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Show Start 9/30/22
New feature: Kanakapila
Let me start your music player with Heart
Hawaii News and Market Update as of 9/30/22
Big Island Market Update 9/30/22
Oahu market update 9/30/22
Marry the house – date the rate
Race for ARMs – adjustable rate mortgages
How to “Buy Down” a mortgage rate do reduce a monthly payment
What are ARM rates these days?
Why are coffee yields down and prices going up?
Coffee prices at farmer level hardly increase
Are trees harmed if coffee cherries aren’t picked?
How will industrialization change the Kona coffee industry?
What kind of coffee tourism is there in Hawaii?
Life with coffee trees in the backyard
Heidi is missing out on the coffee chat!
How to show respect for the local culture in Hawaii
Listen to people – don’t talk about yourself
Local culture – No Grumble
Importance of correct pronunciation
What “I’m humbled” really means on social media
Learning Hawaiian language vs. correct pronunciation
Oahu mountaintop home 5/4ba $2.45M
Big Island 23 acres $1.5M
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Show Transcript

well Aloha kakahiaka hello everyone good morning uh that’s what aloha kakahiaka
means it means good morning in Hawaiian uh today September 30th 2022 and you have joined us live on the Aloha Friday
Hawaii real estate show welcome everyone uh let me bring in my my friends over here we’ve got uh do I don’t know if I
need to unmute you guys or not yeah I I muted you guys before we we started but see okay all right so we got we got
let’s see here we got my friends there we go we got start uh Scott startsman who is joining us from Oahu
and we got Dylan nonako who is back welcome back Dylan who’s from the big on why don’t we kind of give a welcome to
Dylan uh we’re doing a mic check this is like the first five minutes we’re warming up we got uh Jim over here who’s
joined his first man in line filed closely by Joan another glorious day in paradise indeed it is it’s a beautiful
day today and Joyce Anthony Joyce is with us happy Aloha Friday auntie Joyce great to see you Kelly is uh Kelly is uh
Kelly and Joan are both alumni of The Islander Ohana great to have you guys with us Tracy Tracy Tracy we got a Tracy
I got your question you’ve you gave us the question of the day today so Tracy thanks for joining us Pat is with us
Patrick hey from Rally North Carolina dude uh uh uh God bless I hope I hope
all is safe and boy the fact that you’re joining us when you’re in the middle of a hurricane that that you get some kind of an award for that dude you you get
you get an award for that I don’t know what to say thank you okay all yes yes auntie Joyce uh it’s set excluding
myself sexy handsome men yes thank you absolutely uh and Tracy you uh you got
it so Dylan let’s warm up these microphones Dylan what’s going on buddy welcome back hey it’s good to be back
yeah I had a couple of weeks of uh on a trip and then some army training to do so I’m past that but yeah I missed you
guys and that’s super stoked to be back we’re just another beautiful day over here in Kona we’re you know gearing up
for the Iron Man next week and so there’s uh people in Speedos all over town all over the roads uh everywhere
and it’s going to be a little bit different this year they’re actually doing it on two separate days to be Thursday and Saturday they’re doing
women on Thursday and then men on Saturday so it’s going to be kind of a longer event
um and more uh it’s just good it’s good to have town full again you know and seeing lots of people and uh that’s
something that we’ve missed the last couple of years yes and uh and men in speedos I I that’s
that I I that that’d be that’d be something that you know I’d be looking forward to myself just kidding uh
Barbara is with back with hey Barbara welcome back Aloha will be visiting Oahu soon only we’re moving it that’s that’s up to you Barbara that’s up to you Scott
give us the uh mic check how are things over there what’s going on what’s the shirt what’s the background what’s happening
Lots going on it’s actually a great day I don’t know what’s going on with the fashion now but I noticed the board
shorts are even being made much shorter they’re not Speedo style but they’re getting a lot shorter than that it’s not
I I wear mine I wear the longer ones but I did my best uh Triathlon impersonation
this morning by getting out and doing a swim and I gotta say give a shout out to Patrick and Christy they brought me this
uh coffee mug and some really good goodies from Germany all the way to Germany so we finally got to meet we
closed on that property they bought probably about two months ago and so they’re over here and we finally got to
meet so got uh got to spend a little time with them that was nice congratulations how how cool is that
congratulations it’s kind of the culmination of of their dreams and all the work that they were doing great I
hope I hope he joins us today I want to kind of celebrate that and well he’s probably well now that he’s now that
they’re in Hawaii uh it’s not that early but hopefully they’re sleeping in on a Friday you know nothing better than
nothing better than staying and nothing more than being in bed still at 9am am that’s for damn sure uh hey Judy welcome
back Judy is also an alumni of the Eleanor Hana Aloha Friday welcome back to the great great I’m so glad that you
are with us as is everyone else um let’s see the uh uh uh Heidi okay so
Heidi is uh gang in case you’re wondering where where Heidi is she’s got some technical issues that she’s working through I we I didn’t have enough chance
to kind of uh put my my geek on uh to help her out but uh hopefully she’ll be able to join us she’s having some
technical difficulties with her her equipment and I’m not sure what’s going on so hopefully uh she will be joining
us all right uh looking it’s uh it’s just about that time why don’t we kind of let’s get the ball rolling over here
and get started I got some uh some fun things okay so first everyone all right so the so the first folks that
are here are gonna you’re gonna have a chance to to test out my uh my new feature so here’s here’s what we’re
gonna do so y’all inspired me at at our last exciting episode two weeks ago uh
we I I we fell on to something by accident but now we’re gonna do it on purpose so I got something planned for
You So the plan is called kanakapila kanakapila is a a figure of speech in
Hawaiian which basically means uh a jam session so if people are getting together
um Dylan and Scott don’t know this if people are getting together right for for a party when you get together you
know if you can have a dinner and whatever you know at some point in the evening everybody kind of pulls out the ukuleles and whatever anyone starts kind
of jamming right they start jamming with songs and whatever that’s called kanakapila um and so
so we’re going to start doing a what depends a few folks like this or not we’re going to do a kanakapila feature
of the show which at the beginning is going to be a chance to kind of play some Hawaiian music so here’s how this
is going to work get your uh get your Siri ready get your Alexa ready or get your Google
ready because I’m going to play some mute I’m going to turn this thing on to play some music for you and we’re going to kind of pick different music each
week all right so get that all ready so here we go so um hmm
Alexa play music from the band Pure Heart
okay and now we’re going to talk to we’re going to get you Apple folks is hey Siri
play music from the band pure heart and then finally for all you Google folks
Okay Google play music from the band Pure Heart all
right and so so let me know how all that goes uh it is uh Pure Heart Is to give you some quick background here uh pure
heart is one of my favorite local bands uh just great music a lot of uh Jake
shimabukuro started there who has now become sort of a virtuoso uh with with ukulele that’s kind of where he got his
start uh great band great lyrics let me know what you think about let me know if it’s working let me know if it’s working and uh let me know what you think about
the band and then you know you know Dylan and Scott uh I’m kind of thinking uh over the weeks like I want to get
your guys input you know who you know who’s your favorites let’s kind of pop it in there and kind of see if it works we’ll kind of make this a regular a
regular feature so oh there we go okay see it’s working so kinaya Alex is playing Barracuda by heart man enjoy it
they’re they’re such a cool they’re such a cool band uh yeah Kelly’s got it all right excellent all right this this is
there’s a built-in new feature man we’re gonna start you know we’re gonna start playing this is kind of kapila right you
get to Listen to Hawaiian music uh while while you got it see Judy’s got it going to excellent exactly Mission I can’t let
me get my so you can see my both thumbs up mission accomplished mission accomplished is what I wanted all right
uh let’s get some news going on over here uh and this thanks for thank you all for helping you all inspired me
actually to get that new feature going so I really really if it wasn’t for you you know folks I wouldn’t have thought about that so okay uh let’s get some
news here today so first of all I uh you know do you have like certain signs of
the Apocalypse like you know it’s joking of course right so like if I go into like one time I went to Costco and they
didn’t have a Greek Kalamata olives for like the first time ever and I thought oh my God this is a final this is a sign
of the Apocalypse so surely there was a tongue-in-cheek joke but there was a a
breakdown of the uh of the the cream the cream custard filling machine for Molly
for uh Leonard’s malasadas and I took that as a sign of the Apocalypse this is the clearly an indication of the end of
the world Leonard’s malasadas won’t have custard fillings in their in their in their malasadas what will we do now and
in fact they actually said it’s gonna take three to four weeks to arrive so it made a couple of headlines and I thought to myself yes sign of the Apocalypse uh
we’re gonna kind of quick over uh over the the the uh the things there for for Heidi the the Maui uh Heidi we we uh we
miss you you are here with us in Spirit uh Maui whale season has started and the Maui uh median uh prices dipped under a
million dollars which is kind of a big deal and in a way I suppose I mean I’d like to get Heidi’s realistic I’m just
the layperson here that’s looking at this uh you know we’re at I think one point we’re at 1.2 I think for the media
now it’s it dipped under one what so uh Coastline Coastline Retreat so there’s an interesting story about the coastline
let me kind of dig this one up here to kind of share it with you so looks like there is um
and there’s a fair amount of uh sort of controversy going on right now uh and uh
on ahu’s North Shore there’s a bunch of homes that you know basically they’re uh
the the they’re losing their front yards and you know in some ways the homes are gonna uh I don’t know what’s gonna
happen exactly but they uh and and so what’s going on is like there was a story a couple months ago if
y’all recall this about a home that fell in literally fell in the water because it had all the land had eroded in front
of it uh this is now happening to a lot of other places where the lands eroding they’re trying to figure out what to do with it and it’s against the law for you
to put anything up that blocks that process in order you can’t put sandbags up you can’t put rocks up you can’t do
stuff that blocks that natural process and so there’s running and they’re running to some controversies on some problems and there’s apparently a new
law that says the setback has to be back even further so there’s gonna be a mess over here and I’m kind of curious what uh Scott uh when when we go around I’d
like to hear what uh what your take is on this and then finally uh this is again you know Heidi we’re missing you
because I had all these kind of Heidi topics here today but anyway uh you’ll be back I’m sure coffee prices apparently on the big on man third are
they their their yield is down by something like 30 to 40 percent uh less yield of coffee so uh in that that can
mean only one thing is that uh coffee prices are going to be going up so uh that’s the that’s the quick Roundup of
the news that I want to share with you all so why don’t we uh why don’t we do this why why do you why do you think
that is why do you think the yield is lower for coffee does anybody does anybody have any guesses on that oh okay
all right here let okay thanks Dylan uh impromptu everybody what’s the cause what’s the underlying cause of the of
the yield what’s the underlying cause everyone of the lower Coffee Bean yield
what is it throw it uh take a guess throw it in the throw it in the comments I want to hear about it uh and then
right before we go to you is Jen Jen is today is my move day to the Big Island
waiting at sitting at Seattle waiting to take off wow how cool is that how cool
is that uh keep us posted uh Jen that’s totally awesome uh uh and uh Andre’s Andrea’s got a a
congressional uh manner over there we’ll kind of see how that works okay so I see Scott using the mic there he is yes yes
that’s it Scott is using the mug uh and are you in the condo right now this is
so cool we’re so glad that you guys are here uh attending it you made it you did it you guys did it you guys totally did
it so uh Dylan why don’t you give us some of the uh uh some news on the big on and hold off on your on your answer
because I want to get everyone’s kind of feedback and we’ll kind of see where it all goes what’s the cause of the drop in 30 to 40 for coffee beans on the big on
Dylan give us uh let’s let’s see I gotta wait I got you know I did this work for a slide I need to kind of show the darn
slide so a market update give us a market update Dylan give us a uh what’s going on on the big on what’s happening
in the market anything you want to share yeah well things have I mean things have slowed significantly right I mean that’s
that’s definitely um across the board pretty much everywhere but you really got to dig
into the data and look at what what it’s doing to really take out some nuggets on
you know what the implications are and what you should be concerned about because uh realistically
um what’s all what’s happening the short story is we’re going back to pre-covered levels of sales so I don’t think the sky
is falling um this is a correction that needed to happen we were we used to sell about 5 000 properties a year on the big
island in 21 and or you know between in the covet years kind of 20 to 20 early 22 we were we were doing about 7 000 a
year so I mean a ridiculous increase in the number of properties that we’re selling so that’s pretty much what’s
happening that’s what I’m telling everybody is we’re just going back to where everything was in 2018 2019
um which was a totally cool great Market you know it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t fire fiery red hot but
it was a totally normal Market you know plenty of transactions happened um so we don’t have any that much to
worry about the the but even even though we’re still way off from where we used to be right so like right now
if you look at some perspective if we look at a year ago there was like like under 1500 properties on the market on
the big island today there’s about 2 000 so there’s a pretty good increase in the number of properties but normally
there’s between three thousand and thirty five hundred so we’re still in a very low inventory Market if you look at
historical averages and if you look at um months of inventory which is kind of
the the way you calculate you know if it’s a seller’s or buyers Market we’re still at like three and a half months of inventory and until you get above six
months it’s still a seller’s market so still a good time to sell um probably no better time in the last
24 months to buy because there’s a little bit more inventory there’s way less competition everybody’s freaking out so they’re putting their head in the
sand um and you have some choices and you have some ability to negotiate you know days of paying over list price and giving away all your rights are over if
you’re a buyer so um I I wouldn’t sit it out was the days of days of pain is that
what you said the days of pain are over oh the days of pain over list price so my my ears heard days of pain p-a-i-n
it was it was pain
yeah that’s what I thought I thought it was those and they’re just a funny you know funny
takeaway is I have I have Agents come into me and asking you know these are
these are like newer agents that have you know just maybe two or three years in the business they’re like hey my I have a listing that’s going to expire
what do I do they’ve never had a listing expired before and I’m like oh that’s
cute you know we gotta deal with that we could extend it or we could cancel it you know so it’s just funny perspective
on the Cycles so so okay so I’m kind of I’m hearing that
we’re kind of slowly returning back to what it was we’re actually not quite even there yet and way off I mean we’re
still what’s the 60 normal inventory levels so we’re not at less than 50 like
we were for a while but we’re still at like 60 percent okay so it it so therefore it would be a
good time to sell it would be a seller’s market because the market is still relatively speaking tight compared to what it normally is
um and what I didn’t hear what I did not hear is that there have been like you know
significant price drops yeah Scott can speak to law prices are
up median prices are up from a year ago four or five percent so it’s still pretty we’re still up on median price the media price actually went down a
little bit if you look at the last couple months so there might have been a little Spike and things are things are tapering off but in terms of if you look
over year over year growth you know we’re still on average above median price from last year
and I don’t see that changing really you know when you talk about about selling the big thing sellers got to understand
in this market is the market has changed if you price your profit your price your property properly you’re still gonna get
an offer on the first day or potentially multiple offers if it’s if you’re trying to price it five or ten percent above
you know where it should be that properties are sitting and then you’re seeing the prices come down back to where they should be before they sell
so you’re you’re and so basically your original advice way back that that you gave which is price you know price it
correctly price at market and let you know price it correctly and let the market uh fine-tune it as opposed to
come up with some kind of crazy price uh a crazy high price and and hope that you’ll you’ll get it that kind of still
seems Seems to apply great absolutely hey actually hey you know before we get to uh Scott I just want to kind of Play
Everybody’s uh guesses so that we can kind of get the get the ball rolling over here um so uh so Kanaya says a shortage of
workers uh uh auntie Joyce says uh leave for us it’s ruining our crop Kelly says
drought uh and not enough workers uh uh Jones says Joan says drought uh so those
are those that’s kind of what the the running thing over there so that’s what’s kind of happening hey I want to give a quick shout out to TB TB says
aloha Hawaii real estate gang Mahalo team no naka Dylan Andrew and the rest of the team are on top of it under
contract and moving along excellent excellent excellent well done uh happy to hear about that TV uh great great to
know and uh uh Jen Jen says virus okay Jen says virus so as she’s waiting at
Seattle to board the airplane man Jen congratulations again on your move there’s nothing better and uh Patrick
and them have it too there’s nothing better than the one-way ticket man buying the one-way ticket to Hawaii that
is like the best all right uh Scott give us the update what’s going on with Oahu and news updates Market Etc what you got
for us yeah I mean Dylan’s talked quite a bit about it I mean the news to me is the
the Federal Reserve announcing that they’re going to get really aggressive with inflation and interest rates jumped up for one day
they jumped up above seven percent which is the highest rate in the past 20 years the historic average is between seven
and eight percent so you know that’s going to continue as interest rates go up that’s going to continue to eat into affordability
that’s going to remove buyers from the buying equation people are either going to have to either stay in place or or
rent and and the worse the interest rates go up the more they go up the less
sellers who have a two and a half to three percent interest rate are going to move and I did the calculation on this
and you know in January of this year we were right around three percent at the end of last year we’re like 2.75 on the
interest rate if you took the difference between 2.75 on a million dollar mortgage and then you look and then you
calculated it at six point seven five percent which is where rates are right now it’s the difference per month of
twenty four hundred dollars so interest rates are going to have a big impact on
what’s what’s going on moving forward but as Dylan said we’re severely restricted on the inventory and you’re
gonna the worst rates get the more people are going to sit in place I’d talk to an escrow officer the other day
I said hey what do you see him he said 80 of my files are cash buyers and the
reason being is because the people with cash are trying to put their money in a place to hedge against inflation which
Real Estate is one of those and Hawaii is a great place to buy so you you know we’re seeing still having sales go on
and and we’re so restricted here on Oahu that 50 of our homes are still being bid
up over the asking price um so there’s competition in the average list of sales price ratios 100 right now
for sellers so they’re on average getting what they’re asking for so buyers you may see a lot of news in the
marketplace that’s negative and yes we’re decelerating I’d call us in a real estate recession but it’s going to be
like Dylan said a correction not a crash and um you know um
yeah I mean aside from that I it’s it’s sellers have to be
they got to be more realistic you’re having to do repairs you’re having to Stage your home you’re having to get it
prepped and properly price it and you’ll get you’ll get competition and you’ll get a good uh a good price point it’s
the dogs that don’t aren’t moving it’s the problematic properties that will sit and be negotiated on I call the cupcake
properties those are the ones that everybody likes everybody loves a cupcake that looks nice it’s refreshed
it’s new looking those will fly off the shelf pretty quick so just like they used to right isn’t
that the I mean it’s always the case right the cupcake Zone the dogs don’t right I mean it’s always the case yeah
even in 2008 2009 when I would see and that was the that was a really bad
market right and I would see some of these properties that had like unique features or unique lot position with
unique view channels things like that they’d go immediately even in that Marketplace because those properties
aren’t readily available and people were willing to pay for them and they they come with demand it’s um it’s the ones
that have have issues that have challenges that people can’t work around and get around or they limit the upward
potential for Value that they sit yeah interesting you know um uh so it’s
I it okay so thanks for bringing all this stuff up you guys and especially Scott uh the uh that’s uh I didn’t you
know I mean you got to do the math but which is it yeah it’s basically on a million dollars there’s twenty twenty four hundred twenty four hundred a month
right two weeks ago we were at six percent the difference between six and seven is it’s over 600 a month in a
mortgage payment that’s significant that eats into affordability and and here’s the interesting thing so everyone that
wants to wait till the rates get to the top and think the prices are going to pull back the same there’s market
research out there that says for every one percent that the interest rate goes up properties pull back four to six
percent now the problem with that is a one percent increase in the mortgage is actually the equivalent of 11 price
increase so if you’re waiting for interest rates to get to the top your mortgage payment and you’re getting a
mortgage your mortgage payment is going to be more tomorrow than it is today
well you know I mean that that speaks to the whole idea which is a big uh sort of a No-No in the stock market uh is or
Investments not not the stock market but if you’re if you’re kind of a long-term investor trying to time the market right
you can’t you know Market timing never works now maybe if you’re kind of a real estate Speculator and you know you’re
not watching if you’re a real estate Speculator you’re not watching this program because we’re not about speculators um but for the long term that’s you hit
the nail on the head like all the projections that we’re looking for for Acquisitions are five to ten years you
hold time frame ten ten years is what I’m running on right now is that hey we’re setting us up for a 10 year old if
you’re in the if you’re a flipper you’re not gonna you shouldn’t be buying now if you’re in the short one to two year three year time frame you should you
prep you better be really careful because there’s too much risk in the marketplace it will correct itself and
it will get into an upper projection but you yeah you need to be more of a you need to have the mindset of more of a
long-term hold otherwise you got to be careful I mean I mean here’s the funny part and
I hate I hate to say it because it’s such a common term but the best time to buy is right now and that’s always the case right because I mean at the end of
the day at the end of the day making a better shot over here look at the end of the day it seems to me that you’re
you’re unless again if you’re a if you’re an Institutional Investor or if you’re you know if you’re fixing Flip or
whatever you’re not watching this program you’re not watching this program because this is not what we’re talking to right
we’re talking to people that that want to you know to Dylan’s words and want to live the dream in Hawaii what’s it all
about what’s kind of going with the market and the simple truth of the matter is if you’re planning on living
and if you could do it do it you know I think Heidi had a great line so you know the best time to buy is when uh is when
is when you can afford it and uh and you need to or something really really basic or slightly qualified but it doesn’t it
doesn’t really I don’t know if I’ve said this before right but the Mantra the Mantra is Mary the house State the rate
right I don’t know anybody I don’t know anybody that
and date The Raid right so if it’s if it’s your house if
it’s a house that you want to live in you want to be in there forever marry it right but I don’t know anybody really anybody who’s ever bought a house
and paid the same interest rate for 30 years right everybody either refinances or they sell her they sell and they
upgrade and they downgrade or whatever they’re gonna do right so the mentality of I’m gonna buy it and I’m gonna get
locked into this interest rate and pay on it for 30 years is completely the wrong mentality like I would love to I
don’t know what the national statistics are but if you if you just go in your circle of friends and your personal experience do you know anyone who’s paid
the same interest rate for 30 years it just doesn’t happen so that shouldn’t be a deterrent right it’s not a realistic
deterrent on how how people actually uh pay a mortgage over the long run that’s that’s why God made refinancing
service that man we all do yeah well right and that’s why we were
talking about now we’re going to move into an arms race where people are going to be getting arms instead of the
30-year fixed because the arms are shorter your shorter periods the interest rates lower your monthly
mortgage payment would be lower that’s a good way to do it I I don’t do 30-year fix at all because of what Dylan just
said it I think the national average is like every five years people were refinancing so why why would you the
third all your mortgages are interest loaded on the front end and principal loaded on the back end so why pay the
higher rate you can get the you know the 10-year seven-year arm you know as long as that reaches the
goals that’s where you got to sit down and do some some planning because there is risk to that right but that’s the
arms are are probably going to be a very half my clients right now are doing arms because of this because they’re trying
we’re trying to get that rate lower and we know we’re not staying in the house for 30 years we’re staying there for
five to seven okay we do a 10-year arm Etc you’ve uh you’ve you’ve married the
house and date the rate I I like that analogy yeah and one and you know one more strategy that you know we’re
advising sellers to consider right now and buyers to ask for is you can still buy down a rate right you can you can
pay it you can pay a percentage at um towards your your rate and maybe bring it down a point a half a point three
quarters a point you got to work with your lender and see what their options are but instead of asking for a price concession of a house you know ten
thousand dollar price concession in a house you could ask for or as a seller you can offer to buy down the buyer’s
rate for them give them a credit to buy down their rate and if that’s really a stumbling block or something that’s putting them on the cusp of qualifying
for that that loan you can reduce their monthly payment like Scott was talking about you know buy five six hundred
bucks sometimes depending on the size of the mortgage but that’s something that you know if you’re smart strategically and you kind of understand that you’re
working with a good lender and a good realtor you can you can work around that stuff and come up with a solution to to
overcome that objection of the rate being a big problem would you would you explain just a little bit I I lost you
when you said buy down the rate you can make a deal what is that yeah you can you can usually pay up front like a
point you know like like a percentage point of what the mortgage would be so if you’re getting a 600 000 mortgage
you can pay like six thousand bucks up front towards your It’s A lender cost right but they’ll reduce your interest
rate because you’re basically paying for it up front right so you buy it’s called buying down the rate so the published
interest rate isn’t necessarily like what you have to pay there’s there’s deals you can make in negotiations you
can make with your lender to actually pay an upfront cost to get your rate to be lower
there’s deals you can make with them maybe Scott can explain it better than me it’s called it’s called negotiating it’s
called negotiating with the lenders like what do I need to do to buy you know can we and the technical term is buy down the rate right can I buy down the rate
and they’ll say yeah pay an extra X thousand uh up front or whatever put a bigger deposit or whatever the whatever
the lender is going to want to do there’s there’s certain things that you you can do with unleaded you know Jason popped in a quick question what are the
arm rates nowadays uh for Hawaii uh your typical Hawaii Bank like a Bank of Hawaii you know a typical Hawaii lender
Scott Dillon you guys got an idea yeah so they’re they’re actually because rates have been moving in volatility
everything’s been so volatile lately they’ve been all over the board but between about half a percent and one
percent lower and what’s interesting is actually like if you look at jumbo loans which are going to be a portfolio loan
or other portfolio loans they’re lower than the conventional rate mortgage interest rate which is the inverse of
what it normally is so um yeah they’re you know look around we we’re actually even talking about because the
conforming loan rate is getting ready to go up we’re actually talking about we’d rather take a jumbo loan which is
typically more money down harder to qualify for and whatnot and get a lower rate than doing the conventional rate
right now on some of the investment properties so so is there a number that is is there a
number that you can throw out uh to Jason for an armed rate like an actual kind of a number or yeah so when I
looked this morning the 30 30-year fixed was about 6.78 and the arm was 6.1
to whatever the market rate is right so it’s going to fluctuate as the market rate goes up it’s going to go up but
it’s like could you know could be up to a point lower and they changed two to three times a day so
so the so the rule of thumb is up to a point lower give or take this one in this case there’s like three quarters of
a point right uh or or so right so basically Jason you’re looking at a point below give or take a point below
whatever like a 30-year fixed might be something to that effect right that kind of what that Bond right okay all right
good all right okay so so Dylan I I am dying to know we’re all dying to know uh
what is the what what is the cause uh yeah uh Jason Buddy you you got it man
we got you covered Jason is also an alumni of The Islander Ohana so welcome Jason uh good good to see you guys and
uh good luck on on the finance you’re in good hands you know that right of course Dylan okay I’m dying to know man what’s
what’s what’s the Dylan what’s the the the Dylan underlying cause of why that where 30 they’re 40 down on coffee
production I think everybody’s uh everybody’s right oh there’s definitely we definitely have some
issues we always have uh biological issues right the the boar Beetle the coffee rust all kinds of stuff like that
but the Big Driver is workers and it’s not because people don’t want to work here it’s primarily because of
immigration and during the kova years we couldn’t get people from South America and other
countries to come here to pick coffee and so that’s that’s what’s really caused a shortage in the yield is it’s
it’s not that there’s less coffee on the trees because there is nobody to take it off the trees and process it so there
was a lot of trees you saw over the last two years the last two coffee Seasons you see a lot of you know black rotten berries on the trees because the the big
companies couldn’t get people here to actually pick coffee a lot of them come from the Philippines they come from South America
um you know unfortunately third generation coffee Farmers like me don’t pick coffee anymore right so we got we
gotta get people from other places to come and pick our coffee so this is an interesting thank you Dylan
okay gang so the basic answer is yes there’s always there’s always biological issues beetles and junk like that that
kind of blows up coffee but this one because of kovid we couldn’t bring in enough immigrant workers and I guess they’ll uh please pardon my ignorance
here of the of the of the of the worker kind of pattern but I’m assuming that there’s some immigrant workers that have
brought harass under some kind of sort of temporary legal temporary work Visions yeah work visas you know some of the big
companies actually have an immigration like department they have like on staff immigration attorneys that help
facilitate this right because they know every year they got to bring people in for three months right so it’s it’s complicated but that’s been the way
they’ve solved having a shortage of workers here they just got to bring people in and when countries were shut down and you couldn’t travel and that
was way more restrictive it really had a secondary impact on on bringing those workers in
that is uh uh that’s an interesting interesting fact well gang are you surprised as it does this make sense is
this something that you thought about or not thought about this I’d love to get all of you of your feedback on here uh
let’s let’s let’s move on over here so gang if you got um you know what’s another problem just one other kind of
you know tidbit on that is that the amazing thing about coffee prices is at
the farmer level like for some reason inflation doesn’t apply like I I feel like it took forever you know like when
I was a kid it was like a dollar a dollar fifty a pound and it took forever to get to two bucks a pound this is for
like cherry red cherry off the tree and right now like maybe top dollar you can get is like 250 225 for a pound of
coffee but it’s been that way for 10 years right so that’s something that makes it really hard too from the farmer level is if you’re if you’re growing the
coffee unless you’re taking it all the way to finished product which is a whole nother huge operation you gotta have drying
racks you gotta have Roasters you gotta have bagging machines all this kind of stuff um it’s very hard for it to to make
sense so a lot of the small farmers you know like my family if you’ve got one or two acres of coffee you just let it go
you don’t even deal with it anymore because it’s not worth your time or effort to be picking coffee for two bucks a pound you mean you know you
might make like three or four thousand dollars a year off of it you know it’s a ton of work to to prune to fertilize to
weed control all that kind of stuff and so we’re really moving towards like everything else industrial coffee lands
like they’re buying up huge pieces of Ranch Land thousands of acres and then planting huge rolls that you can be easily mold and easily picked so the
coffee industry is going through a very big change right now from what it used to be just like the wreck there’s like the
rest of of AG I mean and this is this is a a process of Agriculture that’s been going on for actually if you really
think about it if you in the broadest sense if you think about it this has been going on for at least a hundred
thousand years if you think about it right it’s right it’s it’s a 100 000
year process that is just at the at the current state and that hundred thousand year process is making agriculture more
efficient right uh it you know I I learned that in fifth grade um uh uh Andre uh says hey I guess Dylan
from what you’re saying it does not harm the plant if the cherries aren’t picked they just they just go through their
natural process they they they they rot they fall they whatever they become
little trees etc etc they just kind of do Natural Things what’s going to be interesting about that is is what
happens long run to the quality of the coffee right so so for for many years really up until 10 or 15 years ago Kona
coffee was a compilation of many small farms right Lots you know one to maybe 10 Acre Farms Family Farms all over the
the Kona Coast and they would have co-ops so they would all pick their coffee they’d go to one central location and that location would buy it all and
they would do the the next level of processing and so there was some diversity right every Farm was different
kind of different areas different elevations different care you know all those different types of things and now
you’re gonna have more uniform a more uniform product right where you have these massive industrialized Farms with
thousands of Acres where they’re getting the exact same amount of fertilizer exact same process so it’ll be
interesting to see does that change the the quality taste you know because it’s
going to be two different products I mean it’s the same kind of plant but anybody who’s done agriculture Knowles I mean you could have the same exact
tomato planet different Gardens and two different you know totally different products could come out of it so
um yeah we’ll see It’ll be another 10 or 20 years to get that figured out but the days of the small farms are coming to an
end you know I was uh uh so auntie Joyce has got a cool comment here Chris does coffee harvesting to give gifts to
Mainland friends he doesn’t even drink it well that’s that’s a and you know thanks uh their auntie Joyce for sharing
that because you you inspired me to kind of think about Dylan there’s is there some kind of a there’s got to be and I’m
sure there is some kind of a tourist kind of industry going on we’re like you know the way like I know like for
example I know that um even on Oahu around uh Halloween uh
people go out and they put they pick their own pumpkins they’re in the pumpkin patch I know on the mainland you go and pick your own strawberries are
they I’m sure they’ve got to have things on the big gun where people kind of walk up into the property and they pick their own berries or something like that I
would think oh um not necessarily picking it but we do have many um like agritourism Farms
where they they’ve set their small farm up to be more of a tourist attraction where they have they’ll show you the
whole process right they’ll show you the drying rocks they’ll show you the roasters and then at the end they take you to the gift shop and they sell you their their Estate Coffee from that farm
so that’s one way that more entrepreneurial Farmers have figured out how to survive is you can’t just rely on
picking the coffee you got to have some value adds some tour Revenue some revenue from your gift shop where you’re
also selling baked goods and other things like that so that’s definitely a thing for sure there’s there’s a lot of farms that are doing that
but there’s nothing at least as far as you know that’s the equivalent of you know come
on our farm come out to our farm and pick your pick your own coffee berries
not really because I mean that’s a it’s a long process right I mean like it’s a couple of months between when you
actually pick the coffee very and then when you actually drink the coffee because you gotta you gotta dry it you gotta take off the parchment you gotta
yeah you gotta let it sit as green bean before you roast it I mean there’s a whole I mean it’s a very long complicated process it’s not like a
strawberry where I could pick the strawberry no yeah you’re you’re eating it right
there in the middle of the field right did you do that with the coffee exactly exactly but hey hey Kelly so uh
Kelly is a member of an alumni of The Islander Ohana Kelly you’ve got five coffee trees are you are what are you
doing with them are you letting the berries kind of rot like Dylan was saying because they don’t have workers or five trees easy you kind of pick your
own and you’re wrong what you definitely can do my mom had done this for years right no matter where my mom lived in little you know regular residential
neighborhood should always have a few coffee trees and you can if your coffee trees are healthy you can get maybe get 10 pounds a year of of cherry from the
tree which after processing you might get one you know one pound one and a half pounds of roasted coffee at that
point so you can definitely sustain your own coffee drinking lifestyle in most cases you know with a small yard and a
few coffee trees and you can it’s realistic to process coffee on a small level by yourself it’s kind of hard to
do it on a large level so like you can take coffee beans off the tree put them in an old
um pillowcase and then run them over with your car and that’ll that’ll pulp all the coffees go back and forth over
the pillowcase with your car and it’ll pump pump all the coffee then you take it out you can throw it in you know in a tub and then you can separate the pulp
from the the beans um and then do the soaking in a little tub and then you can have a little drying rack and you put all you know so
you can you can do that on like maybe for five pounds of coffee right but to do it for 50 now you gotta have a much bigger operation right to do it for 100
pounds you got a bigger operation so yeah man that sounds like a that sounds like a coffee growing boy who grew up in
a coffee growing family that’s what that sounds like to me man we got the folks you got you all got the real deal right
there from a kid who grew up I I heard the kid grow growing up there with Mom mowing back and forth over the over the
pillow in the with the car that’s hilarious I love that I love that uh that’s and then you can just and then
you can just roast it in your oven in your house and your house smells like coffee for two days right so you don’t actually have to have a coffee roaster
you just put them once it’s totally dry you just put them on a baking sheet and you can roast coffee in your oven
you know Tracy is like we need a whole show on how to do this I’m telling you man this is going to be
the coffee we make startup uh the Aloha Friday coffee Edition man because you know I’m a coffee coffee nut my my
coffee nut so to speak no no pun intended thanks thanks Tracy uh and uh uh Jason Jason says I go through a pound
of coffee and I’m on a Monday there you go yeah excellent so so Kelly says she’s
still learning the process but I’m more of a tea person I you know uh Kelly the
only solution is to grow a tea tree whatever that would be grow some tea planter or or whatever hey I want to
give a quick shout out to uh Aloha Aina Riley welcome back good to see you welcome I’m really glad that you’re with
us I’m glad you had a chance to kind of to to jump on uh you know it’s it’s amazing yeah right Judy too bad Heidi is
missing all the coffee Chad this is gonna this is sucking I I feel bad about this but you know it
it is what it is Heidi you are missed you are missed not a okay Bob I’m glad you’re enjoying it uh not a coffee drink
but this side discussion you know sometimes we go like off the rails man we go off the rails and uh but they’re
good rails I and Bob I appreciate you uh sharing because uh last thing I want to
do is have everybody board uh bored bored sick and then have to leave all right let’s move on thank you Bob for
that next slide please next slide please all right hey gang so look uh if you’re
um get this light over here look uh if you got here I mean this is better okay look hey if you got here through the
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there’ll be places you could put in your your email address get on the newsletter you’ll get the invites it’s all right want to give a quick thing uh the next
show is gonna be we’re gonna skip a show uh I’m gonna be off Island on that uh that week uh so I won’t be here to kind
of broadcast and the next show is going to be on uh October 28th so the next the
normally scheduled show for the 14th not gonna be here and that’s also to you Dylan and Scott and Heidi uh not gonna
be here we’ll be around and the other one so uh uh we’ll see you guys then okay so uh here’s the thing uh with that
all being said I wanted to kind of uh share with you all our our big question
and this one came from Tracy so thanks Tracy this is because of you really really every you know there’s all I’ve
get all kinds of questions every so often get like a really really good one and this is this is a really really good one so I wanted to kind of bring this up
for our big question the topic to kind of chat with and again I’m really bummed that Heidi’s not here because I love
Heidi’s uh uh uh uh Heidi’s uh the way she contributes the way all of you could
contribute so the more the merrier but um anyway so here’s what Tracy says what can tourists do to reassure the native
local Hawaiians that uh that are aware that we come with respect for the land
the people and the culture so I thought this was great uh thank you Tracy for submitting that that question
uh they so I thought what was interesting about this right was that uh uh Dylan uh and Scott you know we’ve
always talked about a bunch of times about you know the way to get along in Hawaii is to is to you know respect the
culture embrace the culture uh not impose sort of your ways on the on the local ways we’ve always we but we’ve all
said that and that’s been a consistent message so Tracy’s question is is a good one because like okay well okay great
what does that mean what would tell me what what to do what do I do to to to
sort of show this respect that we come with respect for the land uh Pete uh
people and and the topic yeah see Jen great topic right it’s an exact it’s it’s a great topic now we talk we you
know I must say uh because because Judy says this uh if you’re not in The Islander Ohana get in on it and we are
going to be starting up our next cohort we do talk about this in depth in depth on the Eleanor Ohana but for those that
are they haven’t uh joined our cohort yet what do you do why don’t we do uh
let’s start with let’s do Scott first Scott and then Dylan so Scott
what do you say when Tracy says what do I do what do you do Scott to demonstrate this
respect you’re muted unmute your mic first that’s the first
thing you do uh well the first thing that someone does is they take their shoes off at my
front door when they come over um you know part of it is learning the cultures and and you know doing the
study and to understand what some of those cultural aspects are such as taking your shoes off at at somebody’s
front door when you come over um you know that’s that’s part of it to me
the other component is just having self-awareness uh a lot of times I feel like you know people have blinders on on
what they’re doing and and they aren’t really self-aware of their impact on others we are in a small small island
where you know if you look at a map where a spec on that map out in the middle of the Pacific you know so we are
in tighter Quarters here um and the vibe is more laid back so when you do come to visit you know be
aware of your surroundings be aware of of how others are acting but what you
know one in particular is if you go to visit someone at their house you take something with you some kind of gift
food drink Etc that’s a that’s a big one um to me it’s you know studying and you
know trying to learn what some of those cultural aspects are and being very respectful of them and being self-aware
there’s nothing worse than you know a self-absorbed person a lot of that to me comes with common sense but someone told
me the other day common sense is something that’s not necessarily common anymore so
well and and not just not just that but uh self-awareness self-awareness
if someone lacks self-awareness they’re by definition not self-aware so by telling someone you should be self-aware
who’s not self-aware they’re not going to get it like what the hell what the hell is your problem uh but uh okay so
so some simple straightforward takeaways right uh take your shoes off before you go into someone’s house that’s that’s
simple you know really straight uh straight sort of stuff and then the other one is when you go to someone’s
house bring something Judy uh Judy has a great story that she shared with us about uh doing that and it was it was it
was a very touching one so Judy I’m thinking about you now it’s just what Scott’s saying uh your story okay easy
we’ll come back and if you have some more that pop in in your head because you know Scott what’s interesting about it right when you’ve lived here for like
you know the majority part of your life you kind of you it’s like the air that you breathe you take it for granted you
don’t you don’t think that oh yeah slow down the car and let people go in front of you when they got their signal on as opposed to speeding up and closing the
Gap so that they don’t go in right that’s but but you take this for for granted Dylan what do you tell people to
kind of how do you how do you show what’s what do you say a Scott’s completely right I mean it’s all
about self-awareness and if you and if you’re and if you’re aware of it if you’ve been asking the question you’re on the right track in my opinion and
something um to consider to show it right is is to ask I think that’s that’s a very
important thing that sometimes people don’t do is just having the humility to maybe ask in a situation if you’re not
sure what the right thing to do is and 99 of people you know will gladly share with you what the right thing to
do is right or when you go to a when you go to a beach if you see a local or you see a lifeguard hey just ask you know
should I go over here is it okay go on those rocks what are some protocols that I should be aware of um I think about this is my personal
example is is I love Jiu Jitsu right and I do that regularly here but whenever I travel I
try and go and drop in and train at a different gym so I can learn from other people and get that experience of you
know folks that are outside of my circle but the first thing I always do when I get there is I either ask the professor or the guy that’s in charge ask them hey
is there any specific protocols I should be aware of because I want to be respectful of their culture right their gym their the way they do stuff the way
whatever whatever it is and but you know some places they want you to do they want you to actually you know take
alcohol and wipe your feet down before you go on the mat you know other places there’s a certain borrowing protocol whatever it is but but unless you ask
and you have the humility to to to want to gain that information people aren’t going to offer it off they’re going to
tell you once you’re wrong right once you’ve done the wrong thing so I think that’s a that helped having that self-awareness and just being open to
asking and being being humble about it is is definitely the first step because there’s no way somebody can write a book
and tell you everything you need to know it’s going to be different from family to family area to area you know everybody there’s subcultures within the
culture one of the cool things and maybe you can Google this and throw it up on the screen is
um the the local Iron Man athletes put out this one page thing called the polo
pledge and Pono means righteousness like the right thing to do right it’s that that’s a portal means in Hawaiian and
they put this out and shared it with all of the visiting triathletes just to give
them a bullet pointed list of the way they should conduct themselves things to be aware of ways to be respectful and I
thought I haven’t seen that before I thought that was a really cool idea that the local you know traffic leads tried to do to help prepare and
just make the impact in the community a little bit easier right because there’s so many people that complain about when Iron Man comes here so that’s you know
stuff like that being aware of that and taking it to heart is definitely the first place to start the Pono pledge you
know I did a quick video it’s online yeah yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna find it because
I I did a quick check for that but I’m gonna look around well you know my only complaint about the about the the triathlon is is the is the Speedos the
other than that because I think it’s perfectly fine I think these tomatoes are just trying to no just I kid I kid I
kid hey uh uh no it I think look uh you know one thing I want to ask look
there’s there’s a bunch of you right now that are on that are uh alumni of The
Islander Ohana can you share uh and throw it in the comments so I can throw it can you share uh with with Tracy some
stuff that you’ve picked up that’s meaningful to you like for example Judy gave a a great one uh this this goes
into this is the self aware this is the the self-aware category listen to people you don’t need to talk about yourself
yeah so that’s like a big right a big thing a big thing about local culture is
you don’t talk about your well the only way that right Dylan the only
way you talk about yourself is in a self-deprecating mode the as the only
acceptable way to talk about yourself you can’t say I did this and I did that no you say I screwed up yeah not so hot
yeah you know I’m the last minute I’m the low man on the totem pole uh that’s that’s the thing
um and so that’s a big big deal so uh so thank you are really good on related to that right
is is a local scene is don’t Grumble right Grumble is like complain right and I noticed when I traveled other places
there’s like cities like the cultures you about everything right digital the traffic and this and that and this
and that and like here it seems like that’s like really frowned upon like you don’t go to somebody’s house and then
complain about something right stay positive talk about the good things and that’s normally how discussions happen at a party or at a gathering right is is
we just have a more positive culture and outlook on life and I think that’s one mindset thing is nobody wants to hear
you grumble so no grumbled no Grumble there’s even there’s even like it it got a political
twist to it we had no vote no Grumble that was another thing right that went around that there was a bumper sticker a
little bit far away uh so uh the the um uh one event was from TB volunteering
enjoying local Service Group participating in local projects good way to assimilate to their own huge huge big
big thing find your passion and volunteer for it no question now kinaya thank you can I I so appreciate you uh
putting your comment in because it’s currently my my favorite comment uh my favorite thing to oops my favorite thing
to do here we go uh that’s the one learn to pronounce some things correctly okay
so this is like I’ve been into this because I just added a course on The Islander Ohana on how to correctly
pronounce Hawaiian words not how to speak Hawaiian that’s like really really hard but at least to correctly pronounce
Hawaiian words to me that is a a Tracy if you want to
like because Tracy also mentioned that she uh lived on Maui about 22 years ago and she’s visited maybe 15 times since
then it’s been a burning question for me learn how to pronounce Hawaiian words correctly because there is nothing
nothing is more obvious that you’re that you’ve not taken the way than for you to
like butcher Hawaiian words if you butcher Hawaiian words that says You Are Holy in in the truest sense of the word
holy meaning Foreigner you are a foreigner you have not pronounced though and this is a kind of a universal cultural thing no matter where you go
right if you go to France and you try at least to pronounce the French words correctly the French will
like it but if you kind of americanize and butcher French words they’re not going to be happy um so uh thank you Kanaya for bringing
that up that is huge huge huge huge huge uh Jen give back visit for three weeks
yep that’s it uh Feed the Homeless clean up Etc that’s that’s that’s what you do uh auntie Joyce complain about the Iron
Man crowds at crowds in traffic left California not a fan of not a fan of Speedos either but remember George no no
Grumble right with no Grumble no Grumble except for the Speedos we we can do it for the for the Speedos uh Tracy staying
humble giving back yep uh just on the bin for the first time fell deep Aloha spirit so moved and humble by yeah
that’s that’s based and humbled is is a good is a really great local word right humble humility I’m humbled
um you know having a true sense of of humbleness uh although I have to Riff on
this for just a moment I’m gonna riff now so riff start the rift period uh what I love on social media is when
someone said I’m humbled by this award I was given that that really means I’m really proud of it that means I’m really
proud uh or when someone says I’m honored I’m so honored and so humbled that means I’m super proud of myself but
I can’t say I’m proud that is my that’s my my thing about social media so whenever you see someone say on social media I’m humbled
that means I’m proud I just can’t say it um if you really want to give Pride you
give to someone else you could give to someone else but not not if it’s you it’s you’re just bragging Aloha spring
show respect for people and traditions yeah so Andy Joyce the question is yes we know that how how do you show respect
how do you show the Traditions right how do you do that that’s the question uh lay still saying love Dillon signs stay
humble uh stay hungry yes uh and uh Judy uh be Grumble no grunt yeah be humble no
Grumble that’s it that that’s it Judy did you just did you come up with that that’s like a damn good bumper sticker
be humble no Grumble I like that bumper sticker Judy bumper sticker bumper
sticker uh the hungry Park could always mean learning and growing yeah exactly it’s it’s it’s what it always means so
excellent when that’s how it always means that’s certainly what it can be so Tracy hope you got some good stuff out
of that uh okay Judy copyright that quick copyright that I that’s like man I
that just kind of Judy be humble no Grumble no Grumble be humble that man
make that a t-shirt Judy make make that a t-shirt make that a bumper sticker copyright that be home on the Grumble
right right exactly she who laughs right exactly um they’re reminded to learn the language
really okay I want to make it this yes it is uh they’ll remind it to learn the language is really important it’s not
the language per se because really there’s a small group of of native
Hawaiians that that speak that speak the language natively that’s an extremely tiny percentage you really no one I
should say no one but really the grand overwhelming majority of Dylan you were born and raised here how much do you
actually speak Hawaiian term like a sentence zero I mean I know you know I know 50 Hawaiian words so when somebody
says I could decipher what’s going on but it’s mainly it’s the pigeon stuff right that you always use Paul you know
stuff like that that people um right commonly used yeah but I but garen’s better sentence together I can’t
put a sentence together yeah exactly I can’t yeah really quote no one does effectively yes there is a group that
that do speak the native Hawaiian language and it’s God bless them for it in their schools that are Hawaiian immersion there’s there’s a movement
it’s growing for for sure but the majority the overall major already the coach no one speaks and you know no one
will start a conversation with you in Hawaii go ahead Dylan here’s a yeah here’s here’s just a little anecdotal
example of this my son the other day tells me that he’s he’s really not liking one of his classes and his
teacher and I’m like you know why and and he says because he he refuses to pronounce kalakahe properly like the
other high school right and and I get I guess he went into he this guy went into some rant about how he’s been here for
like 30 years but he just doesn’t he just doesn’t want to pronounce it properly and it’s just my son finds that very disrespectful right like it’s
there’s no reason other than your personal opinion to not want to learn how to say the other high school’s name properly and so it doesn’t it’s
regardless of his ability to teach or his knowledge of the subject or the classroom environment like his attitude
is what’s you know turning my son off and changing his educational experience right so it’s something as small as that
where just a bad attitude you know it’s um very interesting look it’s not it’s not small it’s not small at all it’s
huge right because what that teacher is basically saying is so how with you yeah yeah right that’s what the teacher is
basically saying go ahead Scott well and there’s nothing that says you’re either a tourist or an fob fresh off the boat
then then when I hear someone say hewa Beach instead of Ewa Beach and the
reality is it’s fine in the beginning but if you if if you move down there and you say it the same way for five years
then that’s your lack of willingness to conform and learn and and that’s where people will start to have a have an
issue and that’s a lack of humbleness at that point exactly exactly so so yes Tracy the
pronunciation that is hugely important look I uh and it’s kind of funny because and it’s it’s such a giveaway right
because I just had a conversation uh the other day with uh with with someone who’s lived here uh you know more than
40 years right been for more than four years and we’re talking about this and then the other thing and he says yeah you know I I went to Ala Moana beach
park I’m like dude it’s not freaking Ala Moana it’s Ala Moana you freaking Holly
it’s Ala Moana how could you keep how could you be here for all these decades and still say Ala Moana it’s like dude
that’s so wrong it’s Ala Moana damn it you know uh anyway so it was just kind of funny because it was a dead giveaway
the point is it was a dead giveaway it’s a dead giveaway that this this person has you know has that not sort of really
really embraced it uh so so that’s that uh your son is she who laughs says your
son is right the attitude and disrespecting the school absolutely uh more caught than and taught okay more is
caught than taught there you go I think there’s there’s another that may be the other side of the maybe maybe you and
Judy need to get together and kind of start collaborating on like t-shirts like the front says no humble big Rumble
and the other side more is caught than taught that I love that that is that is great but uh yeah so pronunciations are
important and you know there’s there’s a there’s a bunch of pronunciations that um that we kind of you know take for granted like kalakawa right everyone
says kalakawa or everyone says Waikiki well technically speaking that’s not
correct it’s kalakawa right it’s not
kalakawa it’s kalakala but no one says no one says no one says that but it that
is technically technically but if somebody went to you and said hey I just was walking down it’s like oh man that
person they they got it they got it right so anyway all right uh uh anything
else anybody wants to share let’s see I think I got everyone’s comments on this uh on on anything if anybody if you got
more stuff that you want to share gang throw down there I’d love to kind of help out Tracy and and all of us frankly uh because the you know we we need to
kind of the more that we could uh you know we all kind of want to you know we all want to kind of want to be a part of what’s going on over here what we want
to do with Hawaii is important oh my God it’s five minutes to go holy crap I didn’t realize the conversation with
that fat all right so we’re gonna have to go quick let’s get the diamonds and Deals really fast uh uh Kate Scott while
I Ridge New England wow what this is beautiful uh you’re muted
I forgot to do that um yeah it happens to me all the time no I love I love this home so I
previewed one that was just up the street very similar floor floor plan not too long ago but I love this Ridge and
this and I thought this property kind of really embraced kind of what the ridge perspective is in the sense that that
view right there you’re looking out down that’s actually going to be waileaiki Ridge is the next one over that you can
see you’re looking down into uh one Valley and then you can see cocoa head sticking out at the point in port lock
and whatnot and and that’s a kind of the essence of some of these Ridge properties you just get these beautiful
views and they’re really quiet this home happens to be just up the hill of the
rec center for wailinui Ridge so it it’s like four doors up so if you wanted you could walk down to the rec center which
is a part of your association dues and go swim laps and get in the pool and there’s a meeting meeting room and
whatnot there but the um great home it’s is 2600 square feet five bedroom four baths there is and one
bedroom one bath is kind of like this downstairs little studio uh side unit
but a great great property 2.45 million uh I love what they did they’ve
renovated you got the wood you know the the high ceilings with the wood beams love it it’s a nice home yeah I I love I
was going to say that that that that wood that natural kind of wood stain on the ceiling looks fantastic with the with the ocean it’s just like it just
Blends beautifully and I sold one up here so when you get up there it’s about 10 degrees cooler too so if you don’t
you know if you don’t like the Heat and whatnot of some of the lower areas this is a great one I sold one a couple of years ago that actually had a
functioning fireplace then that never used it but it never got that cold really but you are about 10 degrees
cooler and it’s super quiet when you get up on those ridges all you hear is the birds but yet you can look down on parts
from that Ridge where you’re looking down on the Diamond Head honolulu’s side so you get the city lights
it’s a it’s a it’s a stunning view man and um and I would say built for electric cars because when you’re when
you’re going downhill you’re gonna get like a full charge on the Tesla uh uh with with that regenerative braking
excellent no great great uh great property Scott thanks Dylan what do we got today yeah I’ll just keep you quick I picked
the piece of land that’s on the market over here in Kona um and if I put the map on here so you can get some some
idea uh the bottom part of the map is is uh the top part is is kind of a town so
it’s right kind of in the middle it’s Old Ranch Land but 23 acres for 1.5 million with you know sweeping ocean
views um just a really cool piece of property right off the early bypass so really
good location easy to get to um just if you wanted to build an estate or something like that might have to be
off the grid utilities might be uh you know iffy there but yeah I just thought what a huge opportunity for a beautiful
piece of property 23 acres and and up highlight that with with the with the incredible Ocean View now is there I
just gotta in the first thing for some reason I don’t know why this popped in my head when I first saw this when I was looking at the slides earlier is there a
a some sort of an act can you access the properties there you have to kind of dig you have to kind of pave a road but do
you have access to the highway from the king oh yeah so the elite the Ali bypass it is the top is the top boundary of it
so you have easy access right from the highway I mean you’d have to you know there’s some Old Ranch roads and stuff on it I mean you’d have to you’d have to
build some infrastructure but very easy access it’s not like you have to go off-roading and get to it or anything like that it’s right off the it’s right
off the highway and your property is not blocked by another property which means that you can’t get to it or whatever you can you can you can get access from yeah
yeah very very cool hey thanks guys for for a quick one and sorry again we just got wrapped up that’s the first time normally I you know I’m kind of like
very you know retentive about my my time on the show so we’re going to move on quickly over here so sorry gang we’re
running a little bit late but uh bear with us if you wish uh that that that see you on 10 28 is what that says see
you on 10 28. uh we’ve got some closing thoughts I want to share and look it’s a quick we’re gonna wrap this up quickly
but I do want uh this is like this is a closing motivational thoughts part of the show I do want you all to give your
input as well on closing motivational thoughts if you come Acro anything that you come across that you like that you
want to share please pop it in this is a great segment that people have really enjoyed Dylan what you got and why do
you like it so this made me think of the you know think of the crew and the Ohana on on this show but definitely related
to I think our discussion today but if you look at the people in your circle and you don’t get inspired you don’t have a circle you have a cage so super
important to be aware of who you who you spend your time with and who’s around you because it’s going to change your
your life dramatically oh man Dylan what you did gang you all
want to stay for this one I guarantee you want to stay to hear the quote I’ve got because we did not plan this out we
did not plan this out so you just all kind of stay tuned Cliffhanger for this show watch uh Heidi is not here on 4C we
love you and miss you Heidi Scott well it doesn’t get updated this is this is oh this is the non-updated version Oh
man okay okay we’re gonna we’re gonna do it really quick we’re gonna do this really really quick because we got it we got to have Scott’s
uh Scott’s comment on it I I you know what I don’t think oh here we go no no I don’t Scott give us the quote anyway we
don’t need this we don’t need the damn slide give us the quote I don’t even remember what it was at this point okay
that’s all right hey we’ll we’ll catch you next time so let me finish let me kind of share it so don’t worry about Scotty if something pops in your head
throw it out all right don’t worry about it okay gang so here’s now here’s mine
Proverbs 13 10. whoever walks with the wise becomes wise but the companion of
fools suffers harm think about what that quote is Gang it’s the difference it’s a
Biblical version of what Dylan just said right so Dylan’s was here Dylan’s was if
you look at the people in your circle and don’t get inspired so what’s you know Dylan’s quote is hey the people that are in your life make a difference
if you’re not inspired you know you don’t have a circle you have a cage and and what the what does Proverbs say
proverb says whoever walks with the wise becomes wise but the companion of fools suffers harm don’t be a companion to
fools walk with the wise walk with the wise you become wise walk with fools
you’ll suffer harm Dylan says look at the people in your circle and don’t get if you don’t get inspired you want to
have a circle you have a cage it’s the same damn thing thing is the same damn thing so I love that that is that is a
that is divine that is truly truly truly divine inspiration uh uh auntie Joyce
love you all we will see you soon uh and hopefully back on carp DM can’t can’t
miss that I hope I hope I pronounced that right did I pronounce that right uh that’s the how they pronunciate I don’t
know uh like Asia fall did I pronounce that correctly uh sometimes goes with
you there you go so all right gang I think that’s it let’s say goodbye let’s do Dylan and then Scott say goodbye hey
have a good weekend everybody good to be back good to see you guys Aloha everybody
Aloha folks uh glad you’re all with us and uh glad glad we we made you laugh Judy uh love you all see you all on the
28th that’s in four weeks see y’all then aloha