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Hawaii News and Market Update as of 2/18/22
Another whale saved!
Mandates over by SOTU
Red HIll update – people returning to their homes
Big Island News Update 2/18/22
Maui News Update 2/18/22
Oahu News Update 2/18/22
Question for the Ohana: are $200k condos for real?
When is a good time to buy a home in Oahu?
The Ohana Answers: are $200k condos for real?
Are septic systems required for all new homes on the Big Island?
Maui 3 bd/3ba $4M
Oahu Condo at Ward Village
Should I rent a few months before making the move?
Big Island 4bd/3ba $1M
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Show Transcript

Paste he

ll right well aloha kakahiaka everyone
today is february 18 2022 and you are
part of the aloha friday hawaii real
estate show welcome we’re connecting
with people who want to live in hawaii
want to own a home in hawaii with
handling your questions and comments and
all the discussion and we got our
friends here let’s see here so so i i
i’m wondering if jim cheated because jim
kicked in like at like an hour ago he
kicked in and then and then he kind of
and and then he kind of said i’m working
on a project want to get my greeting and
hope i’ll be watching at 3 o’clock so
jim if you’re there give us a shout out
but you certainly threw your comment
there an hour ago and chris came in
early too chris
and happy aloha friday thank god it’s
friday indeed thanks god it’s it’s
friday we’re supposed to have crappy
weather but uh it hasn’t gotten crappy
yet so
you know i i have an old thing it’s like
you know if you want it to rain you wash
your car that’s how you get a terrain as
you wash your car and if you don’t want
it to rain you wash your car assuming
it’s going to rain and then you put a
cover over the car and then it won’t
rain so that’s that’s the add-on on this
so let’s go uh let’s go
counter-clockwise to my with my friends
uh scott startsman who is with us on the
aunt of o’ahu we got heidi dallinger
who’s with us from the island of maui
and we got our friend dylan nonaka who’s
hailing from the big island scott give
us the update what’s the aloha shirt
what’s the background what’s happening
mike check
yeah we have uh we have terrible weather
today right you know there’s a few
clouds in the background and some light
that’s about as
as bad as it gets no it’s actually going
to be interesting this show because
they’re building a pretty big home right
back over here and i hear the guys frame
and i’m not sure if you guys can hear it
but you get the nail guns going all the
time which is the sweet sound of my
years i love hearing that and then
there’s another guy digging drilling
concrete down there so it’s like hey
urban core honolulu coming to you from
the show this morning scott is is that
like a like the scene from uh that one
movie i love the smell of you know i i
love the the sound of nail guns in the
morning is that that kind of that’s how
we paraphrase that one yeah makes my
hair stand up on my neck i get all
excited so
warm warms my heart warms my heart and
uh and we got uh duane who’s back with
us welcome back dwayne good to see you
buddy from chile kentucky what’s the
temperature out there dwayne give us a
give us a quick a quick weather reading
and and of course auntie joyce aloha 12
welcome auntie joyce a a a pillar of our
group heidi let’s move on to you how’s
uh what’s going on what’s the coffee of
the day today what’s happening
well the coffee of the day is the hana
bliss which it’s kind of a lighter roast
vanilla chocolate macadamia nut it
it just reminds me of
taking a little day off and going to
which is one of our favorite trips um
it’s this long and winding road to the
east part of the island but it’s just
it’s really getting away
so that’s what i’m thinking about while
i’m sipping this coffee
honey i know i have to agree with you uh
heidi so
is is there like a good or a bad time
traffic wise i mean you don’t don’t tell
anyone else honey it’s just between you
and me right now don’t tell us and
everyone who’s gonna be watching this
video but what’s like though you know
you’re the local there what time of the
day or what day of the week would you
drive to hana to try to avoid the famous
instagram traffic jams of people pulling
not pulling over actually not pulling
over blocking you know blocking half the
highway to look at a waterfall when’s
the best time to go to hana
well that is a great question peter
we’re always trying to figure that out
it it’s it’s kind of hit or miss um a
lot of visitors when they’re going
they’ll leave early in the morning and
spend the day
um so sometimes driving down there later
in the day and then spending the night
either camping or
there’s a couple places a couple hotels
and vacation rentals down there where
you can spend the night
sometimes that works um you can also go
in the reverse direction it’s called the
back side of hana and you can go
that way and come around the other way
um a lot of tourists don’t go that way
all kinds of options i love that that
road to hana is like man it’s like lily
it’s out of this i have a long story
about that my first visit to maui so
that’s a that’s a great thank you heidi
for bringing that that image back into
my mind the road to hana is amazing
speaking of rhodes dylan what’s going on
buddy uh fill us in on the big on what’s
the shirt what’s that like with what
what’s happening on your side of the
well it’s good to be back i was gone
last week um up in san francisco and
tahoe visiting some family and doing
some snowboarding so that was that was
super fun but it’s always good to come
home and get reminded of why we live
here and the weather is so much better
than anywhere else even though it was
pretty nice and tall it was like 55
degrees so you could snowboard in like a
long sleeve shirt which was
pretty cool so got some good family time
in but
back back on the big island this week
and i’m going to spend some time at the
beach this weekend got a living houlon
this is my pink living hula shirt so i
thought i’d rock this one this morning
uh somewhat pretty new design i think
only last few months it came out so
local designer here in kona it’s looking
good you know dylan you just inspired me
what we should hey what if we did this
what if we had like a
shirt of the month club and we kind of
you know posted this somewhere hey gang
would you all join in with me you know
scott you know how do you have to kind
of figure out you know how that’s going
to work maybe something i don’t have to
kind of figure out a fashion kind of
accessory but you know dylan’s you know
shirt of the month and we all kind of
wear you know we all bite and we all
wear it and maybe you all buy it too
would you all buy here’s a question for
you guys so do it this way okay
would you buy a shirt of the month if
dylan kind of you know if we did some
kind of a deal with the shirt company or
whatever maybe you know who knows some
kind of you know ohana discount or
whatever and we post it would you buy it
would you buy the shirt that would be
fun that’s a good question so let me
know gang and it’s not just shirts so
the cool thing about this company is
they have these patterns but they make
it in
all kinds of different
um designs so you have the men’s law
shirts but then you have
long dresses they have rompers they have
you know female blouses i mean they have
the the the the women’s line is huge i
mean the options all different you know
shapes and sizes you can get them in so
the the men’s stuff is pretty simple but
you can get them in whatever
kind of shape and size you want on the
female side
so we’ll have to kind of maybe get uh
mrs nonaka to pick out the to pick up
the the ladies the ladies version or
maybe heidi will pick out the latest
version but anyway so gang i i want to
know about this and
dylan it looks like the people want the
dynamism posters instead so that that’s
that looks like it’s that’s that’s
becoming more more popular dwayne’s uh
duane’s doing this uh hey gang look
we’re gonna let’s just pretend that the
show is officially starting i’ll put up
the title slide one more time just so
you all know like we’re officially
starting but we’re just having too much
fun over here so okay we have begun the
show is we’re actually two minutes late
we’ve begun but we’re not gonna do news
because we’re having too much fun here
right now we’re gonna come back with
some news in a minute we have a lot of
catching up to do because uh dwayne
wants that dwayne wants the dylan poster
here let’s go back up over here we have
a lot of people to catch up on now
cameron cameron popped in a question i’m
gonna throw the question on it but we’re
gonna come back to it in just a minute
but let’s all think about this when is a
good time to buy a house in oahu quick
answer right now my parents are looking
to buy a house that has enough land on
it to buy an ohana suite but also have
three bedrooms uh three bed two
bathrooms so put that one let’s get
let’s kind of put that one in in our in
in our heads there scott and then uh
we’ll come back to it uh because tom is
is hailing us from the uk aloha and from
stormy uk what’s the weather like there
tom and dwayne came back from kentucky
it’s 36 but sunny well at least it’s at
least it’s sunny right at least it’s
sunny so you’ve you’ve got that you got
that going for you and patrick mckenna
from germany awesome good evening from
germany hey what what time is it there
now uh patrick i’m curious
what time is it in germany uh right now
it’s 10 a.m in hawaii right now i’m
curious what the difference is uh and
judy judy is judy weber is back with us
aloha judy judy is an islander ohana
alumni uh judy great to have you back uh
and uh joyce joyce you know joyce is
really into heidi’s engagement which is
so much fun joyce says love heidi saying
it’s our favorite trip to hana that
engagement ring really changes things
yes yes heidi the engagement so we’re
all excited to kind of to follow your
follow the adventures of of of heidi and
she goes to that val is back with us hey
val welcome back good morning uh good to
see you val is a member of the islander
ohana and it’s great that great valve
that you’re back with us up babs babs
okay aloha from
idaho uh because i’m gonna blow that one
i’m gonna i’m gonna butcher that how do
you pronounce that high 40s and the snow
was melting well there you go that was
melting that’s all i can ask for uh
patrick hey patrick welcome back buddy
up from palm beach florida the sunshine
state where it’s always sunny and
beautiful just like the aloha state so
patrick weren’t you in like north
carolina or something and are you
vacationing in florida this is my my
brains tell me that you’re somewhere and
you were up in the north carolinas or
something like that and now you’re in
florida look buddy florida’s a beautiful
place the world is beautiful everywhere
but nothing comes close to hawaii sorry
nothing comes close to hawaii ford is
awesome florida’s beautiful shun science
day we love florida we love the people
florida but nothing beats white right
dylan nothing beats hawaii’s weather
i just got i just got off a call with
somebody explaining that to them they’re
like where’s the best weather in hawaii
and i’m like anywhere
exactly the answer is yes that’s the
answer the answer is yes in hawaii uh
and uh juliana’s back welcome julian
aloha and welcome back so scott’s gonna
scott give a wave to uh to juliana there
who’s uh who’s hanging out with us uh
this is so much fun judy a shirt of the
month okay judy so we have one we have
one for the show of the month who else
who else is going to go for the show of
the month uh yes oh there we go uh
auntie joyce i would buy one see we
could all wear it and we could kind of
like do video chats and all that kind of
stuff and you know send your photos of
the shirt it’d be kind of fun i think um
neil neil’s back with us aloha everyone
welcome back neil uh so is patrick
mckenna 9 p.m okay so it’s not your oh
it’s almost like a almost a 12-hour uh
12-hour difference uh
storm units with winds up to 122 miles
an hour dude that’s not stormy that’s
like deadly that’s is that miles per
hour or kilometers per hour that’s
that’s crazy that’s like tear the house
uh okay patrick’s on vacation awesome
well patrick i hope you’re enjoying a
vacation buddy but you haven’t vacation
until you’ve come to hawaii that’s all i
got to tell you i hope you’ll be there
am i a spokesman like an ambassador for
hawaii i should be paid for this right
uh gil uh gill has drought ridden
northern california well gil hopefully
the hopefully the the the reigns will
will let up well welcome everybody we’re
glad i’ll see you let’s move on it’s
time to come do some quick news really
quick news updates let me kind of share
with you what’s kind of going on over
here in our aloha state uh for for today
so we got some more whale saving that’s
always kind of fun
uh we’ve uh there’s another whale saving
story how do you maybe can come and uh
comment on this one there was a a mother
humpback whale was freed of more than
550 feet of line and debris see more of
these stories in in debris uh so they
freed them and was kind of cool you
always it’s always cool and fun to uh
save the whale so i thought i’d throw
that in so gang i’m going to make a
predictions here restrictions gone by
the state of the union address so here’s
here’s my prediction everybody
there will be no
uh there will be no mandates uh at the
federal level as of on or before the
state of the union address it’s gonna
it’s one of those science things it’s
the science it’s coincidence it’s god’s
will you name it but there’s gonna be
something that’s gonna make all the
mandates go away uh by the state of the
union address mark my words and uh uh
hawaii looks like it’s gonna be hanging
in there josh green who’s our
gubernatorial candidate and also
currently the lieutenant governor he’s
kind of been like our i don’t want to
call black the doctor fauci of hawaii
because he’s not been like dr fauci but
he’s been like he’s a medical guy he’s a
doctor he’s been kind of the guy that’s
been leading the charge to kind of you
know uh address covet in hawaii he says
he believes that the safes travels thing
you know that thing where you have to go
through safe travels you have to put an
app and verify you’re vaccinated and all
this kind of stuff it’s going to go away
and he expects it he expects it expects
it to go away by mid-march which is
state of the union told you uh he also
thinks uh early april uh that the indoor
basque mandates are going to go away too
right after the state of the union
address why is that what’s that what’s
the science behind that i want to know
anyway um red hill so if you’ve been
following the red hill story uh uh we
this is the the quick update the story
of a red hill is that there’s been a
fuel leakage a jet fuel has leaked out
of uh this place in hawaii called on
oahu called red hill and it has leaked
into some of the water supply they’ve
had some homes that have been evacuated
navy navy base type homes that have been
evacuated looks like they’ve been
cleaned up and the water’s been flushed
and they’ve gotten the clean bill of
health for the first crop of people to
move back into their homes that’s a big
deal so for those of you that have been
following that uh you kind of want to
know about that
renters i don’t have a headline here but
there’s a there’s a story on renters
scott mike i want one have you kind of
comment on that it looks like they’re
going to be expanding
the uh the the uh the hardship
assistance program i know what that’s
going to affect on the market but it’s
going to affect it in some way shape or
form and then look at that weather gang
76 77 all the way across it’s supposed
to be raining so you see the clouds over
there but so far we’re so good so
all right gang that’s it for the that’s
for a quick update why don’t we go
clockwise this time let’s go dylan and
then heidi and then scott give us the
update dylan on anything you want to
report on as far as the big on what kind
of anything that’s newsworthy anything
that’s market worthy what do you want to
share from the big island dylan
so the big news from the last couple of
days is we had a little brush fire here
in kona and it was actually right next
to where my office is located so my
phone has been going off the hook for
the last couple days and people check it
in which i very much appreciate um but
the fire department did a great job
luckily we have a big ocean nearby so
the helicopter can just grab
water and bring it over and drop it on
the the forest the the brush fire but i
think it might have been some some
homeless folks barbecuing in the bushes
that that uh got a little bit
overzealous and so it was really
literally like right outside of my
window out here um huge brush fire in
the very dry old pastures between the
two highways so that was that’s kind of
the big news the other thing that’s
interesting and interesting um piece of
news that came out is we have a crisis
of kittens on the big island because the
feral cat population control programs
have taken either
you know taking a hit with funding
during kovid or they don’t have the
facilities open in order for people to
get their cats spayed and neutered and
so there is a huge boom of feral cats
being born on the island and that’s kind
of like our crisis right now so i guess
that’s your biggest problem you’re doing
all right
if the if your biggest problem is too
many cats i think i think we’re doing i
think they’re doing okay yeah i think
we’re doing all right on that uh we had
a couple
we had a couple people kind of chiming
in over here i want to recognize them uh
first of all uh mark mark whitehill has
joined us let me clear up the screen a
little bit differently there we go uh
mark whitehill has joined us mark
welcome back buddy uh mark is an alumni
of the islander ohana and he has
actually moved to oahu helped by scott
uh and uh that’s great to see you back
mark i love it uh that you guys are
attending uh mark mark is uh there it’s
kind of it’s so much fun to see mark and
his family uh they’re um it’s their
first year living in in hawaiian of
course and they’re they’re posting these
phenomenal you know they’re phenomenal
these great um envy pictures i’m gonna
call them right hawaii envy pictures and
they’re just awesome right these amazing
sunsets the beautiful you know beautiful
sunrises you know beach it’s it’s great
so mark keep it up tell your wife to
keep keep hacking away i i love it uh i
get normal i get jealous of seeing their
pictures right i live here yeah they’re
they’re all great
they’ve done a great job it’s it’s
awesome um i’m sure their friends back
on the mainland are jealous especially
during these uh times of uh during the
winter uh norm is what norma’s back with
us norm welcome back uh you and and your
wife tony uh we’re glad to see you folks
here jim you made it jim aloha not too
late but you made jim you’re always
welcome buddy you are always welcome
here glad glad to have you auntie joyce
says health restrictions quote
predictions are great but i’m predicting
they will change every other day don’t
hold your breath or place any money on
it absolutely absolutely do not place
any bets i’m not a betting man anyway uh
mark yep
that’s it red absolutely uh check out
our vlog that’s right he’s got the vlog
too give us the
mark would you please post the uh uh the
the the url for your blog i will i will
circle back and and and repost it it’s
great to see their their family giving
us updates on their uh their their
trials and tribulations in hawaii all
right who’s up next heidi give us the
update uh what’s what’s the maui news
maui update maui market maui notables
what’s happening
well the real estate market’s off to a
busy start in 2022 i mean it’s already
looking like it’s going to exceed last
year which was a record-breaking year
it’s always a good time to visit maui
and there’s there’s not really a strong
seasonality in our market but
february is one of the most popular
times to visit i think because the
humpback whales are here and
it’s just a beautiful time of year
that impacts the resort market so resort
condominiums have been selling really
i’ll just share a couple recent
statistics so
uh median price for a condominium on
maui is now seven hundred and seven
thousand five hundred
um so 7075 and then single-family homes
are up to one one five seven
fifty that’s the median price of a home
um yeah buying real estate’s kind of
like jumping on a train
right now um
and it’s important very fast a very very
fast moving train sorry to interrupt a
very fast-moving train here i’m sorry
about that but go ahead
but yeah it’s it’s been good just busy
busy here um lots of visitors um notably
more visitors here than we’ve seen in a
couple years
you know you mentioned the uh the whales
i it really finally occurred to me after
all the these years that you know
february is a good month there’s a i’m
understanding there’s this is kind of
when whales start migrating back to
alaska and so there’s a lot of sort of
quote whale traffic in fact there’s been
some unfortunate uh stories of uh some
run-ins and collisions with uh with
whales that are that have been on the
water so pipelines careful but that’s
this is a good time it’s a good time for
well watch and how do you do whale
watching you mentioned you do some whale
watching like right out of your house is
that right
yeah i
from our lanai i mean i can see whales
breaching in the distance which is
pretty cool and even if you’re just
walking outside standing on the beach
you can see them and they they come to
maui to have their calves so what’s
really fun is seeing
the mom breach and then you see the
babies learning how to breach and it’s
it’s really fun
and that
i don’t know for some reason that just
kind of struck me right now is there
anything cooler than looking out your
lanai you know in a beautiful ocean in a
beautiful place and seeing whales
breaching i that’s just
you can’t top that gang can you can you
top that with anyone anyone can anyone
top that with anything what what beats
the i good i don’t
you have to kind of help me wear top
that everybody
uh scott
one of the one of the agents on my team
last week was out on his boat and he was
um there was some whales out in the this
like behind his boat so he was thinking
he was taking a selfie and he was
talking about it and he says it’d be
super awesome if they just breached
right now and one did like like on like
on on cue the
the the will came out of the water right
behind them so that was that was pretty
cool oh my god did he did that go on
instagram or something that that would
be yeah that would be a yeah that would
be a viral one see if i can find it real
quick i’ll put it in the chat that would
be a viral one if you get that if you
could hold that that’d be that’d be
scott give us the update buddy what’s
happening i know anything notable on
oahu uh what’s market why is anything
that you think is is worth worth
yeah uh market wise there’s actually
some interesting info sorta
from the single family home side is
status quo
uh price is up 19 for january compared
to the same month last year so it’s
right in line with what last year was
half going on with last year and the
close sales are up 12 so we’re still
seeing that significant momentum on the
single-family home side and to get back
to the number of active
listings we’re at 384 we’re below that
400 threshold which is super tight but
the condo side is where it’s where the
interesting activity is because
january’s closed sales for condos on
oahu was significantly higher than
previous januaries of sev you know many
years back
in fact we’re up uh 40 percent number of
sales for condos compared to the same
time last year and if you look at it
it’s kakaako ala moana waikiki are the
hot spots that are really moving and the
the sales in kakaako ala moan are up 132
from the same time last year and price
is up 17 percent in kakaako ala moana
and up 15 in waikiki
we’ve now seen that that area was the
area that would have gotten hit some you
know the most during covid but so what
we’re seeing basically is there’s such
little inventory in the home side people
are shifting to the condo side um
because there’s more to choose from and
the prices haven’t gone as as crazy and
it’s not as competitive in that market
but inventory significantly depleted in
in that area now as well so prices are
starting to get close to where that
single family home price appreciation is
and we’re seeing the acceleration and
the number of sales on the condo side so
the one thing that um was really
interesting for me
i locked in on an interest rate on a
a month and a half ago at three point
like 3.35 percent
and we just pre-approved someone for uh
four percent the other day so
interest rates are interest inching up
so it’s you know it’s interesting the
prices going up where they are and
interest rates going up it’s going to
cost you more the longer you wait now at
this point
wow that’s uh uh i don’t know what the
what the number is if you go from 3.3 to
4 per 100 000 or whatever but i i know
that it has a a significant impact i
know i know that dylan had to rattle off
some some statistics on for every
percentage per every what half a point
every point of interest rate that you go
up you pay x amount more you know scott
as you were talking about this on the
kind of i wish i had like a a a killer a
i search on our previous videos where i
could pull up the how many times did you
say hey you know condos are a good deal
right now uh you know the condom let me
say it again
condos are a good deal
i mean how long did i say it for right
that’s the point exactly right that that
is that is the whole point exactly
you’re saying hey scott real quick you
know one thing i want to make sure audio
wise check the settings um and go into
audio and make sure that there’s uh
there’s a check box that says
automatically adjust mic volume i’m not
sure if it’s doing that or not but i
want to make sure you’re sounding fine
but i just want to make sure it’s
adjusting the volume
all right that’s great that’s a great
update scott uh and uh alex has joined
us alex is an alumni of the honor ohana
welcome back alex good to see you buddy
aloha everyone happy happy aloha friday
great to see you too
excellent all right let’s let’s move on
uh we’re gonna do a uh uh
tom nothing to be sorry about buddy
nothing to be sorry about we’re always
always glad to have you here tommy is a
another uh alumni of the under ohana and
he’s got his sights on kauai so tom keep
us posted on your great adventure um all
right let’s uh we’re going to move on
and let’s kind of go so i’m going to
give a i’m going to give a quick pitch
everybody uh make sure if you
if you are here because you receive the
invite through the newsletter you’re
good if you came here otherwise get to
uh you’ll probably pop you’re going to
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comes out every week uh we’ve got
content videos amazing photos we in fact
we had a photo of mckenna beach i gotta
share them with you heidi uh we had a
great photo of makana beach my favorite
beach on maui
and of course you get invites to the
show so if you’re not already connected
get connected how do you uh make a beach
has got like a really special special
place in my heart it’s where i it’s
really the first beach i ever went to in
hawaii and i just have never forgotten
what an amazing place that that is this
was back in the so it’s almost 40 years
ago this was 40 years ago almost 40
years ago uh so i’m sure it’s different
mckenna beach man that’s where it’s at i
know what you’re what you’re what your
thoughts are on mcconaughey heidi
uh all right so let’s move on so again
we’re going to try something new today
we’re going to try something new and try
something different so i have so we had
a question that came in uh from big mike
of in seattle uh big mike i hope you’re
watching uh if you’re not it’s okay
because it’s kind of a cool thing i
wanna i’m gonna try this out it’s an
experiment we’re gonna see how this is
gonna work so i’m gonna put i’m gonna
put up mike’s question i’m gonna read it
and i want we’re gonna i’m gonna send it
out to you folks the ohana the folks
that are watching right now a lot of you
have been here week after week after
week so i i’m gonna take a bet that you
folks know the answer to the question
and so what i’m gonna do is i’m to read
out mike’s question i’m going to put it
out to you folks it’s for the ohana to
answer and i want you folks to put the
answer in the comments so i’m going to
ask the question take it in put your
answers in the comments and we’re going
to go on with the show and i’m going to
come back to the comments later and see
how the ohana answered i’ll bet you guys
have got the right answer that’s my bet
that’s that’s the risk i’m taking right
now so let’s read off mike’s question uh
big mike says i see zillow condos that
are less than two hundred thousand down
to one hundred 000. most are small but
i’m curious would that be something
worth considering i mean if it’s if it’s
someone’s goal to live in hawaii what
are the positives and the negative
what is fee simple is leasehold okay
love your show big mike all right folks
that’s the question for the ohana how
would you respond to it how would you
respond to big mike’s question which is
there’s condos under 100 i’m kind of
approaching a hundred thousand dollars
when the median scout was like five six
five five hundred scott what’s the
median price of a condo on oahu right
now like five hundred thousand something
yeah it’s five ten five hundred and ten
thousand five ten um
and and mike’s seeing some leasehold
property some you know he’s wondering
about what leasehold and feasible gang
what’s the answer pop the comments and
we’ll see how it all goes all right uh
let’s move on uh so why don’t we do this
let’s go back to the question that was
posed earlier by cameron
uh i’m gonna go back to this we’ll we’ll
leave let’s do this let’s kind of go
let’s pop this way okay
so and we’ll go around because we’ll
talk about the uh all the islands but
we’re gonna start this with scott so
scott cameron says when’s a good time to
buy a house on oahu my parents are
looking to buy a house that has enough
land on it to build on ohana suite i’m
assuming there’s nothing spelling it
but also have three bedroom and two bath
scott what’s the answer
yeah so the funny one it part of this is
i’m going to be a little joking in the
sense that says has enough land because
here in oahu we will squeeze every
bit of you know what we can get out of a
property even on small land um
to answer the question for ohana for you
to be able to build an ohana you have to
be in an area where it allows ohana an
ohana dwelling which is going to be a
second dwelling on the property that is
actually intended for family only that
you’re not supposed to be renting out
you sign an affidavit it gets it
attached to your title the other
component would be an adu which is
similar but they’re
you know it’s another dwelling but there
are different restrictions and different
requirements you can rent it out
um but there’s
uh most of the ohana and adu components
are more going to be in your
urban development areas your residential
areas and you can you can get some of it
out in in the country settings north
shore windward coast but most of it is
going to be in those urban core settings
where your density where where density
is allowed right and and the urban core
density is kind of the name of the game
and we need more housing so
the the county is more flexible with
what you can do from having a second
dwelling you actually can also get
properties where you don’t need to do an
ohana or an adu you actually have enough
land where you can build a second
dwelling and it can be a full-blown
house that’s some of the stuff that i’ve
developed before
great scott thanks uh heidi how would
you answer uh cameron’s question if
they’re looking for you know he wants a
house on the left enough lenin to build
an ohana unit
you know with a three-bedroom two-bath
house how would you what would be your
answer to cameron
well the question when is a good time to
buy i mean
i would say you know as soon as you can
find something that fits your needs
there’s all kinds of considerations in
buying a property like this um
there’s some areas in west maui where
you can build an ohana but you would
have to convert
a cesspool to septic something like that
so you want to know
those kind of things um
but yeah there are properties like this
available and i mean i would say you
as soon as you can find something that
that fits your needs and just make sure
that you do your due diligence um
in actually being able to build the
ohana and then
and what it’s going to take
or you might be able to find something
that already has an ohana um built into
it either attached or or detached
thanks heidi hey scott we forgot you
know thank you heidi for first answering
the question scott you never answered
the question when is a good time to buy
the house what’s the answer um as dylan
would say yesterday i think
i mean the the way the market’s going
yeah i mean it’s the sooner you get in
the better
there’s never a wrong time to buy it’s
always is is it the right time for you
if you have you know if you’re ready to
put down roots and you have a secure job
then now’s the time to buy if you want
to build a financial foundation yeah i
mean prices are going up and they’re not
showing any sign of slowing and what the
interest rates are going to go up even
more so you know you decide dylan how is
what’s your answer to uh cameron when
when’s a good time to buy a house and
you know how would you go about a uh
getting an ohana unit on the big island
yeah it’s always important to remember
there’s no seasonal cycle in hawaii
right i mean it does get a little bit
busier in the winter in the summer when
people are here visiting but it’s not
like other places where kind of real
estate shuts down during the winter time
and the spring is like a really good
time to buy so if you’re looking for a
seasonal kind of time but that’s not
gonna really gonna happen and yes
last week or last year was the best time
to buy so
um hurry up
uh the ohana question this is a
complicated one because
it really depends on each island you
know there’s different the
zoning and building code regulations
vary from island to island so like on
the big island ohana is a legal term
right so people use it kind of just
throw it out there but
there used to be a
legal way to build an ohana property
they did away with that so you can’t
even do it anymore so an ohana used to
be a second dwelling that had a full
kitchen and all that kind of stuff if
you have one it’s grandfathered in but
you can’t do that going forward so when
people think i was going to build a
second unit on my property that’s just
not a thing you can do anymore on the
big island um so what people do is
they’ll build potentially a second dwell
in an addition and then add kitchen
facilities to it after it’s approved by
the county and
um so they’re not necessarily a legal
addition but people do it all the time
that’s something to kind of think about
and do a little deeper dive depending on
where you’re going to buy and what
exactly the regulations are what is the
zoning are you going to upgrade your
wastewater system that’s a big issue
right now is we can’t do cesspools
anymore so if you’re on a cesspool and
you expand any type of your wastewater
um usage you you have to convert to a
septic tank in order to get permits to
do that so there’s a lot of factors
involved and it’s not just kind of a
simple like you know i’m gonna buy here
and build another unit on my property
it’s very very complicated and there
could be a lot of unforeseen cost
implications if you don’t do a little
deeper dive into you know what your
plans are
excellent great uh great responses is
there anything else you guys i’m gonna
i’m gonna go back to our other questions
there anything else you folks want to
add before we we move on scott go ahead
yeah the seasonal component’s an
interesting one for for people because
we we slowed down a little bit during
the winter time but where on the
mainland where a lot of markets people
don’t really bring their homes on the
market during the winter time because of
the cold weather we don’t have that cold
weather and keep in mind we get a large
influx of snow bird people coming from
the mainland during the winter that are
looking to buy at that point so we don’t
have these big fluctuations on the the
time to buy within the year it’s pretty
consistent across the board
excellent scott great uh great responses
gang um so cameron hope that uh hope
that answers your your question so now
let’s go back because the responses have
been and the the responses have been
coming in and i knew you guys knew i
knew it i knew it i knew it i knew it i
knew it so uh let’s let’s go through
them because they they came in and
they’re right on the money um uh uh so
judy god bless you judy just like judy
because like bam right there’s the
answer right there judy says so
let’s go back just for a quick sec so
here’s the question again so uh this is
a big mike and he’s asking about you
know there’s some condos that are under
two hundred thousand some are a hundred
thousand you know are these okay should
i are these worth considering etc all
right so here’s the answers and they’re
just fabulous so so judy god bless you
don’t use zillow talk to one of these
amazing realtors instead i didn’t like
to talk to realtors in the past because
of fear of pressure these realtors are
not like that they are full of knowledge
and just want to help us
judy i couldn’t have written that i mean
i we couldn’t have planned it right
right dylan dylan’s like yes thank you
thank you thank you exactly right she’s
working with dylan’s crew that’s exactly
right thank you judy bless you uh tom
scott said leaseholds could be okay if
the numbers work specifically leasehold
term like 20 or 30 years left what’s the
leasehold and what is the leasehold
monthly rent and when does the rent
reset however i have seen
uh hoa fees which is what housing uh
which ho stands for what housing owner
fees whatever homeowner association
thank you uh homeowner association fees
on leasehold properties to be high 15 to
2 000
so tom gives us like the detailed
technical answer right on the money
exactly exactly exactly exactly because
he learned from scott
what does tom say tom says i’m going to
guess that the fees make up the
difference on the price for the sub 200k
condos possibly there also might be
rules on how many days you’re allowed to
go a year finally the condition great
great point absolutely uh and gill’s
just like what under 200k condo that’s
just not just not possible just not
possible um
and uh uh
alex is like okay it’s got to be in the
it’s got to be cuddles in the lava area
now there are no condos in the love area
but that would be a reason if it was on
the big all right it’s a big risk i
would save the money and buy it a better
area also touch base with our group
because they are more expert than us
right exactly this is this is great uh
val bell says there may be leasehold
exactly val double check to see if so i
would check how many years are left on
the lease be careful as you may not be
able to enjoy the condo very long if the
lease expires soon
you know what we may be out of a job
here gang because we got this this is
that just like bam right right on the
money with the right on the money with
the answers this is so much fun i knew
this was gonna work i took a big risk uh
auntie joyce says i saw some cheap deals
when we first started looking then i
discovered the cash 22 of leasehold
versus fee simple decided leasehold not
a great way to go for us didn’t want to
lease a property not own it outright big
on was our permanent will be is our
permanent last home exactly again as
scott has mentioned before leasehold is
good for some under certain
circumstances as tom pointed out right
but you gotta you gotta kind of know
what you gotta know what what what the
deal is
um norman we’re gonna come back to that
question about septic systems we’re
current on all new homes on the big
island we’re gonna go right back to that
and uh
it’s probably exactly right right in the
money uh so what about this so let’s
kind of now let’s come back to our our
our septic uh
oh wait val uh i gotta get val’s come
here uh leasehold not always bad exactly
but just depends on how long you want to
use it i personally sold from my office
but the lease doesn’t expire told the
2050s after i’m retired so it was a deal
exactly it’s not universe look i bought
leasehold a long time ago uh it’s not
universally good or bad but you just
really got to know what you’re buying
it’s all those little details there’s
dylan has said so many times if
something’s going really really cheap
way below market value there’s a reason
why and you just need to know what that
reason is and
the reason is either okay or it’s not
okay but there’s a reason why ain’t just
because someone wants to give someone a
deal you know at a median price of 500
somewhat a thousand uh put a deal for
you know 150 000 there’s there’s a
reason why
all right great answers everybody man
if i had a sound effect for like
applause i would play it now it’s just
amazing all right
um so norm goes back let’s kind of quick
answers across the state so norm we’re
going to give you the the the only place
you can get across the state answers is
right here let’s go in counterclockwise
scott then heidi then then dylan septic
systems what’s the deal with septic uh
if you got if you currently have a
cesspool what’s the rule with septic on
either new build-outs or additions or
new or you know new construction scott
yeah well if you have septic or if you
have a cesspool in place they may
require you to
change over to a septic system there is
a a hard date like 20 50 something for
for people to switch over but for septic
systems on oahu’s not going to be nearly
as prevalent because most of us are city
sewer it’s only until you get out the
windward coast uh the north shore and
you know some ag land areas some some
kind of more remote areas where you you
may not have access to city sewer if you
have access to it you’re forced to tie
into it if you’re if you don’t have
access to it then then you’re going the
septic route and the one thing to
understand with septic systems on
residential property uh you’re maxed at
five bedrooms for the
on the property now there’s ways to kind
bend that a little bit home office it’s
not a full bedroom and whatnot don’t
tell anyone
but that’s uh but yeah so
septic systems here in fact my first
development actually my first two
development projects were on septic um
so you do see it but it’s not nearly as
prevalent it’s more in remote areas yeah
oahu’s got the uh the uh the the sewer
system uh the utility heidi what about
mommy what’s the you you mentioned
something about building a house on maui
with septic what’s that what’s the
what’s how does that work on maui um
yeah you either need to tie into county
or you need to have a septic system for
a new home
they’re phasing out cesspools and i
believe that is statewide
so what i was mentioning before is
even if you’re going to add on to your
house or
get a building permit to build an
accessory dwelling or ohana the county
is going to require you if you have a
to upgrade it to septic
um so yeah i believe 2050 is the date
everybody has to be
converted over to septic
um but a lot like scott said i mean on
oahu maui is similar i mean there are a
lot of places that are on the county
county sewer system
one of my um
probably least favorite things about
being a realtor is attending septic
inspections those are pretty nasty
i get i i i i don’t even want to imagine
what that’s like i don’t even want to
imagine what that’s like um
dylan what’s what’s the what is the
legal sort of ruling or what’s the how
does that work you mentioned is as well
what’s the what’s the thing with with
septic on the big island so it is a
state law so this is one thing that is
not county by county right so so the
septic conversion or the cesspool
conversion law is a state law and by
2050 everyone is supposed to be
converted over to a
septic system i did not solve that
that’s a state law going yeah and so so
going forward and i have some
editorialization to do on that or um in
a second but going so going forward any
new construction you have to be on
septic you can’t build a cesspool
anymore um and like kylie said if you’re
going to do any type of upgrades or
additions that’s going to
increase the amount of wastewater that
you have you have to you have to upgrade
to a septic system
the problem with this is is it’s very
much a feel-good law you know a virtual
signaling law is what it is because the
reality is when this when this when this
happens in 2050 and
um hopefully i’m not selling houses at
that point
but i’ll probably still be around
it’s impractical i mean there’s no way
you’re gonna across across the entire
state have you know hundreds of
thousands of homes all of a sudden start
converting over to septic systems one
because we don’t have the
the capacity contractor-wise and two a
lot of these homes were built
a long time ago
with the thought that you wouldn’t have
to do this right so the accessibility of
where you would have to put the system
may not be possible so it’s from uh just
a access and construction standpoint
gonna not be possible for many places or
what you’re gonna have to do move your
whole house in order to get to the place
where you need to bring a machine in to
dig a hole to upgrade your your cesspool
it’s just not gonna be practical so i’m
thinking this is probably going to
change but it’s easy for politicians to
pass laws that require something 25
years into the future and then tell
people how great they are for saving the
environment you know today so that’s
really what that law was i think as we
get closer there’s going to be some
revisions to that when they find out
that and then what are you going to do
you’re going to you’re going to require
people on fixed incomes to spend 25 30
grand to upgrade their system or or what
are you going to start finding them and
put them in jail like you know what are
you going to do if they don’t right so
it’s uh it’s complicated but i tell
people don’t worry about it’s going to
change when we get closer and people
figure out their implications that’s a
really good point right you you you pass
a law that’s not going to take effect
for 30 years which is like you know
after there’s a good chance you won’t be
you the legislator won’t be alive
anymore uh you know when it goes into
effect knowing full well that it’s not
going to happen that way uh but you
could tell people that you did it so
yeah we’ve got that we’ve got the the
solution and and alex agrees alex reeves
well well said um and hey scott you got
a comment here from patrick a nice
looking new hawaiian shirt and of course
dylan’s always supporting a great one
yeah that that’s it man we’re always
that’s that’s what we try to do man
we’re trying to
dylan’s the fashionista he he started
the whole he started the whole thing
right he started the whole thing and and
kind of because he did he kind of
dragged me me and scott into it you know
begrudgingly you know we’re pulling
we’re pulling our shirts out of the out
of the attic or well we don’t have an
attic but out of the storage container
because you know we gotta well i make it
easy because this is like the company
color so i’m i’m i wear the same one
every time so i’m totally cheating uh
but i have a good excuse it fits if it’s
the color scheme of the uh the living in
in hawaii aqua blue
all right gang great stuff you guys are
phenomenal scott go ahead yeah part i
was going to say part of why i love
doing the show is because of the
connections that we have with you as the
audience and and someone had reached out
we had covered this topic before and
someone had reached out and said hey
there are new septic tanks that don’t
even have a leech field and i said hey
send me the info i got all the info from
and did some research on it it was
really amazing and the reality is if you
think about in 20 30 years
is it even going to be a septic system
that we’re using is they’re going to
have something completely new used so
the technology’s always improving and
stuff so to be i’m actually interested
to kind of see what what’s going on out
there because a septic tank without a
leech field the leech field is the
challenge typically with with septic
tanks you got to have big enough field
to be able to absorb that water that
goes into the ground and stuff
that’s a really good point you know
scott i
i bet there’ll be some kind of future
elon musk
kind of person who’s gonna is gonna kind
of you know do invent something crazy
that’s solar powered or whatever that’s
going to make this all go away and
you know just be like a click of the
mouse or something right and so that’s
that and and patrick and heidi is always
beautiful yes yes patrick heidi is
always beautiful and we’re so glad that
heidi is part i you know thank you heidi
for being part of this you had you know
we really needed someone to round out
three guys talking so thank you so much
for being a part of this we really
needed the balance
um you know three guys talking just
would just not be it would just be
boring it’d just be boring so thank you
heidi for being a part of it and uh the
diversity that you bring not so much not
just in in in appearance but also in the
way that you think which has been is
really great can’t heidi answers the
question that’s where you know that’s
where it’s different right guys heidi
answers the question we just kind of you
know kind of throw out whatever we want
to throw at okay all right let’s move on
we’re going to move on we’re going to
move on to our diamonds and deals so
this is where i’ve asked our friends to
put together properties that they think
are worth mentioning by the way heidi i
i got to say you know didn’t we get
wasn’t in in
for the question that wanted the ohana
unit with the three bedroom two
didn’t you have like this killer
beachfront property last week that was
like ready to be built to have a second
unit or something like that or was ready
for a unit it was a cottage wasn’t that
that would have been perfect right that
wouldn’t break
you’re you’re muted
the the property that i i showed last
it had a cottage on the property and you
could build a main home
on it so
on maui cottage is considered a thousand
square feet or or less and if it’s egg
zoning depending on the zoning
take a look man take a look you know
it’s not oahu but it’s maui and take a
look at last last show there’s a uh
they’re they’re on demand so you can
kind of play them back all right let’s
move on let’s go to uh let’s go through
our diamonds and deals here let’s see
who’s up first uh this is uh in maui a
320 cook pin drive kapalua maui three
bedroom three and a half bath is that a
resort what it what on earth is jesus
what is that candy
so this is it should be cooked pine
drive there should be an e on the end of
that but
it’s all good this is a phenomenal home
in a neighborhood in kapalua called
pineapple hill
the median price of a home in this
neighborhood is 4.1 million so this is
um a great deal and as you can see
the door is completely open up so it’s
true indoor outdoor living and then
you’re walking
out to the pool in the waterfall spa and
you’re looking out to the ocean and then
those big tall pine trees that you see
those are the cook pines which
um i believe were planted
because they’re they could be used for
masts for ships um way back in the day
but they’re
really beautiful and you see them in
this area in kapalua
heidi this is uh
this really is a it is a it is a
stunning property absolutely i mean it’s
like a total resort and great shots of
course uh truly aspirational amazing uh
for the low low price of four million
gang you know what’s what’s what’s four
between friends right
that is awesome thank you heidi uh love
to look at these because it’s like
i think the you know hawaii’s beauty
is is of course the backdrop but i i
think i’ve never seen because of
hawaii’s beauty there’s never i’ve never
seen homes no matter how extravagant or
how amazing that they would be unlike
lifestyles of the rich and famous that
approach hawaii homes just because of
the amazing backdrop like like this you
can’t buy that and speaking of backdrops
man what’s this ward village uh
i’ll let you pronounce that
at ward village i think uh scott okay
did i pass my hawaiian pronunciation
that’s all right good scott what are we
looking at here yeah you did a great job
on that ah ali at ward village so this
one this is actually a one bedroom a
small one bedroom just shy of 500 square
feet in the upper left corner is some
more compact units but they’ve
maxed out the design of the floor plan
you got great views um that picture that
you see the main picture with the sunset
that’s the 41st floor amenities deck
there’s a
like a whole outdoor pavilion area this
is just the front portion it carries
almost all the way to the back of the um
of the tower and you can go up there
hang out with friends you can actually
reserve the
there’s a like a whole tv kitchen area
that you can reserve that’s indoors they
have the gym up on that level
and then the to the left in the middle
picture on the left that’s the sixth
floor amenity deck with the pools and
the cabanas and barbecue areas and chefs
kitchens that et cetera et cetera so
smaller compact unit
the main part of the reason i chose this
for one is because i was just talking
about condo sales in waikiki being i
mean kakaako ala moana being
significantly up
but there are this tower closed this is
a resale unit the tower closed by the
developer in september they’ve sold most
of the units what most people don’t know
though is
i can help people with those development
project units that aren’t listed for
sale in mls i have a new developments
newsletter i send out i talk to the
developers and work with them all the
time so i have the latest info and the
latest updates floor plans pricing how
they’re doing it so if you there are
some new development units in here they
come with full furniture package
already in the sale price and if you buy
it the developer gives you a one-year
warranty from the date of your purchase
so kind of a two-prong thing there hey
if you’re interested in new developments
in oahu reach out let me know
because i can set you up on that if
you’re considering resale and new
developments and that and this is just
an amazing tower and a great location
that 44 first floors is stunning i was
actually up there the other night with a
client of mine that i helped buy in
we were hanging out for about two hours
just so relaxing up there it’s a
beautiful spot
you know and scott thanks for mentioning
that so a couple of things for people to
kind of think about right is that one is
that uh it sounds what i’m hearing you
scott is that you know through the
through the relations that you fostered
over the decades uh you could get a
situation where a lead in so to speak i
had to get in a little bit ahead of the
of the sort of the rush to get a condo
which is invaluable um it’s a big deal
yeah the other component is you know all
the developers they don’t list their
stuff typically in mls so you got to try
to search for this stuff all over the
place i have it all in one place on my
website and i i have all the info so
hey you you want to tell me your
lifestyle what you want okay
this is the tower i can do a
consultation with you and kind of point
you in the right direction of where you
should be and i can give you uh the
updated info as i get it from those
developers so it streamlines the process
and makes it a little easier for people
you know one thing
scott that that just occurred to me as
you were talking about this was that the
you mentioned this is uh this view that
this this incredible sunset view that
we’re looking at is on the uh
40 you said 41st floor right of the
property okay correct yep so here’s
what’s interesting gang is that uh i
think uh
the the the tallest buildings in hawaii
don’t go much past 40 floors if not 40.
right scott was there a limit on on how
many story on
yeah that’s correct
their 40 41st floors is pretty much
where they top out
okay so so relatively speaking so if you
if not so think about what this kind of
implies gang so if you’re if you’re like
you know if you live in a major urban
area new york chicago la whatever
you know this is as tall as the tallest
building in the place so you’re if even
though 40 40 floor is small let’s say by
chicago or by new york standards where
you have 100 stories plus right in
you’re at the top you’re at the top part
there’s there’s really no higher
building uh you know in in in the state
in hawaii so that’s just kind of an
interesting kind of a a thing to kind of
think about it’s a it’s a really cool
thing so anyway i thought i kind of
rolled that back oh there mark’s mark is
here let’s see if mark i you know i
can’t it’s like mark i can’t do a copy
and paste of the link so we’ve got to
think about a different a better way to
do this mark i i tell what i’m going to
do mark i’m going to i’m going to post
an article on the vlog on the website
which is going to come through the
newsletter so that’s what we’re going to
do we’re going to promote the we’re
going to promote mark if it’s okay with
you folks uh send me an email i’m going
to add it on to our newsletter as as a
story to uh to to give a plug um
gil we’re going to take your question
right after dylan talks about his is it
advisable to do so here’s a question for
everybody maybe there’s another ohana
question is it advisable to do a trial
run and rent a few months before making
the big move if so any recommendations
on where to start with short-term
furnished rentals mark you guys did
something like that you guys came to
hawaii you hung out in waikiki for some
time i believe you moved to a short-term
rental and then you bought if i’m not
mistaken uh maybe share your experience
uh mark if you would mark white he’ll
throw it on on the comments
uh and and see where where uh i’d love
to get that that thing and yeah okay
good well you know post it on terrific
send it to me all right so uh let’s see
we got a couple of things that are
popping in over here so oh yeah so
judy we love you man i forgot to mention
that you could talk to these realtors
with nothing to lose they will google
meet with you while you are still on the
mainland before you travel out right
anytime you can
in all my signatures there’s a there’s a
link to book a meeting it’s too easy
there you go man i mean that’s that you
know one of the one of the good sides
about the one the silver linings of of
covet right is that we can do these uh
virtual meetings and virtual
walkthroughs it works out great thank
you judy very good point that’s exactly
correct all right let’s go to the next
one this is uh uh dylan who’s got a four
bedroom three bath in sunset for 9.75
incredible view dylan what are we
looking at
this is my million dollar view for under
a million bucks and this picture doesn’t
even do doesn’t even do justice i mean
it’s it’s a hundred so you’re looking
down that’s that’s looking north and it
goes all the way 100 plus 80 degrees to
the south and just the killer horizon
shoreline view you’re looking right into
kailua bay um
nice older neighborhood this is kind of
the first upscale neighborhood in kona
was was sunset and uh the house is
renovated beautiful it’s got a separate
unit downstairs and actually that
picture in the bottom left is the
downstairs view so that’s the view from
the downstairs of the house it’s still
really good um so yeah just uh just the
awesome it’s pretty hard to find you
know nowadays it’s so so little
inventory it can be hard to find
a a deal but i really feel like this is
a great value and we’ll probably sell
for over over list price but uh
beautiful beautiful house huge a-frame
high ceilings huge windows you can kind
of see the view from the kitchen right
there i mean like the front the front
wall is pretty much just huge windows
right so you’re just looking from your
kitchen and your living room right out
the ocean so this is this is probably
about 600 feet of elevation it’s back
off of the oil it’s not near the ocean
but you know just a short five minute
drive to get to some of the best beaches
in kona
you know i i got to tell you dylan i i i
must say clearly these photos do i could
just tell these photos do not do it
justice right because i’m looking at
that i’m looking at that a-frame that
second photo over and from the kitchen
that’s just got to be i mean to be there
in person and to experience that would
be just like stunning it’s because it’s
high these high ceilings right high i
could just kind of i have to imagine it
because like it looks amazing looks
absolutely amazing yep it’s great yeah
okay so we got the comments are coming
in of course i knew it this is like this
is like the best this is this is the
best first of all i got to give a shout
out to daryl daryl welcome back buddy so
daryl is also a member of the islander
ohana and daryl uh says an alumni of the
honora ohana thanks for all the info
trying to keep the dream alive still
looking the on vacation next year on
vacation something we teach in the
course daryl keep us posted buddy we
know that uh we know that that hawaii is
in your hearts and i believe it i
believe it is in your future uh
so this is to uh to to gil’s uh yeah the
gil’s question uh uh gil here it is man
let me kind of move this around a little
bit let’s do it this way instead yeah so
uh uh gil here’s what mark says yep we
spent two months in a condo airbnb in
waikiki it was meant to be a quote toe
dip but by that point we had sold
everything and essentially moved here
two committed to go back at that point
so yes gil uh get yourself some kind of
an airbnb in waikiki because that’s a a
resort zoned area uh kapolei is the
other resort owned area as is the north
shore uh but get yourself one of those
sort of things and uh and and that would
be the that would be the way to do it uh
so uh so gil to your question yep mark
did it um
and uh christine yeah uh
judy that’s it chris christine uh hook
up scott dylan whoever whoever you’re
working with whatever the island or of
course heidi for maui and uh there you
uh there you go
that this is see this is the
there’s there’s a i should bring up i’m
gonna bring this up for our next uh a
closing thought about and proverbs says
never let someone else talk on your
behalf just like mark here who’s talking
on scott’s bath bought a condo with
scott he’s an amazing real he’s an
amazing real estate agent see scott
better better have mark say it because
scott if you said it we wouldn’t believe
you right but mark says it’s like okay
it’s mark he he did it he’s living it
um did you find the well video link
dylan so dylan we want that we want that
whale video link pop find that if you
can find our email to me and we’ll pop
it in dylan if you get it emailed to me
and i’ll add it on the newsletter uh
we’ll send it out uh tom
oh man that is and it’s amazing all
right look at that we are we are out of
we are out of time all right gang last
last call for questions of popping in uh
cause because patrick’s leaving
patrick’s leaving mahalo and uh let’s
let’s go on to our let’s go on to our
closing thoughts over here so we got
let’s see what we got going on over here
so we got our closing thoughts we’ve got
a little slice here we go dylan go for
it what’s yours
yeah this just came up this weekend i
just think about this is good a good
thought in life and everything in
general right everything is hard before
it’s easy so choose your heart
if you’re avoiding hard you’re never
going to get anything done
choose your heart i like that i like
that choose every and everything
everything is hard before it’s easy
choose your heart and that’s a great one
excellent okay heidi what you got here
give every day a chance to be called the
most beautiful day of your life and that
was by mark not heidi but i think it’s a
great quote
well you you’ve got it i i see i had to
put like the name because i need to know
who’s quote who put the quote up so
that’s you but you did put mark twain
there you yeah
so heidi what does that mean to you what
does this mean to you we i can read it
what does it mean to you
to me it means um
keeping an open mind and
be being mindful of the beauty all
around you every day no matter what’s
going on i mean
sometimes i wake up and it’s a busy day
and you’re working and you have to go
here and there and
but i think it’s just about breathing
being open to all the wonderful things
around you
wherever you are i mean you don’t need
in hawaii to
to have that
it sure is easier but it sure is easier
if you’re in hawaii it’s a lot easier
because all you gotta do is look outside
and look at those whales breaching off
your lanai or like that in insane view
out of that house that dylan’s got her
just look over scott’s shoulder with the
live shot with coconut trees and diamond
head right in your backyard it’s a lot
uh auntie joyce kicks in i rented a
place here through vrbo for two months
while dylan got our place so
uh gil that’s the way to do it scott
what’s your closing thought for today
yeah so
this describes me to a t and i feel like
it’s a lot of what you’re doing peter
with um the islander ohana it says i saw
this earlier this week all you need is a
plan the road map and the courage to
press onto your destination and you know
for me that’s how i pretty much approach
approach a lot of things i have planned
and then just steamroll ahead and i feel
like what you’re what you’re doing with
the islander ohana peter is and and this
is what mark and lisa did right they
they had a plan and and the road map and
they moved on over here and you’ve made
that plan and that roadmap a lot easier
for people to be able to make this their
destination if this is where they want
to be
thank you scott yeah you know i think i
i think scott what really kind of sticks
out and what you said is you know the
you know the road map the plan
and the courage to follow it that’s
where kind of to me like the rubber
meets the road right the courage to
follow it that is that is the one thing
uh so uh thank you gang all right so
here’s here’s mine and i’m really i’m
digging i hope you all are digging the
proverbs kind of stuff for the folks who
like the progress thing it’s a great
book uh here’s what it says know well
the conditions of your flocks and give
attention to your herds for riches do
not last forever nor a crown for all
generations what that means to me is
obviously we don’t have flocks and herds
anymore but it’s to say you know
take care of the life that you have you
know enjoy what you have
treasure what you have and take good
care of it nothing lasts forever right
for riches do not last forever nor a
crown for all generations so know well
take care of your things and take care
of your stuff and take care of yourself
all right man it’s been another
phenomenal phenomenal show uh auntie joy
stay safe and have a great two weeks to
you all sent with aloha love yes thank
you auntie joyce we love you love you to
peace and let’s go clockwise say goodbye
everybody dylan then heidi and then
i love everybody have awesome weekend
aloha everyone have a good weekend
have a great weekend everybody and and
mark’s going to close one i like that
one the courage to follow your dreams
because moving here was one of the most
terrifying things i have ever done
bless you hard choose your heart that
choose your heart mark chose his heart
mark chose his heart exactly and uh
jason have a great weekend yup you all
all right gang see y’all later aloha