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The Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate show is archived on YouTube and Facebook.

Every other Friday at 9am Hawaii time, our expert team answers your questions about Hawaii real estate.

In the YouTube description there are direct links to each of the show topics above so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Just click the link next to each description and instantly watch what you want!

Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

00:00 Start 7/24/show
04:50 Corona Virus Update
07:34 Hurricane Douglas
13:41 Real Estate Market Update
24:45 Where to Quarantine on Big Island?
30:20 What’s considered a short-term rental?
32:34 Difference between Homeowners association and Maintenance fee?
39:02 How to decide between condo vs home on Maui?
43:55 Are mainlanders buying in Hana, Maui?
46:10 How can volcanoes affect my property on the Big Island?
55:43 What are most family-friendly neighborhoods on the islands?
1:00:51 Featured Properties in Hawaii

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