Experts from across the state of Hawaii answer your Real Estate questions.

Real estate topics covered this week including short-term rental laws, retirement communities, crime rates, and more.

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Some of the topics we covered at the last show:

00:00 Pre show Discussion 11/27
04:50 Covid update
07:44 What’s tourist traffic like now compared to pre-covid
09:33 Covid test still needed between Oahu & Big Island
1: What do people in Hawaii have for Thanksgiving
16:23 Is Hawaii’s job market difficult during COVID
19:48 Status on Waikiki Banyan and Bill 89
21:03 Real Estate Market Update
24:40 How long to obtain building permits on Big Island
32:50 Trending crime rate in Waikiki and Kakaako
34:27 Does Big Island restrict short term rentals
36:15 Definition of short term rentals in Hawaii
40:58 Are thre retirement communities on Oahu
44:08 Where is vacation rental zones data
47:09 Oahu townhouse
49:02 Beach house in fishing village on Big Island
54:29 How to get accepted in Hawaii
1:01:28 Inspirational closing thoughts

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