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The Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate show is archived on YouTube and Facebook.

Every other Friday at 9am Hawaii time, our expert team answers your questions about Hawaii real estate.

Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

00:00 Start 9/4 show
05:09 Covid Update 9/4
10:47 Real Estate Market Update 9/4
17:59 Oppty to beat the crowd
25:24 Can you store boats in the driveway?
26:28 Is Hawaii affected by Climate Change?
33:35 Is there a need for appraisers in Hawaii?
34:41 Can live near great schools for $500k
41:18 Hawaii schools compared to mainland big cities
45:35 Oceanfront Kailua 27M
47:40 Oceanfron Keahou Bay 6M
49:34 Kahana Sunset 595k
52:15 What are gun restrictions like in Hawaii
57:26 Advice for timeshare salesperson on furlough
59:47 Best way to find rentals in Hawaii?

In the YouTube description there are direct links to each of the show topics above so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Just click the link next to each description and instantly watch what you want!

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