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Show start 1/21/22
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 1/21/22
Booster shot may be coming as requirement
Higher Park Fees are coming
Teachers needed: now hiring!
Red Hill Fuel Tanks ordered to be drained
Our Tsunami Watch Experience
Big Island News and Market Update
Why Big Island has very small tsunamis innundation zones
Oahu news and Real Estate Market Update
Story of first responder life-saving stranded swimmer in big surf
Oahu Real Estate Stats
Maui News and Real Estate Market Update
Baby White Whale Spotted
Maui Real Estate Market Update
Difficulty in finding a VRBO rental on Oahu
Can we reclaim land from the sea and build on that?
Less than 5% of land in Hawaii is developed
What’s the Entertainment Scene like in Hawaii?
Entertainment options in Maui
Oahu Enterainment Choices
How do you travel inter-island?
Big Island Entertainment options
Family gatherings are the real entertainment option in Hawaii
How is Hawaii entertainment different from the mainland
Family Beach parties are the norm
What’s the Hawaii local sports scene like?
Why Hawaii’s High School Graduations are unique in the country
How Hawaii’s local music scene is different from the mainland
Maui 1bd 1ba Condo
Oahu Hawaii Kai Home $2.3M
Big Island 2bd 2ba condo ocean front
Imagine sitting in your home and watching surfers in your backyard
Sandy Beach is a great surfing spectator spot
Can find home on Oahu for under $900k?
Does every place have lots of natural disasters?
Closing Thought: Quote from MLK
Closing thought from Scott on Good News/ Bad News
You are the captain of your own ship, whether you know it or not
Closing thought from Heidi – you are never too old to…
Closing Proverbs thought from Peter

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Show Transcript

hello kakahiaka everybody today is
january 21st
2022 and you are on the pre-game show of
the aloha friday hawaii real estate show
and we’re really glad you’re here and of
course we got the early the early birds
over here which is great great to have
you with us let’s put up our friends
over here i am
we are hanging out with uh dylan no naka
who’s from the big island and we are
with scott startsman who is joining us
from oahu and heidi dallinger who has
returned hope hopefully better heidi uh
from maui and let’s see who’s over here
first real quick let’s let’s say let’s
say a quick hello to everyone here joan
who was joan who was the first one in
here joan joan welcome back joan is a
member of the islander ohana alumni and
she is on a living on allah which is
totally awesome welcome back joan duane
hello dwayne uh good to see you again
from kentucky a warm balmy 31 degrees
there you go enjoy and enjoy the the
freezing temperature with sun and and
like like you jim has jumped in
it’s warm they’re freezing in new york
city there you go and uh gil gil’s back
hey gil how’s it happy friday happy
friday and uh judy hey judy welcome back
judy is also a islander ohana alumni who
is back with us hey gang all right great
hey good good to see you all great to be
back let’s do a quick uh let’s do a
quick hello and the quick update so
we’re going to start counter clockwise
with heidi then scott then dylan heidi
what’s the what’s the coffee of the day
well the coffee of the day is one of my
go-to favorites it’s the red katyu eye
and i just love it actually when i
traveled to the mainland i brought my
own coffee just to make sure i would
have it
and just super happy to be back and see
bring your own nessie and that now
they’re now that that heidi i think
really confirms you are a scooch more
hardcore coffee than i am i thought it
was pretty hardcore but somebody who
brings their own coffee i heard people
bringing their own pillows uh but i
haven’t her bringing your own coffee
that that’s pretty darn good actually
honey you know i want to get your
feedback i had a
i just bought a bag of a whole quote
hawaiian coffee from from costco and i’m
kind of test i have no idea what it is
it doesn’t say kona so it’s not from
could be something that you know
somebody grew in the backyard here of
wahoo for all i know but anyway i bought
that i don’t know if you tried that or
not scott what’s uh give us the update
from from wahoo how’s it going buddy
yeah weather’s perfect today actually
it’s been been pretty perfect for the
last probably two weeks or so but uh
yeah i started off last week more or
less the new year saying new
opportunities no new adventures i love
love the new year time frame and now i
got a new aloha shirt
this is a tanoa and i’m competing with
dylan now of course i didn’t buy it but
uh but i got a new aloha shirt i’m i’m
looking snazzy and ready to go you’re
you’re looking you’re looking good man
you know i was uh let’s grab a few other
folks who have popped in over here
auntie joyce top of the morning welcome
back auntie joyce tom welcome back tom
tom is i believe from the uk if i’m not
mistaken uh patrick hey patrick freezing
freezing in raleigh well hopefully we
can give you some of the warmth that you
could scott’s background over there uh
dwayne gives heidi a shout out welcome
back heidi see heidi c you were missed
you were missed uh christopher longley
uh aloha kakayeka from freezing cold
menomonee michigan where temperatures
are balmy 14 degrees feels like zero
with the wind chill oh joy oh joy joy
joy i love the windshield nothing quite
much more than fun hey scott i’m
actually watching says brenda may have
to log out but great to see you hey
welcome back brenda welcome to good to
see you on on the show with us dylan you
know i was going to say man i think
you’ve got my my aloha shirt color
what’s going on there buddy
yeah this is a living hula so uh
one of my favorite brands here look a
local girl here in kona that designs
these and so he has to go i don’t know
turquoise or something color but
flashy for today
but you’re muted
you’re on mute peter
the old that’s that’s the new meme right
you’re on mute that’s the new that’s the
new meme of meme of of of the year uh so
yeah i was saying you know if it wasn’t
for a little bit of a lighting shift
we’re kind of almost almost almost the
same same color and auntie joyce is
enjoying a beautiful morning here on the
big on yeah as scott was saying it’s
it’s really um and the weather for the
past week has been good actually it’s
kind of funny i had some family visiting
and while they were visiting it was that
two week period where it’s like rainier
than heck they they got to the beach i
think once they went out when it was
raining once and it’s of course the day
they fly out this day it’s absolutely
perfect but that’s the way it goes hey
bernard welcome back bro good to see you
buddy uh welcome back to to our show
over here all right i think it’s it’s
that time folks let’s get uh let’s kind
of do a quick news update we’re gonna
we’re gonna shift it around here a
little bit we’re gonna do a um
so what i’m gonna do is i’m changing it
around uh we’re gonna do a normally we
did like a kind of a news and then a
real estate market update we’re going to
kind of combine the two into one uh so
let’s give let’s give that a try and see
how it works so here’s what’s going on
everybody so it looks like there’s uh
there is some stuff there is some
movement going on about making the uh
requiring a booster uh to be considered
fully vaccinated now that hasn’t uh the
governor to my knowledge as of today has
not passed uh has not made any emergency
pro emergency proclamations to that
effect but it is moving i know that in
maui for example uh
the maui folks are saying that you have
to be uh you are they are requiring a
booster uh for to get to get inside if
you’re gonna go for indoor dining if
you’re gonna go to indoor dining bars
and gyms you have to be
boosted to be considered fully
vaccinated so that’s kind of what’s
coming up and
if you look at the trend it seems like
everywhere across the mainland at least
the boosting is becoming kind of a thing
and i’d be interested uh
throw me something in the comments
everyone have you have you gotten
boosted yes or no i’d like to know about
that that would be kind of interesting
did you get your boost and it and or are
you going to get the boost right i’d
like to know about that what’s your
what’s your what’s your plans on that
what are you planning on on the boosting
um it’s going to be a a
higher park fees there is some movement
for higher park fees for tourists i
think they’re going to be charging more
uh about if you’re going to be there are
certain state parks there’s rates that
are they’re going to be changing looks
like that’s going to be going up so
hawaii’s going to become just a scooch
more expensive uh
of ashami murthy says yep he’s going to
be getting the booster yeah but
it looks like it’s going to
i hope i pronounced that correct by
charlie um it looks like that’s going to
be coming
hey look if you um uh in jim jim too jim
has been boosted
a teacher is needed so there it looks
like there’s a a a there’s been a
chronic uh shortage of teachers but they
are talking about the department the
hawaii’s department of education is
talking more about uh that they’ve
they’re really they’re under capacity
there’s they have situations nowadays
where uh kids are actually have to hang
out in the lunchroom because the
teachers are just not there and nor are
there substitutes so if you’re looking
for a job if you’re a teacher um this
might be something that you want to look
the the red hill fuel tanks a lot of
you’ve been following that red hill fuel
tank story or a quick update that we
have on oahu there is a an issue where
we have some uh fuel tanks that have
been leaking fuel and some suspect we’re
afraid it’s been going into the water
looks like there’s been an order now for
the department of health that has
ordered the navy and the navy has agreed
to drain the fuel tanks about 180
million gallons worth of fuel tanks
going around so that’s going to be a big
one and of course we had a little bit of
drama on last week saturday we had a
tsunami which was kind of um i don’t
want to say the word fun because
tsunamis are number of fun that could be
potentially very dangerous but uh it was
it ended up being there was like a
little bit of damage i think dylan maybe
you could uh help us out on the big one
there’s a little bit of tsunami damage
on the big on but it was pretty a big uh
kind of a big nothing thing but boy
everybody was texting us are you okay
how’s the tsunami are you alive i had my
our family that was visiting their
family was you know texting them hey
how’s the tsunami how are you doing
we’re fine uh and then finally a quick
quick weather overview it looks like
it’s gonna be you know of course the
perfect hawaii weather so all right with
that that’s our that’s right that’s our
quick update uh let’s see who’s getting
a booster upgrade well uh yeah uh
jess is getting the booster because she
flies so much joan’s getting uh jones
getting her uh judy got boosted on
monday to travel to the big on a couple
weeks oh great it’s gonna be a lot of
fun i’m sure uh just in case right uh
didn’t get the booster got the jj
vaccine feel like right now we’re fine
with the one shot yeah i think you know
what’s interesting is i know what
they’re gonna what is there gonna be a
boot if you got the jj do they require a
booster of is there a booster on the job
i don’t know uh and julian is with us
aloha and welcome back and uh travis is
is uh julian a contact here scotty i saw
a wave over there anyway juliana welcome
travis i watched this show quietly for
the past year awesome i bought a
vacation rental in maui one year ago
couldn’t be happy with it your your show
has been an invaluable uh hopefully
travis you worked with with heidi but if
not that’s all right i hope you’re
enjoying your uh your your state i’m
sure it’s uh i’m i’m glad that the show
has been helpful to you uh tom got his
uh booster before christmas uh juliana
did get the booster good good god and
juliana and totally vaxxed with the
madonna for the scene excellent well it
looks like people are kind of doing
their thing
all right let’s kind of go around let’s
do it clockwise now let’s do dylan then
scott then honey uh give us a quick
update any kind of news you have on the
big one that you want to talk about or
and or
real estate updates kind of what’s going
on on on the market that’s worth
reporting dylan or any kind of
news you want to report and that’s
occurred over the past two weeks
yeah i think the last i think the
biggest news was the tsunami right i
think we were the only island that had
any type of damage and
it was
down and it’s very interesting the way
this works but it must be have something
to do with the bays kind of collecting
because even if it’s a small amount of
increase in the the sea level in kailua
even the last time we had a small
tsunami uh that’s where the the damage
was with the water came kind of onto the
shoreline and there’s a king kamehameha
hotel down there that had a bunch of
water come into the hotel and lobby and
canoes that got got moved around and
stuff it wasn’t anything
significant and massive but um
there are other places that you know you
couldn’t even tell so it’s a very
interesting dynamic where where there’s
a big bay it seems like maybe that
collects and then amplifies the rise in
in the sea level but that’s interesting
i’ve noticed that you you you’re right
about that it’s it seems like it’s like
no one else gets damaged but that one
spot kind of catches it yeah and
reflects it or something like that god
knows what and that’s something that
people gotta understand about tsunamis
too right when they’re concerned about
them is tsunamis are probably one of the
better natural disasters because you get
a lot of lead time and warning time and
even if you don’t get the electronic
warnings if you’re visually by the ocean
the sea is going to recede before it
comes back up right so it’s not like
some you know massive 50-foot wave just
shows up out of nowhere there’s there’s
a precursor to to a tsunami and so on
the big island luckily we’re such a
young island that it’s so steep that you
can go
really like you know 100 feet offshore
and you’re going to be you know 10 12
feet of elevation and so
our tsunami inundation zones are very
small on the big island it’s not
something that you unless you’re right
on the shoreline it’s not always
something that you have to worry about
and so it’s not always a big you know
it’s not as big of a concern here and
even if we did have a bad one the reason
that that we had so much damage in hilo
is that’s a lower lying town
and the in addition zone is is larger
but that’s a kind of a unique area on
the island most of the island is very
steep and you can go you know 100 feet
offshore and then you’re you’re above
the tsunami in addition zone
yeah the the gila reference is an
interesting one where was it back in
1940 something that was one in the 40s
and one
i think the early 60s yeah and is that
the reason why there’s now like that
that break water out of hilo bay that’s
that’s the purpose of that that sort of
was became the purpose of that to break
that up in some way shape or form no the
brick wall wouldn’t wouldn’t necessarily
prevent the tsunami the brick waters was
for the just for the harbor so um yeah
but again because it’s not the tsunami
is not you know like the movies it’s not
like this huge breaking wave right a
tsunami is
it’s a rise it’s a sudden rise in the
ceiling the tidal wave yeah and so
a a wall necessarily isn’t going to stop
it because if there’s if there’s water
behind beyond it the water will rise the
water rises and it will continue to rise
as it gets towards the shoreline so got
it yeah the the wall was more to protect
the the bay from surf so you could um
that’s where the hilo hilo harbor is
with all of the ships containers and
right cruise ships park and all that
stuff that’s right that’s right that’s a
good point well uh dylan heather shares
the fear of see now you’ve we’ve now
confirmed that that heather’s fears of
tsunamis are are realized but you know
heather ed yeah
hey you always have to be careful you
always have to be careful um but uh
and there’s stories of the people in
hilo right the reason why so many people
died in those tsunamis was they didn’t
understand the concept and the water
receded the bay got drained out and
people were going out into the bay and
picking fish up because there was fish
flopping around and they didn’t you know
people didn’t know what was going on and
then and then the sea came back in
when the tsunami came in so that’s your
indicator if you see the if you see the
going down quickly go in the opposite
direction and you should be okay
plus these days unlike the 40s boy you
know we like you said there’s just like
plenty of warning hours and hours of
warning there’s
it’s a funny thing there’s so much
yeah and the warnings on the social
media and your phone goes off and your
friends are calling you yes that’s all
kind of stuff
all right anything on on the real estate
site uh dylan that that’s worth uh worth
bananas bananas yes losing 20 over
asking price offers so
nothing planning up scott uh give us the
oahu report
uh north shore is
25 to 35 feet
from the surf side oh man yeah it’s
coming in for this
today rising rising today through the
so we should have some good surf i
remember it when i used to live on the
big on i’d get so excited when oahu
north shore would get massive
it would wrap into kawai high harbor
when i lived over there and i’d go out
surfing and
there were only a couple of places like
the point at 69’s that could handle it
everything else would close out on the
big island so yeah so we got big surf so
no uh you don’t have to worry about
you know
water going out and then rushing back in
to come and get you big waves over here
right now that are pretty dangerous so
got to be careful on those i’ve seen
people get swept out and
the waves come up a long distance they
think they’re safe on the sand then they
get dragged out by the water after after
it’s rushed forward it’s crazy i i’ve
seen that i i i talked about that with
our islander group once a story that i i
have an incredible story but anyway yes
did you guys see that video of the
hawaii fire department saving that guy
in kona
um like two weeks ago the surf was real
big it was after our last show but
it was it would look like a movie the
helicopter dropped the basket down there
was a guy on a rock and you could see
the big surf all around them and the the
firefighter gets off throws the guy in
the basket jumps on the basket and as
they’re lifting off this huge wave comes
and totally engulfs the rock like i mean
just right inches underneath the basket
and and just misses them and it was it
was crazy but you know shout out to the
first responders that put their lives at
risk to see i mean a lot of i mean hate
to say about stupid people sometimes
right you mean there’s no way you should
be out in a situation like that um when
the surf is huge but we see that every
day where people go in the water and
they can barely swim at the 10-foot surf
and you’re like what are you thinking
yeah a lot of these people don’t
understand the power of the of the ocean
so they don’t respect it they don’t know
how to you know they don’t understand
what’s going to happen and then i mean
i’ve even gotten pounded i stood on a
rock for a picture one time on
just kind of goofing around and this one
rogue wave came out of nowhere and just
pounded me and i ended up smashed all
over the lava rock with good old cuts
yeah that uh you know uh um
lack of respect of the ocean at you know
do not respect the ocean at your own
risk i don’t know how that doesn’t come
out right but boy you don’t respect the
ocean you are you are taking a big
there’s all you know to this day and i
you know i go surfing you know twitter
twice a week to this day when i get out
of the water like i go to makkapu beach
all the time when i get out of the water
i always get out of the water walking
backwards always and that’s just i’m
just out of habit scott anything on the
real estate market that you want to
report on
yeah it’s i mean nothing’s changed
especially on the single-family home
side uh the crazy one and i’d be
interested to hear what uh heidi and
dylan you know if you guys have looked
at it we’ve got 399
active home listings on oahu right now
so we’re already midway through
january and it hasn’t picked up enough
to where we were at mid 400s last year
and in 2006
2007 we’re in the 800 range and uh yeah
so we’re at 399 there’s literally no
inventory uh i got three escrows this
past week 100 300 and 400 000 over
asking so
you know that’s where we’re trending
over here on the single-family home side
on the condo side we have a thousand
fifty-five condos to choose from now
that sounds like a lot more but it’s
really not it’s very limited inventory
probably sixty-five seventy percent of
most of the inventory on oahu between
single-family homes and condos would be
so you’re naturally you’re gonna have
more that are on the market
but that we hit 10 price appreciation
for last year in condos i expect that to
be higher because the inventory has
disappeared but the big key to keep keep
an eye on right now interest rates have
really started to move up and the fed’s
already talking about what they’re going
to do
so i do see
interest rates moving up pretty well
this year and that should
where the inventory levels are right now
we should be at 20 price appreciation
for this year and i i think that’s going
to tampen it some 10
hopefully it slows it down some
well we’re gonna we’re gonna find well
it’s you know it depends on how much of
flex how much exp whatever there’s a
word there there’s a there’s an economic
big word in that there’s some elasticity
it depends how much elasticity there is
in the prices how much that interest
rate rise is going to affect it’s gonna
affect the sum that what we don’t know
is is how much i just got my uh
zillow report uh that you know on my zip
code there and you know i saw that i saw
the you know with my own two eyes the
the price appreciation of 20
over that one year which is just
absolutely remarkable kind of blew me
uh heidi give us the update uh what’s uh
any kind of news you want to report on
the feedback of the of the boosting or
how’s the maui market going anything you
want to share with us heidi welcome back
thank you
um well a baby white whale was spotted
off of sugar beach on maui and this is
very very rare
so i thought that was kind of cool
there’s some video footage of it online
if you want to look at it but the person
who filmed the whale named it betty
white because it was
cited on what would have been betty
white’s the actress’s 100th birthday
um so if you’ve been waiting for the
white whale it’s here
wow that now that’s big news white white
whale spotted white whale spotted off of
maui and that is like classic hawaiian
news right they makes the headlines it’s
a big deal
et cetera uh how’s uh uh how’s the maui
market going on heidi anything you want
to report in that that’s worth
it’s still a strong seller’s market i
am continually surprised how we keep
making new highs especially in condos um
i mean you can’t even look at the comp
six months ago because it’s it’s a
different market right now but
i mean the way to go is just adapt to it
um be ready and waiting i mean it’s not
somebody that is slow i mean you have to
um be ready to take action when the
right property comes up but
um i’ve in my business i’ve just been
focusing on adapting and
working with buyers in advance to help
them get ready because there still are
good deals to be had and there still are
strategies you can use to be successful
and win out in multiple offer situations
but yeah i mean that’s the story we’ve
been telling for months now and it just
it continues i mean we want to see signs
of slowing down um haven’t seen that
just yet
yeah yeah i mean like you said you
really got to be you got to be ready you
got to have all your research done you
want to that’s one one of the good
reasons why you want to work with
someone who’s really experienced you
want to have that stuff ready to go
because when you need to pull that
trigger you do it quickly scott i’m
still kind of blown away by the 400 000
over asking i mean obviously that had to
be a multi-million dollar property but
uh still the just the fact of the the
over asking is more than the cost of
most homes on on the mainland is just
mind-boggling mind-boggling yeah heidi
brought up a good point a good point
there six months ago comps are not comps
like an appraiser typically uses the
last year
by cops mean compared to repair process
sales conversions homes that have sold
that are comparable in the last six
months that’s how appraisals work that’s
how we work to to kind of just you know
establish value and so for me i you have
to you obviously have to adjust in this
market so for me i go back one month i
start with one month back then i go back
you know two or three if there’s nothing
in there then i
and at that point i i’ll go back six and
start looking at it but then i start
going outside in other areas to see
because six months ago it’s just an
eternity to go in this market
well you’re well if you’ve got a 20
increase in one year that that that’s
that’s huge all right we we have a
couple things here to catch up on uh
joan jones reported that a wash news
parts of california got hit worse than
we did which which of course is
unfortunate we wish that was not the
case uh hey hey thanks steve i think
steve is digging the frames right steve
this is not just like a zoom it’s not a
recorded zoom call right we’re we’re
we’re like up a notch here at living in
hawaii man where you know the hawaii
real estate show it’s it’s a it’s a
click up it’s a click up thanks thanks
steve i appreciate that um now let’s see
uh auntie joyce has got a question for
us i want to kind of hit uh is that only
honolulu that requires a one-month vrbo
rentals friends on the mainland have
been searching for a place for pacific
cup and heating well
legally joyce it’s a vacation rentals if
they’re there well scott why don’t you
spell out the current ruling you’ve got
this done more than i do about the the
work with vrbos or one month rentals
short-term vacation rentals etc how does
that work
yes so resort zoned you got to go resort
zone which there’s only like three areas
and even then there’s some restrictions
about waikiki
and then um
give you resort zone and so that’s less
than 30 days anything else is going to
be apartment or residential zoning which
is 30 days minimum and then there’s
other restrictions within that so
yeah so auntie joyce when you tell your
friends basically they need to find a
place as scott said either in waikiki or
ko olina which is on west on west in
west oahu or the north shore or turtle
bay um if they could i’d go turtle bay
but you’re you’re you’re in the middle
of nowhere it’s away from him but it’s
great scott go ahead yeah that bill
actually is coming up actually i think
they had the they had some of the
testimony yesterday for whether they’re
going to change residential and
apartment zoning to minimum six months
uh for the for the rental time period so
we’ll that’s that’s coming up for vote
here soon it’s um we’ll see what happens
with that so uh auntie joyce tell your
friends this if you think one month is
bad wait till six months shows up and
you’re going to have to stay six months
as opposed to one month’s gonna
essentially kind of kill that and kill
that market for the most part uh paul
has uh paul’s been with us before i
remember you paul about your singapore
questions earlier uh hawaiians do not
like the singapore housing solution what
about monaco’s reclaiming land from the
sea and building housing on that you
my general yeah so dylan’s cracking up
because dylan knows what the political
we can’t put a stick in the water we
can’t put a stick in in the water hawaii
is very um
hawaii is is is extraordinarily
environmentally conscious
extraordinarily environmentally
protected for lots of good reasons
not all of them go to reasons but for
lots of reasons people really really
really care about the environment here
and they don’t want to mess it up at all
and one thing they would never want to
they would i know they would never agree
to in any way shape or form is doing any
kind of a modification of of the
coastline beyond what it’s already been
modified um
paul uh you uh you you missed the the
fun that that we had maybe a decade ago
where we couldn’t even add on a dock for
the ferry for the super ferry it was
called the super ferry we had a ferry
that was going to go between islands we
couldn’t even add a dock in an existing
shipping area for a ship to go back and
forth so if we can’t do that the heck if
we’re going to do and and again
everyone’s you know typically is
anti-development here as well which is
one reason why the prices are so high so
paul nice try uh it’s
ain’t gonna happen it’s it’s gonna be
the prices are are the prices are going
up uh and and that’s that’s the way it
goes so uh
let me let me come in real quick on that
right please please
that may be you know something that you
would look at on oahu but
for the reality is on the other islands
and i can speak to the big island
specifically i ask people all the time
i think we’ve had this discussion before
you know what is an appropriate
percentage of the the land mass to to
build stuff on whether it’s houses or
and most people have never considered
that question or ask themselves that
question or have any context as to how
much land is already developed and and
the reality is in the big island less
than four percent of the island or less
than five percent of the island is is
zoned for any type of development and so
if you increase that by one percent and
we went to five percent five and a half
percent you would have a 20 increase in
the amount of land available to do
something on so you don’t need to do
anything crazy i mean you don’t need
super dense high rises you don’t need to
reclaim man from the ocean all you got
to do is make a little bit more
um land that’s already here we have you
know 95 island has nothing on it and
we’ll never ever have anything on it
because it’s conservation land or it’s
large kamehameha schools trust land it’s
federal land
um but yeah we we have a problem because
we have a lack of availably zoned land
to do anything on yeah
you know that’s an interesting way to
oppose it done if you say oh what
percentage will people say oh maybe 10
15 you say well wait a minute it’s only
it’s we’re only at four percent uh and
the same is that i’m sure the same is
true of maui and kauai you know if you
look around i mean 90 95
plus percent of those islands and oahu i
bet oahu’s got 30 percent of island
developed maybe 25 or something you know
i don’t know but it’s still there
there’s a good chance
and so if you do that it’s you know it’s
kind of funny right you know
like i remember like in in polling i
tell me the answer you want and i’ll
tell you the question to ask right so
you’d ask it from that perspective the
other one
would be you know show a big piece of
you know um here we had a controversy
30 years ago in sandy beach right and
there was there was this big huge piece
of you know undeveloped land and they
were going to put some homes there and
as soon as people saw the visualization
of having the these homes that were
somewhat near the coast it was you know
everybody erupted in saying no way jose
so dylan the other way to ask to ask
your question would be show this big
piece of empty land and say you know do
you want a high-rise here and anyone’s
going to say no uh so it all again it
all depends you know tell me tell me the
answer that you want and i’ll give you
the question joan is reflecting the
local sentiment you know thank god for
that let’s leave the ocean alone exactly
john if jones jones perspective is the
perspective that is echoed by by
practically everyone who lives here for
better or for worse um and uh auntie
joyce yeah kaneohe is not going to be
where they’re going to go uh auntie
joyce is where you’re looking in kaneohe
where the race ends that’s definitely
outside of the um uh the
uh um
the zones i forgot what the word is here
but you’re definitely going to have to
do a month a month plus in that that’s
for sure let’s see um okay i think we’ve
got uh i think we got that set all right
so let’s let’s move on over here uh
let’s take a little a quick little
station plug uh hey you know if you’re
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video i got a video that’s coming out
next week about uh why uh a recap and a
retelling of the great story about why
the big island is a bad place for
criminals that’s a fun one all right um
here’s a topic that i want to kind of go
into today with everyone which is uh
what does hawaii offer so here’s the
question uh the question that popped in
let me put my friends up here okay so
the question that popped in was from
patrick patrick is that you uh who put
in this question
what entertainment does hawaii offer
concerts sports any other interesting
events so thanks patrick for that i
appreciate that and uh um by the way
patrick if this the patrick that we know
of who comes on the show pop up and and
let me know if that was you anyway um so
i thought this was an interesting
question and i thought it might be fun
for us to have kind of a larger
discussion about that so i got some
clarifying questions which is you know
how is hawaii’s entertainment scene
different from the mainland how would
you contrast the uh what what makes
hawaii different what you would if
you’re coming from the mainland what
differences that you should expect
expect to see and and and the other
follow-on question is you know what you
know what do islanders do for
entertainment so those are basically a
couple of uh topical things uh that i’d
like us to kind of to get into and let’s
go counterclockwise let’s go heidi then
scott then then dylan heidi how would
you answer this what what’s what’s your
take on you know what does hawaii offer
house what’s hawaii’s entertainment
scene and mommy of course is a lot
quieter than oahu so i really would like
to know you know what do what do maui
islanders do how do what’s the
entertainment scene like on maui
yeah great question um
so on maui we have the musical arts and
cultural center it’s we call it the mac
and it’s an outdoor amphitheater they
actually bring in
a lot of big name entertainers and
concerts there and it is an awesome
place to see a concert because it’s
smaller than some of the big concert
venues on the mainland where you’d see
the same type of show
so that’s a good place to go at the end
of the summer we have the maui film
festival um in wailea and
that is a big event
celebrities parties it’s outdoor film
that’s super fun
and then there’s smaller venues um
like bars where you can go hear local
entertainers and live music
um and then just the outdoors and nature
is entertainment i mean the other day i
walking down on the beach path and there
were all these people in beach chairs
just sitting looking at the ocean
watching the whales and clapping when
the whales were breaching so
i mean that can be entertainment too
watching the white whale come in yeah at
that that well that’s kind of part of my
the following part of my my question was
you know what do islanders do for
entertainment right so thank you heidi
for sharing what islanders do heidi is
there anything else you’d like to add
what islanders do for entertainment or
anything that’s that’s notable on the
entertainment scene that that comes to
i mean surfing
ocean activities fishing
out snorkeling i mean
outdoor activities is probably
probably number one and one of the main
reasons people come to
it’s a very different uh very sort of
different entertainment scene scott uh
how would you answer that how would you
answer uh patrick question you know
what’s the entertainment scene oahu is
kind of a big
much much different than uh than the
other islands sports concerts what do we
do here or what do what do islanders do
on oahu scott
yeah shout out to patrick and uh raleigh
i grew up in charlotte north carolina so
and i know there was a nice storm back
there not too long ago i got friends in
raleigh that actually texted me pictures
so i’m sure two inches of snow probably
shut the city down
yeah here
you know we get
a lot of concerts we have the blaisdell
concert hall we used to have aloha
stadium which it seems like they’re not
going to be using anymore and the
waikiki show which is right down the
street from me which is to me an awesome
outdoor amphitheater to be able to watch
i remember when jack johnson was doing
his um
his annual concert here and he was doing
it at the waikiki shell and it’s awesome
because diamond heads in the background
you’re outdoors you got the palms palm
trees swaying it’s warm weather
and you know there are some pretty good
artists that come in we typically
i love the blaisdell and part of the
reason it’s like eight ten thousand
people so it’s a very intimate arena
compared to going to a lot of the
mainland ones where you got sixty
thousand people at a at a stadium and
you don’t need binoculars i remember
watching the eagles when they came
some years ago probably six or seven
years ago
you know i was on the side corner and i
was probably 20 30 feet from the stage
it was an amazing intimate experience to
be able to see a bigger group like that
we typically don’t get the
the huge groups we’ll get the bruno mars
because he was from here and he sold out
aloha stadium three straight nights and
it was it was pretty crazy um but i
remember u2
this was probably 10 years ago they were
finishing their tour they had to cancel
the hawaii one because they someone had
gotten sick in the family or whatever so
they made hawaii the final of their tour
and they brought in a couple of groups
pearl jam was playing with them on stage
and whatnot and then they had a big
after party um on the mighty mo
for that so we
we do we get regular concerts blue note
is a great place to go to watch um
comedians and and and you know smaller
groups and whatnot play music
but yeah like heidi said you know i i
know moving out here for me
my interests and passions
shifted significantly growing up in
north carolina i grew up on tobacco road
so it was acc basketball
football college football nfl football
and you wake up and those games start at
like noon one o’clock here they’re
starting at seven in the morning
and and i find myself nowadays way less
interested in sports and sports were a
big part of my life it’s more about
being out in the water being outdoors
enjoying the
you know the the weather and the
lifestyle that we have here
yeah you know it’s funny you mentioned
it i was um
i was never a concert goer to begin with
and i was born in chicago came here when
i was 20 years old uh and uh i was never
a big concert goer ever and so i didn’t
kind of miss a thing it was fine by me
but i but there’s there’s been some
adjustments sometimes the acts are big
acts come once once in a while the the
final part of the tour like the vacation
tour etc etc uh but i will agree with
you being i’ve done i’ve done a couple
of concerts at the waikiki shell and it
is just the coolest place to be exactly
as you described uh but jessica has
given us where the real world what what
what the locals really do thanks thanks
jess you caught on quick jessica is a
alumni of the islander ohana and has
recently moved to oahu with uh with with
wes and hawaii offers cheap flights to
las vegas for all your entertainment
i believe if i’m not mistaken it’s
called the eighth island right guys uh
yeah uh vegas is called the eighth
island because that is
ninth island nice thank you ninth i know
what’s the eighth i thought we had seven
islands anyway yeah it’s the it’s the
ninth island uh and everyone you know
all the locals vegas is where it’s where
it’s at i mean we have direct flights
and you can get cheap fares and all
kinds of good stuff uh it all kind of
flies in so a couple of comments to to
to catch up on uh patrick i guess it
wasn’t you okay at least but i did
remember you you were from from raleigh
right so
it wasn’t you but it was just as good
anyway um
uh a gill says how easy hard is it to
travel from island to island
yes it is essentially only via
inter-island flights there was there
they tried to build a ferry but ferry is
not happening and no one really takes a
a boat takes too long uh it’s too choppy
the water’s too rough so yeah it’s
pretty much inter island flights uh
we’re still waiting for the highway
that’s gonna be cool one of these days
the big tunnel just kidding uh not nah
not happening uh auntie joyce lived in
new york city and bay so i had musta
broadway ballet concert sports but fine
here i really don’t miss it all that
much that was with me i never got into
it in the first place uh but we
definitely don’t have this is definitely
not a you know ballet broadway those are
rare occurrences rare occurrences we get
the occasional band um
so that’s kind of where where that all
flies dylan give us the give us the the
big island angle what uh what’s what’s
the entertainment scene like there and
then what do people do on the big one
for entertainment
the biggest i mean i guess
it’s what’s you what what you consider
entertainment right i mean if you’re
thinking about like concerts and
sporting events and stuff we definitely
are restricted mainly because we don’t
the venues for it we have one kind of
media you know small venue over on the
hilo side where the merrie monarch
festival is held every year and that’s
the premier hula festival you know in
the world so it’s the only place you can
see that it’s almost it’s very hard to
get into um
but any type of concert or kind of you
know event is held and that’s that thing
i think only has a you know four
thousand person capacity or something
like that so we don’t have large events
per se but i would say you know outside
of all of the outdoor activities and
entertainment which are you know second
to none
in on all the islands
we have a culture of
doing really good parties and having a
venue in your house right so to me you
know super bowl parties here you know i
do uf every time there’s a ufc
pay-per-view i got a big gathering i
would argue the food that you know it’s
a big event right we’re not just buying
pizzas and chicken wings like you know
we’re smoking briskets and grilling out
steaks and
people do an emu and do a pig for for uh
the super bowl you know so those types
of events
it’s more of a family community type
thing and you have a really good venue
for that in your house or you got a big
lanai with a big screen tv or whatever
it is a lot of people
build their their their living situation
around the ability to have gatherings
enjoy you know events like that just
from from your home so
i went to an nfl football game for the
first time in my life uh back in october
and it was a really cool experience but
i mean i also like hanging out with all
my friends in my house and having you
know amazing food and cheap beer you
know so well auntie joyce agrees uh and
dylan gives the best parties with the
best people and the best food there you
go we we we have an eye on the an
on-the-scene eyewitness thank you auntie
joyce for addie she has partaken
you know and i think that is i think
dylan thanks for that i mean that is
that is the essence of kind of what i
wanted to bring out here is that how is
it how are we different i think you know
heidi had mentioned you know that it’s
it’s watching sunsets and in whales uh
you know scott had mentioned you know
the the surfing and the outdoor the out
this outdoor lifestyle which is
absolutely kind of where the the the
focus has shifted and dylan thanks for
rounding that up which is really these
if you think about the these big family
and friend gatherings right to me that
that that roots itself back to like old
polynesian culture right i mean i could
definitely see a cultural outgrowth of
that you know um you know pre-contact
hawaii what was hawaii like right was
what was the what what did they do for
entertainment it was gatherings you know
big big or small family gatherings and i
think dylan you know you kind of hit the
nail on the head i think it’s a big
replacement here as these big
get-togethers right like you said so
many people there are so many out there
i i’d love to know what like the per
capita of outdoor grills is in hawaii
i’m sure it’s huge um lots of lots of
people i know right have the whole the
lanai built out the whole bit scotch
yeah i mean that it’s funny because you
know if you think about it you go down
to kapiolani park in the in the weekend
right on a saturday saturday morning
people are but they’re trying to grab
the parking space they’re getting their
big old tents out family and friends are
all coming out they’re going to hang out
at the beach and in the park for the day
maybe the kids going surfing and stuff
but it’s just a a way to relax and get
together with with people and i’d say
that’s probably one of the bigger things
here you know we we do have off-broadway
productions and whatnot that you can go
to here in honolulu so you get most of
the stuff but it’s still
when i lived on the big island there’s
old a’s and pine trees we used to go
down there tents are up everyone’s out
hanging out mingling relaxing and
getting in the water
yeah that’s that’s that’s what it comes
out there does anyone we have we have
year round sports too right so it may
not be like the big professional
sporting events but if you go to a you
know an ayso soccer weekend i mean it is
jam-packed with tents and families
watching you know our our high school
teams are very well supported and lots
of people attend and so that’s one of
the things that i think people do for
entertainment too is you can do outdoor
sports year-round here so at any given
time there’s baseball happening softball
happen and volleyball you know there’s
outdoor activities that are organized
and that the community gets behind it
supports you know thanks for bringing
that up that is a that is a huge
difference i believe
huge difference between hawaii and the
mainland which is high school football
high school football here is like the
nfl man right i mean it is like you know
me it’s like the whole deal like big
foot you know quote big football games
that you know the high school rivalries
like mean like everything in hawaii
scott you you were gonna say something
oh yeah it was funny i mean um i was
noticing the the playoffs this year for
high school football were on
pay-per-view people were actually paying
for it i’m like wow that’s amazing the
the following for high school football
here is something i’ve never seen before
yeah it’s it’s sort of like that the the
design the local desire for football
entertainment right is has gotten
completely sort of focused on the high
school scene as opposed to the national
scene i mean maybe because we have to
wake up at seven in the morning and no
one in the right mind’s gonna wake up at
seven in the morning watch a football
game live uh who knows i don’t know what
what the reasons but i just kind of
threw that one out there here folks in
the chat who would get up at 7 a.m to
watch a football game on a consistent
basis i’d like to know let us know um
but the the whole high school thing
which is a whole other talk about high
schools and how much a cultural
foundation high schools high school
graduations that’s another one right
high school graduations in hawaii are
huge turnouts huge events the entire
shows up uh for a high school graduation
and the goal folks real quick aside over
so on the i guess it’s entertainment
side in a sense but these high school
graduation parties the goal when you
show up is to if you’re the grad uh you
want to get lays you know everyone
brings delay right so friends and family
bring lace and and the goal what you
want as a grad is you want to have lays
over the top of your head that’s the
goal if lays go over the top of your
head and you can’t see anything that’s
how you know uh that you’ve you’ve got
like you’re you’re you know you kind of
like you won the contest right it’s
almost like you know how many pages in
my homework kind of a thing um auntie
dresses popping in over here first time
i realized how important high school
football here was during the mayoral
debate where most candidates were
coaches and talked about the games where
they all played each other yeah man i
mean uh um there’s a
ex-politician mufi hannemann that still
talks to this day about his uh his
iolani high school uh years when he was
a uh a basketball player if i’m not
mistaken so yeah all kinds of
excellent anything else you guys that
that popped to mind about the
entertainment scene and how hawaii is
different or something that you want to
point out that people would kind of see
as a as a difference with what kind of
highlight the the contrast in hawaii
anybody would just just jump in
all right
one other thing
about entertainment here is and this is
if you enjoy hawaiian music and like
local you know local entertainment but
you can go to you know
really small venues on any given
thursday friday saturday night and have
a extremely high level
hawaiian musician playing and some
beautiful hula dancer dancing right and
and so that’s a super cool thing is you
don’t have to necessarily go to some
really organized high-priced you know
ticketed event where i was at the the
the outrigger the other weekend and gary
halima was playing and if you know who
he is i mean he’s a legend in hawaiian
music and and he’s just there you know
and playing for the for the restaurant
you know so he was the restaurant
entertainment that night and so you have
these opportunities you know
sicilian component of those guys you
know play at um
the royal corner resort on the weekends
and so you have these really cool
opportunities to see
just amazing entertainers that
are just there while you’re eating
dinner you didn’t even know they were
going to be there right so that that
really adds a really cool effect to it
that’s a that’s a great point i mean and
and to and to riff onto that uh and
because it’s there’s a there’s a term
there’s a local hawaiian word kanakapila
kanakapila means to kind of get together
and you know informally friends and
family getting together playing music
you know at um you know just kind of
winging it playing whatever song comes
to mind the kanakapila right so in that
kind of kapila uh uh tradition a dylan
what i’ve also seen in that same thing
you know there’s like a big name a local
big name entertainer who’s just kind of
got to be the lounge singer so to speak
right and he’s kind of playing at dinner
and i’ve also seen you know
spontaneously a girl will get up who
knows to dance the song and then she’ll
dance hula right in front of the guy and
they’ll just kind of do it and just kind
of wing it just right out of the
audience right someone just come in in
this kanakapila tradition because this
is what families do from these local
get-togethers they’ll bring out the
bring out the ukuleles they’ll kind of
do their thing and bam bam bam before
you know what everyone’s everyone’s
there so that’s really kind of cool hey
uh let’s see it’s 10 41 we we should do
our um
let’s do our diamonds and deals there’s
a i got a slide here and if you’re here
i’m going to take it but if you’re not
here i’m just going to skip it so travis
from wahiawa travis if you’re here throw
a comment so that i know that you’re
here but otherwise i’m gonna i’m gonna
go forward and we’re gonna do our um
we are gonna do our our diamonds and
deals let’s see where is that where is
that diamonds and deal slide hold on a
quick second fans while we put this over
here let’s see
uh where is she diamond there we go
diamonds and deals all right click
through that uh speed dialing uh uh joan
auntie joan popped in there’s even uh uh
music and hula dancers entertaining the
farmers that saturday morning yeah
auntie joists that’s kind of where it’s
at you can go to a farmer’s market and
get some local entertainment that’s
that’s kind of how that’s that’s how it
works uh tom says uh uh it’s
sb soccer ball football i’m not too sure
it’s about 2 a.m for me so i’m getting
ready for boy super bowl thank you thank
you see i that’s that tells you how much
i watch football right in fact the the
one and only time i’ve ever watched a
three-course of a football game of a
football game at all was the super bowl
in 1985 when the bears killed it it was
like a legendary year of the bears when
they were so awesome they made a music
video that they were going to win uh
sorry for this all right it’s time for
diamonds and deals we’ve got some kind
of cool properties that i’ve asked my
friends to bring up and share the best
of the best of both let’s see what we
got here so heidi’s going to open this
up on this one with um
ilani rota one bedroom one bath heidi
what are we looking at here
so this is a
diamond and a deal
mostly because of the price point 510 it
is free simple
um this is a condo in a it’s about a
six-story building it’s hotel zoned and
it’s across the street from the beach so
this particular condo it has no view
but you are so close to that really nice
beach you can see on the upper right
hand corner um as a vacation rental
um i mean it rents out around 180 200 a
um or you can live here full-time the
maintenance fees are about 630 dollars a
um and
yeah it’s probably gonna go fast
that uh you know in in in these days
that that is a deal because you’ve got
that vacation rental possibility i love
the uh that ocean view heidi at the at
the upper upper right is that kind of
like right outside the properties this
is i i didn’t catch is this oceanfront
beachfront what’s this property like
so this building is not oceanfront it’s
across the street from the ocean so you
have to walk across the street and then
there’s some other resorts right in
front of the beach so you have to walk
through there and then then you’re on
that beach
i’m sorry honey that is just so horrible
i have to cross i actually have to cross
the street to get to the beach i i don’t
think that’s going to be acceptable just
kidding uh that’s an amazing property
all right who wants who would want to
get on in in this maui property for for
a 510 with a one bedroom one bath throw
it in the comments i i want to hear
about it all right what’s next we got um
coco villas uh scott what’s this
uh yeah so uh just to give you
perspective this is a small development
in basically in the back of hawaii kai
right next to kalama valley in the
hawaii kai golf course butts up to it
and to give you a little bit of
perspective one of the
probably one of the most creative
transactions i’ve ever done creative
most creative sales and peggy might be
on the show today
um i sold the premiere property on right
on the front on the golf course elevated
up you look out across the golf course
you have ocean views and you had um
maui molokai views and this was back in
at the bottom of the um you know the
previous bust and we sold it seller
financing car furniture included in the
sale and the ability for the buyer to
build a pool
unheard of things that you do and they
you never add these things into
transactions especially construction
components typically but we got it done
and that sale was 1.145 million so this
is a backside not even on the golf
course here we are what 13 years later
so it gives you perspective on what the
hawaii market does for performance
this is on the back side
amazing pool and spa it’s the same floor
plan that’s 3 200 square feet roughly
four bedroom three and a half bath they
got 10 foot ceilings in here you get a
three car garage
and you have the pool and spa area
really nicely redone but 2.3 million to
give you perspective on where the
market’s gone in this neighborhood from
2009 to to present
and it’s not just this neighborhood it’s
this is this is an island-wide thing or
maybe even a statewide thing the prices
have gone up just you know amazingly so
uh that looks amazing scott that i i
love that that that view is like i can
see with that that view it would be
incredible and uh heather is commenting
yet that beach in lahaina looks amazing
right that’s kind of what i was thinking
i mean that that i’m gonna go back to
that just because those blues those be
those blues and those hues uh heidi i i
think you ought to make the uh the main
shot ought to be the beach shot because
you know who cares about the inside of
the condo man i i want to see that
amazing beach that you’re going to but
yeah well well said heather well said
all right uh let’s go to the next one
uh banyan tree dylan what do we got here
a two bedroom two bath wow
yeah this is i mean direct ocean front
like literally you know 10 feet off the
ocean and this whole complex one of my
well i really like this complex in kona
because there’s not that many
uh units and they’re all like this have
these big lanais and and you’re looking
like right into the water basically
outside and this is right out it’s
called banyan tree because there’s a big
banyan tree but there’s also a surf spot
called banyan’s that it’s looking into
and it’s the the best surf spot really
in kona it’s kind of like the the
pipeline of kona if you could have a
pipeline it’s it’s not as big but it’s
it’s a
fast breaking barreling wave and the
closest thing to the pipeline that we
have on the big island but
yeah i mean you know under 900 000 um
for a two-bedroom two-bath condo it’s
pretty pretty good deal and you can
vacation rent this or you can live in it
and enjoy that view right there and you
can see that top picture of the living
room and you know the water behind it i
mean you’re basically looking for the
living room and the kitchen out into
right directly into the ocean all day so
really cool property that is that is i
must say that is an amazing property i
mean especially the way that this shot
is taken off the night it’s almost like
you could jump off the lanai and get wet
in the water you’re just like almost
almost there’s probably 20 feet of lawn
in front of the front of the complex and
then the ocean right there you know sea
seawalling in the ocean sure of course
but still i mean it’s crazy and uh and
for the surfers man that i you could
even tell as a surfer you can even tell
in this shot that you got these you know
clean straight swell line you can even
see there there’s two there’s two swells
there are two small lines that are
coming in
it looks like it’s and it’s actually
central to um really two of the best so
it’s right directly in front of banyan’s
and then if you’re looking at that
picture you can see that point out there
that’s lyman’s point and that’s uh the
biggest probably when it gets really big
that that wave has it has to be pretty
big for that wave to break but it’s a
long clean left
off of that point and uh so two of the
best sort of spots in kona are you
literally right there
which actually brings up another point
another form of unique local
entertainment is to sit at the surf spot
and watch uh surfing is a great
spectator sport right and there’s a
handful of places that would be one of
them i mean so so dylan could you
you know people ask me about traffic
right i tell them well you gotta avoid
traffic from seven to eight and then
from at 2 30 to 3 30 when school’s
getting out and then when it’s big surf
there’s going to be traffic so you kind
of predict that but that’s the other
time it’s going to be traffic is big
yeah no kidding right and and i i was
just thinking about so so um imagine if
i’m gonna pull this this property so
imagine if you you know you’re if you
leave here your your answer for your
entertainment is well we sit in our
living room and we look out and watch
the surfers for hours right or we have
coffee in in the morning and watch the
surf uh surfing is another great
spectator sport if you go to like sandy
beach or pipeline there’s a couple of
pieces on oahu where you can sit really
in fact sandy beach you could sandy
beach you could you could literally just
pull up your car
into a parking stall and the parking
stall is like right above the sand and
just like 30 or maybe about a
not even about about a hundred feet out
you got you know giant waves breaking
and amazing spectator sports so that’s a
real fun one uh looks like heather is uh
heather you’re going to need to get rid
of your fear of tsunamis but yeah
if if there was if there was anything
worth getting rid of your fear of
tsunamis heather i would say this is it
that’s what i would say i would say this
is worth getting over the fears of
tsunamis man this is the place all right
excellent hey folks we got about 10
minutes left and so i wanted just to
kind of um
give everybody kind of a kind of a 10
minute warning if you have any questions
if there’s anything you’d like to bring
up if there’s anything you’d like to say
bring it up now so we can kind of cover
it and uh uh and deal with uh and handle
your your question uh i’d like to know
so out of the ones that you saw so let’s
go back over this is always fun i i like
to ask all these questions here so if we
go back uh let’s see here let me how do
i go back on this darn thing okay here
we go i gotta click on the previous
button okay so so here’s the one so
which one would which one
which one uh uh speaks to you that’s
what i would say which one speaks to you
folks is it the the one bedroom one bath
uh in maui with these amazing views
across cross street of the ocean is it
uh the property that abuts this area uh
near the golf course uh in the the back
side of the southeast area of oahu with
the ocean kind of nearby uh or is it
this like right on the water uh two
bedroom two bath
on the big island which property speaks
to you pop it in in the comments so we
can kind of see uh what you like
why don’t we do this i think let’s see i
think we’re running out of time so i
don’t have the time to take that one
question but we’ll we’ll take it next
week let’s just kind of move into our
closing thoughts and i’ll take any kind
of questions that you folks have got uh
and and or comments and we’ll pop that
all all on here so let me kind of back
up here for a second the right thing we
got the answers that are coming in so
anthony joyce says bannon went for
rental income yeah i always say bender
for rental but i say banyan to live
there i’ll rent the other part and then
uh do the banyan and live there that’s
what i would say andy joyce and heather
uh heather says yeah that’s what i’m
thinking uh that that could do it i’ll
take you up on the invite choice there
you go that’s it
that one does have rental history of
almost six figures high ninety thousands
a year pretty producing rental income
wow i now that’s well you know what we
we got to do a segment on roi that’s
what the other question was for and we
don’t have the time to go into it but i
definitely like to know what they if
you’re saying that then what does that
mean roi if it’s 90 grand a year
not to kind of do the math but i
sounds like it’s going to work um
so uh here’s gil’s question there’s a
thing does a single family one floor
only three-bedroom two-bath move-in
ready under 900k
exist in any of these areas or am i
hallucinating um that’s a scott question
scott go ahead i’m going to have you
answer that you’re you’re the guy
yeah it it does it exists probably
you’re basically starting
in those areas and uh
you know if you’re getting out kapolei
or makakilo you’re probably starting in
the upper sevens for something decent
and going up from there so they’re there
so it exists it’s there it’s going to be
hard to find these days it’s going to be
you’re going to have to be ready and
you’re going to be milani is tougher but
milan is probably going to be right
around that 900 yep right so gil you’re
close you’re you are you are you are
close uh let’s see uh judy uh judy who’s
on an alumni of the honorable han says
big on speaks to me could live anywhere
just to be there well judy i think that
that well you’ve got your spot right
you’ve you’ve got your place and you’ll
be coming out soon which is going to be
awesome uh
val hey val welcome good to see you
you’re coming val says a big island and
short-term vacation rentals well that’s
that’s the one right there that’s going
to do it uh joan says uh heather
everywhere has something i grew up with
hurricanes in new york moved to
california with earthquakes then
colorado with tornadoes i rather take my
chances in paradise thank you joan for
that great comment that’s true i i you
know i wonder what the statistics would
actually be on sort of how much damage
in dollar value uh is done by weather
and who which you know sort of which
state in the country gets the most
damage i’ll bet it’s got to be like it’s
got to be like florida who gets like
whack with with hurricanes
i always always remind people that worry
about any type of natural disaster if
you get in a car every day your
likelihood of dying is about 10 000
times greater than diet in any type of
natural disaster so avoid your car if
you’re worried about it there you go and
and and i and i will add to that you
know as as our thank goodness as our
world has modernized uh this is
something for for you heather heather go
go to the website it’s called our world
in data they got incredible statistics
they’re they’re like the world author
they’re like with the wikipedia for
authority on numbers and look at the
number of deaths due to natural
disasters it’s absolutely remarkable if
you look at our modern society our you
know deaths from natural disasters are
like down like 95 since they were you
know some time ago whether it was 50
years ago or 60 years ago i’m not sure
but it’s an incredible incredible
testimony to modern the modern world
that we live in um and and how how
awesome it all goes gil awesome thank
you i’ll tell my wife to start packing
out there you go gayle go get a hold of
scott and we’ll get you guys into
something uh and judy says yeah joan
love that gonna use it when people doubt
our future moves i’ll take my chance in
paradise you know judy you know jill uh
jones just got like the best the best
one-liners and she’s awesome so uh yeah
heather agrees we have fire season there
you go so you got fire season in oregon
everyone’s got their thing right
everyone’s got their thing it’s the way
it works like dylan says just stop
driving your car if you’re feeling
all right hey thanks everybody let’s go
let’s get let’s gonna round this up over
here and we’re going to pop into our
our closing thoughts so we have a we
have a few uh our moment over here and
there was actually a slide who brought
the one of the uh but the the the mlk
quote who’s whose is that well that was
me okay good so so we get some closing
thoughts closing the motivational
thoughts from our friends here dylan why
don’t you open up with with your clothes
your closing thought of course this
wasn’t planned but given this discussion
right it’s almost it’s almost connected
but given this was martin luther king
week um i thought it was appropriate and
i saw this and i just really liked it
take this take the first step in faith
you don’t have to see the whole
staircase just take the first step right
so don’t overthink it have a little bit
of faith and
it’ll take that first step take the
first step you don’t have to see the
whole staircase that’s a great line
great line gotta love it scott what’s
your uh
what’s your what’s your closing thought
for today
yeah mine is um i saw one the other day
that i thought was funny the bad news is
time flies the good news is you’re the
pilot so we’re here for a short period
of time seize the day every day
seize the day every day i love that
you’re the pilot that’s an ex i’ve never
heard that before either the time flies
but you’re the pi indeed you are that i
think you know that is actually just
just a reference guy for a moment i
think that is the biggest difference
i’ve noticed with with certain
personality types of people
there are some people that go through
this world and they
i think one of the big differences that
i’ve seen on on those that are satisfied
with their lives versus others who are
struggling is the ones who are satisfied
know that they’re the pilot we’re all
the pilot all of us are you know we are
the captains of our ships the the big
difference is whether you know you’re
the captain or not some don’t know that
they’re the captain but they are the
captain go ahead scott yeah there was
actually it was funny when i first moved
out here and facebook first came on and
i started becoming friends with people
that back in north carolina stuff i and
this is not to knock them tote you know
everyone chooses their own path
98 of the people that i connected with
from back in north carolina that i went
to high school with for example were
within probably a two-hour radius of
where we grew up and the few of us that
we had gotten out are gone like nowhere
near where we grew up and things and
i don’t know for me you’re doing my
study abroad in england that really gave
me the bug that to realize that there’s
so much more out there to experience in
the world so when i moved out here with
my return trip ticket for three months
later and i never used it which i just
22 22 years later now it’s it’s
ingrained in me at this point and it was
set when i did my study abroad trip and
it’s like every day there’s just
something new to do and something to go
after something something to learn
it’s your world you are the captain
heidi what’s your what’s your closing
thought for today
my closing thought is
you are never too old to set a new goal
or dream a new dream and i believe
that’s accredited to cs lewis and i came
across this quote this past week and
it’s it’s just really inspiring i think
it’s important to remember like
you don’t have to live by everybody
else’s time schedule or timeline um
you’re living your own life and
a lot of times when we think we’re too
old to do something i mean that’s just
an idea in your head it’s not
necessarily real so
that’s what it means to me
and that’s it i want everybody to stay
stay inspired you never that’s it yeah
it’s you’re never too young to dream
never tune the dream yeah absolutely
well well well said well said hey if
anyone’s got any things that they want
to share some closing thoughts pop them
in in the comments uh we’re about to
close this up over here i uh i ran
across my uh
here uh jones asking jones asking for a
repeat uh heidi would you want to repeat
that for for joan please
you are never too old to set another
goal or dream a new dream
there you go never too old to set an
another goal or dream a new dream and
thankfully we’ve also inspired kinayu
who’s also an alumni of the under hannah
welcome back it’s always great to see
you always awesome to have you part of
what we’re doing all right i’ve got mine
here i came across that doesn’t always
happen but i did come across on one of
my favorites one of my uh proverbs ones
and i love this one proverbs 11 24 says
some give freely yet grow all the richer
others withhold what is due and only
suffer want
and to me that is a that is a great
story uh about how
it this generosity is kind of brings
brings more generosity right it’s that
that feeling that you have that feeling
of some give freely and grow all the
richer it’s that giving of freely
creates a sense of of abundance and
abundance of course when if you live
abundance you live abundance uh and with
and others withhold what is due and only
suffer once so by withholding uh by with
by withholding what is due right uh
withholding what you should be giving
you suffer want why because if you
withhold what is due means you’re
holding back right you have a concept of
scarcity if you live scarcity you live
scarcity you live abundance you live
abundance so that’s that for me uh that
is the uh that’s that’s my uh my closing
thought let’s see who else has got over
here and uh we’ve got some folks there’s
agreements over here and tom mahalo as
always all right folks uh this is it for
us uh we’re gonna kind of round around
let’s do uh let’s do counter clockwise
say goodbye everybody at the heidi then
scott and dylan say goodbye
aloha everybody have a great weekend
aloha thanks for joining us
have awesome weekend everybody
awesome weekend enjoy i hope this was a
great show great to have you all here
we’ll catch you in two weeks aloha