The big discussion from experts from across the state of Hawaii featured on this show included:

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Safest Town in the World to Visit in Hawaii
Honolulu’s “Impossibly Unaffordable” Housing
Lahaina Conspiracy Fuel
Hawaii Hitting Hotel Peak Pricing
State Gov’t Building 619 Homes for 215 Families
Downtown Power Outage Caused Chaos
Oahu Housing Market Update
Maui Housing Market Update
Maui Vacation Rental Market Before VS. After the Fire
Big Island Housing Market Update
The Resilience of the Hawaii Real Estate Market
Safest Town in the World to Visit Reveal
Are Contingent Offers a Good Idea?
Unique Cottage For Sale in Maui
Best Under $1.5M Townhome for Sale in Kailua
Under $400,000 Home for Sale on the Big Island

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