yard and the van was
like it wasn’t abandoned but it was never used again and it was really fun because over the years as the years went
by this van had never moved so it was like this great like time capsule thing and over the years i saw this van you
know russ was creeping up into it and then you know what then all of a sudden one year it’s collapsed onto itself and
it’s like slow time over erosion i had a good friend a really good friend uh whom i used to stay with and uh
the first time i go to he he had a home that was right on the beach it was amazing and um
he had one bedroom which was uh always locked uh uh locked up the windows
closed and and always had the ac on i’m like jerry what’s what’s the deal with this
he goes oh i have to because i have all my computers in this and because he was he was a technology
guy and it’s like if i don’t seal this room up it’s just a matter of time before it all stops working because of
this of the of the salt uh salt erosion so uh something you don’t think about uh
and norms norm’s chemin over here it’s all there makes it necessary to replace electrical switches and outlets every couple years exactly
and that’s the easy stuff norm what about the complicated technology like computer components electronics those
are much more sensitive than just a regular wall switch uh angelo uh angel says my my family owns a home on the
beach and it’s constantly in in need of exterior upkeep the salt and humidity are not your friend
yeah you know so maybe this is why like you know there’s a reason why the old polynesian now that well there’s maybe
there’s a reason why the old pollinations what they used to use the beaches for is to bury their dead they they didn’t live
on the beach they thought it was stupid to live on the beach all these stupid holidays that are buying you know here let’s let’s sell stupid white man all
this useless beach land for us because we we you know we’re living up in the mountains where it’s safe we don’t have to worry about you know herc we have to
worry about tsunamis and things of that nature uh there’s a reason why the ancient polynesians uh you know made the
beach like essentially their graveyard um kelly batteries too yeah that’s right i
mean batteries all this kind of stuff it just kind of get it it all just kind of gets eaten away by that salt there
and uh jackie i always thought i wanted to live on the beach too but hawaii has so many beautiful views you can live
near and you are just a short drive to any beach to go and enjoy exactly i mean
there are some there are some i mean there are some places where it will literally take your breath away right
where you could live up high and you get these unbelievable insane
views of the ocean sweeping ocean views you know full from left to right full panorama insane sunsets dylan you know
conan is famous for like the most insane sunsets on the planet there’s a lot to explore in hawaii which is kind of what
makes it so cool all right have we have have we talked this one up enough are we
are we are we is there anything more that we can say about hawaii and how beautiful it is i
don’t think so uh you can never say enough so look let’s move on let’s let’s hit our diamonds and deals so we’re going to hit some um some a couple
properties that that scott and dylan have picked out uh inspirational properties or
diamonds or deals things that we should look into uh let’s take a look and start with this first one so we got scott what
do we got over here we have a we have a diamond head home for 5.18 million what is this
yeah i love i love this one and i i picked it out for a couple of reasons um it’s five it’s about five lots off the
ocean it’s tucked down this little lane um you know off the main roads and stuff so
it stays really quiet your five lots from the ocean so you can walk down there right at the edge you know see
where the peninsula is um that sticks out that’s kind of part of that is black
point but the the beach starts right there and it goes all the way around down on the lower portion here
around diamond head you got cromwell surf spot that’s right there it’s amazing and most people don’t know this
but jim nabors who was gomer pyle he had the oceanfront estate lot that
was over half an acre he passed away a couple years ago they sold it i think it sold for 12 million and they’re
redeveloping it now but even right around the corner from that if you can see right on the edge of the peninsula
portion there’s kind of a boat jetty that’s doris duke’s estate shangri-la
she was considered you know the wealthiest woman in the world um so you know significant wealth great
beaches tucked away quiet neighborhood now this lot is smaller than most it’s a
little over 5000 square feet the home’s 3 800 square feet but the architect is jim mcpeek
i’ve i i know him he’s done every job he does he does phenomenal design
work so it’s a smaller footprint so a second home somebody for
a second home would be perfect less maintenance but beautiful home they they brought in the warm woods the woods for
the windows the doors the doors all the trims everything is the warm woods yeah it really has that hawaii on a feel to
it and they brought in some like coral uh as as far as kind of
tile flooring and whatnot but just nice elements great location tucked away and
you know some cool cool spots in the neighborhood plus you got access to the ocean absolutely stunning and i my uh
that place you mentioned cromwell’s uh that is my daughter’s favorite spot that’s where they go that’s where they
go to to hang out all the time at cromwell’s um and you know you got the beach over there as you said and this is
folks and scott has eluded this is a really really really high-end area you
got the best of the best and there’s a reason why that is some incredibly insane awesome real estate area so thank
you scott for giving us an aspiration who’s who’s in on on the 5.2 million dollar home over here i this is a it’s a
it’s a beauty uh let’s let’s move on to the the next one dylan a great contrast here what do you got for us
total other end of the spectrum completely i love it that’s what makes it great i love it
and of course we did it we never coordinate this stuff but peter was talking about the lowest priced uh you
know condo at home on maui this is the lowest price condo in kona fee simple right now so one bedroom one bath in the
royal kailuan 350 000 uh there’s a little peekaboo ocean view you can see in the upper right that’s
the lanai there looking out towards the ocean um it’s walking distance to town great
restaurants it’s right near coconut grove marketplace a great location totally redone new floors new um
appliances new kitchen new bathroom just totally move in ready so if you just need a little spot the
the hoas are under 500 so they’re pretty good um but just a great deal if you’re
looking for a little spot in kona in a nice little complex really close to town so this is the deal of the week right
here yeah this is you know thank you guys this is like a great example of a diamond and a deal right that that crazy
you know here we got this crazy property that that scott showing us which is just absolutely stunning in every way and in
a stunning area with incredible beaches i mean this is this is probably about as good as it gets on the end of oahu
certainly on the south shore uh in the the greater honolulu area for sure and then you know dylan even though i mean
what’s cool about this one is that it’s it’s not a it’s not like a junk property right it’s nice it looks like it’s
completely redone it’s you know there’s one there’s lowest price and there’s lowest price like you know in that area
the neighborhood that you don’t want to move to kind of a lowest price so it’s kind of it’s kind of fun to to see all that thanks guys all right um let’s
let’s take a we got a question that popped in okay last call for your questions over here so t sent us one so you think getting
renovations should be done sooner rather than later scott you’re the you’re you’ve done a uh more rented more
renovation than you probably care to mention what’s what what’s your advice on renovations and
they’re ongoing i got another project coming on here there you go i’m getting ready to move places so i’m actually going to come from a different location
next show but um yeah i mean the the cost of building materials is going up the cost of labor is going up so
the longer you wait the more it’s going to cost that’s that’s that’s pretty man
that’s an easy one dylan you you want to uh add on to something that that add on to anything that scott said well it
depends on your situation too right if it’s going to be a rental you may want to wait to renovate until after your your rental is done and you’re
going to move into it so it really depends on your personal situation and timing yeah yeah and well there’s always
there’s always those uh though those factors are always always about there the thing you shouldn’t do is everybody
renovates right before they sell their house right so they don’t ever get they don’t ever get to enjoy the renovations
people think i gotta fix the bathroom and fix the kitchen before i sell and it’s like why don’t you just do that enjoy that over time and then you know
sell when you need to so don’t delay on that for sure that is a go ahead scott
you know how many times i’ve had that conversation it and it’s funny because when people go to buy they go like oh
i’m going to change all this when we move in then you get moved in and it’s too big of a pain and life takes takes over and
you get things going and everybody puts it by the wayside and then you come in right before you go to sell it and they
they’ve moved them out or something and or they’ve gone to the next place and it’s you know come and do the
renovations they go i love it i wish i had done that many years ago
you know you’re gonna pay all that money man you might as well and and then i can count more times that
i would like to and how many times the new floors that you just put in the new buyer comes in and rips all those out and puts carpet back in or whatever you
know i mean so so it’s almost like it doesn’t make sense to renovate spend a bunch of money on renovation before you sell because sometimes people want to do
their own thing when they buy it uh well dylan uh uh auntie joyce is
agreeing with you maybe i can get chris to do the master bath now there you go man
there you go auntie joyce get that don’t delay don’t delay delay don’t delay you know that’s actually a really good point
um in in terms of now you know there’s an interesting thing about that so here so we we got about a few minutes what do
you guys think about i mean how much how do you go about what is your sort of making process let’s say you’re going to
sell and you’re going to sell so whether or not you did the renovation that you should have done could have should have what it
that’s all passed whatever so what renovations do you do right now that are going to presumably give you sort of a
good return on investment is it kind of just kind of stick to the cosmetic stuff i mean is it stick to the structure okay
scott says no scott what what what’s your general advice on this what would you do all right so here here’s what i tell
people first of all buyers buy based on emotion a lot of times the the cleaner and shinier and fluffier it looks the
the better you’re gonna do but i i tell you three things health and safety issues you gotta
address those are deal killers repair items are deal killers as well because when buyers come through they’re
looking for excuses not to buy what’s oh that’s broken that what else is broken that’s hidden that i’m not seeing
so you clean those things up and the last that you do is the cosmetics but there’s you know that’s where we come in
and we and i strategize i’m doing that with three people right now we’ve i’ve come in i looked at everything all right
health and safety first repair items here and then okay are we doing anything on the cosmetic side what are we doing
and what’s it going to yield out of the end and is it worth the investment and the time and energy and
it’s all about showing you the numbers at that point and then there’s a pain threshold right how much work and and things are you
willing to do and at what point are you willing to leave money on the table because you just don’t want to go there you want to move on with your life
yeah that’s a but that’s a really simple rule of thumb though right health and safety issues first get that out of the
way and then stuff that needs to be prepared great question because i that’s right people want to have an excuse to
say no dylan you want to add anything to that wrong button there yeah so so
buyers buyer psyche stuff right like scott’s talking about if one of your switches doesn’t work
get that fixed because then they’re gonna think is there something wrong with the electrical in the whole house right it could be a very minor little thing that has a bigger impact and on
the flip side of that you could spend 20 grand redoing your whole bathroom and then if the toilet runs during the
inspection they’re going to think like you know what was the shoddy work that was done in the whole bathroom so it’s like that’s it’s the details and those
small things that have a big impact on our buyer psyche so you really want to have more pay more attention to that
than like the big picture stuff because that’s where people dig in they get hung up on stuff nobody nobody you know
nobody uh focuses on the beautiful new renovation they focus on the little tiny thing that doesn’t work or is it right
excellent scott go ahead yeah i’ll give you two examples of that i brought a listing on in hawaii kai earlier this year and the the spring it had rained
that night and the sprinkler system had gone on in the yard and there was a collection of water in this you know
little planter area and a buyer came through and they said oh you know is the water pipe busted is it is it getting
under the slab am i going to have um you know slab movement on the home what how far how long has this been going on how
bad is this going to get and it was like wow and i had another person in a kahala home that came
through and they saw one one little um the drywall tape was coming undone a little bit and they ran that it all the way into
the mindset of oh my god the structure on the property is becoming an issue i
always tell people 99 of what i do is psychiatry one percent of its real estate i can do the real estate in my
sleep i’ve been doing it so long and because i do the construction side i know how things are built right which
allows me to come in with some expertise and point you to the right people but those are the those are the kind of
discussions that go on i mean staging for one thing yes it gives perspective to a room but it also takes the buyer’s
eye away from the imperfections and gives them something else to look at man the the i i love the the uh the
psychologist the psychologist or the or the the the the the counselor mode uh
dylan uh norma agrees uh and we’re told don’t do big items like flooring for the exact reason dylan mentioned exactly
yeah don’t because someone’s gonna rip it out unless it’s a unless it’s a health and safety or unless there’s a if
there’s a hairline crack uh [Laughter] it’s unless there’s a hairline crack in
the flooring uh which could indicate god knows what’s going on but yeah excellent all right hey this is great stuff uh
let’s move on i think we’re gonna let’s uh let’s let’s wrap it up over here folks we’re gonna go to our our our closing our closing thoughts just some
fun stuff that people that we have to uh to give you something to close with and think about over the week until we see you again so let’s start with this one
go ahead dylan and why what’s your quote what’s your quote and why most people overestimate what they can
accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish in five years and so
i just think about this in in business and life planning you know it’s amazing how far and different life is five years
later and people set these big lofty goals i’m gonna do this by next year when you know you get disappointed because
you don’t make them and then you very much underestimate how huge your life can change over
five years and so you just it’s a perspective thing for goal setting and having a mindset i’m listening to a book
right now called the compound effect it’s all about this and how um you know the the the old adage is what
would you rather have would you rather have a penny that doubles every day or five million dollars today for you know penny that doubles every day for 30 days
or five million dollars today and you know it seems like i want the 5 million bucks but at the end of 30 days a penny
that doubles every 30 days is over 10 million dollars so you get you know you but but you got to look at it in that
way right when everything that we do if you stop eating um 100 calories a day you’re not going to really see a change
in your weight until like two years later but if somebody who eats 100 calories more a day in two years
the the the weight differential will be 65 pounds between the two of you over two years but over one year you may not
see a big difference over you know 18 months you know it’s gonna be a bit a big difference but then once you get beyond three years the you know
the exponential growth of the change happens so well said uh compounding effective that that is a big one man and
not that’s a whole other top that we could go off on big time that which is which is an excellent one uh but let’s
move on and kind of hit with what scott’s got thanks dylan for that thought of the day hope you all kind of think about that one what does that mean to you uh scott
what does this mean to me uh turn your wounds into wisdom you know we all go through
difficult times and whatnot and the question is can you can you learn from it and and get better from it and and
help others you know navigate through through some of those difficulties i used to hear i used to it it reminded
me when i used to coach soccer kid soccer and a lot of the parents would get really worried and concerned about
the kids and oh they failed on this or they didn’t win this game or something happened and there’s always a life
lesson and no matter what you go through the question is can you learn from it or are you going to continue to make the same mistakes are you going to let it
defeat you and the idea is you got to learn from it and that is that is excellent advice and
i want to give a huge huge big mahalo sometimes i get too wrapped up in the production of the show auntie joyce
remember and pray for all of our veterans on this special weekend god bless them all of course we’re talking about memorial day uh those who have who
have made the ultimate sacrifice for our our country and very thank you very much uh auntie joyce i hope you’ll all be
thinking about that uh dylan is there anything you want because you you still serve uh in the armed forces dylan is
there anything you’d like to add to that do you want to say anything yeah just the importance of it’s it’s about those who who gave their lives
right i mean there’s veterans day for veterans and and so when people thank me on the moral days it’s not about me you
know stays not about me it’s about those who have that have given the ultimate sacrifice so yeah and and and i know more than a few
and so you know it’s always it’s always that we can reflect on that yeah that is that is a that is a weekend for all of
us to reflect on it it’s actually remarkable if you really i mean we sometimes we take these things for granted and just to kind of stop and
think for a moment that you know these people gave their lives to for our country and that is a unbelievable i
mean just just fathom that just for a moment to get you know we take it for granted i mean maybe we’ve seen maybe you know
people like me who have never been in in the armed forces or whatever i’ve seen too many movies where it’s like it’s trivial but it’s like yeah you’ve given
your life you’ve given your life to save the country and that’s uh there is no more sacrifice than that so
a moment of that thank you auntie joyce i appreciate that i hope you all think about that as well all right my turn uh the uh
my my thing uh of course my favorite thing is though just to pull out proverbs uh that i read by the way
gang if you don’t uh whether you’re religious or not is irrelevant the book of proverbs has got some incredible
wisdom uh and it’s quite cool because proverbs there’s 31 proverbs one for each day of the month so whatever day of
the month it is open that open proverbs you know on your bible book app whatever and read that day it’s amazing anyway
the one i caught here was do not love sleep or else you will come to poverty open your eyes and you will have plenty
of bread long way of saying it just takes hard work just work your butt off uh work your butt off and and you will
have plenty of bread all right uh i think that’s about it we’re kind of right on time anybody else want to add
into that and say tom’s got a comment tom thanks tom uh never in the world yeah right never in the world of human
conflict was so much owed by so many to so if you well said thank you to is it is that a church hill
is that a churchill quote i believe it is which is appropriate tom for you uh from the uk to bring us up one of the
greatest uh orators of all of all time and uh uh thank you about that uh what
about just a little what about just a little nap well you know
you know heather as someone who takes naps almost every day i use my nap to help me work longer so that’s the way
that’s my excuse that’s my excuse for naps all right everybody great show thank you all for coming i will see you
again in two weeks uh angelo great that you were here jan it’s great that you’re here i hope you’ll join us in two weeks
we’ll we’ll be back let’s go uh connor counterclockwise uh scott and then dylan say goodbye
well hi everybody have a good week have a good weekend folks enjoy yourselves and please remember our those
who have fallen on this memorial holiday aloha