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Show Start 4/14/23
Kanekapila – Kuana Torres Kahele
Heidi Dollinger – Intro
Ashliey Wasson – Intro
Dylan Nonaka – Intro
News Update 4/14/23
Cat Feed Stations Stopped on Big Island
Hula is now covered by insurance
Elon Musk Rockets Landing Near Hawaii
Kona Coffee Labeling May Become Much More Strict
Cesspool Legislation Was Corrupt
Big Island Market Update
Oahu Market Update
Maui Market Update
Honolulu Vs. Houston Townhouse Compare
Don’t Bet Against Hawaii Real Estate
Resilient Market: Why is Hawaii’s Market so strong?
Surboard Behind Ashley: What’s the story?
Wisdom: stay in the present moment!
Justice the Top Realtor: shoud out from Dylan
Cesspool Inspections: normally done when buying in Hawaii?
Not renting out the unused months, good idea?
Income and Housing costs: how does Hawaii correlate?
Car: buy or ship when moving to Hawaii?
Islander Ohana: 5 star testimonial
Maui home on 2.5 acre farm $3.9M
Oahu Home $775k
Big Island 3/2 with Coffee Farm
Rent for a Year Before Buying?
Dylan Shout Out
Motivational Thoughts

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