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Show start 3/18/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 3/18/22
Mask mandate ending on 3/25/22
Median home price is $1.1M
Pets getting squeezed out of the housing market
Taxes on 2nd homes in Hawaii probably going up
Big Island News & Market Update 3/18/22
Oahu News & Market Update 3/18/22
Maui News & Market Update 3/18/22
Is there any difference in appreciation between single family and condos?
Better to buy, or rent in Hawaii for retirement?
Proper use of the word “Hawaiian” when referring to residents of Hawaii
If there is no new development, what causes inventory availability to rise?
Open enrollment fo the Islander Ohana – join us!
Response to question on rent vs buy in Hawaii for retirement
Will new laws (Bill 41) on Oahu to limit vacation rentals affect single family home market?
Will new laws (Bill 41) on Oahu to limit vacation rentals affect nurses with 3 month contracts?
Are Hawaii homes slipping into the ocean?
Are the islands sinking or shrinking?
What risks are there in buying near the water?
Maui 3bd 2.5ba home
Oahu lagoon waterfront estate $4.25M
Big Island 1bd 1ba 23 acre $1M
What’s Hawaii like during wartime?
How is it that Hawaii is so dependent on fossil fuels
How close to condo buildings will the Honolulu rail system be?
Should I install solar panels
Closing motivational thoughts

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