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Show Start 11/26/21
Hawaii Visitor News 11/26/21
Maui News and Real Estate Market Update
Oahu News and Real Estate Market Update
Giving Thanks to our Audience
Multi-family home buying advice
Register for the Jan ’22 Islander Ohana
Teardown and Rebuil a new home
Maui 3bd 2.5 ba home
Fruit sharing culture in Hawaii
Waimanalo near beach island home
Build material costs have come back down
How much of your land can you build on?
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Show Transcript

ell well well aloha kakahiaka everyone
and welcome to today on our special uh
black friday aloha friday aloha friday
real estate aloha friday hawaii real
estate show i got to get better at that
i keep messing it up every week well
we’re really glad you’re here i’m your
host peter k and we are here today for
our special thanksgiving edition i’ve
got my friend scott startsman who’s with
us on oahu and we’ve got heidi delincher
who’s with us in maui heidi how are you
doing this morning
i’m doing great i’m
actually drinking some kona coffee this
morning from the big island from dylan’s
dylan’s island there you go
had a great thanksgiving very quiet was
this absolutely gorgeous day on maui
um we went out to the blow hall at
naka-laylee hiked around there
a lot of people just hiked down to the
blowhole and then leave but there’s
some really great hikes around there
so that was fun and then went over to
honolulu bay which is also one of my
favorite spots so it was a great day
honolua bay has got some of the most
amazing surf they got some incredible
footage and auntie joyce was with us
happy aloha friday to you and happy post
thanksgiving happy thanksgiving how did
you auntie joyce really glad that you’re
here scott how’s it going over there man
ah today is awesome i uh woke up this
morning there was like a chill in the
and i looked and temperature said 70 and
i was like well wait a second there’s a
chill what but uh it was perfect
temperature when i went to run i did a
run this morning
uh halfway around diamond head and
whatnot but and it was like perfect
temperature i wasn’t overheating trade
winds are blowing bringing in that cool
air so you can tell it’s getting into
that winter time here it’s like perfect
this is awesome you know i was telling
that to my i told my wife that this
morning when we woke up to the pan this
was the first time uh you know i had to
kind of pull the comforter over and keep
it on to a warm up in order to get out
of bed you know and it was the first was
the first it’s been you know it’s been
an interesting
warmer drier summer uh winter
than uh than the last than last year i
could i can’t go back like you know five
years i pick out i can remember last
year i just remember it’s war a little
bit warmer a little bit drier than than
last year uh
so it’s good fun
it’s funny when we hit the hit the 60s
you know our method of like heating up
or you know trying to stay warm as we
turn the ceiling fan off and put socks
on or something so we we’re almost to
that threshold but not quite
very well heidi how do you uh what do
you do when what’s what’s your version
of cold and and and how do you offset
the cold in hawaii
scott just gave a good amount i’ll share
mine but i want to hear yours first
it’s just not that cold here i mean a
common question when i’m i’m showing
properties to people relocating to maui
is what kind of heating is there well
there is none
you don’t need it
sometimes up country you’ll find homes
with fireplaces which is nice because it
does get colder up there but i think
anytime you have to put on a sweater
it’s it’s cold on maui
so is that what what you do you put on
like like for example like scott said
like for me
i’ve got
i’m sort of naturally the cold really
affects me right so a little bit of cold
well first of all i want to say hello to
uh to joan joan valentine joan is a
member of the islander ohana an alumni
of eleanor rohana joan glad you are here
with us and hope you had a thanksgiving
as well and val just joined us val thank
you very much are we
i’ve uh i’m very thankful that you all
are here that’s my thanks for being for
today so welcome back val and of course
uh auntie joyce i’m glad to have you
here with us uh you know like heidi i
was saying i uh
uh i get called very easily and so i had
to leave chicago of almost 40 years ago
but uh like scott you know i’ll put on
my i got my socks and i got my
sweatpants and i got a long sleeve
t-shirt that’s my that that’s my winter
that’s my winter dress with the with the
windows on what’s uh what’s what’s yours
heidi sweater anything more
yeah a sweater or i i have one zip up
sweatshirt for emergencies um
it gets really cold if you do go to the
top of haleakala it does get freezing up
there so when i go up there i put as
many layers as possible on
but for the most part um a cold day
would be wearing a light sweater
yeah yeah i’ve got one of those uh those
new material sweater things that looks
that new whatever that new nylon
material that’s become popular that
that’s that’s my extra over like if i’ve
got when it’s really cold for me i’ll
have everything i said earlier and i’ll
have that sweat around too that’s my
it’s my major bundle of stuff tom is
with us tom welcome tom uh welcome back
and uh on aloha friday and a special
black friday thanksgiving weekend to you
tom glad you are here with us all right
you know what it’s 10 o’clock ready
let’s uh let’s get rocking and rolling
with some quick news and we’ll go around
the table over here uh for all of you
that have that have just joined us we’re
all super glad that we that you’re here
um think about the questions that you
may have for us we got heidi from maui
today and we got scott from oahu so we
can kind of hone in on those kinds of
questions but anything you want to talk
about anything you want to bring up
bring it up today all right let’s uh
let’s go over some news and uh
i got some quick updates here for you
first of all a couple of interesting
things some developments going on here
looks like covet is loosening up um
we’ve got uh starting on december 1st
there will be no state limits on social
gatherings and capacity limits and
restaurants bars and gyms so it looks
like that hopefully that restaurant
that we’ve all been uh suffering from is
going to uh it’s going to start to
alleviate itself
and it looks like the arrivals are
coming back i mean we’re just about
where we were pre pandemic so everyone
was kind of freaking out and afraid if
we weren’t gonna make it or not uh
during the the pandemic period uh they
weren’t sure about for example how
quickly the the industry was was going
to bounce back looks like it’s bouncing
back pretty pretty uh solidly uh we’re
only like a fifteen percent down from uh
pre pandemic uh uh pandemic times uh
there’s an interesting thing going on in
mali i want to get heidi’s feedback on
this when when it’s returned heidi but
there there’s a maui mayor recall
apparently there’s a there’s a group
there’s a group that is uh
apparently fighting back on maui they uh
they’re uh upset with the mayor and his
and they they cited that the mandates uh
transparency issues or lack thereof and
there there’s a recall vote so i it
happened last week i don’t know if the
recall vote has come through or not uh
but i’d like to kind of hear uh heidi to
give us a quick update on that and uh it
looks like the oahu hotel tax is going
to be going up so you’re going to be
paying there’s about this i think it’s
currently a ten percent tax on hotel uh
transgender com it’s called a tat tat
the transient accommodations tax i
believe it’s at 10 and there’s going to
be cranking up another it’s going to go
by 30 which means they’re gonna add
three percent to it so it’ll be a 13
tax versus not so uh you’re going to
come to oahu now do it now and save
yourself a few bucks on the on the hotel
and finally i want to get some feedback
from heidi on this one uh oprah winfrey
bought a three acre property the
interesting part about the three acre
she yeah she bought a three acre
property on maui uh i think what was
interesting is that uh she paid seven
million dollars for it uh but i think
more interesting was that uh the records
showed that the sellers get this one
gang the sellers purchased the the the
people that sold it to her
bought that property in 1974.
so here’s here’s here’s what we’ll do
for this one so here’s the here’s the
group here’s the here’s the thing gang
so i want everybody to uh
i want everybody here
all of our of our audience
i want you all to put in the comments i
want you to take a guess
at what those people bought that
property for in
1974 what they bought the property for

so i’ll repeat it again so listen
closely it’s a three acre property in
kula on maui you could use google their
resources if you could find that’d be
kind of cool but it’s a three acre
property on kula in maui in kula on maui
oprah winfrey bought that it’s three
acres oppa winfrey bought it for seven
so here’s the question to guess
guess what the sellers
bought the property for in 1974
right so you all kind of put that one up
there i see so so kenya says 250 kk the
bids are coming in so send them all in
and we’ll see who’s and uh we’ll we’ll
see who kind of wins the wins the prize
over there all right so they’re all
coming this is great okay so we have a
little bit of fun here today on our
aloha friday so uh look let’s go around
while those while those things are
coming in let’s see who’s uh let’s first
say hello to our friends here who are
just joining us spencer hello from kona
move from new york city welcome spencer
we’re glad you’re you’re here welcome to
welcome to the ohana um banach on 888
aloha from new jersey
good good to see you i’m glad that
you’re here glad that you are joining us
jim david on over youtube aloha and
bernard is back aloha from new jersey
bernard welcome good to see you back uh
tom uh
tom is a tom kerr it was a an alumni of
the owner ohana has joined us oh the
bids are coming this is a great gang
we’re going to have a lot of fun over
here and i’m i’m really going to carry
i’m not going to put heidi on the spot
so i’m just going to have heidi comment
on the on that number i don’t expect him
to have that number because heidi
neither you nor i nor scott were here in 1974

uh anyway let’s kind of go around
the and get some news here let’s go
counter-clockwise if that could be exist
let’s go heidi and then scott heidi
what’s uh what’s new in maui and if uh
let’s kind of blend this one together
kind of save some time let’s talk about
either real estate news or other news on
maui so heidi give us feel free to give
us a a real estate update as well as a
news update if you have some comments on
that mirror story but whatever you want
to talk about as far as maui goes
heidi sure well i’m
as you mentioned peter there was a
campaign launch to recall
michael victorino
my understanding is most of the people
signing this petition are frustrated
with the coven 19 mandates um the
vaccine mandates
um not being able to allow kids to
play sports or go see their kids play
and then there’s also some other
issues with things slowing down in terms
of housing and water on maui so
the last i have seen they’ve turned in
all the signatures and the signatures
are being reviewed so
it’s to be seen
what happens if they
verify all the signatures
the mayor my understanding has five days
to resign and if he doesn’t resign then
there’s a vote um so we’ll see what
happens um it’s always
always changing over here but in lighter
news um
the first whales have been sighted
off of maui so humpback whale season is
kicking off um it’s
about november to may we have humpback
whales here they
come to maui from alaska to have their
calves and it’s just
it’s really fun to see them out there in
the ocean i just love this time of year
whale watches are so cool you know i
used to always i still say uh that you
know whales whales know something whales
come to hawaii for the winter so they
got something right so whales are quite
a bit smarter than than we might think a
couple of folks have joined us alex
from visalia california and uh christy
christie from reno nevada christie i
have uh my daughter lives in reno nevada
so it’s a i love that place it’s great
the great town and patrick is back
welcome back patrick good to see you
buddy uh from raleigh north carolina
scott give us the uh what’s the what’s
the oahu update what’s going on on oahu
uh real estate oh heidi by the way i’m
sorry before we go on is there anything
that you want to report about real
estate in hawaii any kind of an update
that’s that’s notable that’s not like
the market’s crazy and everyone’s buying
and prices are going up
well buyer demand is still really strong
here um
and and inventory is low i mean
the basically the story continues i mean
the number of new listings coming on the
market is similar to where we were in
2019 but the difference is things are
selling at a much faster pace
um there are not as many sales happening
as we had a really big spike in the
spring um this spring 2021 because i
mean coming out of covid um so not as
many sales are happening as then but
it’s just
you know
the market the market keeps on going so
so yeah i mean i i looked at what’s for
sale there’s a 131 condos in maui county
and about 167 homes and 131 parcels of
land right now
wow that is that is amazing uh joan asks
can we see the wells on oahu yes joan
you can um actually joan i was thinking
about this we we’re going to have a
islander ohana meetup and we’re going to
do the makapuu lighthouse hike which is
like the best hike on the island and
it’s perfectly suited for whales so the
makapuuu lighthouse hike uh is the place
and joan yes you can see whales on oahu
whales are also smart they they go to
they visit all the islands they go to
maui they go to uh they go to oahu uh
they know where to go hey so look let’s
let’s before we move on to you scott i
want to announce the winner of the
contest you all had a bunch y’all see
you all saw the guesses i was flipping
them on the screen over there
the winner is bernard bernard at 75k the
actual number that they bought the
property for the four acre uh kula maui
property in 1974 was for oh wait no i
got it wrong it’s not bernard oh
no it’s it might be jim david got it jim
david got it
uh the price fifty thousand dollars so
uh quite a deal if you if you had the
foresight probably i’m gonna guess in 50
in 1974 uh here’s my guess my guess and
heidi you could confirm or deny this but
my guess would be in 1974
someone said why on earth
why on earth would anyone ever pay fifty
thousand dollars for four acres that’s
insane that is an insane price you gotta
be out of your mind that’s my guess
that’s my guess in 1974. uh but today so
those folks made out pretty good god
bless them they made out pretty good
bought it for 50k sold to oprah winfrey
for 4 million and congratulations to jim
david for the right guess did you think
that so folks those of you that we had
them like all over the map some folks
like like jessica had 189 patrick had
100 all good guesses i mean i wouldn’t
even know what to guess uh christy had
5k so uh interesting what do you think
about what do you think about the number
about 50k is that that sound right
uh so uh so did did you oh my god auntie
joyce did i miss you did she hit it
right oh my god did i hold on a second
that it so auntie joyce forgive me you
had it first i when i was scrolling from
the bottom up of the comments in my
haste to get the right number so auntie
joyce had it correct the first one who
had it right very very good you had it
right thank you for pointing it out to
even if they paid 100k for it would it
be worth it to sell it for seven million
you know i mean it’s unbelievable right
unbelievable so yeah seven million buy
it for 50 or buy for a hundred i mean
geez but but again it is 1974 right this
is 1974 so it’s a it’s that’s what
that’s we’re talking how many years of
that that’s a lot of years 40 years
almost almost 40 years so it’s 40 years
of appreciation um
i’m sure oahu homes were super cheap and
40 years ago i’m sure anyway okay
long-winded long-winded answer thanks
everyone i’m so glad you all
participated i did this is making me
think we need to start doing some
contests and some giveaways i got to
figure out how we’re going to do that uh
and then when we do the giveaways i’m
going to give auntie joyce her her just
do on giveaway scott okay long-winded
scott we’re having some fun what’s up on
oahu what’s the news or anything you
want to share real estate-wise anything
else here newswise what what what’s
happening on oahu
yeah i i go back to thinking about the
whales um i’ll never forget this it was
probably my first or second thanksgiving
here this was almost 22 years ago um you
know my family and i we used to sit out
on the beach on these picnic tables in
front of our house in puerco and pulico
drops off literally
thousands of feet deep not even a half
mile out from shore and we’re sitting
there uh we had all the everybody over
from the restaurants and stuff we’re
huddled around these tables having
thanksgiving um dinner you know late
afternoon and we see a couple of whales
with with a baby and whatnot right off
there i was our first it was an early
season for wales at that point we saw it
and i’ll never forget it to this day and
it was just it wasn’t far off the reef
it was a most amazing experience and
i’ll never forget that going back to one
of my early thanksgivings here but
as far as news wise we had um triple
crown of surfing is um it’s holding its
holding period right now so north shore
surfs up and we should be getting some
big waves uh when i moved over here in
2005 i went to the eddie aikau for my
first time they had it and i was
standing up you had to park two miles
away from waimea bay on the side of the
road walked out there were perched up
above the um above waimea looking at it
and these little ants are dropping in on
these 50 foot waves and it was the most
insane thing i had ever seen and
probably 10 000 people
in the area watching this so uh the
triple crown of surfing is holding our
holding period so this north shore surf
is here and it’s
it’s pumping and ready to go so
i’m excited for that
good story i uh scott to uh to to pile
on to your your surf stories i i have
two two uh surf
uh triple crown kind of surfing things
that that i will you know never forget
and the first one was the first winter i
had moved her which was 1984 uh i went
to go see the pipeline masters and it
was one of these you know perfect insane
pipeline masters kind of days and you
know i was right there and pipe breaks
pretty close to the shore so it was
really really cool and i was
this way and this was an 84 this was
before the thing has become what it is
now now it’s like the super bowl uh back
then you could actually find parking you
know you can actually find parking and
walk there and find a place to sit on
the beach you can’t even get anywhere
near it these days uh so that was an
incredible moment and then maybe about
about eight years later i think it was i
want to say 92 93 i forget exactly when
there was an eddie i count now now folks
the eddie aikau
invitational happens at waimea bay and
it only happens under what they call
perfect conditions so it’s got to be
it’s very rare it does not happen every
year it only happens when waimea bay has
like the absolute perfect condition in
terms of if it’s going to be giant and
writable and offshore et cetera et
cetera et cetera
so it’s very rare
and uh scott this was like 92 93
and again this was before it became like
super popular and i uh i walked out
there’s um
normally everyone kind of gathers up on
waimea bay the beach and they watch from
the beach but back then there was a
access through a property that was
undeveloped that you could walk through
and walk out to the point so i walked
out to the point all the way out on the
point and scott
it breaks right there on the point and
you know they weren’t little ants they
were like life-sized so it was
it was just unbelievable to see these
50-foot high waves breaking kind of like
right in front of you basically is what
it felt like and that was just
a remarkable remarkable experience i’ll
never forget that so thank you all for
sharing some great memories uh and you
know so while we’re while we’re while
we’re sharing some some great memories i
think what what i wanted to to do here
on this special um
really really special thanksgiving
holiday uh there’s 35 of you here uh you
folks are here with us uh spending your
time and i just wanted to thank you all
yeah you know thanksgiving is a i really
over the years thanksgiving has become a
real special holiday for me i try to
think about all the things i’m thankful
for and we all have so much to be
thankful for thankful for friends and
family and our health and the country we
the great country that we live in
especially the great country that we
live in which is what the thanksgiving
holiday is based on uh but i just i use
that to make me think about all the
things i’m thankful for and i’m really
thankful for you all you’ve you folks
have really made this fun we get the a
lot of the same people come every week
which is so cool uh auntie joyce and
joan and patrick and you know so many
folks uh kenya uh tom jessica uh you
guys come and it’s just it’s just fun it
feels like kind of a family it feels
like a family get get-together so i just
want to thank you all uh and maybe you
know uh scott heidi if you guys want to
share about you know what
hey here’s let’s do this while we’re
in the comments i’d like you all to post
the thing that you are the most thankful
for what’s the first thing that comes to
your mind what are you thankful for uh
heidi what are you thankful for
well i’m thankful for
my amazing fiance and i’m thankful that
had the courage to make a big move to
when i did it’s been the best thing
i ever did um
and at the time it was scary because you
know big change big move but
i’m just thankful and grateful that i
did that
and you know i’m so happy for you about
that heidi uh folks if you haven’t known
uh heidi was engaged uh several weeks
ago and uh seen uh at least not well
didn’t announce it on the show but
shared it with us on the show which is
really totally awesome so heidi we’re
super happy for you scott what are you
most thankful for
uh for me it’s it’s always um health i
mean without health nothing else matters
i write that at the top of my goal list
most people don’t know for me
i got a pretty beat up body i had
surgery on my right shoulder my left
shoulder’s torn i’ve had left hip
surgery i got a torn herniated
compressed disc in my back and a torn
calf that’s never going to be the same i
tore two years ago so
i i go to a personal trainer three times
a week just because i have to have
somebody that modifies
how i work out but at the end of the day
you know all the things that i try to
accomplish and push for and do you got
to have the energy for and you got to
have the health the health you know you
got to be healthy and so for me staying
in shape and and staying active is
really important so health is the number
one thing without it nothing else
yeah you know scott as uh as we age it’s
kind of an amazing part there uh uh well
jim david god bless your mom is the
weather’s at 90 out absolutely and uh uh
you know i thank you uh thank you auntie
joyce for for saying that which i wasn’t
quite ready to say yet but heidi we’re
we want to see the ring heidi we want to
see the ring so where we’ll be oh there
hold on a second let me kind of zoom in
on this there we go let me get let me
get anthony joseph coming up there
that’s it congrat well there you go
there is the ring congratulations hi
it’s beautiful beautiful love the ring
so thank you auntie joyce for asking
heidi to share the ring god bless uh
it’s a great uh great thanks for coming
in but you know scott you’re you’re so
right you know it’s you know what i’ve
kind of what what i kind of noticed is
that you know as you get the interesting
phenomenon is as you get older
your mind the mind does not age right i
don’t feel any older in my mind at all
but then when i see some pictures of my
what’s even here’s what’s even weirder
what do you folks think about this
what’s even weirder is when i look in
the mirror i see myself and i see you
know my hair color and i see wrinkles
and everything like that and i kind of
see okay you know i’m older
but when i see myself in pictures
i’m like man i look old you know so it’s
your body ages right your body ages and
it feels these things but your mind does
not and i kind of that’s an interesting
part about it so yeah indeed scott and
then stuff starts breaking right stuff
starts breaking as you get older you
know you things things creak and things
crack and it’s not not quite not quite
the way it is being
we’ve got omd it’s old man disease
where or age the other one too right
what’s what’s what’s age age
oh yeah of course yeah of course yeah
there you go okay that’s always
something hey we’re getting some great
we’re getting some great things over
here so tom kerr uh islander ohana
alumni living the american dream that’s
given the opportunity to retire indeed
living the american dream that has given
us the opportunity to retire in hawaii
love that absolutely
and hello helper love to and say hello
to alex martiner and uh uh always
healthy uh patrick you know even your
picture kind of looks like you’re kind
of healthy like you’re a workout kind of
a guy health indeed to what what scott
says okay i think we got a we have a
spammer on the on the thing we have
helper lover who’s saying hi to
everybody so i’m going to skip those
comments from now on from help or love
in fact what i think i’m going to do is
well we’ll see i may i may yeah i think
i’m going to we’ll see how this goes we
may have to block helper love depends on
what kind of help that we get in love
okay uh and uh joyce uh there you go
auntie joyce says gorgeous on on the on
the thing excellent excellent excellent
yeah so helper love thank you very much
helper we’re gonna we’re gonna say
goodbye to you uh we wish you we wish
you the best okay so the uh
anyway gang keep calling in we want to
hear what you’re what you’re thankful
for on this thanksgiving uh thanksgiving
weekend thanksgiving holiday uh i
certainly am thankful for all of you for
being here all right so gang a quick
reminder pop in all your comments we got
a couple of questions that popped in uh
jessica is here with us so we’re gonna
jessica uh morris is here with us and
jess jessica uh gave us a a really good
comment uh let me pull this up over here
really fast
uh she gave us a uh a question that i i
want to cover
uh let me get to that question right now
so we can take care of your your
question jessica okay
so here is here is the question that uh
that jessica sent us
my sister and i have talked about buying
a duplex together for years i’ve seen
some quote multi-generational homes on
oahu for sale that could fit the bill
does anyone have advice for buying a
home with a family member is it possible
to finance with two separate mortgages
or should we save up and pay cash
is our dream going to end up in a
nightmare so this is great so uh
multi-generational homes are something
that that’s real on both uh o’ahu uh and
maui so i want you both to comment on it
but since this was uh primarily uh since
jessica does live in honolulu jessica
from honolulu congratulations jessica uh
a member of the islander
islander ohana alumni that moved to oahu
and so i’d like to hear scott what’s
what advice do you have for jessica
who’s deciding on you know
wanna you know should i buy a home
together with my sister she would do a
multi-gen home what’s what’s your advice
yeah it’s funny i’ve probably dealt with
this like this conversation six times in
the last month and it’s always a
a very technical very you gotta sit and
think about it um so to answer the
question on you know cash financing you
you would you wouldn’t get two loans you
would basically qualify together get one
mortgage on the property so you could
probably buy more property together
obviously the more people you huey up
together with and
qualification standpoint the the biggest
thing to me though from a philosophical
standpoint is
you know the whenever you go into an
investment with someone or a group of
people and for example when i do my my
projects um i’ve got a 25-page operating
agreement that spells out in detail
every example what happens what happens
if i die what happens if one of the
investors died what if what happens if
an investor wants out wants to sell what
happens if something’s not going right
there’s all sorts of things you got to
think about because you are investing
together and the longer you’re in a
marriage together in that way the
the more likely your
your commonality and life is going to
change and and people are going to want
different things what happens you get
six years down the road
and one person wants to sell
and the other one doesn’t have the
capacity to buy them out what happens
you got to talk through a lot of those
scenarios or if someone does pass away
for some crazy reason or or there’s a
divorce or something and and things
start to get affected there’s a lot of
moving parts the
the simplest and easiest is always doing
something on your own whenever you add
other people especially family members
you got to be really careful to map
things out and go over scenarios and and
document them document them so you don’t
strain that family relationship when you
go down the road
yeah that’s that’s great advice that’s
great advice uh scott uh there’s all
kinds of issues to consider and it’s
kind of good that you have that kind of
experience that you can share about
things to look out for making sure that
you kind of think through all those
things in advance as much as you can
that makes a lot of sense honey what
about you what what’s what’s your advice
uh for people like jessica that are
considering you know how do we kind of
put together a multi-generational home
does it make sense should we do it how
does it work you know what are the
pitfalls what things should we be
yeah well scott touched on this but
if you’re gonna buy a property with
someone you need to get pre-qualified
and the same lender needs to look at
both of your information you can’t just
each individually get pre-qualified to
buy something
another scenario if it could work is
just have one person buy the property
and then the other person paying rent
um or some people set up a separate
business entity like an llc
um to own that property in and then
define what the terms of ownership are
um for each person so
yeah i mean i i think scott did a great
job answering that question
well and thank heidi you added a lot of
important pieces which is i think on the
qualification side about how you do it
in uh the llc possibility etc so jessica
you’re you’re here with us and i’m so
glad you are and you submitted this
question in advance uh
is there anything if you have a
follow-on question please pop it in in
the comments i’m going to share
something from joan valentine joan thank
you jonah is also a
alumni of the islander ohana uh joan is
thankful that i’m finally here and i’ve
wanted to be for so long that i’ve been
a fortunate part of the ohana and that i
beat a tastic meta metastatic metastatic
that says metastatic
breast cancer that i beat breast cancer
over 28 years ago god bless you joan uh
that’s the scott’s point on the health
thing boy you are not kidding and uh
it’s it’s awesome and thank you for for
sharing that when we’re glad that you’re
here it’s great joan’s got a great story
by the way i love joan’s story about her
her move to oahu uh joan if you want to
share that i uh but it was great anyway
tom is thankful for opportunities past
present and future yeah tom that’s the
way to look at it man i think uh um
the sense of
the sense of of gratitude i think
there’s a lot of studies that you know
you can read about that talk about you
know those uh
gratitude expressing a sense of
gratitude about things as a very
mentally healthy thing to do and so it
really it really feels really feels good
great um
again gang make sure you get your your
questions in we want to take everything
in uh let me take a quick let’s let’s do
a quick uh update over here on some i
can’t make a quick news announcement uh
so you hear me talking about uh we have
so many members here today right now
with us who are alumni of the eleanor
ohana the next cohort is forming uh
we’re gonna start in january of 2022
around the middle of january uh the
registration is open uh if you have if
you’re on the newsletter and if you uh
uh registered earlier you got an invite
but if you haven’t uh you definitely
want to be a part of that so what this
is all about like you know what what the
islander ohana is really all about is
for people that want to move to hawaii
that are serious about hawaii you know
they want to avoid disaster because some
hawaii is not for everyone it’s great
for some people not for everyone and
statistically uh
50 000 people move to hawaii every year
60 000 people leave hawaii every year
and the islander ohana is part of that
to help you avoid to find out whether
hawaii is right for you or not
we got decades of wisdom i’ve taken my
40 years
my 40 years and heidi’s experience and
scott’s experience and dylan’s
experience and we’ve wrapped it into six
courses uh that that teach you
everything that that i could think of
and teaching
about what hawaii is all about making
new friends is the big deal it’s it’s
huge uh the the biggest benefit and a
lot of the honorable ohana members here
will will attest to that is meeting
making new friends friends that are on
your same journey that are also moving
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have a cohort that meets every other
week no more than 15 people
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we get here we have meetups people get
together they have parties uh and it’s
it’s really kind of a cool way to kind
of jump start your life here in hawaii
and of course we connect you with
trusted locals as and we have a jobs
connection of course you have scott and
heidi and dylan for real estate so
really that’s what it’s all about so if
i’m gonna i’m gonna pop a link in the
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that but i need to do that and i’m gonna
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it’s a great program i’m totally stoked
it’s awesome to be a part of it and i’m
just happy as i can be that we’ve had
three cohorts going through it so far
we’ve got about 57 people that have gone
through the process and
i’m i’m very very thankful to be able to
offer that to you so
all right thanks for that uh for that
little station break and oh thank you
thank you kelly god bless you hell uh
kelly hobby bishop is a member of an
alumni of the eleanor ohana worth every
penny thank you kelly i really
appreciate that that’s uh that’s what we
try to do here all right um pop in your
questions folks again we’re gonna we’re
gonna move on i got a bunch of slides
over here if i haven’t covered anything
make sure you uh uh you let us know when
we are here for you let’s hit this one
so got a couple ones i got two two
questions i kind of want to lock these
in in together
and uh the first question is about a
teardown plan so this is from lynn who
lives in mililani lynn i hope that
you’re here today but lynn from mililani
and she’s lived there for decades
she says i’m thinking about buying a
single family property in oahu for an
estimate of about 2 million but i would
like to demolish the home within the
first few years then design and remodel
ideally a living space of about 3 000
square feet given my current aspiration
plan what’s the general framework of
steps and what’s the safe amount of
money to save for demolishment and
rebuild especially in hawaii cost
materials et cetera what are your
thoughts and suggestions on how we can
make this plan more efficient that’s
from lynn and we also had another one um
from uh from from uh karemov and from uh
han uh in uh in in wendell arizona uh
asking basically price per square foot
what’s the price per square foot uh 1500
square foot of land uh 1500 square foot
of home on a quarter acre of land so
it’s kind of like different different
asks of the same question i think the
you know the question generally is
what’s generally speaking what’s the
price per square foot to build a home
and if you guys got some sense of what’s
the price per square foot for the land
because of course we have two different
things we have the home and the land uh
why don’t we do this counter clock
clockwise uh heidi why don’t you kind of
start this one off how would you what
would be your response average score you
know roughly what could you expect to if
you’re going to build the house
from scratch on maui what’s the what’s
the price per square foot for the home
and maybe generally speaking what’s the
price per square foot of land and maui
if you have that kind of information
yeah i mean these are great questions um
i it just varies so widely
um depending on what area you’re looking
at what type of property
um as far as building i mean do you need
to get an sma permit is it in a historic
is there a cesspool that needs to be
converted over to septic do you need to
do 150 000 and just site preparation
moving rocks around to level the land
before you start building
so there’s just um
a lot of unique
um i mean a good start is kind of
identifying an area
or piece of land you’re interested in
and then
speaking with some local builders and
architects and kind of getting an idea
of budget
um i mean for a very very basic house uh
building costs in the past which
are you know probably more now but for
something very basic i mean if you want
a ballpark number maybe around 500
a square foot and that would be you know
for very basic
construction um but there’s just there’s
a lot of important considerations
um to look into
so heidi rough so yeah and again they’re
like you said you’re so right there are
so many variables there are so many
factors but if you just took a round
number of 500 dollars per square feet uh
somebody do the math for me because my
my i i can know i can only do calculate
my my calculation my math in my head has
completely atrophied due to spreadsheets
and computers and everything i do
everything on spreadsheets now so i
cannot tell you what three thousand
times five hundred is so if someone can
know what three thousand times five
hundred is that’d be great uh
that would give you about a fifteen
hundred square foot house 1500 square
foot is is one that was one uh one was
1500 square feet and one was 3 000
square feet so i can do that kind of
math i do know that 3 000 is double 1500
so heidi do you have the 1500 square
foot number 1500 times 500 that would be
about 750 000. okay thank you heidi so
1500 square foot home 750 000 therefore
a 3 000 square foot home would be 1.5
million there’s a there’s some ballpark
numbers um scott before we we go to you
i want to give a a a big huge mahalo a
big thank you to joan jones says run
don’t walk to the website and sign up
now you’ll meet wonderful people and
gain knowledge from peter that you won’t
get anywhere else thank you joan that’s
exactly what i’ve been wanting to do is
to connect you with with make new
friends meet wonderful people that are
all on the same path and that’s what the
islander ohana is all about thank you
joan thank you thank you thank you thank
you thank you scott what’s uh what’s
your response uh to lynn who’s looking
you know 3 000 square foot on oahu you
know design build and you know tear down
and rebuild etc what’s your
recommendation you’ve done a bunch of
yeah on oahu here you’re pretty much
starting off at about 300 bucks a square
foot and that’s if you’re on a level lot
the minute you start adding retaining
wall work and and site prep work and
stuff then the cost goes up
significantly but um and that’s 300
bucks a square three to four hundred
dollars a square foot just for kind of
basic construction uh costs of materials
are coming down now from the backlog
that we had during covid so it’s getting
a little more reasonable uh it bumped up
to a minimum of about 400 bucks a square
foot but then when you get into custom
and that’s going to depend on your
finishes and some of the design
components that you do you’re 400 bucks
a square foot and up the custom stuff
that the heavy custom stuff starts at
about 500 bucks a square foot over here
and goes up from there i even i remember
talking to someone not too long ago who
is doing some construction work down at
kukiyo on the big island which is that’s
where like the biggest collection of
billionaires are and they’re at like
1200 bucks a square foot something
ridiculous so
that kind of gives it gives you a range
uh and a lot of it comes down to what
kind of architecture you’re putting
together in sight work um
as far as the price per square foot you
know i do i do a fair amount of it
that’s a bigger mainland kind of
question we don’t do it as much here um
there’s all sorts of factors i mean if
you’re oceanfront you got to take into
consideration the linear ocean front
frontage that you have some are half the
size of others and having that wide or
linear square footage uh
you know
effects value significantly not to
mention property size um i would say
you’re probably in the 100 to 250 dollar
square foot range for
for vacant land that’s kind of an
overall general and then it can skew
much higher than that
and it’s interesting the smaller the lot
the actual higher the price per square
foot it gets and hawaii has a lot of
smaller lots so
yeah that’s i i didn’t really think
about that but but you’re right
especially i know certainly on oahu
those those smaller light the price per
square foot is actually a lot higher
right on those small compressed
properties because if they’re dense
where they’re in the location urban
urban proximity et cetera et cetera yeah
yeah what’s what’s the math on a 1500
square foot lot like there was actually
a 1500 square foot lot that that i
showed as the diamonds and deals not too
long ago and if the lot’s 600 000 right
what’s the price per square foot and
that’s through the roof right it that
doesn’t make any sense so yeah yeah
indeed indeed it does not make any sense
so so uh lynn i hope you’re with us uh
but i think it was a good it was a good
question i think that that uh scott had
mentioned uh offline that it was it was
a good question i’m glad that we had a
chance to cover it is there anything
else that you want to add to what was
no not really i mean it’s it’s an
excellent question and it’s it’s one of
those things that
would kind of be worked on individually
based on what your goals are and the
areas you’re looking at because you know
as i’m sitting here i’m just thinking of
more and more considerations and factors
with permitting and
ccnrs and different neighborhoods that
really determine
what kind of house you can build i mean
some subdivisions in conipali in my area
you used to be able to buy a pretty nice
lot for
three four hundred thousand but then the
ccnr’s require you to pretty much build
a two million dollar home on that lot so
and and and honey excuse me a ccnr
stands for what
cc and ours are gonna be the
covenants and restrictions of a
particular neighborhood so when the
developer develops a subdivision they
agree that the neighborhood’s going to
have certain rules and it’s really to
just create um
a way of living a look of the
subdivision of what type of homes they
want to build there so
i mean if if you’re
buying into a particular neighborhood or
it can be convenient because often
utilities everything’s already set up
for you
versus where you’re buying somewhere off
in the wilderness i mean you might not
have any water you might have to set up
your own catchment system but of course
you have to be aware of
whatever the restrictions and and rules
are of the particular neighborhood
a lot of our neighborhoods here on maui
require you to actually
use a contractor who is licensed in
hawaii to build
so not all neighborhoods would allow an
owner builder permit
if that’s something you’re looking to do
anyway um a lot of variables a lot of
variables man that’s a lot of stuff to
yeah uh
to me just
it kind of really says man you better
hire an expert you better hire someone
who’s done this before who knows what
they’re doing scott go ahead yeah you
know that’s really i mean heidi brings
up a great point that’s really
interesting i mean like even hawaii
lower ridge when i look at hawaii low
ridge or where she was the gal was
talking was mililani there’s probably
not as many restrictions there hawaii
ridge has not only view channel
restrictions but oh you have to have
like 14 points on your home meaning you
can’t just have a box all these
different variables that come up and
it’s interesting i’ve i had this
conversation with someone not too long
ago because i just went through this
vacant land sale ag land on top of that
which complicates it and we were in and
out of escrow multiple times and the
biggest issue was
the people the agents that were bringing
the buyers the agents didn’t understand
construction and they didn’t understand
ag lots
so not only do you have this okay i’m
gonna buy this property what you know
what can i do on the property if if
your agent doesn’t understand all those
components man it gets to be really
difficult a lot more challenging to move
move that thing through the sale process
if for example they wanted a 45-day
inspection period to go what do you need
a 45-day inspection period i can tell
you where your site plan should go based
on how this lot is this is where your
utilities would come through
but because the agent hadn’t gone
through that and and the buyer has fear
of the unknown now you got to bring in
all these other different experts that
are going to that are busy right now
that are taking a lot of time so we
ended up having almost a 90-day closing
on this vacant land because of the
complexity that goes with construct
building on a lot you know it’s not just
the lot that you’re buying
yeah man i mean it’s kind of funny and
uh uh jim uh jim david is commenting
here uh same here in california beach
areas i mean jim california is notorious
for all kinds of restrictions on
of you know of you you name it uh of
ccnr’s to uh to heidi’s point uh and and
that plus government uh requirements etc
so yeah these are the things that you
know make this a complex process and
again i i just keep thinking to myself
man you really need to have an expert to
kind of do this stuff because uh
otherwise you know
good good luck uh and uh over a thousand
square feet for several years yeah i
mean this is this is kind of where this
is where it kind of gets us this is
where we’re at with all the various
overheads uh that people have to deal
with overheads and requirements heidi to
your point for example you have that a
licensed contractor is who’s in hawaii
so you’re you’re carrying you can’t do a
design build or an owner builder kind of
a thing that’s not a possibility all
kinds of things that that drive up the
price all right so hey gang a quick uh
just a quick reminder send in your
questions we’re we’re past the halfway
point we’ve got about 15 minutes to go
or so uh let’s kind of since we’re
talking it’s been a great show so far
really really thankful for the show that
we have today and thankful that you all
are here with us let’s uh why don’t we
do this let’s get to our diamonds and
deals is the fun part i like to diamonds
and deals is where we kind of i’ve asked
heidi and scott to bring properties that
they feel are inspirational or
aspirational diamonds or deals or both
uh and so it’s kind of fun so let’s take
a look and see
see what we’ve got over here so all
right so this is um this is like a
beautiful property so what’s this hi
honey this is a kula maui three bedroom
two and a half bath uh for 1.3 that’s a
deal heidi what what do we got here
so this is a single family home up in
kula and a neighborhood called kulamanu
it’s close to schools um stores shopping
it’s in a neighborhood it has some
pretty incredible ocean and haleakala
views you can see
in the upper right-hand corner
um all that seating at the landai
looking out to the ocean and
the mountains beyond yeah excuse me
heidi i gotta say that’s such a cool
shot i didn’t quite recognize that until
you mention it it’s like
everyone’s got like front row seating to
look at haleakala in the ocean view
that’s so cool i love it
now is there a sunrise or a sun
sun would there be a sunrise that they
would see over there i can’t i can’t
place it right now but anyway it’s
amazing sorry heidi
yeah i mean this this house is pretty
it also it’s the lot’s over 10 000
square feet there’s fruit trees there’s
a terrace garden so it’s it’s great if
you like gardening um you can see there
you have a two-car garage
um and then on the bottom right hand
corner there’s a jacuzzi on the lanai as
well so i think that’s a pretty cool
feature a covered jacuzzi
so this is it’s a diamond and a deal
this is a diamond deal fruit trees you
know um
i i want to kind of make a quick comment
on food let’s let’s leave the property
so people can see it you know fruit
trees are so
fruit trees are so cool in hawaii
heidi i don’t suppose i don’t expect you
to know what specific fruit trees there
are if you do please chime it in
so first question for all of you who are
watching do you have any fruit trees on
your property if you do pop them in the
comments i’d be curious to see what
fruit trees that you’ve got um but you
know there’s
you know a city kid you know born in
to live be living in hawaii enough for
most of my life it is there is nothing
cooler and i mean nothing cooler than
walking out to your yard you know
extending out your hand
plucking a fresh
perfect mangle off a mango tree and
eating it right there it’s just
it’s the simple pleasure in life that
i’m so thankful for it it’s incredible
it’s heidi scott i don’t know if you
guys have any you have any fruit tree
have any fruit tree stories i i just
love that that’s my favorite
and you wanna go ahead scott we used to
have uh two two avocado trees actually
it was funny we used to have two really
great avocado trees in our front yard
and i used to have the big picker and
would pick them out and it was close
enough to the fence which was funny
as as i started to get to the point of
being ripe and whatnot you’d cut i’d go
out to the mailbox or whatever and i’d
look up and the street side of the tree
would be bare
everybody that would walk by would come
by and pick avocados and stuff and the
inside of it where we would and there’s
more than we could ever eat
we’re just in abundance and i would get
out there with the picker but they they
were the big and creamy they were
amazing avocados but
and the neighborhood loved them too
they would yeah that that’s so scott
that’s a great point because like it’s
technically legal to pick fruit if it’s
overhanging in the public site so if
there’s a fruit tree which overhang on
the sidewalk it’s you know and it’s
hawaii cultures it’s also yeah you know
go right ahead because there’s like you
said scott there’s plenty more than you
could ever have i think with the same
kind of avocado tree scott these they
were these big huge or like footballs
man they were giant you know and they
were creamy i remember one time we had a
birthday party had off our backyard was
full of family and everybody walked away
with a case of mangoes i mean a case of
a case of avocados everybody walked away
with a case of avocados it was amazing
heidi i don’t know if you have any
favorite hawaii fruit stories or or not
that you want to share
well i have kind of a funny story about
earlier this year i was representing a
buyer who was purchasing a house in
and there was an agreement regarding
this mango tree in the backyard that any
of the branches that went over into the
neighbor’s yard the mangoes on that side
belong to the neighbor any of the
branches inside the property line belong
to that property owner and this had to
be disclosed and talked about during the
it didn’t appear on the title report but
we did i think we did have to sign off
on it
now that’s that’s funny and hey we
that’s now that’s funny heidi and it’s
it’s kind of in the agreement
because the neighbor wants the mangoes
that’s so funny right you know man goes
i got i don’t know about you folks but
uh in in uh on my on my wife’s family
side mangoes are like fighting words
we’re like fighting over mangoes man
like who’s who’s gonna grab the mango i
mean we get into arguments over this you
know wrestling uh over mangoes uh kelly
kelly’s got uh kelly is a bought a
property on the big island a banana tree
wow kelly banana trees lemon coffee star
fruit two types of oranges coconuts man
that is amazing how cool is that how
cool is that uh auntie joyce uh is
chiming in 50-foot avocado tree papaya
mango lime lemon coffee tangerines are
now trying to grow cacao trees for
chocolate wow i don’t eat avocados but
my neighbors love me because i give them
buckets full yeah that’s the other thing
too isn’t it the other thing that’s so
cool about uh uh neighbor neighborhood
uh a backyard fruit trees is as you were
saying scott
is way more than you could eat you could
you know there’s way more than you could
eat and so of course what do you do you
bring some to your neighbors you share
you bring excess fruit to your neighbors
uh we have neighbors with these lemon
trees and these lemons are just the
most unbelievably juicy lemons we i mean
i compare the store-bought to what they
got it’s like
at least three times the lemon juice for
the same square foot same cubic inch
same cubic inch fruit three times the
juice and it’s just amazing to get that
in of course we share our mangoes uh
things like that of that nature so it’s
that’s another cool cool court wonderful
part about hawaii is a sharing of excess
fruit so thank you auntie joyce and
thank you kelly for for sharing those
great stories
uh excellent let’s move on and show a
scott’s property here uh let’s see what
do we got here oh man scott waimanalo
home let’s let’s hear it
yeah i struggled this uh for trying to
pick a property for this one there were
actually quite a few that have just come
on the market that were like awesome
properties on the island uh but the kind
of the view and the nostalgia of of this
beach for me won out and um so this this
home is about it’s not on the beach it’s
probably three houses back from from
waimanalo beach and i used to work out
every saturday morning with a group of
people right out there on what uh
waimanalo beach at seven in the morning
we sun would be coming up you can see
molokai in the distance and stuff just
an amazing place talk about the perfect
gym you can’t beat it and the gym
membership was free
but um this house is a little more than
eighteen hundred square feet but it’s
six bedrooms
and it has a a kind of a separate
cottage um so you know you could rent
that out or you uh you know have
guests and family come and stay but it’s
on over 11 000 square feet beautifully
manicured has a nice pool you walk out
your your front door it’s been renovated
really well that picture in the lower
right corner is this kind of
covered entertaining area outside where
you can hang out with friends and have
the tv and everything so you got a ton
of space there
and then and then you’re just a quick
walk down to the beach and
and i show this because waimanalo is
kind of country living but yet you’re
really close to kailua kailua’s one town
over you got ag lots that go up against
the mountain area over there but you can
see just
you get the dramatic of the cliffs there
with waimanalo and then you got this
gorgeous beach and it’s just an amazing
that is an amazing property i mean um
you know my my my favorite uh when you
talked about waimanalo and you can see
i remember one night uh we were at um we
were camping with some family on bellows
beach which is just down basically just
down about a couple miles down at most
uh from where this picture is so same
beach same geography same everything and
we’re camping out and it’s late at night
and we’re looking out over the across
the ocean
and you see these little little lights
the little lights way in the distance
and i’m like we’re looking at it and
like hey you know what
that’s molokai that’s either or maybe
maui but like you know you could
actually see not only can you see you
can see molokai as you said scott uh you
know on a clear day you could definitely
see molokai at night you can see the
lights uh which was really really stuck
out to me for some reason we were we
were doing crab hunting uh crab hunting
on the beach with with a bunch of kids
it was just a great point scott this is
an amazing property and and i think uh
on the on the right-hand side what scott
was saying folks is something that’s
kind of a very common thing that people
do here they they create this sort of
outdoor covered la it’s a it’s a giant
lanai is what that is our patio it’s a
giant lanai that’s covered and so that
opening part that’s not a window that’s
just a true that’s just an opening to
walk out into the rest of the backyard
and of course scott was using about
these lanai so people i’ve seen this
like again well we did it with our house
so people will create this covered lanai
and then they’ll decide to close it off
and make it like part of the house so
they’ll like where that opening is
they’ll they’ll put a wall there and of
course after they’ve put a wall there
what what are they going to do extend
another lanai outside of that so there’s
a lanai extended from a lanai and you
have like multiple lanais and patios but
uh it is it is a beautiful property
scott thank you uh for sharing that yeah
i think this is also a good example of
how you know the homes less than two
thousand square feet but with that
covered lanai area where you’re gonna be
hanging out what is that thing probably
five six hundred square feet there
that’s not in factored into the interior
square footage yet you’re gonna spend a
lot of time there that’s the epitome of
of a lot of hawaii living the houses
aren’t don’t necessarily have to be that
you create a space like this where you
come outdoors and come into nature
there’s a pool right off the side there
and you’ve taken your lifestyle right
outside and you know weather is good all
year round so why not yeah and it’s kind
of funny right because you look at that
the way that places uh the way this this
photograph is is furnished uh you know
that looks just like a big living room
it looks like a family room right looks
like a regular family but it’s but
literally it’s an outdoor room it’s just
covered right but you’re basically
outdoors which is
it’s what makes one of the things that
we are so thankful for on hawaii right
we’re so thankful that we have this uh
jessica chimed in thanks jessica uh a
islander ohana alumni i have a mexican
lime tree on my lanai but our friend has
an avocado tree together we almost have
guacamole there you go jessica yeah that
is that is totally cool so so jessica is
that is that your tree that you have on
lanai like a little like a like a little
sort of a bonsai kind of a a lime it
must be i’d be curious to kind of to
know about that jessica just went
through uh uh she’s got some furnishings
for her thing hey scott you know real
quick i want to circle back you
mentioned something about earlier you
you touched on it you said that um
um the price of materials is starting to
come back down to earth is so no longer
so that that four by eight sheet of
plywood that was like worth a fortune no
more huh you should have sold when you
could have yeah and the interesting
thing that i just ran into was an
insurance issue where you go to renew
your homeowners insurance and your
homeowners insurance is up 25 and i
called my insurance company what the
heck’s going on here and he’s like it’s
price of lumber man if we got to replace
your home it’s gone gone crazy so we
waited a little bit and then
recalculated it and the numbers had
already come down to my insurance
redoing my insurance had came down also
it’s a little tip trick there
wow uh so if you’ve had life if you’ve
checked my life insurance if you’ve got
home insurance that’s gone up you may
not re refactor that re-examine it tom
popped in tom popped in a question tom
kerr thank you tom good to see you buddy
tom is also an alumni of the islander
ohana does hawaii have green space
zoning rules that limits how much of
your land you can build on wouldn’t that
limit endless lanai building yeah you
can’t have endless no matter what
whether there’s limits or not when you
can’t have those but anyway but i’m sure
there are uh heidi let’s do heidi and
then scott on tom’s question heidi is
there what what are the greens i’m sure
there are what do you know of what the
green space zoning rules are in maui or
or does it vary or how would you answer
that yeah there i mean there are
limitations depending on
what type of zoning you are like how
close you could build to the edge of a
when eyes are
are a way that i mean people don’t
necessarily get permits to extend
lanai’s often
um so it’s kind of an easy way to extend
your living space like if
for example um in an agricultural area
if you’re on a
a lot that’s been cpr’ed and you’re
limited to a thousand square foot of
interior living space because you have
that cottage portion
of the cpr people will build a thousand
square foot cottage
to comply with the zoning rules and then
build another thousand square feet of
um so it’s it’s interesting
yeah it’s always important to know i
mean what the what the zoning rules are
yeah and i’m sure there’s all kinds of
ways to bend that rule too because you
could probably extend the lanai right to
the property line if you don’t cover it
up to the property line so scott must
know more about that scott what not know
more about that but scott can add some
more about that scott what’s your what’s
your answer to tom’s uh green space zone
and rule question yeah i think here we
break the rules rather than bend them
or we do both
um yeah actually there’s a couple of
components on every island is different
for zoning so you need to check per
island for oahu there’s there’s what we
call a floor area ratio or far
there’s a calculation that you have to
do that’s based on your lot size then
they just passed about a year
two years ago based on monster home how
much of your lot has to be permeable
meaning uh can’t be a solid surface it
has to be able to absorb moisture into
the ground they don’t want people
concreting their entire properties it
causes flood issues
but to your your point about
side setbacks and things like that the
reason that’s there is so people don’t
build to their property line your house
catches on fire it catches the
neighbor’s house on fire kisses the
neighbor’s house on fire i ran into that
on the big island i had an investment
property where this uh
this guy had added on to my house i had
to go to court to do a summary
possession to get rid of the guy and i
have my contractor over there he had
done a bunch of damage and um he had
built out to the property line and it
had gotten it was dangerous and you know
that that liability was actually going
to come back on me so yeah there’s all
sorts of issues or sorts of rules and
whatnot and then the question is do we
follow them because most a lot of people
here in hawaii will especially with a
covered lanai you just extend out and
you don’t get the permit for it so you
can have the space that you want
and and you know it’s it is a it can be
sort of a pseudo temporary structure so
you know that if you have to bring it
into compliance if you get caught if you
get busted whatever you know it’s not
that big of a deal to kind of
whatever tear down that covering that
you may have built it’s not that big of
a of a thing uh but yeah
great thank you tom thanks heidi and
thank you scott for answering so uh gang
uh pop in your your final questions
we’re gonna we’re gonna bring this to a
close here we’re gonna kind of have our
our closing thoughts um
why don’t we kind of start it this way
so scott since since we just got through
hearing from you i want to kind of let’s
uh heidi why don’t you give us your your
closing thought
to help close the show today
well i as we were talking about the
recent sale to oprah
that the seller had purchased
um in 1974 i was reminded of one of my
favorite real estate quotes and it is
don’t wait and buy real estate buy real
estate and wait
love that love that and and the folks
that bought that property for 50 grand
uh can can attest to that my goodness uh
you know say hello to auntie joyce i
stay safe my friends gotta run and get
our tree put up or lose my husband for
the day put the tree up we’ve uh part of
our uh my my wife and i are our empty
nesters now and we’ve got my my wife is
just this my wife is this amazing
efficiency machine so we got our we got
our christmas decorations down where
everything is kind of like just right
and we were done in 20 minutes it’s like
man it’s great and the house is festive
and decorated etc uh kinaya who’s a an
alumni of the owner ohana any single
family homes left on oahu under a
million scott any single family homes
left on oahu under a million yeah the
median price is a million so
half are below half or above
well there you go canada uh get we we
got your nut we your your number is on
one of those homes can i hope to see you
hope to see you again soon i uh i had
the pleasure of meeting kenya at makupu
beach at our first uh islander ohana
meetup and that was a lot of fun scott
what’s your closing thought
i just uh to continue on the thankful
portion is just thankful to you peter
because for putting everybody together
i’ve met a lot of really great people
through the islander ohana and
uh it’s just a great connection and and
great group of people and lots of fun
yeah thanks scott
and uh i thank you i appreciate that and
it’s it’s really
it’s you know it’s kind of funny when
you start these things i guess here’s my
closing thought my closing thought is
you know
start with a dream dare to dream and
follow the dream that would be my
my closing thought can i a score that’s
you know because when i when i started
this whole thing right this living in
hawaii thing that i started so long ago
it’s been five or six years now you know
i kind of didn’t know exactly where it
was going to go i knew kind of what i
wanted to do i want to make i wanted to
take sort of my experiences and my story
and kind of put it into a collection of
websites and classes and videos to kind
of share and and uh help people that
were in my position trying to move to
hawaii to come over and i would have
never dreamed of the way it has turned
out it has gone far beyond my
expectations and the the ohana has been
one of the coolest thing one the most
unexpected things right i never i never
thought that
i knew you know i didn’t conceive of
this but it kind of turned out that way
and it’s really really fun it’s this
great group of people and it’s growing
uh and it’s a family it’s truly an
islander ohana so thank you all very
thank you all again thank you so much on
this thanksgiving holiday thank you for
being a part of it thank you for being a
part of my ohana thinking of being a
part of our ohana love seeing you folks
every couple weeks
and uh i am going to say my goodbyes now
and then let’s go clockwise let’s go
scott and then uh heidi say your goodbye
aloha folks have a great thanksgiving
holiday weekend
aloha everybody happy
um happy holidays and
thanks for thanks for joining us
aloha everybody have a good weekend see
you in two weeks
see y’all in two weeks thanks guys
thanks honey see you all later aloh