I)n C)ase Y)ou M)issed I)t:

Lots of important real estate topics covered this week including: investment properties in Kona, how to find a good real estate agent, avoiding mildew and mold, and lots more.  The index list below has all the details and in YouTube you can skip directly to the topic of interest.

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In the YouTube description there are direct links to each of the show topics above so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Just click the link next to each description and instantly watch what you want!

Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

04:26 Covid Update
12:45 Real Estate Market Update
15:29 Best investment for condo in Kona $400k
22:28 Can buy homes around Waikiki with no HOA
23:52 How to find a good realtor for Maui
27:17 Does commercial RE on Oahu have better oppty
30:22 Is it harder to qualify for a mortgage oan in Hawaii
37:29 What is Laie like if you’re not a Mormon?
39:00 Sweet spot to avoid mildew
44:56 Risk to renting illegal short term rental
46:12 Featured Real Estate Properties
46:39 Kaanapali Property
48:55 Kailua Fixer-upper
51:18 Hualalai Resort
54:03 Can you live in Hawaii for $5k a month
1:00:52 What % of properties have no HOA
1:04:56 Will lifting eviction ban create job losses and foreclosures?

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