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Hawaii Visitor News as of 11/12
Big Island Market and News
Oahu Market and News Update
Maui Market and News Update
Will the holidays slow the market?
What are rules for VRBO condos on Oahu?
Hawaii’s paradox of development vs cost of housing
Considerations for retirees in Hawaii
Retiring in Maui advice
Oceanfront housing in Maui for retirees?
Retiring in Oahu advice
Tips for retiring on the Big Island
Considerations for retires on borrowing
Advice for Canadians retiring to Hawaii
Maui 3bd 2ba Condo
Kalua Condo with view
5bd 5ba Big Island Estate
Can you see other islands across the ocean?
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Show Transcript

all right hello hello hello hello hello
aloha kahiaka everyone today is november
12th and you are on the aloha friday
hawaii real estate show it is uh we’ve
changed our time because of the time
difference it’s 10 a.m hawaii time but
it should be the same time as your time
as it was uh when we had the show last
i’m your host peter k and i am here with
my friends we are warming up we are
warming up our microphones getting
everything ready getting the stream
going and and everyone’s kind of showing
up already i’m here with my friend dylan
nonaka who’s at a secret a secret bunker
location which we cannot say where where
he is uh we’re here with scott startsman
who is hanging out from oahu and that’s
a real live background not a fake not a
fake zoom video looping background
behind hey scott and heidi dahlinger who
is who hails us from the beautiful maui
island welcome everyone let’s kind of go
around and warm up our microphones let’s
go counter-clockwise heidi how’s it
going over there
well it’s a gorgeous day on maui super
from my lanai i can see the island of
molokai which is
it’s a separate island but it’s also
part of maui county and it’s just super
clear today and gorgeous and
it’s later than usual because we have no
daylight savings time so we’re starting
at 10 so i already feel like i had a
full day of of working
well i hopefully i will maybe i i if
you’re in the the scott startsman
multiple cups of coffee cup uh what’s
the coffee today hiding in have you
polished it all you must have polished
it off already
i already drank my coffee
excellent scott how’s it going buddy
give us a quick update
yeah it’s great uh
it feels like we’re getting closer to
that winter weather and because we
started an hour later today i was able
to get out and go do a half mile swim so
i feel absolutely amazing right now it’s
it was actually an interesting swim
though because there was that surf up
and it was high tide so when it comes in
where i swim is
at queens beach in between the
natatorium and the jetty there so it’s a
quarter mile down quarter mile back and
because they were surf and high tide it
hits against the wall and comes back so
i get it from both directions i got to
be careful how i’m breathing and
not swallowing water but awesome i feel
amazing today
that’s i want to hear more about that
that swim in a minute here because uh
it’s kind of funny you know the plane
i’m hearing the plane that just went
over by your place just past my house so
it’s kind of cool i was a plane going
over mine i muted my mic and now it’s
going over to you how cool is that
that’s funny uh it interesting the the
we got a bunch of friends who are who
are coming in let’s say hello to all of
our friends real quick here first we got
chris chris is back chris long like
chris is uh great to see you buddy a
happy aloha friday he was the first one
on the show today and then uh right
behind him was uh joan john valentine
who is a member of the islander ohana
which recently uh we just finished our
our off uh fall uh 2021 cohort uh john’s
member that joan actually moved to oahu
as well so welcome joan good to see you
uh tom tom kerr is back tom is also a uh
now an alumni of the under ohana tom is
a a great part of it and tom great to
see you good to be back uh we got some
questions that he had posed and uh uh
corey corey corey senior happy aloha
friday all corey great to have you back
with uh i don’t think i’ve not seen your
name i think this is your first time
love the cadillac logo by by the way uh
it’s kind of a cool way to pop that in
there cadillac update their logo val is
back welcome val good morning aloha all
good to see you val it’s like the whole
gang like like family is like renew you
know it’s like we’re getting back to
family meeting here uh tom tom is back
hey tom welcome back buddy good to see
you aloha everyone uh with the shaka and
then the logo and of course ray is back
ray is also an alumni of the islander
ohana and ray is uh hails us actually
from oahu as is kelly the see the ohana
is all back this is so cool uh and kelly
and kevin kelly is back with us kelly is
my my favorite but she herself
self-declared bi-coastal resident she
has a uh now that she lives on in los
angeles and in hawaii which is kind of
totally cool
also a alumni of the under ohana as is
natasha natasha aloha loved the queen’s
beach and loved that swim good
bodyboarding there too yeah you know
that’s why there’s a good reason why
waikiki was the place where the royalty
where kings would vacate would would go
on vacate there’s a very very good
reason it’s got it’s the most perfect
on earth in so many ways uh patrick is
back with us kelloha patrick back from
uh rally north carolina pacquiao good to
see you back patrick excellent excellent
good back uh and juliana juliana aloha
friday good uh welcome juliana glad
you’re here you must be scott’s uh
scott’s friend or scott’s contact i see
scott waving over there that’s totally
and alex martin aloha from cali yeah mrs
great man everyone’s over here good to
see everybody thank you all for coming
coming over here pop your questions in
uh we’re gonna be taking questions uh
the live questions are the ones that
we’re gonna take first uh or in priority
uh in addition to the other ones that we
have so we’re making our rounds here
with dylan uh dylan who’s in a secret
undisclosed location what’s going on
over there my friend
uh i made it that’s the main thing so
yeah i’m in in vegas this week not not
too secret but i had a company
conference so i’ve been here since uh
monday so it’s been a long week but a
good little break from hawaii makes you
appreciate hawaii and looking forward to
going back but i got another day or two
here before i do that isn’t that the
truth what’s the uh what this time
around what was the biggest thing that
kind of struck you uh the uh the hawaii
like i’m not in hawaii kind of thing
that struck you this time when you’re in
in vegas uh yesterday i realized i
didn’t go outside for three days
like i haven’t seen the sunlight or got
in any fresh air in three days and
that’s just not it never happens when
i’m at home right i mean i’m outside
constantly so well that’s what that’s
what those vegas things are designed for
right vegas is designed to keep you in
vegas is designed to keep you in the
yeah well it was a conference so it was
like really indoors you know in a
conference room in different breakout
rooms for three days straight and then i
went outside last night and i was like
that’s the first time i’ve been outside
in three days this is crazy so so what’s
the uh what’s the what’s the current
covid thing over there if anything
masking social distancing anything going
on or just like i think covert only only
exists in hawaii everywhere else the
copa doesn’t exist anymore that was my
experience in boston you know it’s my
experience in texas i’ve traveled a
couple of times the last three months so
that’s hawaii well let me tell you it
may just be limited to oahu because i i
had a family member who went i had a
family member who went to kauai and said
no one’s masking over there i walk in
the restaurants there’s no masking no
one’s checking anything it’s all kind of
you know so uh you know
not too sure not too sure oh hey so uh
nina nina feldman put my house on the
market at uh ov ocean view big island
i’m gonna make um guess what that means
uh excellent nina hope uh good luck to
that maybe we have a buyer for you is
there anybody who wants to buy nina’s
place maybe i kind of make a connection
right here on the big on
all right hey look it’s it’s actually
10.02 we should get started let’s kind
of roll ourselves into uh the next kind
of segment let me give you all some
quick news updates over here uh let’s
kind of do it this way here okay great
uh so a lot of stuff going on over here
and i want to hear what scott’s got to
say it looks like this there’s going to
be there is a crackdown i believe that’s
coming for short-term rentals on oahu we
had toughness over the show there’s an
increasing tension what’s going on on
one hand uh you have resident people
that live in residential areas that are
being overrun by by illegal vacation
rentals and on the other hand so they
want to crack down on that but on the
other hand you people who that have
legit vacation rentals that the that the
laws are being overly strict for example
they’re going to go from there used to
be a uh 30 days uh there was a 30 day if
you were 30 days you were okay uh you
were not cons if you were over 30 days
you were not considered a short-term
vacation rental now it’s got to be over
180 days to not be considered a
short-term vacation result these laws
haven’t been passed but they’re making
their way through so there’s a lot going
on uh looks like there’s also going to
be a
vacancy tax of vacancy tax which is
coming on there that’s going to be kind
of weird vacancy tax mean that there’s a
lot of properties apparently a lot of
properties on oahu which are being
bought by foreign investors
or investors in general doesn’t matter
if you’re foreign or not they’re being
bought by investors but they’re being
left empty
and one of the reasons that people are
stating that they’re being left empty is
there is economic incentive to leave
them empty there’s very low property tax
in hawaii so what they’re talking about
is kind of increasing the vacancy tax in
other words if a unit is vacant it’s
going to be sucked to an additional
property tax that’s going to be
we talked about international buyers
international buyers it looks like
they’re on there they’re on their way
that was the article going on with kovid
that’s that’s leave um loosening up uh
looks like uh
actually a korean market might be one of
the first markets opening up and um it
may be unleashing quite a bit uh quite a
bit of buyers coming from asia so south
korea is going to be the interesting one
japan uh japan’s been traditionally the
biggest one but japanese are are subject
to a 10-day quarantine when they go home
so they’re not expecting the big rush
from japan but they are expecting one
from south korea so i’ll be instantly
kind of see what our friends think about
that heidi and and
scott and dylan
masking forever now here’s this one is
interesting i want to hear when my team
thinks about this one so on one hand
we’re being told by the lieutenant
governor that they may be dropping the
mask mandates in january if things stay
if things stay low if the cases stay low
but on the other hand there’s stories
that uh their the cases are spiking on
in europe it looks like there may be
spiking also on the mainland and if that
happens uh the masking is going to be
going on forever so it’ll be interesting
and then finally kawhi just hit their
million dollar mark uh the the median
sale price of homes on kauai hit a
million dollars last month uh condos at
7.29 so the market’s all over the place
uh you look at our coveted counts the
the covet thing is pretty much let me
zoom in a little bit so you can kind of
see the covert graphs are pretty much
down the the the the fatality rates down
the cases are down we’ll see what’s
going to happen and of course the of
course the weather is perfect so with
that uh let’s kind of go around and
why don’t we do this let’s kind of loop
this in we normally have like a real
estate news any island news why don’t we
kind of loop both in and talk about kind
of whatever you want to talk about
related to either
island news or island real estate news
or island real estate update so let me
kind of bring up the slide so that we
kind of can get a sense for where we’re
at so we’re gonna we’re gonna try kind
of a we’re gonna try to morph the real
estate update to also be an island news
update so why don’t we do let’s go in on
clockwise format dylan and then scott
and then heidi dylan give me the update
what what are you hearing on on the big
on what’s going on
you know not a whole lot significant i
mean i’ve actually been out of the loop
this week so i haven’t been keeping up
with any news locally but um from a real
estate standpoint you know the market
continues to be strong but we’re seeing
a slowdown in the number of units that
are selling and we’ve been talking about
this for the last couple of months
mainly just because there’s not as much
on the market to sell so like last month
there was 51 homes sold in the kona
market there was 67 sold the pre 12
months ago um in
october so
uh that’s going to continue the median
prices are continuing to be up they’re
up a hundred thousand in my market you
know in the corner market from a year
ago so you know it was around 850 last
year it’s 970
this this year so
nothing’s really changing inventory is
not still not you know at record lows
and so so mark is still tight
it’s kind of status quo yeah status it’s
the tight status score from the last
like you know five six months is right
right right yeah what’s that at the
bottom we hit the bottom in july right
of inventory and then it creeped up a
little bit you know went from like 330
back up to 400 homes on the island and
then we’re kind of just hovering around
400 420 when normally that number is you
know a thousand or 1300 so still
significantly down
well you know uh let’s see i think we
got uh alex here is looking to buy a
condo on the on the main island well uh
alex what’s the main island what main
island are we talking about there’s a uh
some people might think that the big
island is the main one because that’s
the largest but others would say that
oahu is the main island because oahu is
the cat is where the capital is
and also where honolulu is so let us
know uh sounds like you’re like you alex
like i would guess main island would be
o’ahu where there’s vacation rentals and
vrbo and there’s a whole bunch of stuff
going on about that that i think scott
is going to let us up on uh let’s see
and let’s see nina uh yeah so that’s i
think that’s that well we’ll carry uh
uh paul we’ll we’ll take your question
in a sec about the uh why we why we may
not be doing the singapore model or why
we might be doing the singapore model
depends um but anyway uh that’s that so
dylan i’m just kind of curious is there
any kind of update on what’s the
what’s the cultural vibe on the big on
with masking and social distancing etc
here i got to say it’s pretty strict uh
yeah alex says oahu okay great so so
alex real quick in the description uh of
either uh you’re in you’re coming in
over facebook in the in the facebook
description there’s a there’s a link
click on that link there’s a form pop it
in and we’ll have scott follow up with
you on that right away
dylan what’s the what’s the vibe here on
oahu is that people are still i mean i’m
still seeing people matt you know with
their masks on in the car by themselves
with the windows rolled up uh that’s my
favorite line uh what’s what’s your
sense of that on on the big on anything
i’m just kind of curious i don’t think
it’s really changed you know from the
beginning we’ve talked about in the past
that people are you know relatively
compliant right i mean people don’t you
know aren’t
you know
they’re not contrarian here right so
most people have just you know you got
to wear your mask to go into walmart
they wear their mask but i feel like and
i’ve talked about this before i think
publicly follow you know whatever the
mandate is at the time we don’t have any
additional mandates um
on top of what the state puts out you
guys have in oahu you have kind of like
additional mandates that the county puts
on in addition to the state mandate so
it’s we don’t have any of those but
privately i mean people i’ve been to
many gatherings and you know private
parties and stuff and even um
like at hotels and stuff like that you
know like once the door is closing the
on the the meeting room people take off
their mats and do whatever they’re gonna
do right so once there’s no eyes on and
you can get you can’t get in trouble or
yell that anymore people just do
whatever they want right so we’re
we’re we’re yielding to to public uh
peer pressure and uh following the rules
like we like we always do in hawaii
you’re very right hawaii uh the local
culture i think it’s
i’d have to say it’s it’s as a result a
largely a larger the asian impact uh
it’s very much go along to get along all
right the uh
one of the famous uh sayings i i that
comes to mind right now is the is the
nail that sticks out gets pounded right
that’s that’s i used to hear that one a
lot scott give us the update uh what’s
what’s going on on oahu what are you
seeing any reflection on the short-term
rental thing anything else you want to
add about oahu news
yeah on the short-term rental component
i’m hearing rumors that that that is
going to pass and
i i said my piece a few a few shows ago
i don’t agree with it i think it’s going
to be a train wreck and i think it’s um
that there’s gonna be zero benefit from
it i think it’s gonna be actually worse
i i’ve never seen uh the neighborhoods
being overrun with vacation rentals yeah
there were some problems
um and that bill significantly that they
passed a couple of years ago i think it
was bill 89 if i’m not mistaken um
significantly handled it and the dpp
never even gave it a chance to get off
the ground now they’re wanting to change
things and be even more restrictive i
think the unintended consequences of it
are going to be far worse than than the
as far as the vacancy tax i don’t
understand that one either i mean the
three million dollar condo by someone
who’s from japan that leaves it vacant
in waia or something uh it’s not like a
local person is going to be able to
afford the rent on that or afford to buy
it so
you know whatever
there’s not a whole lot to say about it
really other than we’ll see well you
know it’s one of these things where
you’re gonna you know you you speak your
piece everyone you know does their does
their testimony and then you kind of the
the political winds go go where they go
unfortunately for for for lack of a
better thing uh really quick
uh i want to give a quick uh a
recognition and shout out to auntie
joyce auntie’s home 93 days away auntie
joyce that is a long you are you’ve been
away for a long time it’s been at least
about a month if not two already so uh i
hope you’re having a good a good time
there but we are glad that you are here
with us and uh hope you’re here and
i think she’s saying she was away for 93
days so she’s finally home so
she was gone yeah okay good okay good
good good all right i was i thought was
like 93 days away from coming home so
good auntie oh auntie is home okay thank
i get it now see i thanks dylan for that
shift i it’s funny right i kind of read
into what i wanted to read into it right
it’s not what you write it’s what people
read that’s right
so now now i read to say auntie is home
she was away for 93 days but now she’s
home good good to have you back home uh
regardless uh heidi give us the update
over there you know heidi we we we heard
the the news uh that uh jeff bezos uh
bought a 78 hair gang how about this
gang jeff bezos i know if you all saw
this in the news now jeff jeff bezos let
me zoom in on me here jeff bezos bought
a 78 million dollar property on maui now
that’s gotta be one heck of a property
and i was just really hoping that heidi
was the one that sold it to him heidi
give us the update on what’s going on in
in maui
uh yes that was a very exciting and
notable sale
unfortunately i was not the agent on
that one
maui’s doing great um i guess
there is some news yesterday um a
country on maui
has been experiencing some drought
conditions and
it’s not impacting so much the area
where i live in some parts of the island
it’s just been really dry and
the governor actually signed an
emergency proclamation the other day
because of drought conditions on maui so
hopefully some of the farmers and
ranchers being affected up there
will get some aid
now as far as real estate news i mean
i think it’s interesting that over half
of sales are closing at or above list
price i mean that was not the case a few
years ago and i know we’ve been talking
the market um
on maui the median price of
single-family home dropped below a
million it’s at
9.835 now and for condos median price is
at 6.50
and number of transactions is up i mean
over i mean almost 100
compared to last year so
it’s been a busy year there have not
been i mean besides
jeff bezos not as many
of the high-end luxury homes closed last
month as we’re closing like around april
and may this year
um but it’s too
it’s really too early to tell if that’s
a change i mean the market’s been
more or less
stable in the
you know stable and bananas
stable but i mean that’s i think i think
that’s the thing that that’s really
rather remarkable because the consistent
thing i’m catching from all you folks is
that the market is sort of
uh the new status quo if you will not to
call it a new normal but the new status
quo is kind of really very uh favorable
uh seller conditions the prices are
going for over list it’s not a lot of
interface scott you want to add anything
into that
yeah i mean it’s it’s interesting
i think we’re going to have a little bit
of slow down in the numbers because it’s
holiday times and we’re going to see a
little bit of the hangover from linigae
said don’t come and visit right then so
if you have less visitors here you’re
probably going to have
some less transactions i’m seeing a
little blip in the condo side but it’s
but the fundamentals themselves the
inventory itself is not growing and i
that hawaii kai home i brought on the
market last week
had 70 par over 70 parties through my
open house it was exhausting and i had
10 offers where almost 200 000 over
asking um there were forty forty
showings during broker’s open times on
this manoa property i’m gonna be putting
an offer in on over the weekend um and
then there’s one in like even a condo
and mililani that i’m gonna be putting
an offer in on last two sold at 105 list
of sales price ratio um so it’s there’s
enough buyers even if we slow down a
little bit there’s enough buyers in the
market just to keep steam rolling this
thing forward and there’s and there are
those new buyers from south korea who
are apparently going to be coming as we
have mentioned uh many many shows ago so
it’s going to be uh uh i think we’re
going to be in for kind of a little bit
of a wild ride here gang um so so let’s
do this let’s let’s kind of take a few
of the a few of the questions uh that
are going on so the the the quick one uh
for for alex uh who now we’ve identified
as the main island is oahu as we talk uh
alex get a hold of us and we’ll have
scott uh work with you on it uh uh vrbo
what are the rules and for condos an
apartment kind of rented short term so
the quick answer is it depends uh and
that’s really where this is why you want
to kind of work with someone like scott
who’s been doing this for 20 years the
laws are changing and so what is going
to be a vrbo is not going to be a vrbo
it’s going to be changing dramatically
so you definitely want to get a hold of
someone because there is no blanket
answer uh it’s it’s uh
the rules have changed and they have
changed significantly scott isn’t there
anything quickly you want to add to that
uh no vacation rental component you’re
going to be resort zoning
right now residential is minimum 30 day
but it looks like that might change so
great okay so uh let’s hit this other
one which i think is interesting we’ve
talked about this one before indirectly
paul carl lucas
gave us a question why doesn’t hawaii do
what singapore did build large build
lots of large towers to provide more
housing for locals paul the simple
answer is that uh and dylan and i have
gone not gone back and forth but then
i’ve had a lot of fun about this
discussion there’s an interesting
paradox in hawaii and that is if you if
you if you go into an average if you go
into an average crowd of people say you
walk in you walk into a let’s say a
restaurant in hawaii a middle-class
restaurant and you ask people to buy a
show of hands
who would like to have more affordable
yes who would like to have more
affordable housing everyone’s hands
going to go up
of course yeah and then if you ask
people well who would like to have who
would like to have more development who
wants to have more homes output in
hawaii more homes built in hawaii who
would like to have more development
show of hands
no one’s hands are going to go up no
one’s hands are going to go up and
people don’t quite understand the
economic the economic trade-off between
supply and demand so paul the reason why
we’re probably never going to see uh
singapore condos go up is because if you
told the people of hawaii
that their island would look like
singapore there would be you know people
don’t in you know why don’t get upset
about too many things but they get upset
about more development and you would
definitely absolutely positively there
would be torches and pitchforks i
guarantee you there would be torches and
pitchforks at every possible public
meeting if there was going to be like if
someone had a proposal actually there
was a there is a senator senator chang
senator stanley chang in hawaii did put
together a proposal to do exactly that
to have government-built housing on the
singapore model and i believe it got
shut down dramatically dylan you want to
comment on that at all that’s one of
your favorite topics i think
well there’s also this very practical
thing oahu doesn’t have this but i think
maui kauai and a big island we have a
restriction on how high you can build
right so you can’t even build above
seven stories on the big island so you’d
have to do a whole change or exception
to the zoning code to build any type of
high-rise tower there’s a couple that
were built you know in like the 70s um i
don’t know if it was before it was it
was enacted or they got around it
somehow with political connections but
if you look at most of our hotels
they’re four or five stories tall we
don’t have any high rises on the big
you know there’s uh you you talk about
uh high prescription height restrictions
uh on in the cook islands uh
we have family who is from the cook
islands uh in the cook hounds the height
restriction is you can’t have a building
that’s higher than the tallest coconut
tree so that’s what that’s they they
have the coconut tree limit and it’s
still in effect to this day it’s good
that’s a great model i like that it’s
it’s totally up well i mean that’s
that’s why the cook’s is so cool and fun
okay um why don’t we do this uh scott is
there anything you’ll else you want to
add to that real quick on the silver
medal is there anything
no i mean
you know there has been some public
private uh development for for lower
income housing and then like ulana
there’s some forced components anytime
there’s a tower that gets built a
certain percentage of them have to be
for reserve housing or affordable
housing and whatnot so there’s some
incentives that are put in and that’s
probably for now until somebody
reinvents the wheel and gets it pushed
through politically which is a difficult
thing to do it’s probably not going to
change off of that too much
i saw something good let’s also you know
not forget about the the dynamic in
hawaii that we uh you know currently
have a three billion dollar rail system
that’s going to cost probably upwards of
15 and it’s still not finished way
behind schedule so there’s not a whole
lot of trust in putting
huge projects in the government’s hands
to build amongst the populace here yeah
that’s another that’d be another good
one you know how much do you how many
billions do you trust your public
officials to get any project done on
time on budget yeah you are not kidding
a quick shout out dylan back from alex a
happy veterans day uh former army here
awesome yeah
right back at you absolutely great uh
and uh lynn lindy is here with us lynn
walker hello everybody nice to see you
but yeah lynn we’re glad you’re here
glad with everybody else we have lots of
people who are here today with us all
right uh let’s let’s move on i i got a a
our big topic for today is is gonna be
uh about retiring in hawaii we’ve got a
bunch of slides let me kind of go over
really quick all the various slides that
got that were submitted to us i want to
kind of grab all put all this together
uh and and talk about this topic in
general so really what i what i thought
about on on retiring is
let’s talk about maybe some some of the
best districts on the islands on our
respective islands that would be good
for uh retirees maybe some home features
uh when you when you talk to people who
are retiring you know what kind of home
features should they be think about of
course what are the financial
considerations are the tax implications
and things of that nature and finally
you know impact on family those are the
big topics let me go through a couple of
slides that we’re going to kind of loop
all together into this one so we have
another heidi from san francisco who
said hey you know what area is better
for retirement you know hilo
hawaii paradise park etc so there’s a
question for you dylan or the other one
this came from tom tom a member of the
under ohana asked about retirement
communities are there any 55-plus
communities there’s one in lihue but
it’s leasehold properties is there
anything else there’s another kind of a
sample uh here’s one dan from uh dan
from mill valley who said hey i want to
retire in hawaii in five years i’ve got
about 10 000 of monthly income i don’t
have the money to purchase but what is
the what’s the cost range for an
oceanfront apartment if i want to get a
one to two bedroom i’m not a big city
guy i’m a trail runner so i want some uh
swimming and things that i’m a former
man competitor so again it’s kind of
like this is like the this is a
combination the financial aspect uh
financial aspect combined with with a a
district uh and and here’s someone that
wants to they’re retired and they want
to buy some land on the big and live off
the grid uh you know is what about
internet access what about uh
et cetera so there’s again a sample of
the kinds of questions that i’ve been
getting uh tom was also about price
brackets i think we took care of tom’s
question earlier offline but those are
basically those are basically the the
kind of setup that we’ve got so why
don’t we do this why don’t we just kind
of have you know if you if you were
asked if you were kind of approached by
uh someone that is retired or will be
retiring in hawaii uh you know either
the best districts or home features or
finances or impact on family you know
what would you what kind of advice would
you give them and let’s kind of go
counterclockwise uh heidi why don’t we
start with you what would you what kind
of things would you uh suggest uh for if
someone was gonna be retiring in maui
well maui’s an amazing place to live so
um i think that’s incredible i would
definitely recommend
spending some time vacationing on maui
prior to making a permanent move like
um just to see which areas you like um
which neighborhoods i mean what’s nice
about maui is there’s lots of things to
do there’s lots of
resources but it’s not a big city it’s
really easy to drive around places it’s
really easy to park
things like that
there’s no um
55 and older or 65 and older communities
per se but there there tends to be
communities and neighborhoods where
retirees gravitate towards just because
the type of property um is just
suitable to
that type of living um
what a lot of people look for are single
level homes um something with the view
it’s very rare to find
a condominium with a garage on maui that
is extremely rare
you pretty much need to have a single
family home to have a garage
and it’s also
in looking with clients at residential
there’s not a lot of residential
condominiums in the resort areas that
don’t have any stairs a lot of these
were just built with stairs because
they’re kind of
built on a ridge or are built to
maximize views
um so for some people that’s the
consideration for some people it’s not
um but i would say you know first step
spend some time on vacation and
exploring the areas where
you think you’d be interested in being
yeah the stairs are a big thing you know
you don’t kind of uh uh every time my uh
my parents uh home has stairs and you
know i’m
younger than my parents of course and i
i just do not like the idea i got you
know go up and down this kind of spiral
staircase to go it’s really cool looking
but man i got to go up and down the
spiral staircase to go to my bedroom
it’s like man i
i wouldn’t want a place with this
whether i whether i and then if you got
like a condo where you have to kind of
go up a bunch of stairs to your condo
with groceries
no thank you no thank you uh tom pops
something in real quick uh what’s the
experience working with hawaii lenders
and retired buyers on fixed income why
don’t we kind of this is going to be a
generic question i think that everyone’s
going to have so let’s kind of we can
hit this one over to you scott as well
so thank you heidi is there anything
else you want to add to this
um i well i guess commenting on on one
of the later questions about
oceanfront and kind of finding a rental
direct ocean front um a lot of people
that moved to maui and are looking for
have trouble finding it because
most of the oceanfront condos especially
kind of in the more
affordable to mid-range
price points
allow vacation rentals so most of those
owners are going to be doing short-term
vacation rentals they’re not going to
want to rent somebody long-term
so there’s
condos on maui that allow vacation
rentals and there’s condos that don’t
allow vacation rentals and it’s it’s
pretty easy if you just know which ones
are which but for somebody whose dream
is to live right on the water
that can that can be a challenge unless
you’re looking at at the really high end
i mean have a really big budget
yeah and ray ray has chimed in here
around the on the walking easter seat
walkability no stairs walk-in showers
handicap usable real kitchen yes two
broken hips ah yeah ray uh ray you are
the precursor of everybody else because
we’re all gonna get there one way or
another we’re all gonna we’re all gonna
hit that age thing one way or another
i’m filling up my myself over here on a
variety of levels scott what’s your
advice uh for retirees or a retiree
comes to you in that you know either
district or finances maybe you want to
you you touch on
what would you what would you kind of
say things that retirees should be
looking out for
i mean districts to me come down to the
lifestyle that you want do you want to
be in the country do you want to be in
the city
and and is there a health care component
that comes with it if there’s health
issues and health needs we obviously
have to address that and the further
further away you are from
hospitals or the specialists and whatnot
um that may be something that you’re
having to think about if not
you know
if if everything’s okay for now or
whatever you don’t have you don’t need
that it’s not as important you can live
out on the north shore and be in the
country and and live a quieter you know
kind of lifestyle if that’s what you
want um so district wise i feel like
it’s a lifestyle thing and part of that
lifestyle is taking in assessing all the
needs from the health care side as well
as far as the impact you know the home
import the home features usually it’s
the single level bedroom bathroom on the
bottom floor or you know here on oahu
you say okay
i go into a condo high rise where i’m
taking an elevator i’m not really
dealing with stairs that that could be a
component and then on the financial
considerations you know it’s interesting
if you’re retiring here
especially on oahu our property taxes
are some of the lowest in the country
it’s three and a half cents per every
thousand dollars of assessed value
people shake their head when when they
see what our property tax bill is per
year for owner occupants so if you can
afford the housing the pros the pros are
if you can pay cash for the housing
which is the biggest expense that you’re
going to have when you’re coming here
then you can actually live here
relatively modestly because things like
property taxes aren’t that expensive and
i still remember i have this surfboard
and it says on the bottom of it thank
god all rides are free there’s our
weather is so moderate and the
temperature is so consistent you can do
so many things outdoors for free
and live a very active lifestyle that
from the financial standpoint the
housing component is the biggest thing
but you can offset that with a lot of
other things you don’t need sweaters and
other stuff like that you need bore
shorts t-shirts and a flip-flop or
rubber slippers and that’s about it so
you can even save on the clothing right
yeah that’s that’s kind of it on that
side the other
con would be distance from family that’s
the one big component is you are living
out here in the middle of the pacific so
does is if family is important then do
you have that draw you know to be back
towards family
yeah those are big components and we’ve
kind of and that one’s again that’s
really depends there’s not much you
could do about that in terms of you know
moving to hawaii but it’s something that
you have to take into account yeah ray
is like
growing old is not growing old is not
for sissies but it can be fun absolutely
uh we chose oahu because of the great
medical care and are getting healthy
yeah ray i’ve been really glad to hear
that you’ve been sharing that in the
variety of the elena ohana conferences
that we’ve been having and uh you and
your wife are just a great model of that
and it’s it’s it’s wonderful to see uh
jd scott found found the best for me so
that’s awesome jd i’m glad that you’re
here with us and and and sharing um
let’s see uh dylan what do you uh what
what’s your response uh a lot of
retirees on the big island uh that i’m
aware of what’s uh what’s your response
uh to invest sort of best practices or
things that nature hot tips for retirees
so the number one mistake i see
retirees make on the big island is
budget and low cost housing over desired
lifestyle and
what i mean by that is you can get
pretty low-cost housing on the big
island that’s one of the advantages is
you can get an acre of land and a
relatively nice house for three to four
hundred thousand if you wanna live in a
really rural area but what happens with
that is i’ve seen a lot of times
retirees get bored or they feel lonely
because they’re kind of isolated they’re
far away from everything you know
there’s there is community there but
it’s not like where you’re in a town
like hilo or kailua where you’re going
to have more activities and gatherings
and groups and clubs and things like
that and you’re also very far away from
the larger you know sometimes people
just like to go to target and browse
right and if that’s an hour and a half
away you’re not gonna do that um very
often so that’s one thing to really
think about is is it worth saving the
money on the house and giving up those
other lifestyle benefits like scott said
i mean there’s so many things to do for
free that you can pay more for a house
in an area that you want to be at with
nicer beaches and nicer parks and things
like that those rural areas don’t
necessarily have all of those features
and so sometimes after a couple of years
you know retirees feel like well you
know i’m needing to sell and move to a
different area because this doesn’t
afford me the lifestyle that i that i
desire so that’s just one thing i would
say could really think about is
think about what your budget is and what
your desired lifestyle is and try and
make you know find a balance in between
because you don’t want to save on budget
and then be unhappy and the other thing
i see people do is they buy too much
house right there’s also retirees that
and you know this is the hard
conversation you got to have and really
come to realization everybody thinks i
need i need the big house with a ohana
or extra area because my kids are going
to be here all the time and then after
two years the kids have not come at all
or they come once you know and so do you
really need to buy that big house and
spend extra extra money or maybe just
rent a big house for two weeks once a
year once every two years you know when
you’re when your family comes to visit
and they don’t have to be in your house
so that’s one way you can save money and
put more money towards area versus size
of home and and kind of think about that
strategically so i hate to bring it to
you but your kids are not going to visit
you as often as you think they are
that’s almost 100 percent of the time i
feel get that feedback from people who
retire here yeah those are some really
good points really good points uh
certainly the size of the house i think
that’s one thing that you really gotta
you know i mean uh you know my wife and
i are having these conversations now is
as i as our kids have have grown up and
they’ve moved out and uh you know we’re
like now we’ve got this home that was
built for you know for a family of four
or five uh and now it’s it’s it’s two
and we’re like you know what this this
this may not be the place for us i was
having this conversation this week
people were asking me what the average
size of a home is and you know it’s like
1500 to 2000 square feet i mean a lot of
homes are not bigger than 2000 square
and for someone coming from ohio or
idaho or wisconsin that’s that’s a tiny
house because you spend so much of the
year inside your house that you need 3
000 square feet but it’s very rare
unless it’s a luxury home or you know a
special built home it’s very rare i
would say you know 80 of homes are under
2 000 square feet definitely on the big
island because you don’t spend that much
time in your house you don’t need that
much space
exactly go ahead scott
that’s probably one of the biggest
things that i’ve learned having moved
from the mainland i remember my parents
when they lived in shaker heights in
cleveland and they used to get those
lake erie snows it would just dump and
and i came up to the circular driveway
and they had these um four foot posts
with a red white post with a red tip on
top and i came in the summertime i said
the heck is that it’s oh that’s where
the snow plow needs to to see where the
driveway is when it’s plowing the snow
and so my parents you know obviously
they’d stay in indoors and they had like
four or five thousand square feet of
home and it was just the two of them
here that’s one of the biggest things
that i’ve learned is you know you come
here our
oahu was built from the urban core
outward so a lot of our inventory and we
had a big boom in the 60s and 70s right
after statehood
so a lot of our homes are significantly
older and they’re 900 or even 750 square
feet to 1500 square feet but our weather
is so warm all year round that you carry
that out outdoors you’re going to spend
a lot of time out on the back deck and
your home actually can become bigger if
you if you do have a back deck and a
little patio space in the yard and
things so not only is your house
probably going to be smaller but you’re
probably going to be spending more time
outdoors here than you would on the
yeah that is an excellent point that
doesn’t really sink in no matter how
many times you might be told that it
doesn’t really sink in until you’ve
maybe been here for at least a little
while and you’ve realized that yeah i’m
really outside most of the time well
scott i know that jd’s happy because he
said scott found the best for me condo
very close to concert hall museum
hospital and a great bus system big
heart so jd this is why this is why
you’re with the team here buddy this is
why you’re with dylan and scott and
heidi uh these are some of the best
people that you’re gonna that you’re
gonna find with great experiences that
are all part of the team all right uh
this has been great a great conversation
is there anything else that anybody has
that we forgot what about the um we
didn’t touch too much on tom’s question
about the uh lenders and retired buyers
on fixed income anybody want to want to
try to take a crack at that one
if you’re on the verge of retiring this
is a discussion you need to have now
because a lot of times
when you go from being a worker to
retire your income changes and there’s a
lot of different variations on what that
means what you know where your
retirement incomes comes from or if
you’re living off of savings or
different investments
and so it can significantly change your
ability to qualify for a mortgage and so
a lot of times in many cases i’ve had
lenders recommend to a buyer just keep
working close on the home and then once
you close on the home then you can
retire because after you’re closed it
doesn’t matter right as long as you pay
your mortgage the bank doesn’t care but
if you retire and then your situation
changes now they’re gonna look at your
current income and if it doesn’t if they
don’t look at it or treat it the same
way as as as work income you can totally
blow up your qualification uh for a
mortgage and so you really want to have
that conversation if you’re on the verge
if you’re already retired then have a
conversation there may be a way where
you can structure your retirement income
to increase your qualification because
it’s all about it’s a very interesting
thing people are always surprised but i
got three million dollars in the bank
but i have no income so you don’t
qualify for a mortgage right like
because you need to have income they
don’t really care about how much money
you have on hand but there’s a lot of
different ways and programs and stuff so
you got to have that discussion with a
mortgage broker that knows you know
knows the ins and outs that’s an expert
in that area
hey so you know actually as as someone
uh my
myself who is uh uh has to be is
planning for my my retirement years
though they’re probably a ways off i am
how does the uh let’s let’s talk about
someone who’s um in retirement they’ve
got uh uh
and let’s say they’ve got uh they’re
getting their
of course they’re getting their social
security payments and let’s say let’s
say they’ve got a portfolio uh in a
retirement portfolio not a pension so
there’s not like a fixed government
pension or a company pension but they’ve
got a retirement portfolio and the
retirement portfolio is generating a a
certain amount of
well they have a retirement portfolio
and they’re withdrawing on that
retirement portfolio and that would be
their income so let’s just say for
discussion purposes they were drawing
50k a year on their retirement portfolio
and let’s just say again for discussion
they’re pulling 25k a year from social
security so they’re getting 75k a year
uh that they’re pulling out as quote
income now
does the bank does the bank ask for i am
i’m assuming the bank is going to say
okay your income is 75k
now the question i’ve got is does the
bank also want to see detailed
financials of how big your portfolio is
your is your do you have a 10 million
dollar portfolio or a one million dollar
portfolio are you is it a risky
portfolio that you’re all in stocks and
stuff or you know do they weigh that at
all or are they just does the bank say
look you would you’ve been withdrawn 75k
a year for the past two years or more uh
on retirement as far as we’re concerned
you’re at 75k how does that work scott
go ahead
so you’re getting into a very detailed
uh lending question
but i’ve just i just went through this
actually actually i went through this in
two scenarios one when we were looking
at where uh the assets are big but the
income there that
all the income is being written off and
all these loans that you see that you’re
quoted on on online and things are
income based loans what is your income
coming in what’s your monthly income and
that’s how they they base the loan off
of so if you’re in retirement and you
don’t have that income coming in
somewhere you have to show some kind of
stream of income
and and to go back to even your point
about oh if you’re showing 75 000 a year
well part of that play is
making regular consistent draws over a
period of time so that they you can show
it as
basically regular income even though
it’s coming out of the portfolio account
the other thing is is then that
these loans aren’t available all the
time they’re the asset based loans where
if you can show the portfolio of assets
you can actually get a loan on that
through a very few lenders and the
interest rate is higher and i know the
lenders to be able to put you in touch
with for that but those are some of the
options but it’s all about game plan and
it’s all about you know meeting with us
ahead of time what are we looking at
doing let’s strategize on that component
excellent really good point so what i’m
hearing uh when i’m hearing about this
and and hey folks uh all the retirees or
those planning for retirement in the
audience pop your questions in this this
is a great uh great point so what i just
heard you say scott is two things
twofold number one is you can get an
asset based loan but you got to go
through a bunch of hoops and there may
be a higher interest rate because it’s a
higher risk etc so you can do an asset
based loan and the other one would be um
if you’re withdraw if you are if it is
based on income make sure your income
your income is consistent sort of
consistent draws as the word that you
use you’re pulling consistent draws for
several years so you can say look over
the past two or three years i’ve been
pulling i have been pulling out 50k at
the rate of 4k a month you know so to
speak out of the bank and so i would
naturally kind of potentially qualify
for that and there’s another way to look
at that too from the planning point okay
what do you want to qualify for what do
you want to buy oh that okay well then
the draws need to be this right this
amount so that you qualify that’s it’s
all in the planning control on the
planning yeah yeah on the planning
goodwin excellent troy uh troy popped up
a question do you have information for
retirement from canada mother-in-law
wants to retire in hawaii but unsure
with canadian citizenship let me give
you a quick answer troy she’s gotta be
an american citizen uh and if she’s not
an american citizen uh the best you
could do is there are a lot of canadian
snowbirds though scott i’m going to be
really into kind of find out what’s
going to happen with those canadian
snowbirds now what we’ve had up to now
is we have what we again we call them
snowbirds folks that come from canada
and they come up here and they stay
during the winter months and then they
go back when spring comes you know when
spring kind of rolls around typically
that’s like a three month three or four
month period but with the new
regulations for oahu uh where you uh
it’s still considered a short-term
rental as opposed to a longer-term
rental uh they may have their their
prices may change it may be more
expensive so troy what i would say right
off the bat is uh your mom can come as a
tourist i don’t know what the visa is
you have to look at the the tourist visa
requirement from canada i think it’s six
months ago i don’t know if anyone’s got
any info on with it i think okay so
scott’s not in six months it’s a six
month visa then she’s got to go back um
although the prices may change because
of this whole short term vacation rental
business it might be kind of might be
kind of funky so that’s what i i would
do try uh troy uh tom comes back so i
guess i’m i’m taking my company’s offer
to keep working as a virtual employee in
hawaii until i get the mortgage exactly
exactly tom keep the job
you know keep the job keep the income
get the mortgage and then you can quit
and do whatever you want to do
great auntie joyce comes back and she
said we vacationed on big on for four
years and knew this was it wanted a
simpler life so other islands didn’t fit
then we found the perfect realtor in
dylan and his brother who gave us great
advice yes auntie joyce indeed uh dylan
and company or dylan in this case dylan
and brother uh are are great great
sources okay again keep your questions
coming we’re gonna uh we’re gonna move
on to uh the next part of our show where
we’ve got our
we have our when i get to it over here
let me get to the right side okay here’s
the slide okay we got uh diamonds and
deals so this is where we have some fun
properties that our our friends are
bringing to show us either diamonds
diamonds in the rough if you will i know
our diamonds mean you know diamond
incredible properties like the 78
million dollar bazels property or or
deals uh prices that are below market
value uh for one reason another so let’s
let’s kind of go to our first one over
here and uh it looks like heidi is
giving us this one over here this is a
wailuku maui three-bedroom two-bath
condo 549.
looks nice heidi what is this
well this is definitely a deal
there’s very little inventory of
three-bedroom condos most are one or two
and listed at 549
000 it’s free simple
remodeled it has a little yard it’s in
central maui which is going to be close
to shopping close to the airport
at 5 49 and i it actually just went
under contract
yeah i was going to say that that uh
heidi that
did that look like a deal a three
bedroom two bath for a five four nine
it’s like man that is a winner uh is it
what is that fee is that fee simple or
it is
wow wow okay well it’s a deal and that’s
why it’s gone
that’s that’s why it’s sold excellent
thank you heidi uh what do we got here
we got the uh kailua condo on the
opposite end of the spectrum of a
gorgeous gorgeous location looks like
scott give us this well what what what
are we looking at here
yeah this is windward passage which is
right in the heart of kailua so i picked
this one and i like this one because not
only especially this unit renovated a
good sized floor which in kailua is
fairly flat for the most part so you
don’t get a whole lot of view
opportunities from single family homes
and this is one of the few high-rise
in kailua and because you’re in the
heart of downtown
walkability is is perfect for this you
can walk anywhere you want to go
it’s literally right around the corner
from target whole foods all those the
whole nine yards and this is a higher
floor so you get the views and then it
it’s a three bedroom two bath two
parking for almost 1200 a little less
than 1250 square feet for 965 000 it has
all the amenities pool
tennis courts the workout facility et
cetera et cetera secure building and
whatnot so i i’ve always liked this
building it’s to me unique because you
don’t get the high-rise opportunity in
kailua you get on a higher floor here
you’re overlooking everything
yeah that uh i was gonna say uh three
bedroom two bath two parking uh that’s
that’s just rare period um but to get
that with the high race and you don’t
need a car at that point because you
just walked everything so and yeah you
don’t need a car at that uh yeah
absolutely well uh uncle ray here is
popping us back uh some feedback here in
that yeah our retirements are permanent
government based and will not change and
are not taxed mortgage company like that
yeah well you know as government
guarantees right right so it’s got you
got that consistent income you kind of
can’t go can’t go wrong can’t go wrong
good good shot um
and of course include social security
income yeah
absolutely absolutely all right what do
we got next here uh let’s take a look we
got dylan’s property dylan uh
uh for oh this is a banyan bay that’s a
great great spot you talked about
something else
this one didn’t reload ah okay level so
let me so
i was gonna say what’s that like the one
that was last week right so let’s back
up here technical issues uh we’re gonna
kind of hop in back to the
other one right there we go oh yeah so
dylan did this one right here uh he’s
gonna outdo himself and we have a five
bedroom five bath and hua la la resort
18.5 i think that’s the highest priced
property we’ve seen yet though what are
we looking at here
well this is funny because we don’t we
don’t coordinate these so scott and
heidi had some somewhat of a you know
deal with really nice properties but
this is one of those diamonds and this
is in hawaii resort which is one of our
exclusive high-end resorts but if you
look at this it’s on an acre and a third
so it’s a big lot and um just the killer
view that’s maui in the distance if you
can look in you know at the horizon of
the ocean there’s a cloud line and then
that peak above it is haleakala so i
mean just a crazy luxury property that
if you want to
live the lifestyle of your dreams this
is the place to do it so this
and these are common i mean these you
know the the plus 10 million dollar
properties are are pretty common um on
the big island and amazingly they they
sell you know it’s not it’s not well i
mean so they’re very quickly so
there’s a there’s a there’s a there is a
there’s a sort of this this big island
crowd right that um i remember once i
was uh
flying into the airport on the kona site
and you know as you land you see there’s
just rows and rows and rows of all the
private jets right it’s it’s really
become literally a jet setting kind of a
spot dylan right hasn’t it
yeah i mean charles schwab has a home
out there you know michael dale i mean
there’s all kinds of just billionaire
people that have homes in these resorts
there’s three or four of these luxury um
and it’s and it’s funny right i mean
it’s about
imagination and vision i mean these were
just lava fields and now they’ve
transformed them into these luxury
resorts where they sell 10 plus million
dollar homes so
exclusive golf courses you know not a
friend that well worked out at the golf
course and these people are paying like
a quarter million dollars a year for a
golf course membership and it’s like 375
000 if you buy in and they come maybe
twice you know they’ll stop on their way
back from hong kong play six holes of
golf and then go back to new york and
they’ll do that like twice a year for
you know a cool quarter million so
yeah it’s uh it’s really
you know
how does it go way above our pace our
way above our pay scale uh yeah
yeah at a whole other level you know
what what’s interesting one thing that
that you you brought up and i just kind
of wanted to comment on it is uh you
mentioned let me bring up the picture
that it’s worth it’s got a nice visual
uh again if you if you folks look in the
background there as dylan said there’s
like that that right a dark line that
dark line is uh haleakala maui right
dylan is that what you said mm-hmm
i think that’s one of the coolest things
isn’t it when you could like and heidi
had mentioned heidi you and mentioned
where uh uh somewhere where that was the
property that that you had that you had
where you can kind of see into the other
on the other islands or whatever no uh
but my point is it’s really cool uh to
be uh to be able to you know be on some
kind of near ocean on your island and be
looking out and then be able to see the
other islands right like on oahu for
example if you go around the southeast
corner you could look out and on a clear
day you can see maui molokai and lanai
and it’s just like i think it’s just
like one of the coolest things i know if
you guys want to comment on that at all
but it also makes you realize how far
away and how big the island chain is so
even though you can see the island it’s
a long ways away and actually it’s not
that far right it’s like i think 80 90
miles tip to tip big island to maui but
that’s a long 80 and 90 miles i mean you
know it’s not like we’re all bunched up
close together you can swim in between
them well 40 miles the horizon is 40
miles right or something like that like
if you over there if you’re past 40
miles away you’ll you’ll dip under the
the horizon or something of that nature
i’m not too sure what the exact uh
exactly i think it’s six
six oh you could see six miles on the
horizon yeah yeah yeah yeah so cool yeah
so heidi what was the place that you
mentioned there was something that you
were mentioning that you can see the
other island from where you are or
something like that or from where you
live yeah so from where i live i can see
molokai and i can also see
and then from south maui you can see
kolave and then a little molokini crater
and on really clear days you could see
from some places oahu and the big island
it’s just
it makes you feel less alone in the
ocean just to look out and see another
island and
there’s something else out there right
yeah no it’s totally cool uh auntie
joyce is chiming in over here yeah thank
you anthony for bringing all this up
good to see you again too that anyone
known as dylan’s shirt matches the
background i did not
did not now dylan was that planned or
unplanned i got to know did you actually
figure that out or just got lucky
i’ll give you this shirt story real
quick so when we came up here i came up
with seven agents for my team all female
and of course they wanted to have like
matching outfits right that was
important and it actually was a big hit
because all you know we were in a group
and everybody was admiring our aloha
where but this is from living hula my
go-to um you know shop in kona and you
know they’ll make a bunch of different
prints based off of
um and a bunch of different designs
different types of you know women’s
dresses and shirts and stuff and they
make a lot of shirts too so you can
easily get for lots of different people
are matching aloha and stuff from
walmart right so um anyways luckily i
had some aloha where that’s the story of
why i’m in vegas and because i wouldn’t
normally be wearing this in las vegas
that’s how the lawsuit got to las vegas
well it i you you well you planned it
out perfectly because it matches like
almost to the t
uh to the background there that that the
curtains so either you pick the right
shirt or you pick the right room or just
god had a way of working of working it
out to where it all matches it looks
great uh nina kicked in we see maui from
kona big on yes absolutely yes you see
maui and
tom is giving us his mahalo as always
it’s been a great show as always folks i
really enjoy it all right let’s kind of
let’s kind of wrap this up we’re going
to go into our closing thoughts and
dylan is in vegas so i’m going to let
dylan uh open it up with uh give us the
dylanism uh dylan that you got for this
for this week
well i’m going to go back to that
discussion in the beginning about um
you know just being a culture of
compliance and going along to get along
and one of my my favorite things that i
read later on in life but um you know i
spent a lot of my life fighting and
arguing with people and
dale carnegie and his in his book uh how
to influence how to win friends and
influence people there’s a story about
him um
arguing and correcting a guy at a
cocktail party that one of his friends
took him to try and get a book deal when
he was young and it um when they left
the guy and you know go to the details
it’s a long story but the guy was like
why did you why’d you correct him on
that you were right but you know why’d
you correct him he’s because i knew i
was right and he said but you had no
benefit for embarrassing him in front of
the people that we were standing with
and proving him wrong this is a guy that
could help you get a book deal and um
the lesson he learned was you know if if
there’s no if there’s no benefit don’t
argue right and sometimes people want to
be contrarian and they want to fight and
there’s zero benefit all it does is
cause stress and strife and make you all
unhappy and so i think it’s just a good
rule to live by in life like you know if
you have a belief that i don’t i don’t
agree with if it doesn’t hurt me i don’t
care i’m not gonna argue with you
yeah boy you really uh you’re uh ringing
home for me i was i have been a
contrarian uh probably my entire life so
um uh and uh but yeah as i get older i i
find the need to to debate there’s less
and it absolutely applies to real estate
right when we walk into a house i tell i
tell my agents all the time if you don’t
like the drapes don’t point that out
because the person that you would that
you’re with may love the drapes or love
the carpet and you’re just injecting a
negative thought into the situation that
doesn’t need to exist right so if it
violate our fiduciary duty obviously if
you see something that affects the
market value or you know we have a
fiduciary duty to point out you talk
about it but if you don’t like the tile
color shut your damn mouth
you know like it has nothing to do with
it you know your opinion doesn’t matter
in that situation so
excellent actually yeah great great
closing thought great question scott
what about you what’s your closing
thought for today
yeah i know it’s a tough market and and
it’s also right aligns with my
personality and personality type but
it’s um some people want it to happen
uh some wish it would happen others make
it happen and uh in this kind of
marketplace i’m seeing people make it
happen but it takes takes extra effort
and some some guts and determination
yeah you gotta you gotta you have to be
willing to you well you just gotta be
willing to do what it takes you know and
ride yourself through and kind of uh
whatever it is that frankly in life it’s
it’s it’s a marathon it’s not a sprint
and uh that marathon if you kind of keep
at it uh it will work heidi what’s your
closing thought today
the journey and trust the process
just keep on going and i’m just
really grateful to work with
some awesome buyers right now who are
just have a great attitude and
keep going and
often when
one thing doesn’t work out something
else even better ends up happening in
the future and then looking back you’re
like oh thank you that other that other
property didn’t work out because we got
something even better so
it’s just it’s all about your attitude
and and keep going
yeah it it it certainly it certainly is
uh it is it is all about attitude
there’s no doubt about that mine for
today i came across this uh and i really
enjoyed it i came up i do a daily uh
daily uh read of a bible verses which
really kind of helped me this one i
really enjoyed uh
says uh brethren he who so sparingly
will also reap sparingly he who sows
bountifully will also reap bountifully
and the one that really kind of stuck
out to me is each one must do as they
are made up in their minds not
reluctantly or under compulsion god
loves a cheerful giver
that really kind of that really kind of
impressed upon me that that whole idea
is that you know it’s a cheerful the the
what really struck something was a
cheerful giver as they cheerfully gift
and i think about that like um
when we go to restaurants or valet or
whatever and when we tip the valet i i
cheer i try to have i try to be happy
try to be i’m happy you know i’m i’ve
cultivated this attitude of being happy
to give the valet a 20 if i can you know
or extra more than they would give or
give a higher tip and not because
not because i’m i’m feeling like i am
obligated to but i’m happy to do it and
uh that that has helped me a lot a
cheerful giver
so sows bountifully will rebound flee
all right folks that’s the thought for
today uh great to uh ray uh thanks over
here mahalo good to always hear from
y’all great great to see you uh
awesome great that you’re a part of it
and uh corey craig uh get love that
loved the cadillac logo hope to see you
again uh oh great info today i’m glad
you enjoyed it and uh want y’all to have
a good day uh let’s give our alohas real
quick let’s go clockwise dylan scott and
then heidi say goodbye everybody good
bye everyone
hello everybody from the ninth
island aloha have a good day
aloha maui all right see y’all later
have a going aloha