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Show start 3/4/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 3/4/22
Covid Travel restrictions lifted
Big Island News & Market Update 3/4/22
Oahu News Update 3/4/22
Maui News Update 3/4/22
3 things you should NOT take into account when making an offer on a house
Get a 2/2 or 1/1 condo? Pros/Cons?
Is using local kit homes a good idea?
Can you build a kit house in Ocean View Estates?
Wher do you live while home is being built?
Developer listing new homes now built – how long will take to build?
Maui 69 acre parcel $4.5M
Kailua Home $1.5M
7bd/4ba 60 acres Big Island 5700 sq ft. $3.7M
Closing motivational thoughts

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Show Transcript

all right aloha
everyone i’m peter kay today is march
4th and you are on the aloha friday
hawaii real estate show welcome we are
in the pre-game show so if you are
watching this recording you can scroll
forward about five minutes or so if you
want to skip all the fun but then you’re
gonna miss on all the fun like you’re
gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna miss out
on all the fun that i’m having with my
friends over here we got uh dylan o’naca
who’s hailing us from the big island we
got scott startsman who is on our expert
on oahu but today he’s in a secret
location and we can’t tell you where he
is but you can guess and then we have
heidi who is hanging out in maui with a
great cup of coffee and we have to
recognize that we got jim who’s like in
the first guy in line uh jim god bless
you you came in 38 degrees in new york
city hope you’re okay over there it’s
always fun to have 38 degrees in new
york city while it’s a it’s a balmy
what’s so it’s a little cold this
morning let’s actually check what’s it
what’s the temperature gang and why uh
and then uh yes he couldn’t be helped
jim i’m we we are glad that you are here
buddy as is diane diane and joy okay 86
from naples florida not not bad not bad
and and of course auntie joyce sunny and
just perfect on the big on auntie joyce
what’s the temperature right now on the
big on that uh share that with us please
uh sunny and just perfect on the big one
it’s always perfect on the big island so
what do we kind of do our little audio
check and warm up the microphones and
get the audience kind of warmed up up
here let’s do counterclockwise we’re
gonna do heidi then scott and then dylan
heidi what’s going on how are you doing
what’s the coffee what’s happening
i i’m doing great i already had my
morning coffee um sitting out on the
lanai watching some whales
i and i’m on the water now because i’ve
had my coffee but
um i wanted to mention if anybody’s on
maui upcountry there’s this really great
espresso bar called crema it’s all
organic super high quality coffee
it’s and it’s really just a great place
to hang out so there’s lots of great
coffee shops on maui but just wanted to
give a shout out to those guys
we got to do like we got to do like an
on location sponsor one of these days we
got to figure this out some some coffee
shops somewhere we should do like the
live show it would be kind of really fun
thank you heidi for the update
i was just kind of scrolling through
everybody uh auntie joy 71 degrees and
1100 feet above sea level and
which is awesome we had a couple of
other people kind of chiming as i was
kind of scrolling through uh neil has
joined us from san jose and and sherman
sherman is from tennessee aloha sherman
welcome to the show welcome neil uh and
tom of course oh tom is the good old
reliable tom welcome back and tom’s got
a fun one because tom’s in the uk which
is like what an 11 hour difference i
believe or something like that so it’s
it’s like on the other side of the day
for him like like 10 o’clock local tom
what’s your local time there uh bernard
is back hey bernard welcome back buddy
37 degrees in in in new jersey hopefully
you’ll be hanging out with us in the
balmy 70s something over here uh and and
corey is on casual casual fridays uh
welcome corey and kenaya who’s a alumni
member of the eleanor ohana hanging out
at austin can i i’m really glad that you
came in
are hanging out with us as well as is
juliana welcome back juliana aloha
friday and bobby bobby who is an alumni
member of the eleanor ohana who made the
move and hanging out loving it he’s
sharing his photos with us on our
private group uh for his home on the big
island and uh bought through dylan which
is totally awesome uh total member of
the ohana welcome everybody scott what’s
going on buddy give us the mic check how
are you doing what’s happening
i’m i’m back at my rest and relaxation
spot i think this is the fourth time in
a year i’ve come to this place and just
just to chill out mode get away i have
my my vacation aloha friday shirt
jackson hole wyoming and i
i didn’t have i didn’t plan very well
for the for for the show
looking good man you’re still looking
good buddy but my computer’s set up
perfectly i got a nice toaster right
here so i was able to elevate it and get
everything all set up that’s how we how
i had to improvise this morning
looking good you got your your mobile
studio has done a has done a good job
your your your lighting is is happening
you’re you’re you’re you’re looking
spiffy uh including the jackson hole
wyoming shirt welcome
dylan what’s going on my man
yeah just a beautiful day in kona um
i got my team outside in the office
working and planning on some big things
so just a good energy friday nobody’s
taking friday off this week we’re we’re
working hard
working working hard on an aloha friday
at least for the morning hopefully for
the amino it kind of falls off around
after lunch after lunch you’re kind of
all installed
this is super random but like my
favorite thing to do on friday is our
outback here in town has unlimited soup
and salad so don’t let don’t let
everybody know and spoil the
the the secret but for like 9.99 you can
get a french onion soup and a caesar
salad or a garden salad or you know they
got all this stuff it’s the best deal in
town and so
but they’re because of kovit they
stopped opening for lunch and then they
just reopened a few months ago just on
friday saturday and sunday so the only
day you can get your unlimited soup and
salad is on
it’s on friday so i gotta come to town
for that all right man well that’s
someone else that we have to pitch we
have to pitch the live show live show at
the unlimited soup and salad bar uh at
the uh
uh at
the local outback yeah that’s a good one
hey we got some more friends patrick is
patrick is in germany awesome patrick uh
welcome buddy good i’m glad that you are
here and uh barbara is joining us from
north idaho awesome barbo what’s the
temperature in north idaho right now i
am curious about that barbara would you
chat that back to us please uh scott
welcome scott scott is back scott is a
member of the islander ohana’s going
through the uh the current cohort with
us and giving a shout out to heidi lone
star state uh he’s working with with
heidi on finding their their perfect
home 8 p.m okay thank you tom 8 p.m so
it’s 8 p.m for tom tom buddy that that
is that is some serious dedication i
hope you’re enjoying your evening over
there in the uk uh and jim david is
walking out welcoming us from san diego
awesome great
you know it’s so much fun to kind of see
everybody you know throw the comments on
it’s great you know and a lot of times
there’s like inter there’s chat with
each other have a good time uh let’s
let’s get let’s get this party started
over here because it’s like one minute
after the hour so we are gonna get going
over here with our next
thing which i didn’t do correctly so i’m
gonna need to do it one more time so i
gotta do it like this so i can kind of
click through okay technical
difficulties were there okay
well again the remember i remember i
told you all weeks ago many shows ago i
said look
by the time the state of the union
address everything is going to be
coveted will be gone it’s amazing the
the science the science behind uh
presidential state of the unions and
wiping out viruses is really amazing
they should do a scientific research on
how that actually works it did work
anyway travel restrictions have been
lifted let me gotta do one more
technical thing over here i need to go
to full screen so you guys don’t get
there we go um
travel restrictions are going to be
lifted uh march 26th as of march 26 2022
uh governor ige has said uh that the
whole uh kovid uh thing uh the the the
safe travel app uh checking if you’ve
been vaccinated checking if you’ve had a
a negative test result all that stuff
all goes out the window we’re done uh
told you told you told you uh you no
longer will have to provide proof of
vaccination or a negative covet test and
uh that’s all gonna be gone so that is
uh that hallelujah it’s over
but this is hawaii this is hawaii and we
wear our masks in hawaii so that’s going
to continue
the mass mandate the mass many is going
to continue uh we are we are the we are
the lone star
we are the lone star state
uh in terms of masking the only state
left in in the country uh that is that
is following some kind of science what
this science is i don’t really know but
there’s some kind of science that says
that masks work uh in some on some
universe uh of course surgical mask work
tight-fitting surgical masks of course
work but those loose disco masks that we
all wear
there’s no science behind that but
anyway that’s beside the point so right
now uh masking is still the case so if
you’re gonna come to hawaii uh you won’t
have after march 26th you won’t have to
do the uh the safe travels to cover
thing which is going to be great but you
are going to still have to be aware for
the mass that may that may may change
another big story we’re going to talk
about this later if we have some time
there’s been this interesting timeshare
loophole there’s this controversy that’s
evolving uh there’s there’s a loophole
that’s coming on it’s starting out in
maui where basically a company
you can buy
a portion of a it’s like timeshare but
it’s a loophole but you can buy a
portion of a house but it’s not
considered legally considered a time
share because it’s the house is like
owned by an llc organization anyway
we’ll go into it but it’s causing some
controversy on maui
and some people are not too happy about
v-shaped domestic recovery looks like
hawaii snapped right back uh the hawaii
is roaring back why is economy’s in good
shape apparently uh the only thing
that’s still missing is the
international side because of the all
the the covet restrictions by the way
safe travels app
will not be required unless you’re an
international traveler and then you’ll
have to show uh vaccination or negative
tests so that’s going to be those are
some elements that are going to be
flying on and if you look at the weather
it’s of course it’s going to be amazing
we’re looking in our high 70s over here
almost perfectly consistent weather
that’s kind of happening so so that’s
that that’s the quick news update um got
any questions pop them in the chat got
any comments pop them in the chat let’s
move to our friends over here and we’re
going to go clockwise now we’re going to
go scott i mean we’re going to go uh
dylan then scott then heidi uh for dylan
um any uh any big island things you want
to share or be on real estate updates
you want to share it’s going to blend it
in with news and or real setup it’s for
the big one
yeah the new the news today was it went
public that uh iconic uh hotel here in
town right
on ali drive sold for 21 million so it
kind of um hadn’t been maintained for
the last few years and so it looks like
somebody’s going to come in and read it
which hotel was dead
it saw the the uncle billy’s hotel you
know the one right there by kona inn and
right on a league drive uh uncle billy’s
all right yeah so um
that’s that was that was pretty big news
21 21 million it’s pretty pretty big
sale there are a few homes itself are
close close to that um in the resort
areas but
that’s that’s that’s big real estate
news on the island right now
wow i was uh uh i was going to say uh 21
you should have listed that on i i hope
that’s gonna be up on our diamonds and
deals oh but it’s been sold already so
it’s too big i think that was like might
have been like an off-market type thing
they did talk about they were gonna sell
it they’re trying to sell the whole
shopping center also the shopping
centers across the street so
um yeah but it’s kind of an end of an
era you know that was a that was a local
family and um uncle billy owned that for
i don’t know you know scott i mean
probably 50 years or something like that
i mean it’s you know in the same local
family so now we’ve got some outside
investors coming in but hopefully that
whole area needed some you know some
some a facelift and some upgrades and
stuff so it might be good to have some
some reinvestment in the area
very good interesting okay uh
maybe we have a technical issue uncle
jim here says that peter it seems that
not all voice is synchronized with the
facial movement we have words and no one
speaking does anybody else is anybody
else getting that if you are please let
us know there’s not much that we could
do about it i’m not getting any error
messages on my end but let us know folks
if anyone else is seeing a it’s like a
foreign movie chinese movie lip sync
problem but i i assure you i’m not
speaking chinese uh okay thanks dylan uh
that’s gonna be interesting can i see
how that pans out uh scott what’s uh
what’s the latest on oahu that you want
to share
yeah we’ll see if i give the uh the old
kung fu real estate market update here
with the uh
the delayed speech um
yeah it’s actually interesting so
status quo and i’ve talked i started
talking about the condo side
um single single-family homes active
single-family homes
are at 399. uh we’re still under that
400 threshold which i’ve been wanting us
to see us get higher on so that we can
actually have some some inventory to
choose from and so therefore housing
prices are still at 19 appreciation so
and so
the condo side is starting to surge we
were at a little more than a thousand
active condo listings prior to the end
of the year
then we were down to like last show or
prior to the last show we were in kind
of 960 range now we’re at 9 40 so we’re
starting to see that inventory
significantly disappear and therefore
prices are going up and and just to give
an example
of the mindset of the buyer and kind of
what’s going on i did a ton of showings
this past week on condos and
single-family homes and condos and
kakaako and we were originally looking
at the single-family homes and
everything we were seeing in the three
three and a half four million dollar
range still it there were very few
options in any neighborhood and then
everything that was there still needed
800 to a million dollars worth of
renovation work
and so it started to not be as realistic
and uh and the buyer that we were
working with shifted and said okay let’s
look at condos now
you know as something that we can get
into for the shorter term and all the
condos that we saw from ala moana to
kakaako which are the newer newer kind
of stuff we probably saw six or seven
all the ones that were nice three two
three days on market every single one of
them had an offer on it and we were
competing with one we didn’t even get an
opportunity the seller selected an offer
we couldn’t get our offer in on time
then we pivoted to another we did get
into escrow but it was
the the mindset was
that’s a part of the reason why the
surge is happening in the condo size
because people are getting comfortable
with it and house prices have taken off
and there’s such a lack of inventory
right now
people are moving to the condo side
because that becomes the natural uh
opportunity so therefore we are going to
continue we should continue to see that
surge in the condo side but that kind of
gives a a little bit of a background of
the mindset of what’s going through some
people’s minds when they start getting
out here in the market
like you said is is all gonna it was
gonna shift and it is absolutely
shifting uh let’s catch up with with a
couple of comments that been that been
popped over here uh spencer spencer nyc
cone is that like you’re going back and
forth between nyc and kona fill me in
over there
norman says 59 degrees an overcast in
livermore california can’t get weight
can’t wait to get back to the islands
where we have perfect weather it’s
actually overcast right now but you know
it’s hawaii man and uh judy is back with
us welcome back judy judy is a member of
the islander ohana and it has been um
bought home through dylan which has been
awesome and she’s shared some beautiful
photos great but unfortunately judy is
she was you know what judy judy was
smart judy is smart that was is smart
judy uh bought the home she’s currently
on the mainland but she’s got the home
and it’s all set so judy judy is
enjoying all the price increases
uh helping her feel really good auntie
joyce said now isn’t that amazing
lifting all restrictions on march 26 my
75th birthday will hang out with my
masks what a joke yes well happy
birthday auntie joyce on march 26th uh
thank you for your birthday because i’m
sure there’s a scientific connection
between your birthday and the cause of
the lifting of the restrictions i’m sure
i’m sure there’s a science about that
somewhere uh we’re just gonna follow
because we’re gonna follow the science
thank you anthony joyce and happy
birthday um barbara says okay thank you
barbara for the update in idaho it’s 41
degrees and cloudy but snow is melting
not good for for skiing yeah you know
it’s not good for skiing in hawaii
either so we’re we’re on the same page
with it there uh paul paul likes the
trains this is the paul has asked many
questions about trains in singapore when
can i ride the new train around honolulu
i heard it was completed on time and
under budget yeah yeah it’s on time and
under budget
in disneyland in disneyland uh because
that’s not in in honolulu a side note
don’t get me started because that
there’s a there’s a very personal issue
i have with with the train project it
was i was involved in many a political
campaign for many years uh fighting that
project but i lost uh but uh the the
original here’s here’s a fun fact
everybody this is you’re gonna love this
so the real project when it was first
announced which was like a long time ago
15 10 15 years ago it was gonna cost two
billion dollars that was the cost two
billion dollars was the original
estimate so everybody here hey gang
here’s here’s some fun part let’s just
try this let’s just have some fun the
original project was budgeted for two
billion dollars
what’s the current estimate pop it in
the chat pop it in the chat game that’s
that we’ve already already spent but
what their what their estimate is going
to cost now pop it in the chat the
original was two billion guess you all
tell me we’ll see how good you are uh
not how good you how good the guesses
are uh because you’re all wonderful uh
jim i you know uh we’ve had the uh
patrick says the uh the the no sound
with this thing so i think that we’re
good uh
auntie joyce delayed speech corrected
itself a few seconds ago on youtube
that’s why we do the warm-up in the
first five minutes just to kind of get
you know kind of
and the wires have got to heat up and
stuff right the internet’s internet’s
all gonna start flowing any thoughts on
using local home kit companies for new
construction will a kit home be a
problem with permitting let’s hold on to
that uh we’ve talked about a bunch of
times but i’m gonna we’re gonna come
back to that later uh spencer ferrara
spencer is going back and forth between
new york city and kona pretty cool man
are you flying in on a private jet and
landing in kona with like the rest of
those rich guys that land with their
with their lure jets there’s a whole
bunch of lure jets in the kona airport
that’d be cool um is that scott’s home
look awesome is it for sale scott is
that your home
uh it is for four days and then i gotta
turn it back over to somebody else
for four days for four days it’s his uh
also ura dylan there you go that’s uh
that’s a mil that’s military code right
dylan please pronounce that that
correctly because i didn’t do it right
ural works yup that’s every every uh
branch has a different um
i guess what would you call it it’s like
a universal it’s a universal term right
it’s like it’s like a term of endearment
a term of celebration but
who realized that is the marines
who rushed the marines awesome
my my dad is my dad is um um
the army is hula so it’s similar but
different different dialect right
got it so it’s who rob versus ura
correct awesome awesome i’m getting it
i’m getting it one of my great regrets
was not serving in the military uh so uh
anyway thanks spencer adjacent guest at
six uh dave is guessing at ten uh andy
joyce is guessing at 26. okay good the
guests are coming in they’re you all
getting there and then barbara says
eight good uh norm says ten good yeah
you’re all so you know
never doubt the intelligence of the isle
of the of the ohana that comes with us
on on the live show on friday excellent
heidi give us the update what’s mommy
give us the moment some maui news maui
real estate maui anything you want to
sure well as far as real estate i
wanted to add to what scott said about
the condo market because we are seeing
that on maui as well as the price of
single-family homes has gone up and up
more people are looking at the
residential condos now so
i mean i think the important thing for
buyers to look at is
the goal should be to get a good value
in the current market
because in the market we’re in if you go
back a year ago or six months ago i mean
you’re never going to be able to i mean
those just simply are not the comps
today and i mean people have been doing
that for years looking well
back a year ago or back two years ago
um prices were this um
really what we should be looking at is
all the other options on the market or
recently in contract
to kind of determine what the value is
but it’s been fun it’s fast moving i
mean in in the past when i had buyers
coming to maui to look at properties i
set up showings a week in advance and
now i you know just wait till they get
here and then i mean the morning of um
look at what’s on the market that day so
it continues to be fun
continues that’s a good positive way of
putting it heidi good yes it continues
to be fun hey everybody i got a cook
first of all christopher longley has
joined us aloha kakahiaka welcome
christopher uh and scott scott’s here
hello uh tran and i are so ready for the
mavicando i’ve got the slide ready uh
scott thanks for for sending that
because we’re gonna talk about that so
scott has brought up i think i think
that’s a relevant topic i got a quick
question for the ohana that that’s out
there have you uh been sort of uh
were you going for it to try to buy a
house in hawaii recently and did you
kind of lose the position i’m curious
about that if you have please let us
know because i i’ve got a i got a topic
about that that i want to chat with if
it’s if it’s if it’s the case if we got
anybody who’s anybody’s been priced out
recently if you’ve been in other words
you know you’ve been working with scott
or dylan whatever and have you been
priced out has it hasn’t happened if you
have let us know because dylan you want
to say something yeah heidi brings up a
great point and i’m going to do a vlog
on this so i’ll give you a preview but
we’ve been dealing a lot lately with
um i’m going to do a video on the three
things that
you shouldn’t be taking into account
when you make an offer on a house right
because we get this from buyers all the
time where one is
they look at what the current owner
bought it for right and nobody cares
that’s irrelevant right if they bought
it five six seven ten years ago what
they bought it for and how much money
they’re making you know it’s irrelevant
in the market the market value today the
second one is the tax assessed value
people have to look at the taxes value
and say well the county only assesses it
x but they want y right and that’s
there’s always a lag in that it’s never
a mark it’s never a good um
uh marker of market value and then the
third thing is is how much you want to
pay right i mean what’s the mat
what you think it’s worth right because
at the end of the day it’s what the
market thinks it’s worth and there’s a
lot of buyers out there that are going
to pay
potentially more they don’t care what
you think it’s worth right so it’s one
of those things you got to kind of look
at is what doesn’t count when you’re
making an offer on a house and those are
three things that you shouldn’t get
caught up in or overanalyze
dylan just clipped that out and put it
on your vlog you’re done you just did
your blog you just did your vlog it’s
all it’s it’s all done it’s all done all
right so while we’re kind of on this
topic of condos and stuff uh scott uh
scott uh scott boyston who is uh who is
with his wife tran his lovely wife tran
uh ready for the maui condo he put a
question for us and i want to kind of
bring it up and let’s kind of talk about
this because it’s it’s a i think it’s
it’s a it’s a relevant one so so scott
uh so scott says uh uh we’re working
with heidi regarding a condo purchase on
maui um so big shout out to heidi and
her patience and understanding with us
as we navigate this big purchase in our
retirement yes awesome you are
you know scott that uh yes scott you
know scott that you are working with
like the best in the business in maui
here’s the question for you heidi scott
and dylan
ideally we would like a two-bedroom
two-bath condo because we would like to
have room and privacy for guests when
they visit
we would like the condo to be vacation
rentable as we’ll be spending about half
our time on maui and the balance of our
time traveling now clearly a one bedroom
is less expensive a one bedroom one bath
is less expensive but we’re hesitant to
do that to go that route because of the
lack of privacy for guests assuming they
would be sleeping on a sleeper sofa i’m
a very early riser and don’t want noise
in the kitchen making coffee to disturb
our guests
what are the pros and cons of a two
bedroom two bath versus a one bedroom
one bath in this situation thanks peter
for you and your eleanor ohana scott and
tran so uh great great question gang uh
you know that you’ve you’ve heard
scott’s question why don’t we kind of
start with heidi on this one um and then
we’ll uh we’ll we’ll jump we’ll do heidi
and then scott and then dylan what’s
your advice uh for scott and his wife
tran heidi
well i mean i think this is it’s really
a personal decision i mean what’s going
to work for you
something to think about is you know who
your guests are how often they’re going
to be visiting you because
a lot of people overestimate how often
they’re going to be having guests i mean
the other thing which is i mean it’s
more of a personal thing that only you
can answer but i mean how long do you
want your guests to stay
you might not want them to stay make
them too comfortable and stay weeks and
weeks and weeks
it’s it’s a really
common i don’t question something people
need to think about when they’re buying
um it’s like do you spend an extra 500
000 a million dollars
to have extra space for your guests or
with that money could you just rent them
a place every time they visited you
in the same if the complex allows
short-term rentals you can probably find
another condo close by that you could
which might work if the guests are maybe
only coming once a year
or so but if you’re
going to have family that’s going to
come on a regular basis i mean i totally
understand wanting to have more privacy
yeah it’s it’s a good good consideration
but the price difference as you know is
significant sometimes between a one and
two bedroom i mean it can be
half a million plus decision there
now the good news is that scott boydston
is a uh scott is a uh he’s a cpa so he
can do math he can do the math and he
could do the you know he could do the
cost-benefit analysis great great
heidi i’m going to throw in some stuff
as well that we’ve touched on before
scott what’s your advice for uh for
scott and his wife
well part of this comes down to price
right you know two bedroom two bath
versus a one bedroom one bath
all other things being considered should
cost more so are your friends and family
worth it
and and uh and by how much
and the other part is is a lifestyle
component like you mentioned it’s the
it’s the comfort component when people
are there not not treading on each other
um but do you really want to make them
that comfortable and and they stay
longer than they’re they’re welcome for
but um
yeah you can do the cost benefit
analysis on the number of people coming
to visit versus the price difference and
see if it see if it weighs out per head
there there’s another aspect too which
is this is part of the calculations of
course would be that
if you’re in the if you’re in a
short-term vacation rental zone and
you’re going to be putting it on you’re
going to be renting it that’s also going
to be higher income i don’t know how
that figures but that’s that’s again
part of your calculations but what
you’re right right scott go ahead yeah
there’s actually so that goes to an
interesting topic i i had this
discussion with my uncle many many many
years ago who um he you know he took me
under his wing
probably 23 years ago when i started
getting into investing and stuff and our
the conversation we had was
and that he had was hey uh
he he liked studios and one bedrooms
because you’re gonna get in that you’re
gonna get a couple or a single
individual and it the minute you start
getting into two bedrooms and more now
you’ve got potentially four people in
that space you got four people taking a
shower every day four people um you know
cooking in the kitchen the wear and tear
on it becomes greater so therefore your
your maintenance costs and things go up
and whatnot so
there is that capacity when it comes
when if you’re thinking about it from
the investment side not just the
occupancy and and guests coming to visit
yeah that’s a that’s a really good point
uh and uh uh dave thanks dave uh hoa is
also the homeowners associate homeowners
association fees are gonna be more on a
two bedroom as well maintenance costs
are gonna be higher dylan what’s your
advice for scott and his wife tran
heidi’s advice was was spot on you know
my opinion i completely agree
people 100 of the time overestimate how
much people will visit them so
if that’s a huge driving factor in your
decision making you’re probably way
overestimating i deal with this
personally my mom doesn’t even visit me
as much as i would like her to and i
have a huge room for in a bathroom like
you know i i make that available to all
my friends and family and a lot of times
people come to town and they don’t want
to impose it they’re going to go get a
condo and stay in it anyways right so
um even if people do visit you you kind
of assume that they’re always going to
stay with you and from the money
standpoint you know you don’t even have
to be talking about a lot of money right
if you
pay a hundred thousand more for an
additional bedroom
and it doesn’t get used very much
how many condos can you rent for your
friends for a hundred grand over 20
years i mean you know you can spend
you can spend 100 grand will buy you a
lot of weeks in a vacation rental condo
for a long long time and so sometimes
yeah from an economic standpoint it
makes zero sense to have a room that
sits empty eighty ninety percent of the
time when you could just offer to pay
for a vacation rental inside of your
complex or near your home or wherever it
is yeah and that was a good point about
hoas you’re gonna pay
potentially 30 40 percent more in hoa
fees depending on the square footage
because it’s all based on your your
square footage and you know that’s going
to be a monthly cost forever in addition
to whatever you your purchase price is
and so that’s something to think about
yeah uh great points um
scott and tren uh you guys are on uh
give us your feedback any any kind of
follow-up questions or kind of has this
changed your your thinking or how’s this
affected what about the rest of you
would you get a you know knowing what
you’re knowing and hearing what you’re
hanging what would you do what would you
do would you get the one bedroom one
bath that’s good enough for you and your
and your partner or would you want to go
for the for the 2-2 uh for for guests
that are visiting what’s your what’s
your effect i’d like to know kind of
what you folks think and i’m going to
chime in on mine over there i was uh we
actually touched on this uh when we had
the uh the the retirement um uh the
retirement question that we had uh one
one or two shows ago um and uh one of
the questions was about family and dylan
made the point that you know family
ain’t coming uh dylan your mom not only
uh i mean your mom lives just on the
other side of the island she could drive
to your house right and she doesn’t
visit right yeah she lives two hours
away like she didn’t have to get in a
plane or anything
there you go uh you know so so so so
there you have it um
but thanks got excellent advice very
confident that heidi will help us
navigate the the situation and tran says
she wants the two two and she’s the boss
mom says two two we’re getting the two
two and that’s just all there is to it
that’s that’s the ultimate override for
everything look um you know i would say
i would say the second bathroom is is
more important right i mean if at a
minimum because if you have just guests
over to your place do you want them
going into your main bathroom it’s
always nice having a guest bathroom you
know a a one two where you have a place
for guests or even just a one one one
and a half so you don’t have to go
or something a half bath or something
yeah that’s a really really really good
good point that might be a compromise um
you know i’ll be curious uh uh scott and
heidi what your experience has been with
with family visiting uh mine has been
that um no one uh from my and i’ve got a
big i got a big fat greek family in
chicago 30 plus if i count my my cousins
it’s over it’s well over 30 uh you know
immediate like cousins and uh cousins
and aunt aunties uncles cousins nephews
it’s well over 30. um and um
interestingly enough a lot of my a lot
of my cousins came over once on their
honeymoon which was fun never you know
and never see them again god bless them
uh i’ve got
one or two have come over like more than
once uh maybe like twice maybe maybe
three times and
i only have one and only one family
member who comes over pretty much every
and that’s my daughter
that’s it other than that that’s it no
one no one comes uh scott heidi what’s
what’s your what’s your what’s your
what’s your your frequently frequency
uh i mean my parents haven’t been out in
four years and then from everyone i grew
up with in high school i probably had
three of them that have come out to
visit so i it i don’t get guests very
often and it’s exactly what you guys
were saying what dylan was saying is
and heidi people don’t come out that
often our lives are too busy we got
yeah yep i i’ve got a video that i just
got through recording that’s going to
talk about you know like like dylan’s
vlog you know four reasons why no one’s
coming heidi what about you what what’s
been your experience are are the are the
folks from
uh rural illinois coming out to to
hawaii to see you at all
uh you’re you’re you’re muted
yeah well i i’ve had very few visitors
these last couple years but i mean it’s
also because of covid and the travel
restrictions and
when my family tends to come they come
in a big group that i could never
accommodate at my place so they end up
renting a larger house or condo
and it’s i mean i do love having
visitors and
seeing people here a lot of the people
that have come to visit haven’t stayed
with me even though
we do have an extra bedroom for people
and i’ve invited them so
i it just depends it’s that’s really
kind of a personal question that
everybody has to answer for themselves
because i mean i i know other people who
are flying back and forth from
california i mean every few weeks here
um and have family visiting all the time
i mean everybody’s experience is going
to be different but i i just wanted to
add on the
vacation rental aspect
a lot of people see think that
they should get a two-bedroom because
it’s gonna rent better
and on maui that’s not necessarily the
case i mean the property management
companies report that the one bedrooms
just as well or better than a two
bedroom because if it’s only a couple or
maybe a couple and a young child i mean
they’re probably not going to rent a
um so from i mean the purely rental
perspective i mean
a one-bedroom is just as good you don’t
have to get a two-bedroom
but get a two bedroom if you need the
two bedrooms or you want the two
bedrooms for yourself
see i i think heidi that’s i mean the
the the the simplicity and the essence
of what you said is true which is it’s
based on it’s a personal kind of
question it really really will will vary
uh it really really all depends because
you know like i said
my daughter comes every year so you know
if you know i know that for example uh
my boss
my wife would probably want a
two-bedroom place because she’d want to
have it so that the kids quote the kids
can come over but it depends on it
depends on your family some people’s
family kids don’t come over some people
you know some people’s parents never
come over you know my my parents come
out feels like 10 years at least you
know um and they probably
they probably never will it’s just not
their thing uh and and uh scott says
agree peter our daughter and her husband
will be our most often visitors we can’t
seem to hide from our daughter yeah so
you know that’s it if you if your
daughter’s going to be hanging out and
look at you know
if i was the daughter i’d be wanting to
hang out maui too you know
if my my parents had had a condo in maui
damn i you know so um and uh yeah thanks
heidi for that incident yeah exactly so
one more thing yeah one more thing
they’re kind of taking to the equation
right is
what are the other trade-offs so
what if you can get a really good view
on the 1-1 but you know a sub-par view
on a 2-2 but the price is the same
you know how much does that view matter
to you i mean you’re gonna you’re gonna
enjoy that every single morning while
you’re having coffee or watching the
sunset um maybe it’s an amenity like a
tennis court or something maybe one
complex you can get a one one with a
great tennis court because you love to
play tennis and another one has a 2-2
same price but no tennis court so those
are the kind of things you want to kind
of think about too especially in the
condo world is other things that may
bring you enjoyment over the long run
that you’re going to use on a daily
basis because you won’t have guests on a
daily basis
you know i think that that’s kind of the
essence i’m catching of all this right
the essence of it is you know first and
foremost i mean honey’s fundamental
point i think is is is the is the
fundamental principle which is it’s a
personal thing you know how is your you
know under you know know thy self right
know thy self know thy family know thy
know thy network um and kind of make
some kind of a determination of that
that’s number one and number two is
really kind of think through what the
trade-offs are right what’s the
additional expense how what’s it gonna
you know how much it’s gonna cost how
often do you see things coming how often
do you see uh see family coming over uh
to to visit you um you know what’s the
and the alternative is you can rent them
you can rent a larger place for those
times that they’re gonna visit right
what’s the additional what’s it gonna
cost what are you getting out of it
what’s the trade-off how’s it work uh
etc and uh you know and and most
importantly uh like auntie joyce says
get the two back get the two bath like
bathroom is almost more important than
the bedroom there uh but but those are
all those are all uh factors of it and
uh uh scott is loving it you guys are
spinning gold today that’s for you buddy
that is for you my man this this is what
this team does this is this is like the
gold spinning team right i love the the
diversity i i love the whole way that
that that group works together um
uncle jim here says yep smaller ocean
front beats bigger unit a few minutes
away absolutely
the smaller thing with the ocean view is
not going to work for you if you’re if
you’re if your children are coming out
to see you you know uh more often than
once every few years right it all
it all depends uh auntie joyce degrees
two bedrooms two bathrooms is key my
husband’s has survived mostly because we
never share a bathroom
you know don’t tell anyone but same
thing in our household too man we got
you know we got there’s a so that was it
having separate baths is like winter
good go ahead scott um on oahu what’s
what’s interesting in a lot of these
condo highrises that they’re building
now they’re actually providing guest
suites that you can pay basically like
300 a night and you can block off for
your guests to actually come and stay
they’re actually in your condo building
in a really nice basically hotel suite
they have their separation of space but
yet you’re in the same same uh same
place so then at that point if that if
this kind of question comes up here on
oahu you can actually go for the one
bedroom one bath add those extra
that you wanted rather than the two
bedroom if it’s just for guests and put
them down in the guest suites
that’s a feature that’s a cool feature
that is a really i’ve not i have not
heard of that i’ve not heard of that
scott so yeah there’s probably 15 towers
that have that component as an amenity
wow that that that is awesome cool all
right gang uh i think i’ve been catching
everybody let’s go back to that earlier
question about the kit um
the kit homes let me pull this up so we
can kind of hit this one really quick um
give me just a sorry gang for the uh the
slight interruption it was about uh
kit homes okay here we go
so let’s hit this one so this is from
norm and norm says any thoughts on using
some of the local kit home companies for
new construction will a kit home be a
problem with permitting so let’s just
qualify this so we’re going to have
let’s just scope our discussion here
we’re talking about a local home a kit a
local kit home company so local company
local kit how does that work uh will it
be a problem with permitting why don’t
we do this why don’t we kind of uh
let’s let’s let’s see let’s do a counter
counter how do we do it last night let’s
do clockwise dylan dylan scott and
hiding go dylan we see a lot of this
let’s mix it up let’s go with scott
first and then cascasa in the middle of
the clock so scott never goes first so
let’s have scott go first and then we’ll
have dylan and then we’ll have heidi go
uh yeah no i love this one so um there
there are material houses like hpm for
example that has kit homes and they’ve
been doing them forever and the
interesting thing that a lot of people
don’t realize is
you have a couple of different floor
plans that you can choose from and they
those plans have already been approved
by department of planning and permitting
so if you’re if you don’t do any
modifications to it
um you have a very streamlined simple
permitting process through dpp
and you can actually get moving on that
a lot faster obviously the the cons
are those are bird sounds right
yeah those are
that that’s not like nails on a
chalkboard that’s actually a bird sorry
scott go ahead
um the cons are you’re limited to what
your options are the cons are also if
you make modifications you still get a
little bit of a streamlined process but
the obviously dpp has to review that at
this point
oh man that’s a good that’s a hell of a
bird back there man that that ain’t no
cokey frog that ain’t no coat
that’s why i come here
you gotta love that man you you gotta
love that that that’s almost like
there’s like a is that like a um
an ambulance kind of driving by that’s
kind of what it almost sounds
he doesn’t like what i’m saying probably
i don’t agree uh but yeah
auntie joyce has great feature on that
on that guest suite yeah that’s the next
one all right why don’t we mute scott
and then let’s go let’s go
let’s go to thank you
love the bird i’m sure it’s great when
you’re there i’m sure it’s great when
you’re in person dylan uh unmute and and
fill us in on um
uh uh what that uh the question on on
that on that kid home yeah you
definitely want to do some due diligence
on where the kid home is coming from
because like scott said you do have
established companies hpm hanson order
that have been doing this for years and
they have pre-approved plans architect
stamped they have contractor partners
that they’ll refer you to that are
familiar with building these so it can
be a very good option but
um you know just like overestimating
guests people always
want to customize it right they want to
get a kit home and then customize it and
want to reap the benefits but then they
want to change stuff so that’s something
that you kind of got to think about is
you know are you going to do that
because you’re going to give away some
of the benefit of going with a package
home um you know versus doing a doing a
custom home but there’s definitely a lot
of advantages and it happens all the
time here one of the things that you got
to take into account is where you plan
to build that home because
if it’s in if it’s in a neighborhood
with an hoa and ccnr’s there may be
building guidelines material guidelines
you know different things like that that
you do have to you want to sync up so
you don’t want to kind of assume that
you can do it and then buy a lot where
you’re going to have something some
uh regulations so you’re not going to
have any issues with the county per se
because all of that stuff is is built to
code and designed you know up to current
standards but you do have ccnr’s that
can be weird sometimes height
uh ccnr stands for confidence codes and
restrictions comments custom
restrictions okay so you have some
neighborhoods where
you know they require a certain kind of
siding because they want the homes to
have a certain look there’s certain kind
of of roof material because they want
the homes have a certain kind of look so
sometimes there’s a minimum square
footage requirement you know you got to
do 2 000 square feet so depending you
definitely want to look a little bit
deeper you know where you’re going to
buy the land at to build the home and
then figure out and make sure that it
all works
so so what kind of a before we we get to
heidi what kind of a what kind of an
expert would you need to have on your
team uh you know i’m assuming with
obviously if you’re going to buy the
land if you’re going to whatever land
that you can buy you want to buy it with
with a realtor who knows what they’re
doing because you guys would would know
those ccnr’s and you’d be able to say
nice kid home but it it can or cannot
work because even though the crit home
is is approved which are the location
you’re looking at putting it may not
work so that’s that first part but what
about like let’s say that it’s okay
then what i mean because you’re not
going to go to yourself to to and buy
the kit and start hammering right would
you get like a a a project like an
architect to kind of run the whole pro
who would you get like to run the whole
how would that work the first safest
step is is because you can have um
you know conceptual designs and
everything ready to go is take that to
the hoa and get them to approve it
most hoas will have a design review
committee and that hoa stands for home
owners or social association yeah
that’s the thing right with all rules
laws regulations humans enforce it right
and so you could read something and say
hey this is the way i interpret it but
then a group of people who sit on the
hoa board that actually have to approve
it read it a different way so that’s the
safest thing to do is to is to put it as
a contingency in your contract that you
know the hoa
design and review committee has to give
you preliminary approval for the plans
on what you want to do before you close
so that that’s the that’s the quickest
or the most for sure way but yeah you
can definitely get an architect involved
the real estate attorney involved you
can go you know down a deep rabbit hole
with this but at the end of the day the
hoa is going to have to approve whatever
you’re going to do if they have those
well i tell you one thing you definitely
want to have at the very very least a
realtor like one of you guys to kind of
guide through because there’s some
there’s there’s such a maze so when i’m
this is no longer an issue especially in
our in our market right but for years
and years and years pre-kovid we had
these really nice
neighborhoods that were built subdivided
and built gated some of them gated you
know one acre lots and
they were cheap you know three hundred
thousand two hundred seventy five
thousand and people would always inquire
and be like wow that’s such a great deal
i can get an acre with a great view
and the reason that these sat on the
market for a long time and never sold
those neighborhoods had very strict
design and build guidelines which
made you build a house that was so
expensive that a lot of times it priced
people out so even if you could get the
lot for 300 000 and now you have to
spend you know eight nine hundred
thousand on build because of the
materials that you had to use and the
size of the square footage and different
things like that you couldn’t you know
people would assume i could buy the lot
for 300 and build for 300 and now i got
a 600 000 property and that wasn’t the
and so that’s no longer a problem
everything is pretty much sold in those
areas now but for years and years and
years that was a big downside to those
types of communities where they were
trying to they wanted the community to
be upscale but it hurt the value of the
land because there wasn’t as many people
who wanted to buy and build that upscale
but not not no longer that was then and
this is now and as we said we’re not
talking about the price that we’re
talking about now heidi what’s your
what’s your uh what’s your sense of uh
local kid homes uh uh and you want any
anything what would you like to add uh
to the to the kit home issue is there
anything specific about maui that you
have to think about are there
considerations what’s your thoughts
yeah i would be really skeptical that
any hoa community would allow a kit home
so if that’s something that you’re
planning on doing um
i would want to i mean look into that
and see that that could be approved in
i mean there are kit homes on maui um
i’ve seen people
do fab mac homes and
other kit homes and some of them are are
really nice i mean the considerations
are the same with any other type of
building project i mean if you’re
looking at land
where are the utilities coming from um
you’re gonna need to be able to
connect to utilities also does the site
need any kind of preparation
um prior to just plopping down a house
um so i mean those are some of the same
considerations you’d be looking into in
any building project
well you know i think one of the things
i’ve i’ve heard you folks say you know
many many many times over and over and
over again is that you know the kid home
or the you know the
that kind of stuff is all well and good
but you know it’s it’s so much cleaner
if you can buy an existing home and on
an existing property that’s so much of a
cleaner way to kind of go better to take
that and kind of do renovations or
research the renovation on that than to
kind of start with something there’s
very little uh you know kind of raw land
these days that’s buildable or easily
buildable or not you know not complex et
cetera so that’s uh part of what i’m
kind of hearing here as well and scott
could speak to this more intelligently
from a financing standpoint you got to
have a lot more cash available and you
got to have be in a much better finance
position you’re not going to do this
whole thing buy land and buy a kit house
with 10 down right you got to have some
reserves available there’s deposits it’s
got to be made i mean it’s there’s a lot
that goes into it and so you got to be
in a different type of financial
position than just buying a home where
you can get a mortgage and you know five
percent down mortgage or 20 even a 20
dollar mortgage
yeah go scott yeah i’ve i’ve actually
been down this path a lot significantly
not only so but part of my thing is as
i’ve tired on the fact that there’s two
basically two local
material houses that as dylan said
haunts the door and hpm and they
provided the same type of house for 20
years 30 years and so i get tired of
seeing the the same old inventory it’s a
great way to go because the idea is to
streamline the process and streamline um
the permitting the time frame and to
make things easier and to reduce cost
overruns unexpected cost overruns that
come with doing custom homes so now you
do have to get all your materials bought
from that material house company if
you’re going through them they do
provide you if you want to customize it
they have provide you with either the
architect or some kind of engineer to
help do those modifications
me and a buddy of mine started looking
into this we were actually going to have
i actually went to hpm
plant over in hilo and looked
looked at their assembly portion because
you can actually get your entire walls
put together here in the islands and so
when it gets delivered to the
to the property you’re basically just
standing up the walls for your framing
but we were also looking at doing
different designs and bringing them into
the islands so that we could have some
more variety here and potentially you
know offering that as a as a package and
stuff so they’re pros to it um you know
you’re and there’s also cons but you’re
you’re also limited to
your options right now unless you’re
going out of state and then okay now
you’re adding the level of complexity we
even looked at delivering
some of these portions of these homes in
by container and one of the things you
got to be careful of when you’re doing
these walls wherever you’re doing them
and you’re just going to stand them up
if your contractor is off by a little
bit okay now you’re re-engineering that
that whole wall panel that’s been built
and stuff so anyway that’s kind of a
long story but
yeah it’s an option
good uh good stuff
let’s let’s let’s catch up on our
comments before we we kind of flip back
we have a couple of questions that are
tied into this topic here so barbara
says are there many or any kid houses on
ocean view estate where it’s quite
inexpensive dylan a quick answer on that
yes that is a place where this happens
very often you can get a piece of land
for 15 grand and then you can you can do
it there’s no restrictions on what you
what you can build on it and and people
do build kit homes there all the time
very confident right great so barbara uh
reach out to us there’s there’s uh if
you haven’t already if you’re not i know
barbara if you’re on the newsletter then
just hit reply but if you’re not uh
click on the links in the description uh
get a hold of us get a hold of dylan to
kind of help i’m sorry go ahead the
downside is there’s not a lot of
contractors that want to go out there to
build it so you might pay a premium for
the work to get done because it’s you
know an hour hour and a half away from
where most of these labors are going to
be carpenters are going to be living
it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere
right hawaiian ocean view state it’s
kind of in the middle of nowhere um dave
asked a question uh permits take a long
time to get on the big on where do you
live when being built very few rentals i
would say dave get some housing do not
uh don’t you you can’t camp on your
property while it’s being built uh dylan
you want to add anything to that one
yeah that’s a huge downside right when
people want to build i mean i tell them
you know expect 12 to 24 months
you know conservatively and so that’s
another big piece of this is how long do
you want to wait how big of a project do
you want so that’s a big that is a very
big factor when you’re doing when you’re
gonna when you plan to do a buy and
build type situation
yeah uh great topic thanks for bringing
it up it was it was a great discussion
uh let’s let’s kind of move on over here
to got a couple well first of all jim
jim wants to know so how much does the
train cost i forgot all about that
thanks jim for bringing that back up
okay so remember i said was it
originally a two billion dollar estimate
okay gang the correct answer is 12 12
billion dollars as of now it’s going to
probably be even more but 12 is not done
yet they’re not done yet not done yet
it’s not running yet and they’re running
into problems there’s they’re finding
defects in the construction there’s god
knows what
my guess is that right about the time
it’ll be done and it’ll be up and
running it’s when it’s gonna start to
rust out because it’ll be 20 years it’s
got a 20-year lifetime it’s taken almost
20 years to build it so right about the
time it’ll be done enough to be torn
down so it’ll be good it’s it’s it’s a
great project it’s
our our favorite our favorite
institution at work uh the to inject to
inject more controversy i saw that it
would cost less to build a border wall
all across the border to mexico than it
would to build the 15 mile train so
there are so many there are so many
comparisons i mean uh okay last last one
because you and this is one of my
favorite my my favorite hot topics uh i
did this analysis eons ago when that
when the estimates were like at like 5
billion back then i did the estimate and
it would be cheaper
to buy a condo for each person that was
going to be using the train it’d be
cheaper to buy them a condo and put the
condo in town than have the train so
that’s how much cheaper it would be uh
this is back when connor’s we’re going
for like you know 300 000. okay anyway
you know on that sweets issue scott that
that’s gotten some big um
uh big big uh big shout outs uh uh
auntie joyce loves the uh the the guest
suites very very cool and um jeff
halverson has said that the guest suites
is common in the tokyo market uh often
uh more high-end than hotels very very
cool did not know that that’s kind of
some some neat stuff that’s been uh
popping up um and uh and and barbara yap
kind of thought so it’s been a it’s a
long way from town yeah barbara you’re
you’re kind of you’re sort of in the
middle of nowhere you’re in the middle
of nowhere um uh and kev kev pops in i
see new home listings around 950 how
realistic is that price if it hasn’t
started yet but the developers selling
the lot how long would that take to
build that’s from kev who’s going to be
uh in touch with with scott uh let’s uh
let’s kind of take the one real quick
scott you want to can we we got to get
into our show’s almost over already but
go ahead scott what’s uh
uh how would you answer kev kev’s
question quickly yeah i’m not sure i
totally understand this is this a spec
home where um somebody’s selling the lot
and they tell you they’ll build the for
a total purchase price they’ll build you
the the home as well i mean you know
permitting on oahu for a single-family
home could take you up to a year your
minimum probably six months to a year
then your build is probably a year if
it’s not a huge custom home could take
two years so
you know two to three years
so uh kev you want to talk to scott
because scott’s the man he’s done he’s
gone through through this this this
agony of going through his build-outs um
and uh and he could kind of clue you in
on kind of where that’s at all right
let’s move on we have to show’s almost
over it went really fast with some great
discussions uh this this this week all
right so it’s time to go to our uh our
diamonds and deal uh diamonds and deals
where we have sort of fun aspirational
aspirational inspirational properties uh
let’s hit this one here for in maui this
is the the three five two punakia loop a
69 acre parcel with a cottage barn and
180 degrees oh my god heidi what is this
this is the ultimate site i think to
a luxury property
and to answer the question on where are
you gonna live while you build your
dream home there is a thousand square
foot cottage on this property already
which is really nice there’s also
a barn
which is set up as living quarters and
it has a three-car garage
this is 69 acres of ocean view land
um and also a lot of work has already
been done there’s a mile long paved
and the main building site i mean has
already been leveled so
i mean it’s it’s really ideal for
somebody that wants to come in and build
pretty spectacular and then
still have the cottage
it has not been cpr so you could
divide this into two parcels and sell
one of the parcels separately
there’s just a lot of potential
with the site you have the west valley
mountains in the backdrop
and then you’re looking straight west so
you’re going to have sunset views and
views of the outer islands um molokai
and lanai
this is uh uh i’m i’m kind of i’m kind
of speechless on on this one but for but
for those of you that uh uh for dave
dave who’s looking and dave hey man uh
like like heidi said you don’t have to
worry about where you have to live and
like dylan said you have to just live on
the barn in the in the 69 acre parcel my
goodness that is that is a that’s beyond
even a compound uh excellent thank you
heidi um
what’s up next here we got uh hillcrest
home for uh one point four one point
four nine uh which is this big island uh
who’s who’s probably oh this is me okay
this is kailua i i picked this because
um hillcrest is a little subdivision in
kailua that most people don’t aren’t
familiar with there’s and kailua is
mostly flat and there’s a kind of a big
hill and hillcrest runs up that hillside
so it’s one of the few subdivisions that
if you want views and you want to be
able to get ocean views besides lanikai
you can get it from hillcrest and you
basically overlook all of kailua we
actually it’s funny because
doing this long enough this this happens
a lot we actually sold this home
probably five years ago so i’m very
familiar with it
as you can see in the upper left
uh nice kitchen and it has views out of
there it’s hard to kind of see in that
picture but um there’s tile
there was an artist that owned the home
and did all this custom tile work where
actually had the tiles created for the
kitchen and it has this kind of palm
tree motif and whatnot
that that he put which is still there
they didn’t take it out which is nice
but you have this really nice deck in
the middle picture that looks out across
great place to relax and they they had
some nice custom features it’s about 2
400 square feet four bedroom two and a
half bath and it’s reverse living so the
bedrooms mostly are downstairs but you
do have yard space you do have great
views it’s a nice home for 1.45 in
kailua which to me is about the going
price for getting in on anything in
kailua that doesn’t need a ton of work
at this point
yeah i was gonna say that’s kind of
right in the middle there yeah
absolutely yeah great excellent all
right uh let’s see what do we got next
there’s uh we we got some like amazing
properties for this week here seven
bedroom uh seven bedroom four bath
wyono medals dylan what’s this you know
what’s funny is it’s just like it’s just
like i’m competing with heidi on this we
never coordinate these but they’re
similar this one’s on sixty acres you
know so you can get sixty eight this is
a big island with a
fifty six hundred square foot house um
seven bedrooms four baths it’s actually
got the main house in the front and
there’s like a attached um
separate unit ohana type unit um on it
it has a barn it’s got an infinity pool
out front that that bottom left picture
is like the the outdoor kind of wet bar
and kitchen that overlooks the pool and
just it’s got a
a huge sweeping view that the pitchers
don’t do it justice but beautiful spot
in halo right above kailua kona town so
real accessible you know you’re like 10
minutes away from the airport um but
yeah killer killer property great great
deal 3.7 million for 60 acres it’s got a
it drops off right in front of the house
and then right below that is this huge
flat area you could build an arena on it
if you wanted to do horses and stuff i
mean you could literally have parking
for a rodeo and a rodeo arena there um
on this one property so beautiful spot
that that building looks like a resort
hotel you know
it’s just um it’s just amazing all right
gang so look so all right folks uh what
would you what would you rather take
would you take the the seven the seven
bedroom four bath how many acres dylan
60 acres
60 acres for 3.7 or do you do the 69
acres uh with a barn on it for 4.5 in
maui what do you do which which which
would you take if you had to choose
between the two would it be this one or
this one that’s what i’d like to know
pop it in the comments uh we’re going to
wrap this up we’re going to go into our
our closing motivational thoughts over
here let me kind of do this while i
why i hide the guy behind the curtain
over here all right so uh gang it’s been
a great show let’s let’s kind of wrap
this up it’s been fun as it usually is
always it’s always i really love the
fact that it’s sort of there’s a large
part of it that’s just kind of goes with
the flow which is so much fun um all
right so um
jason jason says that dylan wins it all
right and uh and uh uh of course auntie
joyce would would take the uh uh above
us uh the home above us in holu aloha so
let’s let’s do our our closing thoughts
over here uh dylan uh
this is from last week i think right so
what i did i totally spaced updating
that no no no no that’s all right yeah
sorry man
i’ve always got something good off the
top of my head so yeah no no i’m sorry i
shouldn’t have brought that up go ahead
go forward all good you know this this
um past weekend i went to conference
couple weeks ago and tim grover was
there who was the the um the strength
and conditioning coach the michael
jordan kobe bryant a bunch of the
greatest uh
athletes you know basketball athletes in
in our generation and um
one of the things he talked about was
how you have the greatest winners have
the shortest memories
right so and it’s a good mindset thing
to remember that when you win you got to
regret quickly so you start working hard
for the next win and when you lose you
gotta forget quickly so you can continue
to focus on on winning again and i just
thought that was a good way to think
about life is having a short memory when
something bad happens you know if you
miss a shot and you dwell on it for the
rest of the game you’re gonna have a
terrible game and when you win a
championship if you rest on your laurels
and and bask in the glory of winning for
too long you’re not gonna win a second
one so
excellent you made me think that for
some reason i popped them in my head
that scene from 50 first dates at the
very end when uh when she she wakes up
each morning and each morning it’s a
brand new morning she forgot whatever
happened the previous morning there’s a
little bit of bliss on under that heidi
it looks like the maui property is
coming in here we got the folks are
everyone’s loving the maui property uh
but uh but norman wants the big island
and uh
and and uh and kenaya wants that wants
the kailua home canal that one’s got
your name on it that one’s got your name
on it girl it’s right around and it’s
right around the corner from from
makapuu where we had our great meetup uh
where we mentioned in person all right
let’s uh let’s see who is up next i
think heidi’s uh heidi’s got her closing
thought heidi uh this is yours right go
when your heart speaks take good notes
what does that mean to you
to take time to be in touch with um what
you truly want
um especially when making a big decision
is just
take a moment to be quiet and think
i mean
what you really want what makes your
heart sing what’s gonna
be exciting um
and just kind of being in touch with
your true desires
take good notes right take good notes
well well said heidi thank you excellent
love these closing thoughts by the way i
hope you get are you guys you know gang
there’s a a lot of you are still here
you guys like this should we should we
continue with the closing thoughts
should we skip it and talk more about
real estate you you let me know what you
all think i’m having a good time but
it’s not about me it’s about you uh
who’s next uh scott
what’s this and what’s it mean to you
yeah so this when i saw this this
reminded me of my days working in the
bar and you know that that’s that kind
of lifestyle right but
the true you know kind of concept with
this is life’s hard um you know but if
you can stay positive and and
look at the bright side of things there
there’s always great things to achieve
that’s kind of the biggest thing for me
is always trying to stay positive look
on the look at the opportunities that
are out there and take advantage of them
looked at the stars man looked at the
stars uh and uh and and judy loves it
thank you judy appreciate it uh as does
auntie joyce uh thanks kev for the uh
the the shout out and glad that uh great
great g good i’m glad you said cause
we’re gonna keep this up yeah scott
that’s a great point right you know you
may be in in the gutter but you need to
be looking at the stars because you need
to you know look where you’re going to
go uh patrick says keep it all right
good we got it gang thank you all love
ya uh bobby we’re just gonna make the
show fit uh we are gonna make the show
fit so if you had to do something else
tell us your favorite hike of the week
all right that’s a good question we’ll
bring that up but the closing things are
are a big hit great excellent excellent
um okay so we’re going to close my
closing thought and of course my
favorite past time here is the pull
stuff from proverb that i really love
here’s a great one for me that i came
across whoever pursues righteousness and
kindness will find life and honor and
that almost kind of speaks for itself
right pursue righteousness and kindness
and you will find life and honor uh glad
you all like it um
keep keep your night uh keep the
thoughts nice to get your philosophy
thank you all very much all right gang i
think that’s it uh why don’t we kind of
let’s let’s go counter clockwise and say
goodbye to everybody heidi then scott
and then dylan
what you’re uh you’re you’re you’re
muted heidi
aloha everybody have a great weekend
aloha everybody thanks for joining us
hello everybody
all right folks it’s been a great one as
usual y’all take care oh yeah by the way
in two weeks we’re gonna we’re gonna
shift the time same time for you
different time for us we’re gonna be an
hour earlier because we’re going to uh
daylight savings time all right gang