Story of How A Family Beat 10 Offers To Get Their Home On The Big Island

On one our live shows, I asked our Big Island Expert Dylan Nonaka:

Give us a story that illustrates the human factor that goes into closing on a Hawaii Real Estate Property.

And he gave us a great story on how preparation and strategy gave them the win over 10 other competing offers.

This short clip came from our Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show which goes live every other Friday on our Hawaii Real Estate YouTube channel or our Living in Hawaii Facebook page

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Show Transcript:

dylan can you give something what’s the
best story you can come up with that
that pops in your head that illustrates
the the human factor that goes into
closing a situation that you could kind
of that that kind of makes the point of
what we’re trying to say here
so i got a perfect example from this
past week so we had some some clients
that came to town um they understood the
situation we’ve been preparing them when
they got here
and so
there’s two types of listings out there
right now basically the ones that are
grossly overpriced because somebody is
shooting for the moon and they weren’t
advised well as a seller and then
there’s the sellers who are pricing it
properly at market value or maybe even a
little bit below and letting buyers
drive that price up and decide what is
the maximum that they’re gonna pay and
so those first you gotta evaluate you
know which house am i looking at here
right am i looking at one or somebody’s
shooting for the moon and it’s being
unrealistic or somebody who really wants
to get this household and is going to
give us a shot to make our best offer
and so you know we focused on those
homes right we separate those out so you
got to have somebody that understands
the difference can just add a glance
look at those listings and say well you
know this one’s way out of the ballpark
we should focus on these
and so my brother took um these folks
out looking at homes and
they found one that they really liked
and it was one of those homes that was
priced very fairly for the market right
now and he asked them a great question
right he asked them before they wrote
the offer and said i need i need to know
how bad on a scale of one to ten how bad
do you want this house and they were
like 10. you know it’s 11 we want this
house really bad he says well then this
is what the offer has to be right and he
told them
how much over asking price we had to go
all the terms that we had to specify in
order to make it as strong as possible
and long story short he beat out 10
other offers for that house and so we
got these folks under contract so it can
still be done it can still be done but
you have to know what you’re looking at
you have to know what you want and you
have to be committed right so if you’re
wishy-washy and you want to negotiate
and you want to find a deal
you’re going to have a really hard time
um but
you know are you totally have no chance
in this market absolutely not we’re
still putting a home or two under
contract every single week right so that
that that is not um
i haven’t i lost hope if you don’t lose
hope i’m not we’re not gonna lose hope
right and we’re gonna we’re gonna
continue to fight are we gonna lose all
once or twice absolutely you know that’s
that’s very likely in this market we’re
not gonna win every single time but
having somebody that
knows the market and actually knows the
other agents is super important right
because if there’s 10 offers and six of
them were licensed in the last 12 months
and the seller’s agent has never heard
of them they’re going to focus on the
agents that they know bring credible
buyers that are going to help get that
that that
deal done to the end going to be a
partner in the process going to do their
side of the deal and you’re going to
have a more competitive edge and they
may even give you some you know you’re
not supposed to share terms right but
there are agents out there that if they
like you they might give you some hints
on what your offer needs to say or some
things you can do in order to make it
stronger to put you in a better position
so all stuff that you got to take into