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Show Start 11/25/22
Warm ups and intros
What’s Thanksgiving dish unique to Hawaii?
Hawaiian Music: Makaha Sons
High Winds in Hawaii and Mainland Tornadoes
News and Market Updates 11/25/22
Big Island Market Update 11/25/22
Oahu Market Update 11/25/22
How has Windward Oahu changed regarding vacation rentals
Bootleggers and Baptists driving land use policy
Why real estate prices are high in Hawaii
Islander Ohana – cohort is filling up!
What are you thankful to Hawaii for?
How is the Thanksgiving tradition expressed in Hawaii islander culture?
Hawaii Pot Luck Thanksgivings
Dylan hates pot luck
Oahu development project
Big Island 1/1 condo $430k
Message to anyone moving to Hawaii
Why are we doing this?
Closing motivational thoughts

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Show Transcript

okay well Aloha kahiaka everyone on today uh
Black Friday or I’m gonna say giving more thanks Friday and black Friday’s just the word black I’m just not into
that anyway happy I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving we have a great show lined up for you tonight uh today this
morning um we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna start off with some Hawaiian music uh I’ve got some um uh I got some news for
you I got some what our beaches are getting graded and there’s some jobs that are unfilled and uh uh today’s uh
because of today is the day after Thanksgiving we’re gonna have a special Thanksgiving discussion and of course we’re going to close with our
motivational thoughts uh but first before we do that um I’m gonna bring on my on my my good buddy Dylan no knockout who is from the
big island now we got a couple people now there may be some you all see some squares here there may be some squares missing uh Ashley is going to be joining
us but she just texted me right before the show starts she’s gonna be a little bit late and uh and and uh Heidi is uh
celebrating Thanksgiving on the on the on the mainland so Dylan buddy it’s just you and me right now man you me and and
Joan Joan Valentine who is here Joan holding down the fort Holden down the fort and uh and uh auntie Joyce uh also
can’t make it either she’s uh she’s got a conflict she’s gonna have to miss the show it’s all Chris’s fault uh but we
had a great Thanksgiving thank you uh auntie Joyce uh uh always food and the company got the food no real company but
hey it’s all it’s all good stuff so um welcome everyone I’m glad you’re all
here you know we we yeah Dylan we’re kind of like I was debating if we should do a show the day after Thanksgiving or
not and Dylan was okay with it Ashley’s okay with it I’m like you know what let’s all give give thanks to everybody
and kind of have a have a post Thanksgiving thankful show and welcome Kelly Kelly’s a member of the alumni
Ohana so Dylan how’s it going buddy how was your Thanksgiving day yesterday and uh what’s going on today Paul’s a
beautiful Thanksgiving I you know I have the my house is a Gathering Place so we had about 25 or 30 family members over
and it was fun because it’s almost like a system now like everybody kind of knows what their role is in the dinner
so it’s relatively easy to put on because you know my brother does the turkey my mother-in-law does stuffing
and and cranberries you know we had all of these different everybody’s got their assignment and so Thanksgiving just comes together and it’s an amazing meal
it was an amazing meal so what’s the um what is the the most um if
someone was if if someone was looking at a super traditional Mega traditional
Thanksgiving Day dinner and they came to your house what would they find that was like really weird or strange or
something they’ve never seen before on a Thanksgiving table well well definitely we had turkey la la last night so that
was probably not something you’re gonna see too many places but my best friend from small kids time explain
what what turkey love is to those who who’ve never heard of that before so a traditional lalao is basically the tarot
leaf and you wrap meat and sometimes you put Taro and or sweet potato in it and
then you you wrapped it with the Taro Leaf then you wrapped it with a tea leaf and then you steam it or you can cook it
in the Emu traditionally so you put it in the underground oven with the the pig and so nowadays we just use a pressure
cooker it Cooks in about two hours really quickly but it’s delicious it Cooks the meat down you know just sea
salt is all is all you put in it and it’s wrapped in and the luau Leaf which breaks down it’s kind of like almost like a spinach type bomb texture but for
Thanksgiving um one of my my best friends does it with uh turkey inside instead of instead of pork and yeah it’s delicious so it’s
a Twist on our Hawaiian you know it’s traditional Hawaiian dish for for Thanksgiving
turkey Lala that is that is that is so local man that is so local that is
awesome and you know now we’re totally obsessed with smoking stuff right so so like my brother smoked the turkey I
smoked the prime rib like we don’t we don’t use the oven anymore we just use oven for really even the uh the green bean casserole I put in the smoker so
smoke is basically a fancy you know oven but yeah we’re we’re obsessed with cooking everything we can in a smoker
nowadays so everything you get smoked you can put pies in a smoker you know
because these pellet smokers are basically like ovens they’re really high tech and it you just set the temperature to exactly what you want it to be and it
Cooks at 350 or 225 or whatever you want it to be for however long you need it just gotta keep refilling the pellets
into it but yeah it’s a great it’s a great fun way to cook now if you have a lot of time you know well that’s I mean
but that’s that’s what the holidays are all about and speaking of holidays are all about we have a bunch of our friends who are joining us I’m really glad at
natural here Tom Tom is back Tom Maine uh Aloha from both from Chile UK good to
be here Tom I am really glad that you are here that’s that’s kind of why we decided to do this for today we we knew that our friends were all going to show
up and want to kind of be there for them uh Ashley’s going to be joining us soon hopefully and uh um uh Heidi is out on
on the mainland with family gym is Uncle Jim is back uncle uh Aloha Peter and Dylan hope you both had a great holiday
I had a fantastic holiday uh excellent and you know what I I thank you thank you Jim I I guessed your your question
he had a question from a year ago on Thanksgiving what would we have at dinner for Dylan’s house you would have
smoked everything you clearly now we all know we all know Jim you’d have smoked everything and you would have some
turkey uh turkey Lola which is awesome uh Norm is back hey Norm welcome back Norm
give us an update Norm Aloha and happy day after to all yes happy day after
indeed and the Val is back Val Mahalo to all of you for your Aloha Friday real
estate show and always great content and positivity Val God bless you thanks for coming back that’s why we’re doing it
man you know it’s like we could have we could have taken off today right it’s a legit day to take off
it’s you know it’s the Friday after and you know I mean I don’t know what you’re gonna do though but after this I’m gonna probably kind of take it you know bring
it down a couple of notches and uh kind of a smooth in into the weekend but I am
all glad that you’re here uh it’s it’s great uh let’s move on we’ve got some uh I want to kind of let’s start out with
our as we said our new tradition over here uh and you know Dylan I want I I need to keep I need to ask you maybe
either privately or over email or you could just tell me now but you know I here’s the thing man our our kanakapila
who’s the who’s next right gang you all gotta try the Makaha son so put your so
get your Siri get your Siri or your Google or your Alexa nearby we’re gonna go for a nice spin over here so um so
here we go so Alexa play music from Makaha Sons
and then hey Siri play Makaha Sons
and they went hey Siri play Makaha Sons on Pandora
and okay Google play music from Makaha Sons
gang y’all gotta listen to makakas and this is like the best spam I’m going to zoom in for a minute here see if you can
guess who’s that guy in the upper left hand corner of the shot there’s four guys there who is that quiz question
everybody guess who is that guy in the upper left hand corner of the shot Dylan
you know who would who would you nominate Dylan for like if we were to do like a kanakapila uh who would you
nominate for let’s say our our next show who who would you wanna oh wait wait don’t don’t don’t say because then we’re
gonna ruin the surprise all right so send me that well yeah I I want to get some of your take I love Makaha Sons man
that’s one that’s uh that’s from the live album by the way that’s one of the greatest albums of all time and uh
speaking of the golden golden Arrow of Hawaiian music you know there you go so here at so Ashley win there there she is
Ashley’s with this where it was the Golden Era right of of local music kind of in the 70s there was like the cnk of
Sicilian coppono era and all that kind of stuff actually I don’t know if you’re a fan of makaha’s sons but that is one
of the great albums of all time welcome actually how’s it going over there okay
oh you’re uh you you re-muted again oh sorry it was good it was a little post Thanksgiving excitement and then we
had super strong winds so our power went out and then I was having some tech issues I’m on my phone now but that was
my delay I apologize I hope you guys all had a good Thanksgiving you know Ashley you you get the you get
the award for for for for Valor here in in the line of duty your power’s out you
got knocked you you got your power knocked out and what does she do she grabs her phone and hooks it up to do the show thank you Ashley you’re totally
cool uh great great to have you here with it I’m gonna hop on to the computer though once this is finished doing its
thing no worries let let uh let God work it out and then just come on when you’re
ready uh we’ll be we’ll we’ll be happy to kind of switch over uh it’s totally good now actually I was just talking off camera to Dylan about
you know I got the battery backup solar thing and so power outages I don’t care anymore sort of in a way you know the
high winds we’ve had high winds everybody yeah it’s been it’s been crazy how’s how’s that been on on your side
because you’re you’re on in the Kailua side so you’ve been hitting the brunt of all the wins how’s it been out there
um it was kind of odd because it sort of reminds me I was in this tornado one time when I was young as a kid and I
used to live in a trailer park and this tornado went through the trailer park and it didn’t like affect I I will never
forget there was like these trailers that were rolled over and blown over and it looked like a total disaster but when
we pulled up the mailbox had a stack of newspapers still perfectly intact like
right in the center of it all and it kind of reminded me of that word like the wind was whipping so hard that it
was ripping the pump fresh good Palm leaves off and our palm trees go I don’t know 30 40 feet in the air some of them
and one whacked our window yesterday but it was a fresh guy you could tell it had all the it wasn’t like a dead one but
yet there was dead ones on the trees right next to it that were just chilling so it was fine the power just went on
and off a couple of times it wasn’t major um but it just a little inconvenience how was it for you guys or Dylan on Big
Island yeah Don did you catch any of that wind you know we could see it actually way
out in the ocean like from the you know as we were eating dinner we were wondering if it was going to come on Shore because you could you can kind of tell when there’s like the White Caps
and it’s windy out there but we got a lot of rain last night which it had been kind of dry for a week or 10 days or so
we didn’t have a lot of rain and it of course started raining Thanksgiving night so it rained pretty much all through the night so
it was cooler it was It was kind of cool for the first time in a while I was kind of wondering when it was going to start
cooling down but it felt like last night was pretty cool
well you know we it was good we got lucky uh I mean it wasn’t as bad as I
thought it was going to be they were saying you know gusts of 50 miles an hour and there probably were some gusts that were maybe up to 50 miles an hour
but you know we live in the valley so it’s kind of it’s It’s kind of Hit or Miss sometimes it could be like crazy
out there and then the valley is calm other times it’s somewhat calm out there and the valley is crazy it just really
all depends on the the fine tune of the directions but uh we survived and uh
I’ve got my high-tech battery backup power system with solar and so I didn’t even know if we had a power outage I
should check and see if we had any but uh we all got lucky oh we had a couple friends who have been joining us since
you jumped on um let’s see uh Gianna is back with us Aloha and happy Thanksgiving we’re really happy that
you’re here with us back again welcome back Gianna uh and um Barbara is back Aloha I’m glad you decided to do the
show today you are the best what no you are the best we’re just here for you guys that’s why we’re here and I’m
really thankful Ashley to you and to Dylan who decided to make it in everyone uh Heidi she would have made it but
Heidi is on the mainland with family uh I uh of course we wish her the best she’s enjoying us Diane is back from
Makaha towers and Bonita Springs Florida awesome and um Ron Hey I’m glad you did
it’s lonely after yeah right it’s like it’s like the Fun’s over now like the big the big who’s brouhaha the whole
Thanksgiving Gathering right Dylan house Dylan’s house would like packed but today it’s like everyone’s gone uh and
uh Jim right now the Char was three quarter complete just need Heidi and will be all set well yeah you know what uh it would we would be complete with
Heidi we are incomplete without Heidi but the show must go on so I right why don’t we do that let’s let’s move on uh
let’s get some news going over here so so a couple of things that I thought were kind of interesting over the past few weeks and uh you guys you can
comment on it uh as we go around but uh beach has got to be uh the uh the the
the Hawaii received a b grade in the 2022 state of the beach report so this
is apparently there’s some kind of a report report that the state of Hawaii uh takes on itself and I suppose the
state of Hawaii gave itself a b which means that you know pretty good but it there you know there needs to be some room for improvement so that’s that
that’s kind of cool a lot of Stories on worker shortages gang um if you look into you know if you’re looking for a
job if you’re you’re well if you’re looking for a job in Hawaii it’s going to be a lot easier to find one there is apparently there’s
I get a couple stories on worker shortages uh healthcare workers big shortage on healthcare workers and also
there is a big uh big shortage for the visitor industry hotels Hotel basically
said you know if you could fog a mirror we’ll hire you and uh retailers retailers are also uh redoubling calls
for uh holiday workers so jobs are everywhere uh no what the jobs pay and
how that figures for the cost of living and all that kind of stuff that’s a whole other story but the bottom line is there are jobs available in Hawaii
all right what’s this uh space force Regional command I just picked that out because it just sounds so damn cool uh
Ashley had made a comment a couple shows ago that Hawaii’s one of the few places if not the only place that has so many
military bases bases within a short radius uh I think it’s the most
concentrated from the mistaken what Ashley had said well there’s one more base that we’re adding which is space force uh the new branch of the military
we have space force Regional command and that just that just sounds cool just saying it so I just dig that and that
has been established of the the newest branch of the U.S military opened its first Regional command Tuesday in Hawaii
the U.S space forces indo-pacific how could you be like how could it be a space force in the indo-pacific I
thought it’s supposed to be in space but anyway hey uh be the why you know who who am I to whom what island is that
yesterday on Oahu uh yes it is uh it is well they said in
Hawaii it’s got to be on Oahu it’s got to be on Oahu yeah yeah you know some Pearl in the in the in the pearl Pearl
Harbor well who knows probably one of the one of the bases on well it’s got to be most likely um so yeah we have space force uh I want
the uniform the uniforms are cool they have they they they actually clone the Star Trek logo which I thought was kind
of fun uh Hey anyway um so uh city is ramping up some uh
looks like the the vacation rentals interesting story uh an interesting dichotomy on the vacation rentals gang
so here’s what what I caught so first the city is clamping down they’re coming down hard on illegal vacation rentals
which these days now is anywhere outside the the resort zones are considered
illegal vacation rentals so Cynthia is clamping down and then interesting there was another story right behind that that
said the uh the governor uh the governor elect and the mayor uh team up uh asking
the owners of thousands of illegal Oahu vacation rental units to help ease the
Island’s affordable housing and homeless crisis by renting to local families instead so it’s great right because like
the carrot and the stick we’re gonna whack you over the head with the fines and then we’re going to ask you for help to house those who need housing which I
think was I thought was was kind of interesting and then finally a story on the big on almost Dylan on if you caught
up on this or not but um apparently there was a story about the um they’re looking at updating the vacation rental
regulations there’s going to be a public meeting where they’re going to be discussing any changes I don’t know if
you’ve heard anything about that all going around Dylan but that would be interesting to to know um why don’t we do this because I see
Ashley is getting her camera ready so uh Ashley you go ahead and get that camera ready but we’ll flip over to Dylan Dylan
you have any uh news for us anything you want to share from the Big Island yeah it was funny the so the the
vacation rental Bill regulation thing was more of a informational meeting um there’s some proposed changes that
the mayor is making and of course that’s got to go to the economy console the common console’s got to drop the bill so it’s very early stages and it was more
of kind of a collection of information you know those initial public hearings where they get feedback from the public and it like
pretty much you know they weren’t taking live questions but it like devolved into just people chatting you know making
snarky remarks in the chat about half this is stupid and leave us alone and let’s do whatever we want and uh so I
don’t know if that’s how it’s it’s interesting how and you know we’ve watched this process in the past the
political process when you have like actual hearings and stuff where people got to show up you know and be on camera and be that live in person and then when
you move that stuff online it’s you know people just devolve into you know just a
horrible humans they give you a nameless faceless you
know uh they can just tweet their public comments pretty much and so that was a good example of that it seems it’ll be
interesting to see if that continues you know if that if if um politicians continue to do that because it’s so much harder to control
right I mean because anybody can just get online and start making all kinds of crazy comments so yeah hey before we we move uh actually
to you to get your your take on uh oh and also there’s a um there’s we should get some some Market updates too but
before we do it real quick I just want to flip over and put out a question for you I’d like you all to kind of think about this so this is our thankful show
today right where the day after Thanksgiving and for you for the honor for those that are here pop it in the
comments I really would like to know what are you thankful for I’d like to get that please pop that in and I’ll be
gathering all those and we’ll be sharing those uh as as we go along and then um uh so so for that Ron share thank you
Ron shares a Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam uh yeah makes sense thank you
thank you Ron for looking up those for those facts for us um Dylan before we move on to Ashley did
you want to share anything about the market updates anything about the about the uh the real estate market on the big on and all you know we’ll get fresh data
here from the month um in a week but I mean just I was just looking at number of sales that have closed this month
um your month to date just to kind of get a forecast on on what we’re looking for in terms of November and it looks
like we’re on track to close you know around 400 or 450 properties on the big island which is kind of back to like
we’ve been seeing before those pre-2020 numbers we were up you know 550 to 700 uh properties a month we’re selling on
the big island and so that number has dropped pretty dramatically and you know like 30 so it can feel dramatic but if
you compare it to pre-coveted normal Market numbers we’re kind of back to where we were and really
like in October was a good indicator of that we had 406 properties sell this October there was 405 in October of 2019
so almost right on the dot the same exact number of properties um sold so things are definitely slowing
down in terms of units but like we’ve been saying kind of last couple of weeks and months the median prices are not falling
I’m like still in a very low inventory Market you know I mean you go back to 2019 3300 properties in the market today
in 1900 so there’s still you know 14 1500 less properties for sale than there
was in that normal market so the buyer demand even the buyer demand is softer it’s still enough to sustain prices
going forward and the number of sales that are pretty comparable to that 2018-2019 market
can you know the one thanks thanks for that up you know the one thing I really like about the fact that we do this every two weeks is we get these small
incremental changes right we see Trends these kind of Trends evolving in that same line keeps evolving and we’re kind
of going back to pre-covet but there’s not like a market collapse or any kind of Calamity going on Ashley give us the
update now that now that you’ve moved your you you moved your your thing to the to the new studio to your new studio
well let me let me just add one more thing Peter so just yeah because I was updating my diamonds and deal slides
right so that that house that we we had on the last show is my as my diamonds at deal house which is great you know great
great view pool you know lots of lots of occupation vacation rental opportunity um that one went you know went on the
market I think that day or the day before and had I think seven offers and you know and and ended up over asking
price on their contract so properties Priced Right and it’s desirable you know there’s no slow down
in the market so they must have followed they must have followed the Dylan nonaka approach to pricing which is give it a
competitive price and let the market rule right as opposed to asking for a crazy price that you have to back off on right yeah um yeah yeah yeah actually
okay actually it’s finally finally it’s actually his turn actually give us the update uh how’s Oahu going uh what do
you want to share market news or if you want to comment on that vacation rental stuff anything you’d like to talk about on on the Oahu site
um I I agree with Dylan the whole like internet sort of mob mentality when you
don’t know who you get to hide behind a veil of an Internet name is pretty pretty gnarly
um but nothing has really changed on our front when it comes to the vacation rental side that I’m aware of I’ve also been completely out of the loop for the
last 48 hours with a client appreciation pie party and Thanksgiving so I feel
like I was in a matrix for a couple days um Oahu Market I would say we I don’t I didn’t look up
the numbers before jumping on the call unfortunately but the other week we did see a point six percent decrease in
interest rate which I believe is the largest single-handed interest rate drop in 41 years so it’s a good indicator
that you know we had an economist come to our Mastermind last week and you know
he thinks this might be a good indicator that we might see the interest rates not
necessarily Plateau but not continue up to double digits which they were product projecting before
um to subsidize inflation because every time they make an interest rate hiker every time they make a adjustment
normally you Trail it Trails behind like six months to see the results and they had done three really large interest
rate hikes back to back without seeing what that impact was going to be and we’re now starting to see the effects of
it minimally um so the thought is potentially that they just slow down just to see what
that’s going to do however um we do hear on you know talk on the
street they’re going to do another probably quarter point to Half Point increases
um into next year so I think right now is sort of a prime time to look at real
estate I think that we have a nice dip in interest rates inventory is still
I mean I’d say it’s low for Oahu as well but we’re also going into the holidays so if you’re looking to sell right now
there’s not a lot of inventory to compete with as you come into the new year you’re gonna have a lot of people who are going to be listing their homes so I kind of think that right now is
sort of this little sweet spot for anybody who’s looking to buy and sell we didn’t have that for the last 60 days it
was kind of stale if you had to buy something then then we would recommend doing it
that’s all I have to say for right now you’re doing good Ashley it’s just fine yeah yeah it’s it’s just great hey
what’s your what’s your take on um now you’re in on the on the windward side in
in the Kailua side have you guys seen I’m just kind of curious if you guys have seen any kind of major changes
going on over there in relation to the vacation rental kind of cracked on or is that just kind of gone that’s been
happening for so long it’s already felt its effect because Kailua was becoming sort of almost like a second
sort of a second resort area there were so many vacation rentals going on so many airbnbs what’s what’s how how would
you characterize uh the changes that you’ve experienced there um recently I think everyone’s just waiting to see
what happens with this this bill because I’m still I have friends and I have
people I know who are still posting their properties for vacation rental they’re just powering through they’re
like we’re just gonna see and wait to see what happens we’re gonna see if we get the fine we’re gonna just power through but when I was looking for a
place for my family I think it was hard to find anything so it’s weird we’re not seeing an increase in properties coming
on Market um I tell my clients if there’s a house you really love on Airbnb search on Airbnb and VRBO and there’s a
house you really love let me know and I’ll go ahead and contact that owner directly and see if they’re open to
selling because I think a lot of these people are just sitting and waiting to see what happens they’re not quite
marketing going for sale they’re not listing it to go up for sale yet um but they’re also not advertising it
for Airbnb and then a lot of people are doing it under the table I think that there would be this massive
influx that would saturate the market here on Kailua and we would see this sort of
you know I don’t know crazed panic but we’re not
and we haven’t and we kept thinking it was gonna happen when they put the 30-day vacation rental in place it
didn’t happen we thought it would happen when they were going to reduce or sorry increase the short-term
definition to 90 days even if though it didn’t go through you’d think that people were going to sell it before it did it didn’t happen and now that you
know we we ran into a peak of the market you can tell it’s going to be a downtrend you’d think people would say this is the time to unload it and
they’re not and you know I think it’s going to be interesting to see I here’s a guess here’s my guess and it sounds like in in
a way that you’ve somewhat confirmed it which is that people are going to wait to see if the city is going to crack
down because this the the department of planning and permitting and those guys are in charge of enforcement have done
an awful job of enforcement absolutely terrible and that’s why this thing has
gotten so out of control you know vacation rentals were illegal for like a long time forever and no one you know
but knowing that you know it basically no one enforced it and so I think that those folks that were part of the
doing it illegally crowd are going to continue to do it until the city starts to crack down so I think we’ll see well
correct me for me if I’m wrong and now I’m just Delirious I haven’t had breakfast just running off of coffee I’m
a little delirious so don’t mind me but brainstorming off the cusp here is really the hotel lobbyists that are
pushing us so hard right it’s not the city and state that seem to care so much it’s the pockets that are pushing the
agenda behind it so really they don’t have this massive incentive to try to
enforce it because they’re not the ones that I think care in fact I bet you some
of them have them themselves and they’re like well I I mean if we have to we have
to and then you’ve got you know if you I almost just said Karen’s and Ken’s
um a few whatever the proper term would be individuals who are going to construct
concerned concerned residents concerned residents very concerned and involved
residents activist activist residents that are going to sell police but beyond
the self-policing people I mean I think everyone just wants to be it’s hard to survive and thrive it’s easy to survive
I think that if you can get a good paying job and you have Hustle but it’s hard to thrive here unless we can get creative and I
think that even local residents here just want that flexibility and freedom to be able to get somewhere else financially and the best thing to do
that is through real estate and on Oahu we’re in a price a high price Point Market we’re in the middle of Pacific the land’s not getting any larger except
for your Island Dylan but theoretically it’s not getting any larger we’re losing
land if anything so people will just want freedom to be able to do what they want with their house and make a little extra cash at least if they could do
like on Oahu we don’t even have the law that that um or the rules that big island has we can’t even rent out a room
if you live in it as a resident and I think you guys can right Dylan
yeah right now uh the hosted rental quote unquote hosted rental is is
unregulated the regulation doesn’t apply but that’s one of the changes they’re proposing is to also apply some type of
Regulation to the hosted rentals and that’s where that’s where residents are getting upset because they’re like it’s my house I live in it I should go to do
what I want right and so that’s where the conflict comes in that’s where we’re at in Oahu really let’s do our thing we
live here so so there’s an interesting thing here uh actually that you you brought up about the uh the hotel interest so
there’s this there’s this well-known phenomenon in economics it’s called bootleggers and Baptists and that’s exactly what this is so so I don’t know
if if if you heard of this term before so I said it before real but I’ll I’ll repeat it real quick because I think it’s worth mentioning it’s called
bootleggers and Baptists and what this means is you have two groups of people that get together to change regulations
bootleggers and Baptists Bootleggers are the ones that have an economic interest right so the story goes back to
Prohibition days so back in prohibition days right who wanted to keep bars
closed on Sundays there’s two classes of people that want to keep bars closed on Sundays Bootleggers want it closed
because people are going to buy from Bootleggers instead of the liquor stores and from bars so Bootleggers have an economic interest in keeping the bars
closed on Sundays Baptists Church people they want to click bars closed on Sundays because they don’t want
drunkards coming into church they don’t want people drinking on Church someone coming into church right so so there’s a
there’s a moral component the Baptist and then there’s an economic component the Bootleggers same exact thing in
Kailua you have bootleggers and Baptists who are the Bootleggers the hotels hotels want less Hotel property on the
you know on Oahu so they get more economic interest there’s an economic interest to keeping uh vacation rentals
close and then there’s the baptism there’s you know you’re gonna say Karen’s but you know there’s there’s those folks those highly activists
highly activists involved neighbors who don’t like what’s going on they don’t want to see uh their neighborhoods sort
of ruined with vacationing people Etc et cetera so those two groups get together like some Baptists and kind of forced
through loss same thing by the way eons ago uh before you were born uh Ashley with the Super Fairy super fairly had
you know bootleggers and Baptists we had the Hawaiian Airlines didn’t want to have you know the the shipping guys didn’t want to see the super fare going
across and there were the Surfers the uh the servers and the environmentalists who thought that the planet was going to
be destroyed if there was a super fur going across and people who who thought whales were going to be killed and so you had bootleggers and Baptists that’s
what goes on and we have a lot of that in in Hawaii we have a lot of a lot of bootleggers and Baptists going on right
I mean real estate’s like government right it’s it’s it’s it’s a well-known economic experience politically correct
than what I had said
it just takes into account the reality of the situation right there is an economic interest and there’s a moral
component right and those two groups get together and you know Dylan we’ve talked about this how many times you know
people don’t like you know we love the environment in Hawaii we love we love
Hawaii we love the land we defend the land nobody wants more development nobody wants more development except the
people who want to live in a home they want more development but nobody else wants more development and and there you have even more of a complicated
Bootlegger investors because you know what hey I like the fact that my house was worth 20 times what it was when I
bought it 30 years ago I love that I don’t want that value going down I want that value going up so yeah no more
homes I’ve moved in I’ve got a house prices please go up I don’t want prices
going down so bootleggers and Baptists right anyway complicated gang what do
y’all think about that you all get that bootleggers and baptism what are you thankful for by the way I I’ve not got I
guess we’re all you know asking what did you say you’re in day what was the term that’s used you haven’t had any you just
had some coffee haven’t eaten breakfast your Dazed and Confused oh yeah I’m I’m like barely surviving I like I’m seeing
a little dot just ignore me and I might be delirious delirious hey they’re Delirious so hey gang and you’re
deliriousness we want to know what what you know join our Delirious group here for today is it’s the post Thanksgiving
where we’re still kind of you know getting off of the turkey uh philosena what are you all thankful for I’m
thankful for that Judy’s here that’s what I’m thankful for Judy Judy is uh Judy is back Judy is a uh Islander Ohana
alumni and she is is here and thank you Val Bel right on time right on time
thank you Paul God bless you while it’s not perfect here every morning I say a prayer of gratitude that I’m waking up
here in Paradise I’ve lived all over the continental U.S and it took me a while to get back here but there is nothing
like Hawaii the cost of paradise is worth it to me God bless you Val you
just said it girl you just absolutely said it um well let’s see let’s see let’s let’s
move on over here uh real quick a quick pitch hey gang uh Islander Ohana we are closing the it is filling up and we’re
going to be closing the registration shortly so if you want to get in and join like this is like the cool this is
The Islander Ohana and those who those who are in it you all know you’re all here let everyone know it is the it is
the the it has to be morphed into this incredible group of like the greatest people that you can meet uh first coming
to Hawaii we’re all bonded with a common set of values and understandings about what Hawaii is like and the honor Ohana
is really all about you know moving to Hawaii living in Hawaii getting along in
Hawaii and the best possible way you get to learn in a month or so on a couple months what took me uh and presumably
Ashley and Dylan you know decades to learn about Hawaii um and that’s what the Eleanor hanza about so registry is going to be closing
up get in there I don’t know Hanukkah click on the join button and get the ball rolling all right so so this was
this is our big question that I want to touch on for today which is which is really you know what is it that you think
Hawaii for now we all have a lot of things to be thankful for and for for those of you that are here today please
anything that you’re thankful for I’d like to know about it because it’s just this all there’s a wonderful thing you know attitude of gratitude is like the
greatest thing that you could ever have so please tell us what you are thankful for but to Dylan and to actually I really
would like to know what is it that you have Hawaii to thank for if it’s like a uniquely as much as possible like a
Hawaii thing what is it that you’re so grateful to Hawaii for I really would like to know that and that’s kind of the fun discussion I’d like to have over
here uh before I do that but enormous thankfully for the opportunity to move their big on yeah indeed right uh Norm
he’s got it I thankful for the option to move to the big on Dylan why don’t we start with you what what is that you
know if you had to kind of pull out what is it that you have Hawaii to thank for what would that be Dylan
it’s yeah I was thinking about this and one example is it’s hard to put into words right but I was I was walking
um I went and met a client at a oceanfront restaurant the other day and we were
started talking and making small talk and stuff and he says he says man this is so beautiful beautiful I’m sure I’m sure you get you know you get tired of
it or you overlook it sometimes and I’m like let me stop you right there and say absolutely not like I was just reflecting when I was walking I parked
my car and then I walked down to Elite drive and I was walking across to the restaurant and like just like I stopped and I looked out and like you know she’s
looking over the ocean it’s a beautiful day in Corona the cruise ship is in the bay like waves breaking I mean it’s just
like one of those moments it’s like man this is like so grateful to be here so luckily and blessed to be able to think
like cool and this is in November right I’m walking it’s 80 degrees the breeze
is blowing I mean so that’s the kind of stuff I think you have to just be conscious of and and sometimes stop and
smell the roses right like stop and just look and appreciate because it doesn’t get old you know I mean this this guy
was like you know I come here and I’m just an off date you know for weeks in a week when I’m here and I’m hiking and doing all this stuff and I said it
doesn’t go away you know you have to consciously try and and not appreciate that stuff I think and and that’s
something to be grateful for right I mean there’s a lot you don’t get that when you’re walking around in a big city or you know a place that’s freezing cold
I don’t think so anyways I mean I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be focused on but what I’m grateful for in those moments
so those are those kind of special moments that you can’t never think for granted yeah so so true yeah that that just
never go never goes away and we’ll talk about that some more that’s a that’s a fantastic topic I want to get Ashley’s
uh while you’re in your Delirious State give us your Delirious version Ashley no I’m just kidding I’m just having fun
with you it’s a lot of fun I love that that that that thing that I love that Honesty by the way so thank you what is
it so you know one thing that you that uh actually that you said a couple uh shows ago which really kind of struck me
which is you’ve been here your entire adult life I’m like you know what me too but what is it Ashley that Hawaii has
done for you that you’re so thankful for well immediately comes landscape right
it comes the environment the weather but I thought about it and honestly I love Four Seasons too I kind of miss it even
and I like the snow um so I have to say I’m most thankful for
the S the spirit the people um I’m a very loving and affectionate
person and I’m from the Northeast and they are not cool truly
um so just being here like greeting and you greet with a hug or with a side kiss
just the amount of family and the amount of people that get together that you there’s just so much community and
camaraderie and that feeling Aloha of love like it’s just prominent everywhere
you go and I’m so grateful for that I don’t think that there’s very many places in this world that people get to
experience that on the daily and it has fulfilled me in so many ways I’m just
the people I’ve met and how I get to live my life now it’s exactly everything that I would want
well said well said yeah that that is that is right on uh uh Joan who is an
Islander Ohana alumni I’m thankful to finally be here I’m especially thankful for you Peter oh my it’s my honor and
the Ohana cohort I don’t have any family and the Ohana welcomes you and makes you feel at home that is exactly what the
you know it’s actually it’s kind of what it’s sort of what you talked about it’s that very very same thing and and I’m
sort of trying to figure out a way to not to say package it but to kind of make it into something that’s you know
it happens here naturally but there’s also a structure now right there’s a structure to kind of make all of this happen and you’re you’re you’re you’re
you’re you’re so right uh we have another great comment here from Barbara thankful for God’s care and the
protection the past year just like the pilgrims were at the first Thanksgiving I pray as a nation will be worthy of
these continual blessings indeed indeed amen Amen to that Amen to that Tom same
thing thankful all for all the lessons God still thinks I’m worthy of being taught man I love it I love it that
there is a a deeply spiritual component to those those things that’s I think we’re thankful we’re thankfulness kind
of brings uh brings to you you know I think about I was trying to think about uh What uh what I was gonna say for today on the on
what what to be sent for in in Hawaii and and I think I’d have to say you know I was actually I was thinking about
actually what that comment that you made that you know you’ve lived by the way if you could if you want to share when how old were you when you when you moved
when you made the move to Hawaii I guess I would say I moved away from home when I was 17. I moved to
California until I was um I moved to Hawaii when I was 20. so
I’m 33 now um so I you don’t you don’t like it you
don’t look at the over 22. you don’t look at the over 22. uh right now
so okay so like you actually I moved here when I was 21. so I’ve you know I
when you know when I tell people it’s like I lived my entire I grew up here in in a sense in in the sense of my
adulthood I learned all my adult values here I’ve done I’ve only operated businesses in Hawaii I’ve only been a
businessman in Hawaii and and I really have Hawaii to to thank you know gang
those you that that put the God thing in here you know I I you know I’m gonna share with you it’s like you know I when
I first came to Hawaii I was a stone cold atheist I was uh I’m originally a Christian and then I went I went to all
guys Catholic High School which turned me into an atheist going to Catholic school will turn anybody into an atheist turn me into an atheist and then when I
came to Hawaii you know Hawaii’s Beauty was just remarkable to me and it brought me back to understanding that no there’s
no way this is an accident this doesn’t this doesn’t happen that way and Hawaii’s Beauty and Hawaii’s people and
Hawaii’s a deeply deeply spiritual place and so I really have everything really I
owe to Hawaii my my sense of Hawaii’s moral code right Dylan Hawaii’s got this
amazing moral code about what’s right and what’s wrong and it’s strong it’s
strong you know there’s a right thing to do it’s like it’s this great mix of the I think it’s clearly it comes with the
host culture the Hawaiian culture which kind of laid the foundation and then you have all these sort of other cultures
that kind of piled on top of it so we have like the the Bushido the the samurai code from the Japanese right
where it’s like honor is everything honor humility Etc is everything and you have Aloha which is the base thing that
comes from the Hawaiians which is everything the Aloha Spirit we all know it we all feel it and you know there’s a
there’s some in a shamanic tradition that believe that the reason why the islands are so beautiful is because the
people are are beautiful it’s because of the Aloha spirit that you see this beauty reflected all over the place and
you feel it in a much more meaningful way than anything else all those things I owe Hawaii all that I don’t think I
would have just been a kid in Chicago just you know growing growing out what just been you know your classic Chicago guy
growing up in the streets of Chicago doing the things that people from Chicago do those of you from Chicago are
in the audience chime in on me if you if you’re there but Hawaii Iowa Hawaii everything it’s maybe who I am and uh
I’m grateful beyond beyond all belief one more thing to add on that you know
it kind of connected to what Ashley was talking about about um the spirit and stuff what’s funny about Thanksgiving and Hawaii is
is a very American holiday right I mean obviously if you think if you know the
traditions and stuff behind Thanksgiving but the really the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving right in the spirit behind
how the first Thanksgiving happened is like a very natural thing in Hawaii right it’s not something it’s almost
like not even a special thing it’s just so normal right it’s like that that Spirit of giving and taking care of others and welcoming others in and you
know service to others and stuff is like a very very common thing here and I think that’s surprising to some people when they come
here and you offer to help them or let them borrow something or take care of their stuff while they’re gone or whatever it is right I mean that’s
always um a default kind of position and and place that we come from and so it’s
very there’s a huge connection I think between the spirit of Thanksgiving and Hawaii even though
the origins of Thanksgiving is very different you know there’s nothing to do with Hawaii that is a really really really good
point that is a really deep thought every right because you’re right it is a
it is a Thanksgiving was the pilgrims giving thanks for arriving and surviving
you know on the Native Americans taking care of them right and the Native Americans save their lives there’s that’s just an
absolute historical fact right the Native Americans save their lives um and and here we are uh you know moved
to Hawaii come to Hawaii and the native the native folks that’s the the native culture the Aloha Spirit the Hawaiian
culture is the is the base culture which we all know is the fundamental a root
cause if you will of why the Aloha Spirit exists right and so we are thankful for that that’s a really good
point actually I know you want to chime in on that at all no I just want to ask Dylan do you guys
is Thanksgiving a big and important holiday because you’re born right Born and Raised is Thanksgiving an important
holiday for your family oh definitely is okay he’s born and
raised and his family could they don’t they don’t really care I think I think there’s some in the Hawaiian community
that don’t you know they don’t celebrate American holidays as um strongly you know but
I think my family’s especially my my Hawaii family right my Japanese side of my family I always tell these stories
talked about this before you know like my grandparents generation really wanted to be American right they were born here
in Hawaii World War II happens and so there was this dedication to be American so even though there they were uh you
know Buddhist in religion I mean Christmas was always a huge holiday right I mean there was so so there
wasn’t any objection because it wasn’t necessarily part of their culture it was just it was American culture so that was something that was embraced so yeah
thanksgiving’s huge I mean we we do it up real big in my house for Thanksgiving that’s awesome something that um someone
pointed out as well because I cooked this year and they were like oh I love that it’s traditional
um you know mashed potatoes cranberry green something whatever and then he go and then they said when we have our
family Thanksgiving when they do go to their families it’s a it’s a smorgasbord there’s everything there’s literally
just none of it makes sense there’s nothing whatsoever it’ll be all the way from like
I don’t even know brutal thing and beef this and pizza and rolls and sushi and
all different kinds of stuff is that what it’s like for you guys we were talking about this earlier uh
the pre-show but we have a system where it’s pretty it’s pretty traditional and then you have some stuff that’s kind of
random like we had turkey Lala this year right I mean so you have like the turkey you have prime rib you have mashed
potatoes and stuffing and green bean casserole and all that stuff but then there’s always like we had one one of my aunties about namasu you know that’s
like a pickled uh um Japanese pickled cucumbers and stuff so we always kind of have your like a
random thing which which adds some Flair to the meal namasu there you go there there now
there is something that you could we can barely pronounce that correctly much like if they even know what the heck it
is namasu at the at the at the Thanksgiving table that but but surprisingly stuff like that goes very
well right if you understand kind of the the palette of Thanksgiving where you have cranberry sauce right which is kind
of tart and and sweet and namasu is kind of the same kind of deal it’s it’s crunchy it’s hard and sweet so it kind
of goes well with turkey right because you’re kind of used to that if you if you’re used to the cranberry sauce thing happening right so it all goes together
it is it’s like chow mein yeah it’s not that random [Laughter]
Burgers Fried Chicken poke well because I mean the the essence of
right isn’t the essence of Thanksgiving is to give is to gather and to give thanks right it’s not to it’s not
necessarily I mean the turkey is the tradition of course but it was all about you know it’s bring out bringing things
together so so actually that makes total sense to me the other reason it’s organized I don’t know if we’ve talked
about this before but it’s an inside joke amongst my friends is I don’t like potlucks at all like the spice potlucks
because there’s no rhyme and reason in order to it right like if you’re gonna have a gathering at my house and you want to contribute I’m gonna tell you what to bring because it’s gonna go with
the rest of the theme while we’re eating that day right so that’s very clear um system to our Thanksgiving where
everybody brings stuff but everybody knows what to bring and they’ve been assigned their their dish so it so when it all comes together it all makes sense
and it’s it’s a it’s a Thanksgiving dinner yeah is that you or is that the military in you
no that’s just me that’s my whole life that’s it this needs to be order it needs to be ordered a process this is
five years old and you’re like Mom I need a starch I need a vegetable and I need a fruit yeah
that’s exactly what it is I I just want to see all I want to see is the Google sheet the Google sheet
with all the assignments and the notifications that’s kind of what what I what you made
me think of yeah I think it actually I think Dylan is in the military because of his his desire for order right it’s
not the other way around right it’s because he wants that border that the military was so attractive to him hey uh
uh Joan uh popped in a comment here since Hawaiians and Native Americans are both indigenous people I think it must
be ingrained to help others in need and spread a loving Spirit could very well be Joan could very well be I you know it
said that there is a a great question what is what is it you know are there
certain indigenous genetic lines that have an ingrained spirit is it part of their culture is it part of their ways
I just know this Joan the Aloha spirit is here and everyone who lives here knows it and feels it and we know that
that is the it is the most important thing yeah excellent all right hey why don’t we do this um
uh popping in let’s see oh we have a couple uh let me go a Norm Norm pop in a company Thanksgiving 1998 when we first
fell in love with the Aloha Spirit Well Norm the fact that you remembered the year when you fell in love with the
Aloha spirit says a lot about it and so I’m thankful that you figured that out that you remember that uh and sure thank
you very much all right what do we do this why don’t we move on because I don’t know if it’s going to be we’ll see how the show’s gonna go again if you
have any questions comments uh anything you want to talk about uh bring it up um why don’t we kind of flip into our
diamonds and Deals and kind of see how this goes and play around meanwhile if there’s anything else you’d like to know I’m just making sure I think I got all
the comments right uh pop it all in let’s do this so let’s let let’s do our our diamonds and Deals over here and
flip through uh properties that we think are worth uh worth mentioning worth going over worth looking into
um let’s see okay we’re gonna skip this that’s Maui I thought I skipped the mic anyway okay so uh Ashley well you’re
gonna have to go into the details that’s a lot of details actually I’ve this this is too this is too much
details for me and that coffee to be able to comprehend go ahead me too me too so bear with me because I’m
Delirious go for it that might be why I chose these photos nothing clearly
um well in the Loon spirit and piggy backing off of how no one wants development this is a development
opportunity um this is there we go perfect unit parcel in Honolulu so it’s really close
to the airport and it’s close to tripler um it’s in wanalua gardens if anyone’s
on Oahu are familiar with that area it’s over three acres it’s 3.3 Acres about two acres of that is not buildable
because it’s in a um flood zone so this you can see in the
bottom right corner there’s two existing houses here and of those two existing houses it’s uh house hacked into three
I’m sorry five different rentals and the owner does live in one of them this is
not for the average Builder because I have a lot of investors who love CPR and
they love development they love building this has a 70 foot downslope and so it
needs to be someone who’s not afraid of excavation who’s not afraid of retaining walls um sellers willing to do seller
financing which is a huge additive for anyone who likes development I put it
out here because even at three and a half million or if there’s any room to negotiate with the seller you still have
two single-family dwellings if you lived in one that’s still four other rentals but eventually these houses will need to
be rebuilt regardless because this land due to its slope and due to the soil type it does need to be packed so you do
need to have a soils engineer come and you need to pack the soil in order to build because there’s settlement but at
three and a half million for eight buildable Parcels it’s honestly it’s an incredible deal it’s over 3 0.3 acres in
Honolulu prime location I don’t know whatever you’re drinking in
the morning just drink more of it this is this is like this is amazing here it’s a it’s a it’s a crazy it’s a crazy
deal in many ways uh nine uh nine parcels and then you could so what
you’re saying here you could theoretically develop not theoretically but with the right planning etc etc one
could put nine homes up here well you can put eight homes so there’s sewer and water permits approved for eight
dwellings there’s also sewer holes there’s access all the way down even to the ninth parcel so you can already get
your sewer and and everything it’s in place permits are approved the CPR is
approved for eight buildable dwellings as well and then the ninth that 2.2 Acres you can keep that so what happens
is when you see PR you can either pay a park dedication fee or you can have an actual dedicated park that is available
to the public and then you don’t have to pay the park dedication fee which I think last time I checked was like 35

  1. and so if you kept that 2.2 acres and you kept it paid the park dedication
    fee you could in theory it has a canal it has a stream wanalua stream that goes
    through it so you could create a little biking path you could create put benches all around it you could put a little
    playground out on the bottom it could be a wonderful two acre like think about the sellability of the Eight houses if
    they had this two acre private park that only they got access to and you could
    put a gate at the front it could be a really lovely gated community and the wheels are the wheels are
    turning hey you know let’s let’s island or Ohana members let’s let’s all go in on this one right and uh actually uh you
    lead it and uh we’ll all go in on it and Dylan will break it up with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and pop some pop some
    money into it and have like a a million shares we’ll we’ll divvy up a million shares and you know three three dollars
    per share and uh and and off we go awesome uh thanks actually for it for a mind-expanding a mind expanding property
    thank you Dylan uh what do we got over here this is a Kailua Village interesting yeah this is a little condo
    you know the six 639 square feet one one bedroom one bath but right in as you know as as in the heart of kona as you
    can possibly get um you got that nice Ocean View right right out your Lanai short walking distance to Elite drive and all the
    stuff restaurants and amenities in the area vacation rental vacation rental friendly pet friendly
    um just just a pretty good deal in uh today’s market there’s not condo inventory it’s really really Slim so if
    you just need a little small spot to retire into or you know as an investment to Vacation rent and visit when you need
    this is a nice spot right right in the heart of downtown Kailua Kona so
    yeah absolutely yeah please I thought she wants to buy it
    what’s the maintenance fee uh it’s I think they’re like under 700 they’re
    not bad and does there is there any amenities there’s like a little pool but that’s it
    but you’re but you’re literally you’re literally like a short walk away from the Kailua pier and stuff I mean he’s jump in the ocean so it’s you don’t
    really need many amenities so is it Resort Zone when you say it’s vacation rentable is that it’s got the right
    zoning yeah so you can get the permit you can legally vacation run it under the current law unless it changes but under
    current law you can get the permit to legally rent it so you need a per on Big Island you need a part you can’t just
    have it Resort zoned and then if you have the zoning I mean it guarantees you will get the permit but
    you still have to apply and pay the 500 bucks to the Colony yeah you know gang you all you all just got a
    uh uh what we would call an edumacation here on on Realtors talking to Realtors we have like an X1 expert realtor asking
    other expert realtor a lot of expert a lot of expert questions and and if that wasn’t if that wasn’t enough then talk
    about being thankful I’ve got Judy pop this in and just like on cue right God
    bless you Judy here’s what she says if anyone watching is interested in moving to Hawaii you have found the right place
    these Realtors and Peter K are here to help you Peter has an island or Ohana group you can join to learn all about
    Hawaii and meet others who have lots in common with you the Realtors are caring and helpful as well as knowledgeable you
    can talk to them without pressure and they will help you out this will help you get is too much to put into words
    God bless you Judy if I got something to be thankful for right isn’t that great isn’t that yeah freaking awesome that
    hold on a second let me get the right view here I want to I’m hiding you guys in all the comments here hold on a sec
    there’s gonna be a compromise here Judy thank you Judy God bless you I really appreciate that I mean uh Judy has been
    great Judy everyone is uh Judy Judy is not a paid spokesperson uh Judy is a one
    one of the first uh members of The Islander Ohana and she’s worked with Dylan uh and she’s she’s planning and
    she’s here she’s here on the island right now oh there you go thank you Dylan for sharing here on the uh Judy I hope
    you’re enjoying yourself uh I hope you’re having a good time and it’s true there there you go well thank you Judy
    God bless you it’s this is what this is kind of what we’re trying to do over here right we’re trying to also
    kind of walk the talk right we’re trying to walk the talk to be what we are to express what this is to kind of set an
    example right to set an example for the people that are coming to Hawaii you know what’s super important to me you know is is to have it so that
    you know what is so special about Hawaii right that precious that precious part about Hawaii we want to continue that we
    want to see more of that right we want to continue those great values those things that have changed our lives changed my life
    um you know incredibly uh for for the better and that’s what this is all about so thank you Judy God bless
    um yeah but anyway it’s fun to hear you two kind of going at it so yeah uh asking great great questions on on the
    condo uh because of vacation rental is it legal it was the fees jump to the beach great stuff uh great deal too 430
    000 and I mean if man you know it’s a you could buy it vacation out when you’re there
    take it eat and throw it back in in what they call the rental pool right to rent it out as a vacation rental win when you’re not there pays for itself
    probably um and but what for for 430 000 that’s that’s that’s a deal that’s the deal all
    right uh let’s let’s wind this up it’s been a it’s this has been a great show and I’m glad that you’ve all have been
    here with us uh we’re going to have our closing motivational thoughts I’d like to hear yours why we have this great
    moment where we kind of pose these things that motivate us sayings quotes pop yours in I like to kind of see it in
    the comments let’s start off with uh Dylan what’s yours and what does it mean to you yeah I came across this past week and
    just thought it was perfect for Thanksgiving and the week and especially for today right so gratitude turns what
    you have into enough and it’s funny that we go from Thanksgiving to Black Friday where it turns into this huge material
    day of where we buy crap we probably don’t need for uh you know less than we think it’s worth so
    um just always focus on being grateful for the stuff that we have because then you have all that you need pretty simple
    amen be grateful for the stuff that you have because you’ll always have as much as you need well said amen to that uh
    Ashley what’s what’s your what’s yours actually that wasn’t one I have
    go to yours that’s not my updated one all right so hold on so here so hold on
    over here we have a few minutes over here so let’s let’s just back up for a minute here and I’m gonna do a a live a technical while while you wait so you so
    what happens if I start the if I start the slides they don’t get updated so now we’re going to have the updated version
    over here so hold on a second actually we’ll we’ll we’ll we’ll look there you go that’s it okay cool we see a theme
    here it’s all about uh gratitude your attitude will determine your altitude so
    I’m a firm believer that to seem to piggyback on Dylan’s like if you’re grateful if you have a positive attitude
    the sky’s the limit I mean if you’re just happy and grateful for whatever you have if you wake up and I think about it
    like if I’m stressed in a moment like first I think is this gonna matter in five years and the answer is usually no
    and then after I’ll find something in that moment that I’m grateful for and then all of a sudden my whole mindset
    shifts the person on the other side can feel it too and then all of a sudden a solution is found or we just all get
    elevated to the next level so I’m a firm believer your attitude is everything it
    will determine your success and your happiness well said well said and and uh Joan is
    uh Jonas chiming in on that one in in her own way live your life in full color well said Joan don’t live a black and
    white life live a full color life with a with a great attitude uh excellent well
    well said Yeah Ashley you’re running the money man it’s all about it’s all about the attitude and and and and and
    the attitude is a thing that you have complete control over complete control over right
    there’s no one no one can No One controls your attitude no matter what happens you can still carve out
    something uh on the attitude and as though it is one of the few things that we have complete complete and total
    control over uh either way excellent well said all right uh let’s see mine of
    course I’m gonna pull out of my my favorite thing here my uh Proverbs let’s see Proverbs uh 16 24 kind of similar in
    in a way to the theme Here pleasant words are like a honeycomb sweetness to the soul and health to the body pleasant
    words back to the attitude speaking nicely is a way to kind of Express that that Pleasant attitude uh talking uh
    pleasant words like I said Proverbs says it all present words all like a honeycomb uh it means all the thing in
    in the world all right I think that’s it gang this was a fantastic I really first
    of all again thank you I personally am so thank thankful for a couple of really key things are number one
    Dylan and Ashley I am super super thankful that you guys took your day out Friday to come into the show it means a
    lot and it means a lot to the folks that are here uh and that’s what we really have thankful for uh like to Tom who
    came from the UK uh Mahalo everyone lovely show as always Tom God bless you
    you stay with us until the until the very end and it was great so thank you Ashley thank you Dylan thank you
    everyone for a fantastic uh a day and I wish you all a very great holiday season
    we’ll see you in two weeks uh why don’t we say goodbye in in let’s do it left to right so I guess we’ll do Dylan and then
    Ashley and then we’ll we’ll Circle back say goodbye hey grateful to you Peter and Ashley uh
    and everybody that watches you know who we wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys so thank you all have an awesome weekend
    thank you everyone thank you guys for having me on the show and allowing me to be a part of it and everyone in the
    audience have a blessed day blessed day indeed and Mahalo back to
    you nor Mahal for another great show thank you Norm for being a part of it what makes it great Norm is you thank
    you all have a great day aloha